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Volume VII No. 4 October 2011

The Business Digest of the European Union-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry


New Paths for Malaysia’s Future KDN PP 14083/07/2012(030511)


IGEM 2011 brings new business, new ideas and accolades to EUMCCI! Innovation in all Walks of Malaysian Life The International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia 2011 was a great success for the EU Pavilion. Once again winning an award for Most Creative Pavilion, the advantageous location and the size of the Pavilion ensured that the EU companies involved benefited from the influx of visitors over the three day period. The Pavilion was host to a parade of VIPs including the Prime Minster of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perlis, Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Malaysia H.E Vincent Piket and Minister for Energy, Green Technology and Water YB Datuk Sri Peter Chin amongst others. They and all of the visitors to the Pavilion also passed through the new addition to the EU showing this year, the EU Business Lounge, sponsored by Siemens Malaysia. All of the companies involved in this year’s exhibition came to promote their products that showed a new and innovative way of tackling the trials of modern life. Neapoli wowed the crowds with designs for the new PKNS building that incorporate groundbreaking environmentally clean technologies, which reduce the impact that the building and its occupants have on their environment on a day to day basis. Logica highlighted their sustainability propositions, including energy services, markets and smart enabled grids, whilst Siemens both entertained and educated the visitors to their booths with a game that allowed you to become a mayor of a town and implement all the green technologies possible whilst still keeping the population happy – not an easy task as many quickly found out! The message behind the technology and the glitz of IGEM is however the same as it’s ever been, new ideas are needed in order to drive business forward and to create new opportunities for partnerships and growth. This need for innovation is not only felt in business but in society as a whole – the interview in this quarter’s Review with the Head of NKRA Fight Corruption shows that new ways of looking at the problem and new methods of tackling the problem are leading to extraordinary results in the fight against corruption in Malaysia. Innovation is also the watchword for our upcoming Europa Awards, for which this year, the theme is ‘Creativity in Innovation’. More information about the Awards and this year’s categories is available inside and on our website but be sure to secure your ticket to what promises to be a spectacular event, soon!



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24 QUESTIONS TO Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia

26 EVENTS EUMCCI Annual General Meeting 2011 VIP Luncheon with Yg Bhg Datuk Dr Rebecca Sta Maria Sec. Gen, MITI and Mr Michael Hershman Co-Founder, Transparency International VIP Luncheon with YB Senator Dato’ Sri Idris Jala

32 MEMBERS’ CORNER 36 MALAYSIA NEWS Generating High-income Activities in the Maritime Sector


On the cover: Y.Bhg Dato’ Hj Hisham Bin Hj Nordin, Director of NKRA Fighting Corruption

Chamber Activities

GreenTech Malaysia: Changing the game with collaboration On Day 3 of IGEM2011, a total of eight cooperation agreements were inked between GreenTech Malaysia and leading organizations from corporate, research and academic sectors, heralding a blitz of exciting cross-sector and cross-border collaborative efforts. The first MoU between GreenTech Malaysia and technology, services and finance global giant General Electric International will compromise of collaborative projects that are aligned with key thrusts of the National Green Technology. It includes public awareness campaigns to promote green technology and sus­ tainability initiatives through sharing of best practices and green technology deve­ lopment under GE’s ecomaginationTM ini­ tiative, a $200 million financial commit­ment challenging innovators to join in building the next-generation power grid. Rahul Gupta, the Managing Director of Business Development of GE ASEAN declared, “Such collaborations are key to accelerating the Malaysian government’s aim to achieve energy security and trans­form the country into a green technology hub.”

