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Message from Director I would like to express my gratitude to all Ambassadors who submitted cards for the “Holiday Cards 4 Hero’s” service project. The Red Cross was astonished that we were able to collect over 5,000 cards in less than a month. THANK YOU! Program Business: I want to make everyone aware of the new Facebook Lounge Moderators. The Chapter Liaisons selected these Ambassadors due to their outstanding dedication to assisting students and their activeness within the lounges. I would like to send a special welcome to each and every one of them and thank them for stepping up. They are as follows:  Accounting Lounge Moderator(s) Summer O’Neal/Lauren Wicker  Business Lounge Moderator Suzanne Kamm  Computer Information Science Lounge Moderator Britney Parson/Nancy Cooley  Criminal Justice Lounge Moderator Jeremy Wing  Criminal Investigations Lounge Moderator Sherry Wall  Paralegal Lounge Moderator Emily Link

Season’s Greetings! - Bradley Govender

Message from President Hello Ambassadors! It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of yet another year together. I have watched most of you grow personally and professionally which has been a great joy! I appreciate your continued commitment to the program and all you do to enrich the students of Everest University Online. As many of you know, the program undergoes changes every now and then that are sometimes hard to adjust too. The purpose of changes is always to make the program better and stronger. We continually monitor our processes and policies in order to fulfill our obligation of creating the most effective mentoring program possible. An ongoing issue for Ambassadors has been communication between Mentees and Mentors. This has certainly been challenging. To remedy this, we have restructured our database to include all the classes that each Ambassador has taken, alternate ways to connect to Ambassadors, and the general availability of each Ambassador. I appreciate you all helping me in gaining all this valuable information and I look forward to using it to make matches stronger from the start. Keep up the amazing work you do each day – you touch student’s life in a positive way! Enjoy the holidays!!! - Cindy Sanders

Holiday Cards 4 Heroes Winter Service Project Wrap-Up by Laura Alexander November has quickly come and gone, and so has our most recent service project Holiday Cards 4 Heroes. The Igniter Ambassador Program feels it is important to support our troops, especially at this time of year when they are separated from their friends and family to fight for our country. We have the utmost respect for their dedication and sacrifice because they allow us to maintain our lives and freedom. Holiday Cards 4 Heroes allows us to support them in their time of need. From November 1st to November 27th, we collected holiday cards for soldiers and worked with the Red Cross who issued them to veterans, military families and active-duty service members at hospitals and installations around the world. The cards and personal messages, sent by tens of thousands of Americans through the Red Cross, provided a welcome “touch of home� for our troops during the holiday season. The results of the Holiday Cards 4 Heroes service project blew the board away! The Igniter Ambassador Program, with assistance of family, friends, students, and Everest University faculty, were able to collect over 5000+ holiday cards! They were then delivered to the Red Cross Tampa Chapter, whom welcomed our efforts and were amazed at the extent of our contributions. Some of the most touching donations were those from children and students across the country that created hand-made cards with special, touching messages for our troops. The Ambassadors commit themselves to assist, honor, and support our service members in any way possible. The valor that service members embody amazes us and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for everything they do. Due to such a great turn out with this service project and how many people it truly touches, we are aiming to make this our yearly Christmas service project. If you would like more information on this service project, you can locate it directly on the Red Cross website. They provide excellent information on how to prepare for this service project at any time of the year, including planning card signing parties in the Fall and involving your local community to create hand-made cards that will be extremely sentimental to our troops and military families. The Igniter Ambassador program and its board would like to thank each and every person who contributed to the Holiday Cards 4 Heroes service project. Without your contributions, the donations to Red Cross would not have been able to reach such outstanding numbers. The Ambassadors and the board would like to give you a huge thanks, and hope to see you next year!

Upcoming Service Project Adopt a Platoon by Jerri Lamb

Our upcoming service project will once again honor the many men and women who serve our great country. This time we have chosen to Adopt a Platoon. When I went to this to research a platoon to adopt. The first thing that caught my eye was a big red WARNING, naturally I had to read this warning. The warning says: “The contents of this site are addictive. Persons using this site may be overcome with tears of sympathy or tears of joy. May also cause a sense of pride in our great Nation and the fighting men and women who defend our freedom.” Of course it did bring both tears of joy and sympathy and most definitely a great sense of pride in our Nation and the many people who defend our freedom. This made me remember a quote by Douglas MacArthur – “The Soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the Soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” This quote is so very true. Our date for beginning this service project will be January 13th and the end of the mailing period for things to be into Brad will be February 28th. All Ambassador’s will need to watch their email on January 13th for the details on the platoon that we have chosen to adopt. Included in the email will be a list of things that can and cannot be sent. Once again let’s show them how proud the Igniter Ambassador Online Chapter is of them!

