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Other names given to family members


Wednesday 26 June 2013

Mother: In American English: “Mom”, “mommy”, “momma”, “ma”.

Uncle: “unky”, “auntcle”.

In British English: “mum”, “mummy”, “mam”. In Australian English: “mum”, “mother”, “mummy” and “mother dearest”.

Brother: “Sibling”, “Bruh”, “Home slice”, “Bro”, “Bra”, “Bubba”, “Bubu”. Father: “Father”, “Dad”, “Daddy”, “Pop”, “Poppa”, and Papa”

Aunt: “Auntie”, “anti”, “auncle”.

Sister: “Sibling”, “Sis”, “Sista”, “Sissy”.

Nieces and nephews: Niblings, kinfolks (in Mississippi), neicephews.

Grandfather: Banfy, Banpa, Banpy, Bappa, Bappy, Beebaw, BoBo, BooBoo, Boo, Boompa, Boppa, Bop, Da, Da Pa, DaPaw, Drampa, Drampaw, G, Gampa, Gamps, Gampy, Ganpa, G-pa, Gram, Grampa, Grampaw, Gramps, Grampy, Gran, Grand, Granda, Grandad, Granpop, Grandaddy, Grandiddy, Grandgramp, Grandpappy, Granpap, Granpappy, PeePaw, Pop Pa, Pampa, PamPawPap, PaPa, PapPap, Papps, Pappy, PawPaw, PawPee, PeePaw, Pop, Granpoppa, Gumpa, Gumpy, Gwampa, Papps, Pappy, PawPaw, PawPee, Poppa, PopPop, Poppy, Popim, Pops, Pops.

Grandmother: Bamaw, Bammaw, Big Mama, Bubbie, DaMa, Dama, Dammaw, Eema, Eemaw, Ema, G, Gada, GadGee, Gadgi, Gadgy, GaMa, Gamma, Gammi, Gammy, Gami, Ganna, Ganni, Ganny, Gani, GanGan, G-ma, Gommie, Gommy, Gram, Gramma, Grama, Grammie, Grammy, Gramommie, Grams, Granana, Grananny, Grandama, Grandgran, Grandma, Grandmom, Grandmother, Grandnan, Granma, Granmama, Granmom, Granna, Granny, Gumma, Jamma, Mamaw, Mamey, Mammaw, Mammy, Mams, Marmi, Marme, MawMaw, MayMay, MayMay, Maymee, MeMa, Meema, MeMaw, Mimaw, MeMo, MeeMo, Mimo, MeeMee, MeMe, MiMi, Mima, Mimma, Mimmy, Mimsy, Minny, MoMa, MoMaw, MoMo, MomMom, Momsy, Mum, Mums, Mumsy, Mumsey, Nama, Namma, Nan Nana, Nanna, Nanny, Ne-ma, NeNe, NiNi, Ninna, Ninny, Ninni, Nona, Nonna, Noni, NoNi, NoNee, Nonni, Nonny, Ona, Onna.

Issu family members  

family members

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