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The Rise of the Niners

Joe Cool

The history of the

The biography

San Francisco 49ers

of Joe Montana

The G.O.A.T.

Thinking Kaep

A interview with

A chat with

the great Jerry Rice

Colin Kaepernick

eamwork is a big significant part of winning any group sport games, but the sport that uses all of their team members is football. The game utilizes the short boys, tall boys, and even the big boys. Every one of these men play a striking role for their team. The best team that utilizes all of their members, they will always win the football game. The men in red and gold have gotten five championship titles by working together. The San Francisco 49ers started off as a team that did not know their path, but with patience, they built a unforgettable dynasty.†The SF 49ers’ early years was a wild rollercoaster. In the 1970s, the SF 49ers brought in Bill Walsh. He was a notorious coach from Notre Dame that was gifted a chance to be a very fearing franchise.

Bill Walsh pioneered the West Coast offense by using many running plays as well as the short passing plays. Bill Walsh entered into the NFL draft and was about to make the best decision of his career. In 1977, Coach Bill had his eyes on new rookie Joe Montana. He played quarterback in college, and was drafted by the NE Patriots. Fortunately, they agreed to make trades for our early draft picks and the 49ers got young Joe. But the first year with Montana was rough as Bill Walsh sacrificed that season to figure out the teams strength and weaknesses. The 49ers trailed the New Orlean Saints as Montana led the team to what would later be known as one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history with a tremendous 38-35 victory. San Francisco 49ers was only getting started. A good number of vital key players

joined the 49ers that allowed them to win two amazing Lombardi trophies in 1981 and 1984. In the National Football League draft, first round choice and got Jerry Rice. He came from Mississippi Valley State and was able to play the position as the receiver. The school was very low-key and was not well known when it came to football, but Bill Walsh saw something in Rice and brought him into the 49er family. Just like Montana, Rice struggled through his first year. He would drop passes and would not run his routes cleanly during practice, little did Walsh and his teammates known that he would later be labeled as the greatest of all time. Jerry Rice was feared in the whole league. The gloomy day finally arrived when Joe Montana left the 49ers. Fans were very irritated with his decision, but there was nothing they could do. Steve Young took

over as the 49er starting quarterback, and continued their legacy as he brought in the 49ers’ fifth Super Bowl Championship. Young was loathed by the 49er fans because they felt he was trying to replace the famous Joe Montana. It took a long time for him to be accepted into the 49ers, but he was able to prove that he was a team player when he brought home the gold. Steve Young was popular for his clutch passes, as well as his fast strides when he had to scramble. Super Bowl XXIX would mark the last time the 49ers would win a championship. The departure of both two elite quarterbacks, the 49ers were able to clinch playoff positions in their division, but never gained more. Alex Smith was the number one pick from the draft in 2005, the 49ers had high hopes of him. The team was led under Michael Singletary, a ex-linebacker that (continued on page 2)

1985 the 49ers draft jerry rice the g.o.a.t.




49er wins 5th super bowl

Bears. Alex Smith was supposed to be the new face of the 49ers as he would lead the team back to its glory days. However, things were not looking so good for the young quarterback. Alex Smith’s record for the team when he first started was 4-12. The year after was 7-9. The year after that 5-11. Alex Smith was not executing his games. The fans were especially disappointed with him while they chanted, “We Want Carr! We Want Carr!”, the back up quarterback’s name in one of his home games. Smith went through one of the most difficult times in his life, but he was not defeated. In 2011, the 49er San Francisco 49ers hired Stanford University’s coach, Jim Harbaugh. This new head coach told the media that Alex Smith is a very good quarterback. Fans had little faith as they all doubted this coach who claimed

that there will be a turn around with the franchise. Somehow, he was able to bring Alex Smith out of his deep hole. The start of 2011, they played the Seattle Seahawks and won their first game of the season. Things were finally turning around for the

