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Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse

Accommodation Organic Farm With Universal Appeal

Organic Products With respect & new ethics

Agrotourism & Ecotoursim Touch nature

Education In the heart of the Greek landscape

Culture Create under the Laconic blue sky

Region Taste, Feel, View, Travel


In ancient Greek ‹Eumelia› means melody, melodious language

Frangiskos Karelas / President & Managing Director


fter many years of studies and traveling around the world I returned to my favorite place in the world the place I was born, Greece. Wishing to share this love and enthusiasm about this very special place and the important role it can play in an interdependent world, I searched to find a way to communicate with others and to bring people closer to the essence of what is Greece. This essence is the beautiful and diverse nature, the historic importance and dialogue with other cultures throughout time, the imbedded freedom of spirit in the Greek people as well as the optimism for the future that is derived from the long historic experience. With this aim we created Homeodynamic Development. S.A. (in ancient Greek it means the power of potential), a company with the intent to create sustainable development projects that will place nature and human relationships at the center stage.

President & Managing Director: Frangiskos Karelas The Company: Homeodynamic Development S.A. (Société Anonyme) is a sustainable development, agrotourism, ecotourism, event organizer, education, organic product producer, importer and exporter company. Website: www.eumelia.com www.eumeliashop.com Location: The farm is located in Southern Greece in the Peloponnese in the prefecture of Laconia about 45 min south east of the city of Sparta near the village of Gouves For information, reservations and product order please contact us: Land line: +30 2130369814 Mobile: +30 6959004747 Email: info@eumelia.com Skype: homedynamic.development.s.a. Copyright © 2006 - 2013 Homeodynamic Development S.A.


WHAT WE DO . . . 01. Accommodation & Organic farm 02. Organic Products 03. Agrotourism & Ecotourism 04. Education 05. Culture 06. Knowledge Transfer

0.1 Accomodation

& Organic Farm O

ur apartment hotel is located at the heart of our organic farm surrounded by perennial olive trees, fields of herbs, fruit and vegetable gardens. The farm is located about 2 km from the village of Gouves in a traditional farming area surrounded by the mountains Taygetos and Parnonas, and about 13 kilometers from the beautiful Lakonikos Gulf a scenic stretch of waterfront. We have designed the hotel with environmental friendly building material, ecological technology and we take great care to recycle. The hotel is a wonderful and serene retreat with many interesting activities for the visitors. There are many great walks around the farm area in the middle of a vibrant nature, mountain bikes with different trails. You can participate in the farm activities with us, picking olives, grapes, herbs, fruits and vegetables or you can relax and enjoy our hospitality.

Tradition meets Modernity


uilt in the traditional Greek farm house architecture with modern elegance each of the houses has its own private garden and a large veranda with great view of the farm and the surrounding mountains.

The houses are one with nature bringing the visitor closer to the Greek farming landscape. All the apartments have a bedroom, a living room with a dining area, a fire place and a fully equipped kitchen. Our cottages at the heart of the farm, as well as the other hotel facilities, use environmentallyfriendly material and have been designed to utilize nature’s forces. We attach great importance to recycling and we employ many different recycling methods: water is recycled and then used for farming purposes, whereas compost is created from all the organic material at the farm, as well as from the hotel facilities. Furthermore, the buildings are heated and cooled with geothermal power, using heat pumps to minimize the use of petroleum or electricity. Our standard setting natural waste management, based on the root system, will be the first of its kind in southern Greece. In the future, with the use of solar power, we hope to achieve one hundred percent self-sufficiency thereby creating an excellent example of sustainable development.

Facilities include

01. In floor heating & cooling 02. Traditional Fully Equipped Kitchen 03. Refrigerator 04. Luxury Bathrobes 05. COCO-MAT natural Mattresses 06. Hairdryer 07. Safety Deposit Box 08. Iron & Ironing board 09. Direct Dial Telephone 10. Fax Services 11. Flat Screen Satellite TV 12. Entertainment center CD/DVD/USB Player 13. Free Internet Access 14. Daily Maid Service 15. Car Parking

0.2 Organic Products


eeling the need to approach our relationship with nature with respect and a new ethos, not simply wanting to receive from her but to provide an atmosphere where we give back or at least create the ground where nature can replenish and heal herself, we began to create our organic farm. We proceeded with this in mind during the design period, we wanted to create a dialogue between the plants themselves as well as the humans working there and visiting. Our wish was to cultivate our farm and create products in a way that it was both beneficial to our human needs as well as the needs of the soil and the plants.


Our Products


1. Organic Lavander Soap 2. Organic Wine 3. Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 4. Organic Kalamata Olives You can find our products on www.eumeliashop.com and during your next visit at ‹Εumelia›




