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CYBER PROMOTIONS, INC. Welcome to Cyber Promotions! We are pleased that you have joined our staff. We know you will find our company an exciting, innovative, and challenging place to work. You will spend the day today in our orientation program. You will tour the building, meet your coworkers, meet with human resources professionals to discuss your personalized benefits plan, and learn about your role at Cyber Promotions. We have prepared a brief presentation to start your orientation today. AT any time, feel free to click the picture at the bottom of this page to start the presentation. You may view the presentations often as you want, and you may return to this document at any time. When you have finished, a human resources staff member will take you on a tour of the building. Again, on behalf of all of us at Cyber Promotions, Inc., welcome. We look forward to a long, happy relationship.

Advertising for a New Millennium

Advertising For a New Millennium

By Age Group Infant Northeast Midwest West Southwest Total

Toddler 221 180 258 215 874

333 204 287 269 1093

Preshool 1 Preschool 2 After School 345 342 187 224 228 98 323 289 261 246 247 199 1138 1106 745

350 300 250



Midwest 150





0 Infant


Preshool 1 Preschool 2

After School

Total 1428 934 1418 1176 4956

Taller 3 CYBER PROMOTIONS word  
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