49ers with pure confidence for the future. That season woke the entire NFL league up as the 49ers earned a 13-3 record and clinched first place in their division. Alex Smith along with his other amazing teammates got to the NFC Championship

and although they were eliminated in that game, the 49ers finally got out of the deep hole and saw the good light for the first time in years. In the 2012 Divisional Championship is when the 49ers played a iconic historic moment for that year. In the last crucial seconds left in the game against the New Orlean Saints, down by 3 points. All the 49ers had to do was be in field goal position to tie the game to go overtime, but instead there was a fiery desire to win it all. Alex Smith threw a pass to Tight-end, Vernon Davis, for the winning touchdown. It was such a wild emotional game that brought tears to all the players and even the faithful fans. The start of the new season started with a rocky start, but was still ahead of the teams in their division. In the middle of their season against the Rams,

“the catch iii” in 2012

2013 colin sets a rushing record of 181 yds in a single game Alex Smith had suffered from a concussion taking him out of the game, and bringing in second stringer, Colin Kaepernick, into the game. Although Smith was able to play in the next game against the Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh decided to put in Kaepernick instead. This decision caused a humongous quarterback controversy that looked very similar to Montana and Young’s situation. A few weeks later, Jim Harbaugh announced that Colin Kaepernick would officially be the new starting quarterback over Alex Smith. The fans had a huge problem with this especially because Alex Smith was not performing poorly, but actually playing very well. However, the decision was final and the coaches wanted to go with Colin. This was the year the 49ers made their first Super Bowl appearances in years. With a Super Bowl loss to the Ravens,

the 49ers’ quest for six championships was still in high hopes for the next year’s season. Alex Smith left the team and went to the Kansas City Chiefs while Colin Kaepernick stepped up as the new starter for the San Francisco 49ers. There was something different about Colin compared to other quarterbacks

t he 49 ers got out of t h e deep h ole and saw t h e good lig h t for th e f irst time in y ears .

in the league. He threw bullets when he passed the football, and he was also very fast. The team was able to utilize his legs as a threat against other teams and

was pretty much every defensive coach’s nightmare. Colin is a remarkably, great team player that has a far future for him and the franchise. He is still young and has a lot to learn but he is dedicated and committed to prove himself just like the old days with Steve young. The 49ers have a long history of highs and lows, but at the end of the day, if there is no trust and teamwork, it is all just a waste of time. The San Francisco 49ers displayed what true sportsmanship means. As the 49ers continue the journey to become a championship, they will not forget where they came from and what they represent in this cut throat league. The 49ers are equipped for all the difficult challenges that lie ahead, but as long as the team plays with clear eyes and full hearts, nothing can stand in their way.

The Biography Of Joe Montana

he famous Joe Montana does not need any introduction. The entire world knows of his great accomplishments he made as the #1 quarterback that has ever played the game. Joe is the ultimate football legend, and is without a doubt the greatest quarterback who has ever threw a football. However he was not the same Joe Montana when he first started out. He has a story, and a proud one at that . It is time to meet Joe Cool. Joseph C. Montana Jr. was born on the 11th of June, 1956, in New Eagle, Pennyslvania. His father, Joe Montana Sr., was a manager with a finance company, and his mother, Theresa, was a secretary there. They lived in Monongahela, Pennyslvania. Joe enjoyed playing sports. Every night, he waited for his father to come home to play catch with a football or a baseball and practice throwing the balls accurately. The family also had a basketballl hoop in their driveway, where Joe would be seen playing a few games with his friends or practicing on his skills. Joe just had a natural talent for sports. Joe Montana went to the local public public schools in his town. He spent high school at Ringgold High School. He was a B grade student, a member of the choir, and also served as the vice president of his class during his graduating senior year. He also was the famous starting quarterback

for his school’s football team from the middle of his junior year on. Joe’s abilities brought in the attention of major colleges around the whole nation. In 1974 he was labeled in Parade Magazine as one of the all time All-American quarterback. It was an honor to be named a All-American quarterback at that the time because football was difficult to be successful in. Joe Montana nearly took a basketball scholarship to North Carolina State, however Pennyslvania is known for its passion of football and the tradition swayed Montana to accept his invitation to be a Notre Dame football player. In his early career in college, Joe has made the most of his appearances in his football games. As a second year student, he led his football team to a hard earned victory. One of Joe’s reputation as a quarterback is how he frequently executes when it matters the most . It is usually in the fourth quarter when Joe produces a clutch play and turns the game around with a win. Joe inspired two more rallies as a junior and two more as a senior. Despite Joe’s incredible football instincts and his cool, composure under pressure, Joe was not a big prospect when he entered in the 1979 NFL draft. Joe was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco went on to the Super

