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Definiciones Hipertexto- Cualquier texto disponible en el Word wide web que contenga enlaces con otros documentos. Hipermedia- Método para escribir o diseñar contenidos que tengan audio, imágenes, videos, textos, mapas u otros medios. Multimedia- Cualquier sistema que utiliza múltiples medios de comunicación al mismo tiempo para presentar información. Generalmente combinan textos, imágenes, sonidos, videos y animaciones.

MY PERSONAL WEB PAGE Hi, my name is Gina Grady. I live in Marlborough, Massachusetts, which is a small city about 20 miles west of Boston. I am a junior at Marlborough High School. I have an older brother, Sam, and a younger sister, Lori. My dad owes the local movie theater, and my mom is a real state. !!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE THEATHER!!!!!!!!! At school, I am a member of the drama club. My favorite plays are Musicals, like Hello Dolly! (I played Dolly last year!) And The Music Man (I was Marion the librarian). I take singing and dicing classes after school. I am on the school volleyball team. My forte is serving. But I can spike, too.. I play the Piano I work part-time at my dad’s movie theater. Sometimes I sell tickets, and sometimes I work at the concession stand. Yes, I get to see the movies for free. Recently I went to Washington, D.C. to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. We had a great time touring the Smithsonian museums and the government building. I loved the Museum of American History the best, probably because of all the movie and theaters memorabilia. I almost died when I saw Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers! I also have cousins in California, but I haven’t been to see them since I was ten.

My favorite singer My best friends are CASEY AND JACKIE. We have a lot of fun doing things like going to the mall, and just hanging out. Jackie just got her driver’s license so now we can GO PLACES! I like going to the beach in the summer. After I graduate I’m planning to go to a college with a strong performing arts department so I can keep studying theatre. Someday, I hope to be on Broadway!

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Taller Uno Definiciones