This signing was just the first of many throughout the day which went on to include MOU signed between GreenTech Malaysia the University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim, Germany, a global leader in green technology, wood technology and processing. Impressed by the university’s impressive credentials – it was the second winner of the Solar Decathlon Europe Com­ petition - and robust research activi­ties, Dr Nazily suggested both organizations join forces. The result: today’s MoU, which will lay the foundation for the building of a joint Centre of Excellence for Advanced Building Materials near Kuala Lumpur for research on the application of new materials in tropical climates. Other organizations who also signed MoUs during the day included Underwriters Laboratories, Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS) from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Seafield International College (SIC), Ser­ vices Sdn Bhd (IAEC Education) and sta­ tutory body Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM). These joint ventures are merely a hint of the best to come. Dr Nazily brought up the

thought-provoking suggestion that local universities could be a potential gamechanger in our drive towards achieving a green economy. “Malaysia has a lot of untapped strengths,” he asserted. “There is a wealth of green research carried out in local universities which is not being commercialized.” Giving biomass as an example, he pointed out that many Malaysia-developed pro­ ducts could be certified green. “We need to take ownership and come up with our green certification, and this is where Green­ Tech Malaysia comes in. We are responsible for making sure we have our own brand so that our businessmen don’t need to go overseas to get certified.”

Mobile Internet and opportunities for the ICT industry in Malaysia A cornerstone of the mobile operator’s business, the internet accounts for much of the new growth in telecoms for emerging markets. In this respect, Malaysia is well ahead of its Asia counter­parts in initiating progressive regulatory policies to spear­ head the deployment of latest 4G LTE technology. Standing in for Minister Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, Chairman of Suruhanjaya Kommu­ n ikasi and Multimedia Malaysia (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) Mr Toh Swee Hoe, Special Functions Officer (SKMM) delivered a speech that was both informative and enlightening in regards to the benefits and funds available to tech­ nological entre­ preneurs. With Malaysia having reached a critical mass of over 60% household penetration for broadband with a target of 75% by 2015, the big challenge for the industry is



Mr Toh and Mr Harith Menon, Head of EUMCCI ICT Committee.

to understand how to establish a profitable mobile Internet business model and how to implement it in one of the most dynamic and advanced markets in region. Mr Toh’s speech highlighted the infrastructure that is being developed to ensure that those businesses that chose to enter into the lucrative communications market have the best possible basis for their trade.

With the communications and multimedia industry bringing revenue of RM46 billion in 2010, Mr Toh’s speech highlighted the infrastructure that is being developed to ensure that those businesses that chose to enter into the lucrative communications market have the best possible basis for their trade. These plans will need to include the Increasing fiberisation of the core and backhaul network, optimisation and effi­ cient use of spectrum and network resources and spectrum re-farming. The adoption of 4G wireless broadband techno­ logies such as LTE was also something that Mr. Toh touched upon in his speech. For more information on the funds available from SKMM for development and the plans for Malaysia’s broadband development please visit

Chamber Activities

Air Transport Committee Rebranded As you may have noticed, there is a new name on the Chambers’s list of Committees – the Air Transport Committee has now been rebranded as the Aerospace Committee. The new Committee has three subcommittees, Air Transport, Advanced Training and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul). The first meeting of the Aerospace Commit­ tee was held at the EUMCCI office and was heralded as a great start for the new life of the Committee. Activities for the last quarter of 2011 will be to appoint new heads/sub heads of the Committee and establishing the mission of the Committee as a whole.

... Aerospace Committee will act as a lobbying tool for European Aerospace companies and a vehicle with which to approach the government with the relevant industry issues and concerns As with all of our EUMCCI Committees, the new Aerospace Committee will act as a lobbying tool for European Aerospace companies and a vehicle with which to approach the government with the relevant industry issues and concer ns, improving interrelations and com­ munication

eBay on Brand Protection

with stakeholders, as well as a forum to discuss and facilitate business. If you are interested in joining any of the Sub-Committees, please contact Committee Coordinator Ms. Ai Li Ch’ng-Koch at or

EUMCCI goes Interactive

The EUMCCI IPR Committee headed by Ms Wong Jin Nee, Partner at Wong Jin Nee & Teo Advocates and Solicitors, in October hosted a Breakfast Talk on the topic of Brand Protection. eBay’s Chief Government Relations Officer for Asia Pacific & Legal Counsel, Mr Steven Liew was available for conversation and questions as he shared his experiences in conducting brand protection programmes, both online and offline. A 20 year veteran of IP law, anti-counterfeiting and lobbying for brand protection, Mr Liew is responsible for all of eBay’s government outreach and collaborations in the entire Asia Pacific. The event was an opportunity for members of the IPR Committee and the business community at large to hear from a company that deals with protection of a brand both online and offline, which in today’s market