Bowl XVI, and beat the Cinncinati Bengals with a 26-21 victory. Joe was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP). It was to become a scenario for that decade. The 49ers were a feared team and possibly a team that was despised by its competitors. The 49ers went on to win two back-to-back Super Bowl wins in a row. One of the most iconic games the 49ers brought into their dynasty was the NFC Championship game against the Cowboys in 1982. On their last drive with time ticking faster than ever, the ball was snapped to Joe. Defensive linemen were hounding him and just before they reached him to end the game, Joe Montana found Dwight Clark in the endzone and he caught the pass that would win the game. San Francisco and their elite quarterback won four amazing Super Bowl rings. Joe was awarded the MVP trophy in three of the games. Not only did Montana passed for the four Super Bowls, but Joe never threw a interception in 122 number of attempts. When Joe Montana retired he held the NFL playoff record for completions, yards, touchdowns as well as his single-season and Joe’s career records for passing efficiency. Joe Montana inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on July 20, 2000. Joe Montana will always be known as “Joe Cool” and always and forever a football legend.


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The San Francisco 49ers drafted Rice.


Jerry Rice got accpeted into Mississippi State to play football.

Jerry Rice was born on October 13.

Jerry Rice received a total of 4,692 yards at Mississippi State.

Jerry Rice improved on his hands by catching bricks while helping his father at work.

the life of rice




Jerry Rice makes it into the Hall of Fame with 3 Super Bowl rings.

Rice won the Super Bowl with his team. He had 11 huge recpetions and received the MVP award .

1988 2010

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Rice is coined “The G.O.A.T.� The Greatest Of All Time.

Rice retired after 20 NFL seasons. he had a total of 1,549 receptions and 197 touchdowns in his career.

in 1986, Rice had a total of 86 receptions, 15 touchdowns and 1,570 yards to complete the year.

An interview with Jerry Rice

etrieved from the Huffington Post, the great Jerry Rice gets interviewed and discusses his experience and past before he became known as the greatest of all time. Jerry gives us his secret to honing his great hall of fame hands, and allows us to know the amazing achievements he has made in his career. HuffPost Sports: What is your first experience with football growing up? Jerry Rice: Well my first experience with it was not very good because I didn’t plan on playing football. I was just playing hookie one day and I was a sophomore and decided not to go to class. And the principal normally he does his rounds and I thought I had him down pretty good where he was going to be. He sort of walked up behind me and scared me. He noticed I could run real fast. So that’s how I got introduced to football.

HuffPost Sports: Were there role models for you that were coaches or other players? Jerry Rice: It was the coaches and also the players. I remember this one quarterback, his name was Kent Thomas, and he was like the most popular student in school because he was the man. He was the quarterback and I remember saying to myself that “it would be great if I could catch a ball from him. If I could be coached by Charles Davis.” I knew that I had to work hard with my education. It was first and all the way through my Mississippi Valley State. I had a lot of success there, then I got drafted by the 49ers. But everything started at B.L. Moor High School and a lot of people inspired me to go out there and be the best individual that I could possibly be.

h e n ot i c e d i c a n r u n r ea l fa st and t h at i s h o w i wa s in tr o du ce d to t h e g a m e o f