The Igniter Ambassador Program currently assists students primarily through the academic lounges on Facebook. Everest University Online has over 30,000 students, but only 5% of them are on Facebook. In order to reach the many more that need assistance, the Ambassador Program is in the process of establishing an Ambassador Helpline that will utilize a chat service, such as AIM, to connect students directly to ambassadors. Many students need assistance, and many Ambassadors are willing to assist, but both groups experience some hesitation with using social media. The helpline will help fill this gap and address these concerns because we are going to use a service with extensive privacy features and monitor it heavily to ensure the utmost security for students and ambassadors. Keep an eye out for future announcements on the ambassador helpline and how you can get involved! -

Laura Alexander

House of Igniter | Hunger Games For the past few months, the Ambassador Program Officer Board has hosted a Hunger games challenge. We have had a blast with all the students and Ambassadors that have played the various games. Many have asked what the purpose of the hunger games are so here is a rundown. One of the benefits of being an officer is to cultivate leadership and communication skills – the hunger games are a perfect way to do this. The Chapter Liaisons must communicate the games and a deadline as well as coordinate participates. They then must lead their players in the games each time. The first games was a partner crossword in which Ambassadors paired with a student to find words in a Everest focused crossword. The Accounting District were the victors. In the second game, the teams played a vigorous game of Jeopardy. The Computer Information Science District were the victors. Our most recent game was a scavenger hunt relay race in which ambassadors and students put their research knowledge to good use and used clues to discover a quote by Nelson Mandela. The Accounting District were victors! Each district is awarded points at the end of each day and there will be an overall winner when the games conclude. Each time a game is played the district with the lowest score has the chance to become the overall winner. The games are designed to be fun and educational. In each, we all learn new knowledge and have many laughs. From a student’s perspective, the games are used to break up the stress we feel, continue to learn, and to encourage interactions. The games have been very successful in fulfilling their purpose so there is more to come. They are usually quick games that take no longer, than twenty minutes so if you would like to get involved – contact your liaison!

Time Management Stay moving forward by Jeremy Wing Get and use a calendar. It can be a paper calendar. It can be your cell phone. It can be a PDA. No matter what kind it is, though, make sure you have one. Write down everything in one place. Schedule when you plan to sleep, when you are going to do your laundry, when you're going to call your parents. The crazier your schedule gets, the more important this becomes. Don't forget to schedule in time to relax and breathe. Just because your calendar goes from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. doesn't mean you can.

Procrastination is a college students poison, do not do it. Don't procrastinate. Do you know you have an ugly midterm/paper/lab report/ research project due in, say, one month? Don't wait until the last week to get started, space things out a bit so you manage your time and workload in a steady flow instead of one gigantic wave. No matter how on top of things you are, life just happens sometimes which means, of course, that you'll get sick, your computer will crash, your roommate will have some kind of drama, and you'll lose your cell phone. Good time management often Online students might want to schedule time requires the ability to prioritize and reprioritize with their kids or loved ones as a break from and reprioritize again as things come up. And the rigors of coursework to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Things inevitably come up that having good time management skills means that, when things shift around, you'll be able to you weren't expecting. You may not have deal with it instead of suddenly finding yourself known that your roommate's birthday is this week, and you certainly don't want to miss the in a crisis. celebrations! Leave room in your calendar so that you can move things around a little when needed. Do you have a large research paper due the last week of the semester? Work backward in your calendar and figure out how much time you need to write it, how much time you'll need to research it, and how much time you'll need to pick your topic. If you think you'll need six weeks for the entire project, work backward from the due date and schedule the time into your calendar before it's too late.

Smarthinking by Dustin Clark Smarthinking is a very useful resource that can be accessed at the home screen of the school log in page for your classes. Smarthinking offers free online live tutoring in many subjects including math, English, and writing. These tutors are available anytime and any day that you may need the help. A poll of students about their experiences with Smarthinking presents positive feedback. Lauren Wicker “I have used it a lot throughout my studies. It is such a valuable resource that should not be wasted. It is hard to catch your own mistakes, and they can lead you in the right direction to getting the best grade. Even if you think something is perfect, having more perceptions can be a blessing. Tips and advice will only make you into a better student.�

Tech Tips with Jeffery 3 Tech Tips to resolve IE11 by Jeffery Holman There have been many students experiencing the dreaded Internet Explorer 11 update. This is an update that Internet Explorer has been pushing, leaving some sites playing catch up. This is an unsupported browser issue and can prevent students from logging into class. This is an update that is actually designed and intended for Windows 8 OS. Do not get discouraged there are some easy solutions to this problem, and requires no special computer savvy maneuver to complete. I have provided three easy solutions to help you get through this problem as well as a way to avoid it from happening again. 1. Bring up Internet Explorer 11 browser and try to log on to class as usual. After it is up and you receive the unsupported browser page click on the help menu, and then click on About Internet Explorer, this will show the current version of Internet Explorer you are using, uncheck the box that says: Install new version automatically this will prevent this from occurring again, then close the dialog box. 2. In the Internet Explorer Browser click on tools menu then scroll down to and click on Compatibility View settings, when the dialog box appears the Everest URL should already be in the add box because you tried to log in already, if not you can type it in. Next click add, now you should be able to log into your classes. If you are not able to log into class at this point move on to step #3. 3. Click on start menu and type in updates in search box, from the list choose; View Installed Updates. When list populates scroll through and find Internet Explorer 11. Once you have found Internet Explorer 11 double click on it, when prompted choose to uninstall, your computer will finish un-installing Internet Explorer 11. This will convert your Internet Explorer 11 browser back the previous version of Internet Explorer that you had before the update, at this point your computer will restart.

