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MY OPPO RTUNIT Y Weekly Newsletter Edition n° 1 - 2013 Free Distribution

Weekly Schedule

Monday to Friday at 10am - 3pm & 7pm*

MONDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

Prayer and faith-building meetings to move ahead in your finances and help resolve issues such as: debts, slow business, court cases, unemployment and money wasting.

WEDNESDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

If you are not growing spiritually, you are dying. Discover new insigths from God’s Word, making the Bible relevant for your day-to-day life.

Brussels • Anderlecht • Antwerpen I & II • Gent • Liège • Aalst • Charleroy

TUESDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

See this as a way to promote physical well-being as a complement to your doctor’s advice. Receive healing prayers for constant pains, diseases and other health issues.

Helping you to make a new Beginning!

FRIDAY I AT 10am - 3pm & 7pm

It’s like a volcano that is about to erupt...

All evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing. Receive strong prayers with the laying on of hands and determine your deliverance and spiritual protection.

SUNDAY I AT 08am AND 10am

Do you need a bigger sign?

Main weekly meeting. Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, receive the Holy Spirit, join groups.

Does it make sense for someone to be visited by the Lord Jesus, be baptized with the Holy Spirit, yet still require a sign of confirmation? Does it make sense for this person to receive the power of Jesus to be His witness and still remain in doubt whether or not he received such power? Wouldn’t this be a huge contradiction? Why would you prefer to listen to the voice of the deceiving heart instead of what is written in the Word of God? Wouldn’t the Spirit of God confirm His Own presence in this body? Would He allow thoughts of doubt to be stronger than His conviction and power? He even removed such doubts from the early Roman Christians when He said: ...For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but... The Spirit Himself bears witness (confirms) with

*Antwerpen prayer is at 7.30pm


Find the address closest to you!

ANTWERPEN I Carnostraat, 15 2060 Antwerpen

LUIK Bld. van Sauveniere, 107 4000 Luik



GENT Dendermondsesteenweg, 57A 9000 Gent Damport

ANDERLECHT Lambert Crickxstraat, 3 1070 Anderlecht

AALST Dendermondsesteenweg, 52 9300 Aalst

ANTWERPEN II Lange Winkelhaakstraat, 23 2060 Antwerpen

Tel.: 09.327.07.40


Waversesteenweg, 31a Elsene 1050 Tel.: 02.520.32.00

Tel.: 03.475.01.77


Bld. Joseph Tirou, 53 6000 Charleroy

GSM: 0475.86.08.93

Special Work every Saturday at 3pm

Do not litter the streets please!

GSM: 0475.86.08.93

Tel.: 02.523.14.61

our spirit that we are children of God. Romans 8.15,16 Now if He witnesses with our spirit that we are His children, won’t He also witness the baptism with the Holy Spirit? Is there a stronger sign of POWER that can be received from the Lord Jesus, than being His witness in this world? ... But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts 1.8 The Holy Spirit is the POWER OF GOD inside those who are sealed. It’s like a volcano that is about to erupt. Nobody can hold back or quiet down those who have been baptized with the Holy Spirit! May the Spirit of the Almighty glorify His Son Jesus in your life!

So I had...

A huge emptiness! “I was a sad person with no self-esteem. A very cold person, my grades were bad, so I became interested in occultism. Also in the love life, I felt a great emptiness. And only on the day that realized that I couldn’t achieve anything alone, was when I found in God the true fulfillment. I started to feel good about myself and others and my self-esteem has increased.’’ Raquel Santos

“I was for four years going through a divorce situation and, as a result, I suffered a lot. I lived with a heavy heart and deep anguish. The recognition of the need for experience with the supernatural was what led me to give myself to God. I started fighting for my happiness, today I am happily married and I am very happy.’’ Carlos Silva

“Since childhood I have always been a child with multiple health problems. I was very nervous, had asthmatic bronchitis and had several belly pains that had no medical explanation, which made me a complexed and introverted child comparing to others. The belly pains were inexplicable. The medicines did not help and examinations didn’t detect anything, other than the absence of the uterus. It was when I heard about the existence of the UCKG. I started to do everything in my power and the supernatural happened! Without explanation, I have the uterus and today I am a normal youth! Today I am happy and I am healed and without any health problem.’’ Diana Rebelo

CAMPAIGNE OF ISRAEL - BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS Remember my command: “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Living God (Joshua 1:9)

Changing through attitudes!

Had no cure!

It happens in the the Universal

1° DAY 25/11/2013

2° DAY 26/11/2013

3° DAY 27/11/2013

4° DAY 28/11/2013

5° DAY 29/11/2013

6° DAY 30/11/2013

7° DAY 01/12/2013

8° DAY 02/12/2013

9° DAY 03/12/2013

10° DAY 04/12/2013

11° DAY 05/12/2013

12° DAY 06/12/2013

13° DAY 07/12/2013

14° DAY 08/12/2013

15° DAY 09/12/2013

16° DAY 10/12/2013

17° DAY 11/12/2013

18° DAY 12/12/2013

19° DAY 13/12/2013

20° DAY 14/12/2013

21° DAY 15/12/2013


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