EUMCCI can now be found on Facebook and Linked In. We will be gradually adding more information to our Facebook page, so you can now head there to find out about the news that’s interesting us from Europe and Malaysia on a daily basis as well as images from and news about EUMCCI events.

is an important thing – to be able to be covered within all arenas of business. For pictures of the event and more information on the Committee, please visit

Be sure to search for us today and become a fan! Weblinks for both the EUMCCI Facebook and Linked In pages are available at the EUMCCI website:




Head of Environmental, Energy and Green Technology Committee on…

Renewable Energy in Malaysia we should not believe that the FITimplementation in December is enough, as it will be of crucial importance to ‘tailormake’ the set of supportive incentives for the industry and to increase the quantity of energy subsidized by the system quickly over the next few years to allow the industry to realize the “economies of scale”.

Mr Thomas Brandt is the Head of the EUMCCI EEGT Committee and General Manager of the GermanMalaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The EEGT Committee is one of the largest and most active committees within the Chamber.

When the Feed In Tariff (FIT) is eventually launched what effect do you believe it will have on the energy market in Malaysia? Malaysia currently is relying in its energy supply mainly of fossil energy sources, and is far behind level of renewable energy use of the EU and as well neighboring econo­ mies. The introduction of the FIT by 1st December 2011 will provide the perfect policy to provide the legal set up and incentives to have a more diversified energy supply market, and to allow the share of the countries renewable energy to grow. But



Malaysia is currently the 3rd largest producer of solar technology in the world, and has the potential to develop a green technology market as Europe has – do you think this will happen? Indeed Malaysia has the third largest production of solar cells and modules but these products are mainly produced by FDI and hardly used in the local market. If we consider the local market it will be very decisive that the government sets the right framework, and the introduction of the FIT is the first right step. But as energy is still very cheap in Malaysia the right steps have to be taken to increase the share of renew­ able energy in the overall energy mix of the country. Even though during the last two years many policies have been developed there is no considerable increase of the renewable energy yet, the later still being less than 1%. Europe is indeed far ahead in the field of Green Technology and leading the world in many fields, therefore I believe European technologies, which are mainly driven by small and medium size technology leaders are the perfect match for Malaysia. In some areas some adaptations are needed, for example, available biomass in Europe is different than the largely available biomass of Palm Oil industry, the Empty Fruit Bunches, but this is a minor adjustment need. In many areas Europe has much to offer, for instance in providing “off-grid” energy solution for East Malaysia where only about 65 percent of the population is connected to the grid. Do you think that exhibitions such as IGEM and PowerGen Asia are effective platforms for the promotion of renew­

able energy in Malaysia or do you believe there are more effective ways to put the message out to industry? With IGEM an amazing success story was created by the Malaysian Prime Minister and implemented by H.E. Peter Chin and his ministry. I personally, and I am some years around in visiting and promoting Malaysian trade fairs, find it an absolute success story. It’s not only about the appearance, the increase of 500 to 650 exhibitors in 2011 but it’s also about the entire setup and dedication by the relevant players. And, it really strikes, if the Prime Minister and Greentech Minister make their personal rounds to greet the industry partners. But likewise on the flip side of the coin it’s important that a lot of space is still “government-taken” or subsidized and it will become challenge of the coming years to make the event privately self-sufficient. But this challenge should not draw away the attention that the government with the IGEM, and partly with the PowerGen Asia, has become a “regional trade fair hub”. Although some developments on the “Green Agenda” are inspiring and very positive, the results in term of increasing share of renewable energy share of the entire energy mix are not yet given. On my wish list would be that the “Green Agenda” and set policies as acts are also taken up by the other relevant ministries, hence the chances of creating new markets, business opportunities, huge employment opportu­ nities are not missed out. I feel that some­ times it’s too much “As the Prime Minister wants” but not taken by heart and hence large opportunities and chances are left out. And lots of European technology providers are approaching us and would be the best match for the Malaysian corporate sector. To read the full interview with Mr Brandt, please visit the Committee pages at