Laptop Technical Support


Ambassador of the Month Patty Jefferies-Shaw by Emily Link-West

Starting Everest University in August of 2012, Patty Jefferies-Shaw set out to pursue her goal of becoming a paralegal. She graduated July 7th, 2013 with honors Magna Cum Laude, obtaining her associates degree. After attending a paralegal seminar though, she soon learned that with a bachelor’s degree she had a better chance of finding a well-paying job with an attorney. Refusing to give up on reaching her goals, Patty decided to reenroll in Everest and continue on in her educational pursuit. Not only is she an excellent and hardworking student, Patty is also an Igniter Ambassador for Everest. Although…Life always finds a way to throw curves, and some can be extremely hard to overcome…but despite a family tragedy, Patty decided to still

me the opportunity to assist other students that may become discouraged. I too was a student that didn't always know where to turn when I needed a little push or just some motivation to keep going, I think the Ambassador program is a benefit to all students enrolled at Everest.” fight through and focus on her classwork. Right now, she holds 5 A’s and only one B, once again, refusing to throw in the towel and give up, which is another reason why she remains an excellent student and a huge motivation to others. When asked if she had any advice for fellow students, her advice was, “you can to anything you put your mind to, and don’t settle for less.”

All of the qualities that Patty displays are the qualities of an exceptional student. She excels in her classes, even when faced with the curveballs life throws. On top of all of that, Patty takes the time to help others when they are struggling with their classes, or with life and they just need someone to listen to them. With that, we congratulate you Patty! You have been selected as Ambassador of As well as being successful in the month. It is a wellher classes and deserved title, and wish you motivationally strong for the best in your endeavors! others, Patty is also dedicates time and effort into helping other students reach their goals by being an Igniter Ambassador. Why? She stated, “…because it gives

Ambassador of the Month Christie Meek by Harry Wietrzykowski II

Christie Meek is from a small town in Eastern Kentucky. While she enjoys the small town with that retirement appeal, she realizes that once she has graduated that she will have to venture out into other areas to seek employment where she can utilize her education. Christie has been a student at Everest since January 2013. She proclaims her decision to join Everest as, “the best decision I have made so far in my life.” In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and reading horror novels. Christie will be graduating in January 2015 with her Associates in Criminal Investigations degree and is determined to return to Everest to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

coming to Everest. Christie really enjoys her work with other students. She feels very fortunate to have not encountered any significant struggles since being in school. She has enjoyed nothing but success. She derives great personal pleasure from knowing that she is able to help her fellow students and ambassadors. She rightfully enjoys a sense of pride in knowing that she is making their future a little brighter. Alternatively, she knows that if she is in need of any kind of help with schoolwork, there is always an ambassador there to help her. Recently she told me that, “The “thank you” and “you’re a great She decided to join the Ignit- ambassador” really hit my heart.” That type of personer Ambassador Program in March 2013, very shortly after ality is exactly what make her

to type of ambassador that our program is founded upon. She strives daily to be the best student and role model that she can all the while looking for any student in need. Regardless of their major, she will reach out and attempt to give whatever help she can. She feels it is her duty to help them even when she does not know the answer, “there is no such thing as I don’t know,” she recently said. She looks for the answer or for someone who has the answer. These traits are just a few of those make her a perfect candidate for the Criminal Investigation Lounge’s Ambassador of the Month for November 2013. Please join me in congratulating her and wishing her continued success.

Ambassador of the Month Ronda Butler by Jennifer Leonard done a wonderful job with this group and has made it what it is today.”

Ronda Butler has earned her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She currently is in her second semester of her Bachelor’s degree in the same field and currently maintains a 4.0 GPA. She chose to return to school because her children are grown and she wanted to do something that would enhance her chances of a better career. She also chose to continue her education to show her children that it is never too late to further your education or pursue your dreams. Ronda loves to help others and has made such a connection with the students she assists. Helping others gives her a sense of accomplishment. She loves to improve students’ understanding and experience at Everest.

She currently was just assigned a mentee that she maintains contact with on a regular basis and she assists students in the lounges – usually on an individual basis. She has been a huge part of our program for over a year. She has enjoyed watching this program take off and fly into success. Not only does she enjoy helping others, but she states that the program itself has helped to keep her encouraged. In her own words, “Not only do I help others, but the officers help encourage me as well. Cindy has been an enormous motivator and wonderful friend and helped me through some tough times that I have had myself and has lent her ear many times. Brad has

Ronda Butler has truly taken the road of excellence. She is an excellent student that has taken our Ambassador values and truly exemplified them. She has such a positive attitude with every person she comes into contact with. She has made herself personally available to many of our students by offering time to assist and aid them in their studies while also providing positive feedback and moral support to those who need it. The connection she has made with many of the students has truly impacted the students in a positive way. This is the kind of Ambassador we truly value. Her hard work and her commitment to our program have helped to make the program stronger and we want to acknowledge her efforts. I personally thank you for all you do for our program and our students.

