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MY OPPO RTUNIT Y Weekly Newsletter 3° Edition - 2013 Free Distribution

Weekly Schedule

Monday to Friday at 10am - 3pm & 7pm*

MONDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

Prayer and faith-building meetings to move ahead in your finances and help resolve issues such as: debts, slow business, court cases, unemployment and money wasting.

WEDNESDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

If you are not growing spiritually, you are dying. Discover new insigths from God’s Word, making the Bible relevant for your day-to-day life.

Brussels • Anderlecht • Antwerpen I & II • Gent • Liège • Aalst • Charleroy

TUESDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

See this as a way to promote physical well-being as a complement to your doctor’s advice. Receive healing prayers for constant pains, diseases and other health issues.

Helping you to make a new Beginning!

FRIDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

The Israel Challenge is for those who...

All evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing. Receive strong prayers with the laying on of hands and determine your deliverance and spiritual protection.

SUNDAY I AT 08am AND 10am

Arms and Legs of Faith

Main weekly meeting. Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, receive the Holy Spirit, join groups.

…at the time when kings go out to battle ... 2 Samuel 11.1 It was time for war, and David decided to rest. He thought it was not necessar y to go to war. But how could he remain away from the war, if it was time for war? How would Joshua leave us his testimony, if he had not gone to war? If I want to give my testimony tomorrow, there is no other alternative . Before Joshua’s eyes stood a great and strong wall. But he had a PROPHECY with-

*Antwerpen prayer is at 7.30pm


Find the address closest to you!

ANTWERPEN I Carnostraat, 15 2060 Antwerpen

LUIK Bld. van Sauveniere, 107 4000 Luik



GENT Dendermondsesteenweg, 57A 9000 Gent Damport

ANDERLECHT Lambert Crickxstraat, 3 1070 Anderlecht

AALST Dendermondsesteenweg, 52 9300 Aalst

ANTWERPEN II Lange Winkelhaakstraat, 23 2060 Antwerpen

Tel.: 09.327.07.40


Waversesteenweg, 31a Elsene 1050 Tel.: 02.520.32.00

Tel.: 03.475.01.77


Bld. Joseph Tirou, 53 6000 Charleroy

GSM: 0475.86.08.93

Special Work every Saturday at 3pm

Do not litter the streets please!

GSM: 0475.86.08.93

Tel.: 02.523.14.61

in himself, which was bigger and stronger than that wall. Joshua had to do what we should do ever y day: Decide what to keep: The wall that was in front of his eyes or the PROPHECY he had received. The fact that Joshua risked his own life was evidence that he put all his strength in the PROPHECY. Our strength is always put into what we keep. He considered the PROPHECY to be more SOLID AND REAL than the wall that stood before him. The Israel Challenge is for those who are of war!

So I Was...



amantha Stuart was a luxury mate living under the influence of drugs and was constantly involved in discussions with anyone who contradicted her. Samantha remembers her past: “I thought I was the best. I would filterd older women, and the money they pay me, I spent on drugs. When I was not drugged, was violent and did confusion with anybody. Had such a temper that if I did not like something I would beat the person. “ It was in this scenario of confusion that Samantha educated her children. She lay down the children in bed and started drinking, smoking several packs of cigarettes and cannabis. To complete Samantha was paranoic due to the effect of alcohol and drugs and had the feeling that someone was behind her for trying


to hurt her. With paranoia come also the panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. She heard voices that disturbes her all the time and, because of that one day she sufferde an overdosed of pills. Seeing the opportunity to participate in the campaingn of Israel, Samantha got rid of all its mate accessories and began a new life. After the campaingn of Israel she made the sacrifice to leave old the friendships and life style. Today, Samantha is totally free from bad company, drugs, and is a peaceful and happy person. Samantha Stuart

It happens in the the Universal FIRST FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP In the past month of November was organized by the JvB the first football championship. In total 8 teams in this league, among them were the two teams of Brussels (Ixelles), Anderlecht, Gent, the two teams of Antwerp, Liège and the team of Aalst. When they come into the field, the players showed their talents, what made each game more disputed than the other.

The event was attended by hundreds of young people who could know the work done by the JvB and share the joy and fun provided by JvB environment, as they could also participate in the raffles.The month of November for the JvB scored, but the year is not over yet, be aware for upcoming events from JvB! /JVBELGIE



f t e r great heartbreak, I did not believed to be possible to find someone who truly make me happy. Unexpectedly, I became very ill, and, according to doctors, there was no cure. At that time, I met a very special man. He was already attending the UCKG and started pray for me. Gradually, I began to recover, and he invited me to attend

meetings with him. In a short time, I was totally healed. We start dating until he decided to move abroad. I was afraid that our love would not survive ... “” When I met the man of my life, he departs. This situation was unsustainable. So I decided to participate in the Santa for my love life. I asked God for a definition, after all, everything was very uncertain in my life. Two months after of the purpose, he asked me to marry him. Despite the distance, we got married. Today we are gathered and happy, living in London. Today I am happy and married to a wonderful man! “  Lívia da Silva Santos

14° DAY 08/12/2013

15° DAY 09/12/2013

16° DAY 10/12/2013

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19° DAY 13/12/2013

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