Head of the Building and Construction Committee on…

Growth of Sustainability in Malaysia Building and Construction Sector Whilst in Europe green building practices are an established part of the building sector, given the number of years that the Western construction industry has had to both acclimatise and absorb the new practices and methodologies involved, in Malaysia green building has yet to make it to the mainstream. Whilst exhibitions and conventions such as IGEM show that there is an interest and there are green providers if you know where to look, the majority of buildings being constructed in Malaysia don’t meet the standards required by the Green Building Index (which is a purely voluntary scoring method) to indicate that they have sustainability as an intergral factor in their design and building methods.

green building practices to become standard in Malaysia. Positive rhetoric won’t be enough – money will be needed in order to encourage companies to invest in the technology required. As Mr van der Horst asserts, “In the West, green practices have been assimilated over time, and gained in popularity through the growth of knowledge and experience. The Malaysian government needs to introduce subsidies to support the growth of green building so that these practices do become the norm.” Schemes such as the Green Building Index and the Green Township Tool, a tool to facilitate discussions on how sustainable townships are planned, designed built, operated and maintained, are currently voluntary schemes. Whilst incentives for

“In the West, green practices have been assimilated over time, and gained in popularity through the growth of knowledge and experience. The Malaysian government needs to introduce subsidies to support the growth of green building...” Head of EUMCCI Building & Construction Committee Mr Aat van der Horst, feels that the cost of green materials and building practices is what is holding the industry back from adopting them wholesale. “Building with green technology is more expensive and at the moment the Malaysian market is purely price driven.” With the aim to win construction contracts by building office blocks and condominiums fastest, for the lowest cost, green building practices often feature as the very last item of importance on the list for contractors and these are often co-opted by unscrupulous operators who chose to abuse the growing interest in green methods by passing standard building elements such as water systems off as the green or energy efficient equivalent for an inflated price. What is needed is further and more strident backing from the government in order for

buyers of buildings classified either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Certified buildings under the GBI scheme have been intro­ duced covering the period between 2009 - 31st December 2014, these are generally acknowledged to be less than a compelling selling point. “As long as the cost of ‘green homes’ and green building practices is a cost borne by the contractors and the buyers, there will not be much of an interest in green practices in Malaysia.” Subsidies and taking advance of the experience and the knowledge of foreign construction professionals would be the first steps on the road to ensuring that the growing number of building works undertaken in Malaysia now and in the future are built with the future in mind.

Mr Aat van der Horst is General Manager of Victor Buyck Sdn Bhd. The Building and Construction Committee is the lobbying partner for EU construction and building material companies, architects and engineering companies. The Committee addresses issues to Pemudah, Ministry of Works, CIDB and other authorities relevant to the industry.


Committee Message Board: Aerospace Committee: New name for Air Transport 13th September 2011 saw the first meeting of the newly rebranded Aerospace Committee. Emerging from the former Air Transport Committee, the Aerospace Committee is formed of 3 subcom­ mittees: Air Transport, Advanced Training and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) and the Committee activities between September and the end of 2011 will focus on identifying appropriate Heads of Committee/SubCommittees and establishing the mission of the Committee as a whole.

Construction & Building Committee: Going Green Inspired by the recent IGEM 2011 exhibition in KL, the activities for the Construction & Building Committee between September and the end of the year will focus on Green Technology and brain­ storming on Green Building and Green Townships – improving technologies and techniques for the future.

Defense & Security Committee D&S Expert Visits Malaysia The Defense & Security Committee are pleased to have welcomed Prof. Dr. Gérard Chaliand for a Committee hosted Breakfast Talk in partnership with the University of Nottingham, held at the University of Nottingham KL Teaching Centre. The breakfast lecture “Al-Qaeda 10 years Later” was given by Prof. Dr. Gérald Chaliand, a world renowned expert in Guerrilla & Insurgency Warfare.