HuffPost Sports: How did you hone your skills to become the player you became? Jerry Rice: I think my secret is that there’s no shortcuts for hard work, determination and not giving up. I would get letters from schools, but no one came out to talk to me in person until this black school, MSVU sent a coach out to me. I had a chance to talk to him and he said, “Hey Jerry, we’re going to be doing some great things at Mississippi Valley State University and we would love to have you there.” I made my mind to go to MSVU. I still knew that I had to hit the books because the opportunity to play in the NFL is not really that big, so I needed something to fall back on. That is the message I’d send to kids when I talk to them in person and let them know the most important thing is education. HuffPost Sports: You did say you were always fast and that was what first drew the attention of the principal. As far as honing your hands and your football knowledge, what was the secret for that?

i got le t t er s fr o m s c h ools b u t no o ne ca m e o u t to ta l k to m e in p e r so n unt i l t h i s b lac k s ch o ol m sv u se nt a coach ou t to m e.

Jerry Rice: I think with my hands, it was a lot of catching footballs and working with my dad during the summer because he would always make me. My father was a bricklayer so I was a helper. My job was to make sure that he had bricks to lay. We used to be on the scaffold where it was 20 feet in the air and my brother would toss bricks up and I would snatch them out of the air, so that helped with all my hand and eye coordination. But I think just what my parents instilled in me was hard work and also being able to always go out there and focus to be 100%. I took that work ethic into the NFL and everyday I always give 100% and never had anything to be handed to me. I wanted to earn it. And every time I stepped on that football field during practice I wanted to leave that football field with learning something about what the practice was about for me that day: the situation I was in and the opportunity that I was probably going to have during the game on that Sunday. When you look at it, nothing can top hard work. HuffPost Sports: Well Mr. Rice, I appreciate your time and going through your extraordinary story with us at the Huffington Post! Jerry Rice: No, thank you. It was great to go back to the good old days. Take care.

Say hello to Colin Kaepernick

olin Kaepernick is the most unpredictable and least understood elite QB in the league right now. In this article, Colin opens up about quarterback sociology, tattoos, work ethics, and his adoption. A big thank you to Time Sports.

Kaepernick: I think it’s a perception that’s been around for a very long time. It is a perception that I want to break. I do not want people to think you have to look a certain way or be a certain mold to be able to be a good quarterback. Time Sports: How do you feel about the stereotype that is going around saying black quarterbacks cannot lead a team? Kaepernick: I don’t want to take it to a race level. But, I mean, even with a lot of the quarterbacks in the league who are black, it’s ‘oh you’re a black quarterback,’ or ‘you’re just a running quarterback,’ and I think that’s another stereotype that I feel like I’m trying to break. I don’t want to be someone that they say ‘oh, he can run, but he can’t throw.’ And I think that’s another perception that’s been around for a very long time that needs to be changed. Time Sports: What was it like growing up in a white household with your foster parents?

Time Sports: How do you feel when there are people who say you’re not a good role model quarterback with tattoos? You are known as a “freak athlete”. Kaepernick: To me, when people say, ‘Oh you’re a freak athlete’, it’s a bitter sweet feeling. It’s a huge compliment to say, ‘OK you have physical abilities that are kind of above and beyond’. Time Sports: On whether, as a QB, there is a perception you have to be “clean cut” e.g as the face of a franchise, you should not have tattoos.

Kaepernick: My parents told me from the time I can remember that, ‘yeah, you are adopted. But this is your family.’ I can remember my mom, she tells me this story: When I was little, I was looking at her and I was like, ‘why isn’t my skin the same color as yours?’ She was like, ‘oh Colin, you are adopted, but I wish I had pretty brown skin like you.’ They made me part of that family. Everything they did, they tried to make it uplifting. They tried to make it very special and they tried to make it a really positive environment. Looking back, I think that was the biggest thing. The love and affection they showed was what made everything so smooth for me growing up. Time Sports: The NFL quarterback is the ultimate position of influence. A columnist wrote that a quarterback is the CEO of a high profile organization, and you don’t want your CEO to look like he just got paroled. If you want to hear my opinion about this, I think this is the most ludicrous comment. Do you have anything to say about this? (continued on page 10)

Colin grew up as a green bay packers fan as a young boy.