Ambassador of the Month Belinda Latendress by Laura Alexander

Belinda Latendress has been nominated as the Ambassador of the Month for November 2013 because of her willingness to assist other students at all hours and still maintain her own coursework. Belinda first became an ambassador because of her desire to help her fellow students and she loves knowing that she has helped other students succeed with their educational goals. Seeing the accomplishments of the students she has helped and the improvement in their grades is a very rewarding experience for her. This is especially true on the weeks that she is able to tutor three or four students at a time, including an individual she mentees on a weekly basis throughout each term. Belinda has also shown an outstanding effort to excel in her own academics as well.

jects, assisting students in the accounting lounge and being an active competitor in the current Hunger Games competition. Belinda is willing to tackle any task given to her with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

In three out of the four terms that she has attended Everest, Belinda has been awarded both the Dean’s List and the President’s List rewards. She is on track to receive the Dean’s List again for the current Fall 2013 term. Even during difficult times, such as deaths within the family and her circle of friends, Belinda has managed to overcome these setbacks and keep her grades up. Belinda will be graduating with her Associate’s in Accounting in July 2014, and plans on returning to Everest for her Bachelor’s degree. Throughout the past several months, she has been extremely active in the Igniter Ambassador program by participating in service pro-

Ambassador of the Month Missy Rice by Brittany Parson in the Hunger Games and without hesitation Missy jumped in not knowing what to expect and as a result the Computer District came out victorious. Missy is 46 years young and has decided to tackle school again. In her past she has taken classes to learn things like Customer Service and Management skills. She was a trainer in her last job and worked with management to create a department solely responsible for training and developments. She trained large groups of employee’s on new systems and procedures for the company.

Great job Missy we are proud of you and thank you for your service to the Igniter Ambassador Program! others. She has 2 mentee’s and try’s to help anyone who needs guidance. Missy says; “We all help each other which is a great thing!” Missy is almost done with her classes and plans on graduating in April of 2014.

Missy has went above and Missy has managed to keep beyond this month, providing a GPA of 4.0 and is doing support to her mentees, stugreat in school. Missy was in- dents, her lounge, and the troduced to the Everest Ignit- Igniter Ambassador program er Ambassador program and by continuously devoting her felt she could get involved time to the needs of others and help others. She felt with and has spent hours helping her prior training and experi- students maneuver Lab Sims. ence it was a natural deciIn addition to the other fabusion to do so. Missy says she is lous things Missy has done, happy to be a part of such a most recently Missy was great group of Ambassadors called upon at the last miand students, who also are nute to represent her lounge doing well, and want to help

Ambassador of the Month Mandy Arvay by Javier Hernandez

Mandy Arvay is a 27 year old mother of 3, soon to be 4. She just completed her Associates in Science of Criminal Investigation with Everest University after a very long journey to achieve graduation. She started with Everest in 2006 with every intention of completing her degree program on the fast track as she was a single mother at that time working days as a Nursing Assistant and nights at the local automotive factory.

her anymore. Fortunately, she was able to care for her and will forever cherish that last 13 months that she had with her.

She decided to continue with her education in 2012 while working as a Hospice provider. Since 2012 she was able to become a part of a wonAfter completing about half derful subdivision of Everest of her program her mother University known as the Ambecame very ill with a very bassador Program where she aggressive disease called Gli- gets to take her passion for oblastoma Multiforme stage helping others and utilize it 4 and she needed her full at- every day to assist fellow stutention. She had to stop her dents in continuing on with education and quit her jobs their dreams of higher eduto become a stay at home cation as well as being here mom caring for her mother for them emotionally bewho could not do anything cause she know that the love for herself including speak to and support she received as

a student with Everest on some days was exactly what she needed in order to push on and study when all she wanted was to curl up and go to sleep. We thank you for your service and proudly announce you as Ambassador of the Month.

Student of the Month

This student of the month section is dedicated to the students of Everest University Online. A student is selected from each degree field by the program liaison or moderator who has gone above and beyond in their educational journey. These students inspire us.

Business Lashanda Davidson is an outstanding student who remains active in our lounges. She has a positive word for our other students and does everything she can to assist those in need. If she is unable to assist them then she makes sure that she contacts an Ambassador to help them. She ensures that she makes all new students in our lounges feel welcomed. On top of all this, she has been striving to improve her grades and academics so that she can reach her academic goals. I am very proud to choose her for Student of the Month. ďƒ¨Jennifer Leonard

Paralegal The student of the month is a student that shows extraordinary progress in his or her classes, is reliable and always pushes through and succeeds. He or she holds a high GPA and enjoys attending Everest. For November 2013, our student of the month is Patricia Hurn Burnette! Being encouraged to attend Everest by her sister in law, Patricia has been with Everest University since 2012! She is a paralegal major and an amazing team player. Patricia also maintains a 3.4 GPA and excels in her classes. When asked about her time at Everest, and what she enjoys most- she replied that she really likes her student advisor and the fact that Everest offers help and support on Facebook. Congratulations Patricia! Keep up the hard work! ďƒ¨Emily Link-West

Student of the Month

Accounting Shawn Coy has been nominated as the student of the month for November 2013 because of her determination and drive to improve her grades. In the remaining two years that Shawn has before completing her Associate’s in Accounting, she is striving to receive the Dean’s List recognition from Everest. When things got rough, Shawn utilized the Igniter Ambassador Program and academic tutors provided by the school to improve her grades and overcome the obstacles she was facing. She is now to a point where she understands more of her coursework, and when she does receive assistance, she is able to pass that information on to others who are struggling as well. Shawn’s willingness to learn and tackle her struggles head on is a great example of what it takes to succeed in college. Laura Alexander