HR Committee: Contributions to Policy Amendments The HR Committee hosted an Executive Coaching workshop on 6th October 2011, held by Sverre Stoje of Stoje Dual. Between September and the end of the year the Committee will be involved in contributing to MOHR on Minimum Wage and Labour Act policy amendments. For more information on Executive Coaching email: sverre@ or visit:

IPR Committee Breakfast Dialogues to end the year The IPR Committee hosted a Breakfast Talk at Meliã Kuala Lumpur, featuring a speaker from ebay, on the topic of enforcement of IPR. Committee activities from September to the end of the year also include a Breakfast Dialogue on IP issues and protection strategy, in November.

ICT Committee: MDeC on new opportunities for MNCs The ICT Committee in collaboration with MDeC held a workshop on 26th September 2011 on Acquiring MNC status.

EEGT Committee: EU-Malaysia Green Dialogue Very active over the summer months in preparation for IGEM 2011, the EEGT Committee between September and the end of the year also engaged again with the EU and the Malaysian Climate Change Council in a Dialogue on Green Technology and Low Carbon Growth, which will took on 12th October 2011, as well as with other projects such as workshops dedicated to energy efficiency and Green Education and the Green Tech Business Platform.

Editorial Committee: Call for submissions for Review Look forward next year to a reworking of Review with a greater focus on the Chamber’s Sectoral Committees and lobbying activities. All participants in the Chamber’s Committees are welcomed to submit content relevant to their industry sector. We also welcome contributions of professional (no-commercial) articles from non-members and interested parties.

10 EUMCCI Review

Enhancing Skills, Globalizing Talent MSC Malaysia K-workers Development Initiatives (KDI) aims to facilitate the current and future demands of industry-relevant talent by the local ICT industry, especially by MSC Malaysia status companies. KDI offers various programmes encompassing career awareness, skills training, industry attachments, curriculum alignment at Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) as well as demand-supply projection. To find out more on how you can benefit from the KDI programmes, visit In October EUMCCI ICT committee hosted a breakfast talk with SKMM discussing MobIle Broadband.

Committee in Focus

Environment, Energy and Green Technology The Environment, Energy and Green Technology (EEGT) Committee was created in order to provide member with informa­

tion, as well as creating awareness con­ cerning environmental matters and green/ clean energy issues. The Committee

functions as a forum and regular meetings are held, providing dialogue with opinion leaders and highly ranked government officials involved in environmental and energy policy making processes. These speakers address and inform our members about the structure, the regulations and the prospects of the sector. The Committee addresses issues of concern with the relevant government authorities for further action through its position paper, lobbying and face-to-face interaction with government officials and facilitates trade, business opportunities and investment for EU companies in Malaysia as well as Malaysian companies. Head of Committee: Mr Thomas Brandt (General Manager, Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

“..... face-to-face interaction with government officials and facilitates trade, business opportunities and investment for EU companies in Malaysia as well as Malaysian companies.”

Intellectual Property Rights The EUMCCI Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee reviews IPR related matters with the Royal Malaysian Customs and with other relevant authorities. The Committee is organising a regional IPR capacity building and exchange of best practices workshop, with the aim to reduce the amount of counterfeit goods entering Malaysia. It is also cooperating with the Royal Malaysian Customs and member companies by conducting specific product identification training workshops. Head of Committee: Ms Wong Jin Nee (Partner, Wong Jin Nee & Teo – Advocates and Solicitors)

“The EUMCCI Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee reviews IPR related matters with the Royal Malaysian Customs and with other relevant authorities.” EUMCCI Review 11

EU News

›› Facts about Europe EU Policy on Innovation Collaboration - FP7 The EU is striving to create a single European Research Area that encourages knowledge transfer through networks of world-class European researchers. Cooperation between European countries is further encou­ raged through cutting-edge infrastructure and joint policy-making for research. The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) bundles all research-related EU initiatives together under a common roof playing a crucial role in reaching the goals of growth, competitiveness and employment; along with a new Com­ petitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), Education and Training programmes, and Structural and Cohesion Funds for regional conver­ gence and competitiveness. It is also a

key pillar for the European Research Area (ERA).

nearly 450 000 jobs and nearly €80 billion in GDP growth over 15 years.