You probably would never had expected a successful NFL quarterback to playing baseball in high school but Kaepernick pitched for his team with his strong arm.

He was drafted to the chicago cubs but he wanted to play football that colin refused the offer and pursued his dreams to be a quarterback. He played as a starter for the University of Nevada.

Colin’s dream came true in when the 49ers welcomed him to the team in 2011.

Kaepernick: It wasn’t necessarily, ‘I’m black so I have to act a certain way. Or, ‘I’m with a white famly, I have to act this certain way.’ My parents let me be me. Time Sports: You partnered up with Camp Taylor, which serves children with heart disease. I know that your family lost two infant sons to heart failure. Knowing that any future sons would be at risk for heart disease, they have decided to adopt you. What are your thoughts on that?

Kaepernick: I’m trying to becareful of my words, because it is a really tragic thing that has happened. If it didn’t happen I wouldn’t be in this situation. I mean, I do have a gigantic deal of sympathy for what they have gone through, and a great deal of sorrow. You can’t take that pain away. And I hope that the situation they are in now is something they can rejoice in. Time Sports: Were you curious about your birth parents? Kaepernick: I was kind of curious. I feel like I’m kind of tall, I can play the sports pretty well, were my parents tall? Am I going to fit that mold where I might be able to play? That was about the extent of it pretty much. Time Sports: Do you plan to reach out to your birth mother? (Colin’s mother gave him up for adoption when she was 19) Kaepernick: After the way things played out this past six months or so, that it is something that I really don’t feel like it will happen. For the simple fact that from my perspective, I don’t really agree with the way she handled some things. To me, some of the things, the way they were handled, were disrespectful to my family. Time Sports: Your birth mother recently had a interview with ESPN. Were you able to watch it? Kaepernick: Yes I did and my immediate reaction was, ’Why?’ I’ve already discussed it with her before. It was something I didn’t feel like needed to be readdressed.

you ca n’t ta ke t hat pain away, a nd i hope that th e situation t he y a re in now is some t hing t he y can b e a ble to re j oice in today.

Time Sports: How appreciative are you towards your foster mother? Kaepernick: I’m very appreciative, I am so thankful that my birth mother gave me up for adoption. My mom went above and beyond for so long, and I do not feel she gets the credit she deserves for what she has done for me and my career. Time Sports: That’s really amazing, Colin. Now I do have to ask you about that final drive against the Ravens when the 49ers were at the 7-yard line, 1st and goal and 2:47 left on the clock. Tell me about it. Kaepernick: It’s replayed in my mind so many times. The last four plays of that game-it’s something I don’t think anyone on our team will ever get over. I think all of us are, ’What could we have done to bring out a different outcome? What if we checked to a different play? What if ran the ball instead?’ I mean, there are so many different scenarios. Time Sports: If you could take anything back from that final drive, what would it have been?

Kaepernick: There is two. On third down we called a timeout. I think everybody on the team thought that was going to be a TD. And in my mind, if I could have got the play out quicker, if I made sure we were moving faster, and got that ball snapped, before we called timeout, the clock was running down the time, we were getting there. So if I would have operated faster, if I would have got people set faster, got things moving faster, would we have scored? Time Sports: And the second? Kaepernick: The other one is the last to Crabtree. What if I just threw it up a little bit more of a jump ball and let him go up and get it? Because he is the type of player that can do that. Instead of making the perfect throw to the back pylon would he have gone up and made that grab? In my mind, nine times out of ten he is going to make that play. Time Sports: Well all I can say to you is that you are shaping up to be an amazing quarterback and leader to your own entire team and fanbase. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.

To the Niner faithful: Thank you

“Fans are what make the professional sports world go. Supporters of each NFL team believe they have the best fans in the entire league, however there are only a few that compare to the San Francisco 49er fans.� Bleacher Report

W h o ’s g o t i t b e t t e r t h a n u s ?

Nobody. “We may falter from time to time but ultimately we are unswerving in moving toward our goal; we will not quit. There is a obsession to get it done the way you want it.” Bill Walsh San Francisco, CA 2014

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