Computer Information Science Ryan Voisine, 32, started at Everest University in November of 2012 as a Computer Science major with a concentration on Networking. Ryan started working with computers at the age of 13, he was instantly hooked. After 20 years of playing with them, he has involved himself with all aspects of computers, but seemed to excel in the hardware aspect of computing. Ryan wanted to challenge himself with the programming portion of computing. After a couple of semesters Ryan decided to swap his focus to programming. Ryan feels programming is certainly a new way of thinking, but he is determined to excel in programming as he has in other areas of computing. Ryan has been a valuable asset this month not only in the computer lounge but also in the other Everest lounges on Facebook providing valuable tech support to the many students experiencing problems with the IE issue. Great job Ryan we are proud of you! Thank you for your service! Brittany Parson

Student of the Month

Criminal Justice It is with pride and great enthusiasm that I name Claudia Diaz Student of the Month for the Criminal Justice major at Everest University Online. This young lady has faced her own lack of motivation issues and triumphed remarkably. She has worked through personal tragedies and remained focused on extracting her personal best on every assignment each week. Claudia is present in the lounge as well; whether she is actively seeking help with an assignment, or encouraging other students her presence is noticed. She does her best to assist other students when possible and always has a positive word of encouragement when other students are struggling either academically or personally in life. Claudia is a reminder to us all that school is not easy, nor does it come to those who throw in the towel when life gets too out of control. She exudes key characteristics such as fortitude, positivity, dedication, and teamwork, which make her a great student to know, learn from, and to help when she needs a better understanding of a particular subject. We as students are made much better by people like Claudia, and she in return is made better by us because through her hard work and dedication she has not only learned academically, but has learned personally as well, and for as much as she has learned she has taught the rest of us just as much.

 Jeremy Wing

&ULPLQDO,QYHVWLJDWLRQV Samantha M. Williams enjoys her life with her husband and two daughters, Trinity and Alexia. She decided to return to school in order to set a good example for her children who have been her constant motivation. Her girls are her cheerleaders. Samantha suffered a serious setback a couple of years ago when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She admits it has been a long hard road, but credits her college friends, family, and an all around support system to get her to where she is today. She freely admits that her GPA was nothing to brag about when she graduated high school, and that she was concerned about returning to school. She has received support from many sources and as a result was named to the Dean’s List the last two consecutive terms, and is on her way to making the President’s List this term. Success on that level was something that she thought she could only dream of. However, she proved that dreams do come true. With the assistance of her advisor, fellow students, and Igniter Ambassadors she caught on rather quickly. In a recent interview, she put it into perfect perspective when she proclaimed that “We are like one big happy family and that is why I love Everest so much.” Her experiences with the Igniter Ambassador program has inspired her to step up and apply to be an Ambassador and give back to the program that has helped her achieve the success she has. On any given day you can see her in the lounge offering help, motivation, and encouragement to anyone who needs it. The Criminal Investigation Lounge is a better place because of students like Samantha, and we are proud to recognize her as our Student of the Month for November 2013.

Harry Wietrzykowski II

Ambassador of the Year By Harry Wietrzykowski II

Barbara Hill, a young 52-year-old, who many have the privilege of considering a close classmate and role model, has been an Everest University Online student since March 2012; she has faced an uphill battle in her efforts to better her education. In the beginning, she struggled with the normal issues of returning to school. She also faced the issue of returning to school after many years away from an educational environment. If that was not enough after about 7 months in school, she decided to follow her heart and moved to Yemen to marry her husband. As everyday Americans, we cannot fully understand the environment in Yemen, much less the environment she faces as an American woman. The government is known frequently to terminate electrical services. Finally, there is the time difference, 8 hours later than EST, which brings about other significant obstacles, especially with teamwork assignments. Barbara has faced all of those obstacles with the same headstrong determination that she has her educational pursuits and has succeeded more than anyone may have foreseen. She struggled to put on a positive face regardless of the negative forces behind her. She truly desires to be a positive role model for her fellow students despite the struggles and obstacles she faced personally. She joined the Igniter Ambassador Online Chapter in March 2013 to share her positive attitude and to help her fellow students. She always has a positive and encouraging note for anyone who may need it. She helps anyone she can in any area where she has knowledge. She is consistently encouraging others and makes others feel special. Her occasional posts asking for support are free of negativity, they show that she is facing her obstacles with a positive attitude, but knows the importance of having support from our IAOC group and from fellow students. Despite all of these obstacles, Barbara graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business in October 2013, Summa Cum Laude or highest honors reflecting a GPA of 3.9 or higher. That is a significant accomplishment for any student, much less one who has faced what Barbara has. She subsequently decided to pursue her Bachelor’s degree on Business. It is my pleasure to announce that the IAOC Officer Board wishes to bestow on this most deserving woman the honor of being our first Ambassador Graduate of the Year for 2013! We could not think of a more deserving Ambassador. One whom has faced such adversity and overcome with such a strong positive attitude. While this is a small token of the recognition Barbara so rightly deserves, I ask that you please join me in congratulating her on achieving such an accomplishment, being such a positive influence on others, and for continuing to take on her obstacles head on without fear of failure.

Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Ursula Clark has a way of telling a story! In fact, that is precisely what she does. She is currently working on her novel and says, “I have been working on the novel for 10 years and decided to attempt to use a couple chapters as a short story. I like to write when I have time . I hope to one day complete my novel and send it to Sable Publishing Company. Ursula’s full story can be found here but this an excerpt from her story.

“Not knowing that the Divine Arm of Providence was about to bring forth an anointing. The empty seat next to the aisle presented a mystical presence of peace. Realizing that the confessions of sins were seeking favor with the gods, he began to meditate in secret prayer knowing that the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. A serene sound of heavenly voices soothing the soul in the midst of the atmosphere as a strong strange tranquil audible voice whispered to the inner ear. The plane elevated in altitude as if a magnetic force was drawing it to a certain course. Hail pounding against the steel exterior like rocks being hurled in great force. “Open your eyes and look through the veil,” requested the mysterious voice with a tone of encouragement. The young chemist feeling the unique out of body experience as the gravity of the aura pulled him into the distance of the glorious vision ever witnessed by mere mortal presence. The circumambient rainbow lit galaxy was like none had ever seen or mentioned. He was in the midst of something greater than mankind had knowledge of, sharing in the true visibility of supernatural being, the unexpected transformation of angels during the course of flight. Not certain of how to tell the angels apart, Drake waited for a significant sign as to which order was being represented. The only logical explanations were the visibility of their angelic auras making them angels of light and angels of darkness. Their chanting sounds introducing another level of communication to a fluently spoken language. The natural mystery unfolding and proving faith without works had, would, and could end in death. The journey was levitating all in the presence of good and evil.”

© Copyright 2013|2014 Igniter Ambassador Online Chapter

Ambassador Submissions Ambassador & Lounge Moderator Suzanne Kamm is an ar’tist! She has a love for taking something blank or bland and turning it into something that is colorful and has a story.

She says,” I started painting when I was in kindergarten. It started with water colors but I fell in love with painting. I paint whenever I am just in the need of peace and I use it as a stress reliever.” The picture shown is an oil painting and tells the story of her love for her mother. It was given to her mom on Mother’s Day. The love and the painting are beautiful!

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Shannon Bell is amazed by her husband – as she should be, he serves in the United States Air Force. She says, “I wanted to share this with everyone because some people do not know what it is like to experience a spouse or a loved one that is deployed. This poem is dedicated to my husband TSGT Bell of the United States Air Force.”

"War to Stay" There comes a time in my life when I have to be a brave wife. When all hope is lost I sometimes have to pay the cost. When I wake up to a new day I hope and pray they find a new way. I sit and watch the news Sometimes I will have my own views. I don't like this war what the heck are we over there for? It is sad to see these men in pain Sometimes I think we take them in vain. My love was over there once before They want him to go over once more. I hope and pray that someday My love will come home to stay. My war for him to stay

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Rose M. Lynch believes that when we write we create legacy gifts that last a lifetime. She says, “I have been writing poems and what I call legacy gifts for the past 35 years. I wrote the poem back in July. I am 50 years old and have 5 grandchildren that I adore with all my heart.” She shares Michael’s Soul.

Michael’s Soul His eyes are as blue as the sky on a beautiful day. His hair is as golden as corn silk. His smile is as bright as the sun on a summer day. When he smiles it goes straight into his beautiful eyes making them brighter. When he turns his eyes towards you and looks into your eyes. He sees all of what you have deep inside. It feels like he is looking into the depths of your heart and soul. When he is looking at you he won't be just looking at part of you; he is looking at all of you. He is reading your emotions and your thoughts. When he talks to you, he is not just talking at you he is talking to you and with you. He listens to you intently like what you are saying is truly important to him and he doesn't want to miss a word. As you watch him play you notice that his fingers play his instrument strongly and efficiently. Making you wonder how those strong fingers would feel on you, stroking and playing you. His arms are just as strong, yet gentle at the same time. When he wraps those arms around you and hugs you close; you feel safe and secure like nothing can hurt as long as his arms are around you. It is his way of saying to you its ok I've got you. With the way he carries himself when he walks & the way he looks and talks to you; you cannot help being drawn to him. It hits you like a lightning bolt. You don't know why you are so drawn to him; you just are. Because you are so drawn to him you know without a doubt in your mind that you know you can trust him. It is a deep seeded trust, the kind that lets you know you are safe with him. But when you look closely and deeply into his beautiful eyes you can see the hurt and the pain that he is feeling. Even though he is smiling you know he is hurting deep inside. You would love to hold & kiss him till the pain and hurt have gone away, but you can't. You would love to make love to him not just part of him, but all of him; like no one has ever done before. But you know deep down inside you know you can't because he is not ready for that yet. You know that you would like to be more than friends & to take away the hurt & pain, but you can't he has to work through it. You can only be there for him as a friend and be in the background waiting quietly & patiently until he is ready to open up again. So all you can be for now is a friend, nothing more and nothing less. Because that is what a good friend is and always will be someone that just waits.