The broad objectives of FP7 have been grouped into four categories: Coope­ration, Ideas, People and Capacities. For each type of objective, there is a specific pro­ gramme corresponding to the main areas of EU research policy. All specific pro­ grammes work together to promote and encourage the creation of European poles of (scientific) excellence.

Grants will promote research to tackle the biggest societal challenges facing Europe and the world. Universities, research organisations and industry will be among more than 16.000 funding recipients. Special attention will be given to SMEs, including a package close to €1 billion. There will also be a new EU Prize for Women Innovators whose work has been funded by FP7 or earlier programmes.

The Work Programme for 2012 with about €7 billion is the European Com­mission’s biggest ever funding package under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). It is expected to create around 174 000 jobs in the short-term and

For more information about research and innovation funding in the EU visit: fp7/index_en.cfm

Presentation of Spanish Decorations by

EU Priorities for

the Ambassador of Spain

the G20 summit The EU will be represented by Commission president José Manuel Barroso and European Council president Herman Van Rompuy will represent the EU in Cannes, during the summit which will be held on 3rd and 4th November 2011. Whilst the current economic difficulties being felt by many countries around the world, and in Europe in particular will be high on the agenda, the EU will be calling attention to the need for increased trade to increase growth for all.

Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur, H.E. Maria Bassols and Y.Bhg. Dato’ Mohd. Zain Bin Mohd. Dom.

On 17th October 2011, at the Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Ambassador of Spain, H.E. María Bassols and La Cámara (Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry) co-chaired the Award Ceremony for the Presentation of Spanish Decorations to Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur and Y.Bhg. Dato´ Mohd. Zain Bin Mohd. Dom.

12 EUMCCI Review

The Ambassador H.E Maria Bassols gave a speech commending Malaysian and Spanish relations before the presentation of the awards to Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur (Chairman of FMM) and Y.Bhg. Dato’ Mohd Zain Bin Mohd Dom (Secretary General).

Boosting trade is the most effective way to support global growth and job creation. However, many countries are keeping protectionist measures in place, giving their industry an unfair advantage over others. The EU will advocate more negotiations through the World Trade Organisation to remove such barriers, particularly those that hamper countries that are still developing. With the FTA talks between Malaysia and the EU still progressing on schedule with the next planned round of talks to take place in Kuala Lumpur in February 2012, the EU is taking positive steps towards boosting trade with growing markets.

EU News

Malaysia – Europe Dialogue: On Green Technology and Low Carbon Growth 12th October 2011 saw a closed door dialogue between Malaysia (represented by Minister for Energy, Green Technology and Water Y.B. Datuk Seri Peter Chin) and visiting representatives from the European Union Green Technology and Climate Change Council. The Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation, H.E. Vincent Piket opened pro­ ceeds with a speech that highlighted the importance of committing to low carbon growth and the measures that the EU is taking to ensure that targets for the future are established and met. With a promise of a 20% cut in emissions compared to 1990 levels, 20% improve­ ment in energy efficiency; a 20% share of renewable energy by 2020 and steps along

the way such as the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011, the EU is looking to the immediate future and with the coming announcement at the end of the year if the Energy Roadmap 2050 to the long term future also. H.E. Vincent Piket

Collaborations with Malaysian government such as the Green Tech Business Platform and the MalaysiaEurope Dialogue which are annual events, and engagement by the business community in events like IGEM (in which the EU was once again hosted the largest pavilion), the exchange of information between Malaysia and Europe in terms of

YB. Datuk Sri Peter Chin

best practices and knowledge can only lead to better things for all. To read the Ambassador’s opening remarks, visit: delegations/malaysia/index_en.htm Source: EU Delegation to Malaysia

Converging views on key elements of the Multiannual Financial Framework 20142020 as a result of a high-level conference in Brussels A two-day high-level confe­rence on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 (MFF), was held in Brussels in October 2011, bringing together national parliamentarians, ministers and other stakeholders with repre­ sentatives of the EU institutions to discuss the Multiannual Financial Frame­ w ork 20142020. Tabled on 29 th June 2011, the MFF was the topic of discussion for more than 400 repre­s enta­tives from national parliaments, govern­ments, stake­holders and EU institutions. Co-organised by the European Com­ m ission, the Euro­ p ean Parliament and the Polish Presidency of the Council, attendees from the Com­mission side were President Barroso and Vice President Šefcˇ ovicˇ as well as Com­ missioners Lewandowski, Šemeta and Hahn. The conference concluded with a conver­ gence of views on many key issues, while showing the need to continue a broad dialogue on the basis of the Commission’s proposals.

