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Problem: When it comes to assessing the current state of campuses, most leadership teams limit their analyses by focusing only on student learning data. As a result, most school improvement plans lack the complexity of strategies required to achieve meaningful and sustainable improvement.

Solution: Understand and apply the principles and practices of the Campus Snapshot to have a more complete picture of the current state, potential for improvement, and focus for initial action.

WHAT IS THE CAMPUS SNAPSHOT? The Campus Snapshot is a data collection and analysis process which provides a comprehensive, objective analysis of the current state of the school and its capacity to meet the needs of the students it serves. The Campus Snapshot goes beyond collecting and examining typical “rearview mirror� school improvement data. The Campus Snapshot provides a deeper analysis through the use of: classroom observations; stakeholder interviews; analysis of performance and demographic data; analysis of current practices as they align with the Nine Principles of High Performing Schools.

Through a comprehensive analysis of student achievement data paired with an onsite team visit, the campus is provided with an objective picture. The Nine Principles of High Performing Schools serve as the nine lenses for data collection, analysis, and identified opportunities for impact.


Nine Principles of High Performing Schools

Safe and Orderly Environment 4 Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress 7

High Expectations Personalized Learning for Success Environment 2 Professional Learning Community


Community Involvement that Impacts Student Success 8

Opportunities to Learn

Organizational Stability

Additional Analysis

Report Findings





Classroom Observations


Clear and Focused Mission 1

Find Evidence

No one ever asks us our opinion. The truth is, we have the most to lose when our schools aren’t working right, and the most to gain when they are. – High School Student

HOW DOES THE SNAPSHOT SUPPORT IMPROVEMENT EFFORTS? The Campus Snapshot provides a comprehensive perspective from which school leaders may confidently launch improvement efforts.

The Campus Snapshot will: serve to create a sense of urgency for required improvement; build consensus about which school conditions need to be changed; surface ineffective routines, unsuccessful practices, and dysfunctional mental models provide a focus for initial improvement efforts; bring student voice into the change process.

The Campus Snapshot Report includes identified Opportunities for Impact which surface through the comprehensive process. These suggestions for school improvement focus are accompanied by current research and additional resource citations allowing the campus to investigate further as needed for planning strategic next steps.

NINE PRINCIPLES OF HIGH PERFORMING SCHOOLS These principles serve as the foundation for the Campus Snapshot. All components of the Campus Snapshot process seek to determine the presence, absence, and strength of these principles. Clear and Focused Mission High Expectations for Success Personalized Learning Environment Safe and Orderly Environment Professional Learning Community

Opportunities to Learn

Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress Community Involvement That Impacts Student Success Organizational Stability

GET THE MOST FROM YOUR CAMPUS SNAPSHOT This graph outlines the key steps in the process, to give you a birds-eye view of what’s involved in planning and participating in a Campus Snapshot.

Before the Campus Snapshot

Plan and discuss the Snapshot with an ESC representative Gather and provide requested data and information Facilitate completion of stakeholder surveys

During the Campus Snapshot

After the Campus Snapshot

Provide workroom for Snapshot Team

Review and study findings

Provide access to stakeholder groups for interviews

Present findings to campus and appropriate stakeholders

Participate in interviews

Integrate findings into improvement efforts

Prepare faculty for Campus Snapshot visit

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Contact your Education Service Center or the Statewide Snapshot Office: Email: Telephone: 512.919.5431 Website:

Contact your Education Service Center or the Statewide Snapshot Office: Email: Telephone: 512.919.5431 Website:

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Campus Snapsht Brochure  

Campus Snapshot brochure provides a brief summary of 'what is Campus Snapshot'