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Mary Irvin creates treasure holders! She makes jewelry boxes for her loves ones and says, “I just made several for my children and grandchildren. This is so they can put their most precious items in them for safekeeping. I'm 53 with 3 children, 2 step-children, and 11 grandchildren. I am very blessed. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.”

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Lisa Shaw enjoys writing poetry because there is no better way to free the soul then to paint the story of one’s heart. She shares with us her poem titled Allen Angel .

Fallen Angel A fallen angel On a broken path Wing fragile Of death Of the darkness In the hearts Lifeless In a world apart Fallen out of grace Angel broken An angels face Wings broken A fallen angel ~*~*~*~*~ In the night you call Your words filled with lies Wandering down the hall I can feel your eyes In the dead of night You came Filling me with fright Your eyes burning like a flame Tomorrow when I wake You will be gone But not the pain ~*~*~*~*~ In the dead of night They will come for you You can try and fight But they will kill you Blood stand lips

Dark painted eyes At your neck, fang tips Eyes filled with lies Tomorrow you will be one of them Fangs and all Your blood now runs thin And you shall fall Into the darkness Into the pain

~*~*~*~*~ I stand here Waiting for you Can you hear, Hear the cries of her heart? One more hopeless day I stand here Waiting for your love One more day without you How many more? How many more nights? Do I have to wait for your love? One more day I stand here My last day without you My last day waiting My last day……….. ~*~*~ All I Need… In the darkest night With the greatest pain

All I wish for In all of this dark world Is your love To bring me light Me in your arms Is all I need To keep going

Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Lawrence Shaw is inspired by his wife who is also an Ambassador. He said he has such a strong love for her that this poem developed.

Love You're always there to listen When I'm feeling down Someone I can turn to For a smile when I frown. You always know just what to say to get me feeling glad And I in turn help you, my love when you are feeling sad We've had our times when we have not exactly seen eye to eye And times when I was so upset we almost said good-bye But I know this much is true, my love Ill love you forever more It’s taken time, but now you have finally opened up the door to my heart.... You know my deepest secrets Stuff I’d rather not tell To anyone but those who know me really well

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Kim Pagnucco – Cake Boss! It the picture you see one of her fabulous creations. It is a 48th birthday cake that she made for her boyfriend. As with every passion she puts a lot of thought and detail into what she creates.

She says,” I had to go out and search for a paint color that would match his 74 Pontiac Ventura. I put the model together partially, and made jacks for the cake to hold up the car so it looked as if it was jacked up. I spread the other pieces, such as engine, tire, etc. around the car so it looked as if someone was working on it.” Looks tasty!

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Kenneth Lugo has superpowers – well not really but he can look at data and find solutions for companies. Kenneth works with companies to develop systems that are more effective and to ensure ethical decision-making.

He says, “I enjoy overall being able to help identify theft, identify policies that need revision to protect both the staff and the store from a financial loss, and I was able to verify major workers compensation cases where severe injuries occurred, especially when this is a result of a robbery. My motivation is always in helping to find solutions, helping to restore order, profitability in troubled locations, and the safety of all our staff, which was paramount for me.”

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Francisca Cech is very vocal – she sings! She says, “I have been singing since I was a little girl. I was in the chorus all through school singing as a soprano. Many songs I love to sing most are popular songs by Katy Perry, Evanescence, TLC, and many others”. Francesca not only sings though she is the only pro DJ in Vermont! Look at her in action! Let’s get it!

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador & Lounge Moderator Emily Link-West enjoys writing down her thoughts in a way that allows her to grow and overcome personal struggles. Writing allows her to escape while inspiring her to continue. She says, “I have been writing about 12 years or so. I do have a few published poems out from years ago, and the piece I am submitting now, I eventually want to have published as well.” I present you with Silence…..