0.3 Agrotourism


ake a walk around our organic farm and pick fruits directly from our fruit trees, hop on a mountain bike and visit the surrounding hills and farms, work with us and pick olives, almonds grapes and herbs. Relax and lets us take care of your culinary needs with fresh vegetables from our organic garden. Read your book or paint the amazing Laconic Mountains, Parnonas and Taygetos. Olive Oil Tasting It is referred to as liquid gold; the Laconic extra virgin olive oil with its amazing characteristics that are derived from the symphony of interchanging nature can be tasted and explored at our olive oil tasting seminars. Your group can experience within our organic farm, the process of picking olives, learning how olive oil is created, tasting different olive oils from the region as well learning why the Laconic olive oil is so special and sought after from around the world. Wine Tasting Pick organic grapes with us and learn how to make organic wine; press them traditionally under the sounds of music while an amazing grilled feast is prepared for you. Join us and learn about our special Greek varieties that are used to create our organic wine as well as taste other unique wines from the region. Cooking courses Walk around our organic farm and pick fresh eatable greens, cut fresh organic vegetables from our gardens and them create your meals during our cooking seminars under the supervision and expertise of local chefs. Put together the gastronic puzzle of the region, boil, bake and create special dishes from the symphony of local products. Hiking & Walking Tours Walk around Mount Parnonas and learn the plethora of wild herbs, smell and feel the Greek spring that will forever keep you company in your heart. Hike up the majestic Mount Taygetos and view the Laconic region from the eye of an eagle. We can organize for your group a walk and a picnic at the delta of the Evrotas River a Natura protected area and a sanctuary of wild life.



0.4 Education Seminars & Workshops

Corporate Meetings, Retreats & Team Building

During the year one of our main activities at the farm will be to host seminars on many interesting topics ranging from alternative medicine, philosophical discussions, the arts, yoga, tai chi, cooking classes, wine tasting, olive oil tasting as well as artist exhibitions and environmental training programs for children. We will be working with instructors from around the world to create informative and enjoyable seminars for our visitors in a beautiful and peaceful setting surrounded by wonderful trees and incredible mountain ranges deep in the heart of a Greek landscape.

Looking for a place to express your new ideas, work with your team to deepen your understanding and commitment to your goals. Work together closely under the special atmosphere of Eumelia and your new tools will help you travel along the path of new horizons and closer human connections.

School Visits We welcome schools from Greece and around the world throughout the year to our sustainable organic farm. Our aim is to introduce children of all ages to the ecological practices taking place at Eumelia. Our organic farming methods and techniques open a gateway to nature, learning how to work with her and provide the ground for her to develop with the minimal intrusion. At the farm children are exposed to different environmental technologies as well as the human friendly material used at our eco hotel facilities. The coexistance of nature, humans and animals at Eumelia is an integral part of our philosophy and our aim and wish is to share this with all the children of the world. Environmental & Sustainability Training Join us at Eumelia as a group or a small team and experience our sustainable farm, learn and come to contact with nature. Our aim and wish is to establish a sustainable example of an ecotourism / agrotourism / education / culture space that receives, entertains and educates visitors as well as the local population on issues such as environment, environmental technology, organic farming methods, alternative health, sustainability, self-sustainability and progressive educational tools.

Concerts Music Cooking Reception Festival Exhibition Dj set Nature Î’Î’Q

0.5 Culture Art Exhibitions Art and nature have been the basic theme of human development; we wish to contribute to this development by holding art exhibitions throughout our farm in the natural landscape as well as in our facilities. Organic & Eco Weddings An organic farm with aesthetics and a night atmosphere that stays deep in your heart. A place where you can manifest your dream of your special occasion under the clear sky and the serenity of the Laconic landscape. Agromusic Festival We are dancing at the moment to magical melodies! The Agromusic Festival aims to bring together people that enjoy great music, love and respect nature and wish to share this experience with others in a natural and pure setting. Join us and dance to our Eumelia. There are live acts, d-jays, BBQ, farming activities, amazing shades and vistas to chill out and look at. Kids are running around expressing their adventurous selves.

0.6 Knowledge Transfer


ur vision is to create and support other sustainable development projects, this combined with our accumulated experience and along with amazing partnerships in fields of expertise such as sustainable architecture, water management, waste management, alternative energy, communication, bring us in a position to transfer this knowledge and assist others in full filling their dreams of a better world. We live in an interdependent world with a wide spectrum of challenges and Eumelia provides the enlightening and horizon opening tools through our cooperation with other field experts who also wish to contribute to the realization of projects that have a vision and wish to contribute to the improvement of our world with minimal impact on nature. Our holistic approach involves working with nature, understanding our interdependence, doing in the now and working for a better future.


aconia is a diverse destination that includes a vast range of ancient sites, historical monuments, museums, beaches, and picturesque villages on the mountains or by the sea side. The Laconic Gulf between the two mountain ranges of Taygetos and Parnonas provide the area with an amazing variety of experiences from local cuisine, architecture, nature, scenery with alternating horizons and backgrounds. There are a number of activities that you can enjoy in this magnificent part of the world, cave exploration in Diros, visit a petrified forest in Cape Maleas, go to the end of the world as it was known in ancient Greece in Cape Taineron and the southernmost tip of the Balkan peninsula. Surf, scuba dive, mountain bike, hike up on the mountain ranges of Taygetos & Parnonas, visit the ancient port of Sparta near Gytheio, walk around the medieval castle town of Monemvasia. Walk along the monasteries and churches in Mystras home to the last Byzantine Emperor, experience the rugged beauty of the stone home fortresses of the Mani region. Walk around the delta of the river of Eurotas, a Natura protected natural habitat. Live in ancient Sparta, feel the mighty strength of this ancient Greek state.

Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse


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Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse Presentation  

Eumelia, which means harmony, is a unique sustainable development and agrotourism accommodation that also runs workshops and events for well...

Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse Presentation  

Eumelia, which means harmony, is a unique sustainable development and agrotourism accommodation that also runs workshops and events for well...