Participants stressed that such an event represented a unique opportunity to have a debate with all key players on such an important issue as future EU budgets. A convergence of views emerged in many essentials aspects: 1. the need to maximise added-value through a clear link between the budget and a clear political strategy, our Europe 2020 strategy; 2. the need to focus on what is best done at European-level, for example the single market, investment in infra­ structure and research etc.

3. the need to go further in simplifica­tion of how the budget is spent, of making the life of users more simple, whilst acknowledging that this is a shared responsibility between the European and the national level. 4. the need to have a more flexible bud­get and to focus on quality of spending. 5. the need to keep an open mind when discussing the issue of resources, and to strive to have a more transparent way of financing the EU, one which would end the discussions around net beneficiaries and contributors; 6. finally, the need to continue this dia­ logue, and in particular the need to involve national parliaments further. Towards the end of the conference, the future Danish presidency of the EU announced its intention to organise a second such conference in the first half of 2012. For more information on this topic visit or find us on Facebook. Source: EU Commission

EUMCCI Review 13

2 EU Countries in Focus


France today, is one of the most modern countries in the world and is a leader among European nations. In recent decades, its reconciliation and cooperation with Germany have proved central to the economic integration of Europe, including the introduction of a common exchange currency, the euro, in January 1999. France is in the midst of transition from a well-to-do modern economy that has featured extensive government ownership and intervention to one that

relies more on market mechanisms. The government has partially or fully privatized many large companies, banks, and insurers, and has ceded stakes in such leading firms as Air France, France Telecom, Renault, and Thales. France has an advanced industrial economy and an efficient farm sector. It maintains a strong presence in some sectors, particularly power, public transport, and defense industries. Main activities include automobile manufacture, aerospace, information technology, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and fashion. France has weathered the global economic crisis better than most other big EU economies because of the relative resilience of domestic consumer spending, a large public sector, and less exposure to the downturn in global demand than in some other countries. Nonetheless, France’s real GDP contracted 2.5% in 2009, but recovered somewhat in 2010, while the unemployment rate increased from 7.4% in 2008 to 9.5% in 2010. Top Five Export Products to Malaysia

* Data 2010 estimate Source: CIA World Fact Book, EU-Malaysia Business Directory


Sweden has the largest population of the Nordic countries. It is separated in the west from Norway by a range of mountains and shares the Gulf of Bothnia to the north of the Baltic Sea with Finland. A military power during the 17th century, Sweden has not participated in any war for almost two centuries. An armed neutrality was preserved in both world wars. Sweden’s long-successful economic formula of a capitalist system interlarded with substantial welfare elements was challenged

- Aeroplanes - Electronic Components - Mechanical equipment - Food products (Cognac, …) - Household goods

in the 1990s by high unemployment and in 2000-02 and 2009 by the global economic downturns, but fiscal discipline over the past several years has allowed the country to weather economic vagaries. Sweden exports cars, engineering products, steel, electronic devices, communications equipment and paper products. Sweden joined the EU in 1995, but the public rejected the introduction of the euro in a 2003 referendum. The country has at least 17 000 indigenous Samis among its population – a community that derives most of its income from reindeer. Sweden is also home to a small number of ethnic Finns. In 1971 the Riksdag became a singlechamber Parliament. Its 349 members are elected on the basis of proportional representation for a four-year term. Top Five Export Products to Malaysia - - - - -

* Data 2010 estimate Source: CIA World Fact Book, EU-Malaysia Business Directory

14 EUMCCI Review

Engineering Products Chemical products Iron and steel Paper and paper products Scrap iron and scrap steel