-SilenceJust like today, you come to me when it's convenient. When you need to divulge me in your secrets... When you need to be alone, you make your way to me. Not to be alone but to enjoy my company in silence. Because you know the silence brings us together. And there is trust. The trust you deny that we have. The trust that you say has been broken because of the mistakes we made. But the emptiness when we're apart is that driving force that pushes us to each other. You get confused. You run to me. I get lonely. I run to you. It's undeniable that the silence keeps us together. Until today. I knew you had something to say, I saw it in your eyes, and I read it in your soul. Those three little words that you used to say...ten times or more just in one day. For once in my life I said a silent prayer. Begging God to keep you from saying those words. I wasn't ready to hear them again. I couldn't. It would ruin the silence. The understanding. The hope. Don't get me wrong, I wanted so badly for you to say those words but I couldn't deal with the aftershock. Not again. Not the way our history goes...we were fine as is. As we are. In the silence. When your mind settled you decided to leave. After everything was off your chest. You stood and I stood and then you wrapped me in those arms of yours. I could feel your skin, I could smell the familiar smell of man and dirt and oil...the smell, God I love that about you ...we embraced like we'd never see each other again. But we knew we would. No matter who we end up with, we run back to each other. It's a habit. Like a drug. Like cocaine or heroin…anything addicting. You're my cocaine. I'm your heroin. In a way it's exotically confusing, the dysfunctionality...we walked to your vehicle once again in silence...for it to only be broken by the sounds of nature and we spoke about trucks and wheels and prices, and I kept the topic going to prevent you from saying what you had to say...we talked about lug nuts and the dents in your vehicle... About exs and just randomness until you got in your bring out the playfulness is my soul, the happy side, the side that finds purpose in life. So I puckered my lips in such a manner that you knew I wasn't serious. Said, kissing me is like kissing a frog, and I laughed. That whole hearted, deep in your stomach laugh...and then there was silence. Then another embrace. Awkward as it seems, through a vehicle window. I nestled my face into your neck as you did me, and then the silence was broken. Surprisingly by me. I love you, I whispered in your ear. Afraid to let go, I didn't want to face you. For those words came so naturally. Like rain clinging to the porch roof before it falls to its wicked demise when it crashes to the ground, I let the words flow off my lips and linger in your ear while I waited for them to crash. I love you too, you whispered to me, but in the silence it sounded like an explosion. I wasn’t expecting that reply. I was expecting our normal silence, the hug and the wave goodbye. I love you too you said. The explosion in my head and heart was enough to give an elephant a stroke. To knock down a brick bring the dead to life. I didn't want you to say it, but I knew those words were begging to be spoken by you. Like I said, I read it in your soul. I replied, promise? Ugh! Who is this person speaking for me? Why am I allowing myself to speak such words? You said, yes. Oh you promised. I hate it when you promise. No, I don't. I love it. I love you. You love me. But I cannot have you ...and you cannot have me. It's not the right time. It never has been. It never will be. We're too similar. Two complex but simple people who fight our urges and desires. It will never be the right time. But I don't speak the aftermath of those three words. I bottle them up. Why did we have to break the silence? That was our comfort. We spoke with emotions and gestures. Facial expressions. We have a hidden language that only we understand. Spoken with our eyes. And as you drove away, you looked at me. And I know what you said. So I just smiled, turned and walked into what was once our home, and there was our silence. Just me...and our silence. © Copyright 2013|2014 Igniter Ambassador Online Chapter

Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Bobbi Jo Swartz is a Computer Information Systems with a concentration of Programming. She enjoys her time as a student and wanted to share her experience.

I would like to take the time to introduce myself; I am a 43 year old single mother of twin boys who are 25. One of which has 2 daughters: an 8 year old, and a 1 year old. I also have two daughters, one of which is 22 and the other who attends Everest Online in Brandon Branch for Criminal Justice. This is my second year here at Everest University Tampa Branch and it has been the most wonderful time of my life, I absolutely love this school. Education here is much more advanced than that of which I had experienced when I attended a Community College in my hometown. The Professors that I have had the past year: have been fabulous, very interactive and understanding. While on board the school has made some changes for our learning experience such as Test out, which is a simulated lab that you can actively go into and build your networking and hardware of a computer. This was a very great and interactive tool and great improvement. Also we have Cengage Brain now which is where we do our accounting activities. This is another great tool to have on board. It is very interactive as well. I made the decision to come to school to live a dream that I had when I was a teenager. I raised my children at a young age and I want to make all my dreams come true. I have grown since I have been here. I started part time and made the honor roll both times, I then picked up to full time and I have made the President’s List. I am also an Ambassador which I am very proud to be involved in such a prestigious group. The most exciting addition this term is that I made the hunger game team, which I am unbelievable excited about. I try to be as active as I possibly can while I am here. I want to make the best out of my college experience. One of the most favorite classes that I have found and fallen in love with was Composition I and Composition II. I love writing essays. I enjoy it very much. I was deathly afraid of the class when I started and it fell into my lap. I also love and enjoy Microsoft PowerPoint which I do with my Granddaughter and we have a great time doing slideshows together. As a person I have a lot of likes. I enjoy helping people. I am far from shy and I love the discussion boards. I enjoy my family and having family time. Music is what calms me and when I am not doing schoolwork; I like to play with my Granddaughters or play games on FB. In closing, I would like to say I have been assigned the best Student Advisor that I feel Everest has to offer and that is Scott Dennis. He has been there for me through my struggles, frustrations, and anything I need it is done instantly which makes being a part of Everest all the more enjoyable.

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Antoinette Vigil can take you down in one move – seriously, she knows the art of Taekwondo! She says, “I practice Taekwondo at least 6 days a week. I am dedicated to this martial art just as I am dedicated to my school work.”

“Not only has Taekwondo taught me self-discipline, honesty, trust, commitment, and dedication but it has gave me a voice and to respect myself more. I am thankful that I found Taekwondo because at the time my self-esteem wasn't so good and Taekwondo helped me rebuild it. Now I am a strong independent woman who can conquer anything.” She is seen here with her children, Mya-6, Paul Jr.-5, and Michael-3

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador…Rather Professor Anndra Foley is an Instructor of Medical Assisting at Everest College in Everett, Washington.

She says, “I love my job. I teach computers, theory and laboratory procedures. I have been teaching for over 5 years and hope to never stop teaching in one capacity or another.” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. - Albert Einstein

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Ambassador Submissions Ambassador Angela Lucy captures life as it happens - literally! She is a photographer! She says, “I am in the studio 6 days a week and shoot as often as I can outside too. Portraits, events, landscapes families, seniors, kids, babies and fido too. You name it I love it all” The photo on the left was taken at Buckroe Beach in Virginia. A picture is worth a thousand words but this one only needs three - beacon of hope!

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