IGEM 2011 IGEM 2011 saw an increase in the number of exhibitors booths, countries and whilst there was a decline in the number of visitors who attended the event over the four day period, those that did attend came from a larger spread of countries, 62 this year, to 2010’s 59, including countries. Held this year on two levels, the inclusion to the exhibition of the new Renewable Energy Hall leant a greater gravity to the emphasis on renewable energy in Malaysia, especially given the recent passing of the RE Act by government. The RE Hall was home to organisations such as ABB, KeTTHA, GE and Tenaga Nasional Berhad whilst the ground floor played host to the EU Pavilion for the second year running. The EU Pavilion 2011 was host to 41 companies from 11 EU countries, all of whom agreed that the visitors to this International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition year’s exhibition had come with a purpose rather than to just take in the sights. As and Conference Malaysia 2011, the second edition last year has proved, it has been of the exhibition which was held in Malaysia for the impossible to gain concrete figures for the scale of business generated at an event first time in 2010, was this year, a bigger and more like IGEM, but for many companies, such dynamic event, taking over the entirety of the Kuala as the Nollen Group from the Netherlands, visitors to the booths were definitely Lumpur Convention Centre’s exhibition halls, with “more business minded” and exhibitors total floor space a third larger than in 2010. welcomed the venue provided by the Pavilion for the first time, the EU Business Lounge, sponsored by Siemens Malaysia, Photo by Lucien DP/ to facilitate impromptu business meetings.

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exhibitors within the Pavilion and also officials from government agencies, such as KeTTHA, MIDA, MITI, Matrade and GreenTech Corporation Malaysia. In a press conference held prior to the IGEM event, EUMCCI Chairman Mr David Jones highlighted the key role that EU companies play in the development of green technology throughout the world. “The EU is a world leader in green technology and welcomes the opportunity to support and work alongside their Malaysian counterparts in contributing to green growth.” EU Ambassador H.E. Vincent Piket also had an opinion on the

Mr Prakash Chandran, CEO of Siemens Malaysia showing YB. Datuk Sri Peter Chin the interactive ‘Mayor Simulation Game’ at the Siemens booth.

“Europe accounts for one-third of the global eco-industry market and with the passing of the Renewable Energy Bill and Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) in April 2011, Malaysia is sending strong and positive signals to European investors seeking attractive regulatory frameworks.”

complementary roles that the EU and Malaysia can play in the development of green technology for the benefit of both markets. “Europe accounts for one-third of the global eco-industry market and with the passing of the Renewable Energy Bill and Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) in April 2011, Malaysia is sending strong and positive signals to European investors seeking attractive regulatory frameworks.”

A welcome edition to the Pavilion in general, the EU Business Lounge was the location of the opening of the EU Pavilion by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, on the 8th September 2011. The release of the balloon was attended by a host of dignitaries, including EUMCCI Chairman Mr David Jones, EU Ambassador H.E. Vincent Piket, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water YB Datuk Seri Peter Chin and Siemens Malaysia CEO, Mr Prakash

Chandran. Other notable events at the EU Business Lounge were the Ambassadors’ Reception, held on the opening day of the exhibition, and attended by many of the EU Ambassadors to Malaysia, who had the opportunity to visit the Pavilion and the exhibitors from their countries and wish them well for the exhibition. Also held at the EU Business Lounge was the EUMCCI Breakfast on the 9th September 2011 held to facilate networking between the

This lure of new business and an improved and supportive regularatory framework is what has convinced many of the companies who patronised the EU Pavilion in 2010, to return to IGEM for a second time. These return exhibitors were pleased to see that the quality of service and the attention to detail had only increased. Of the 41 companies included in the Pavilion in 2011, 14 of them were returning exhibitors, and a few such as Hoppecke, Q-Cells and Neapoli felt that the exhibition was such a success that their return this year warranted a larger presence in the Pavilion.

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Nollen Group “Thank you for your hard work in organising the EU Pavilion at the IGEM 2011 conference. This conference seems to have been a success for Nollen Group on our second year of participation…We will keep you posted on our progress with projects that originated from IGEM 2011 and our business in Malaysia in general as I feel we will be back quite soon!”

IGEM 2011 - EU PAVILION EXHIBITORS Siemens Malaysia – EU Business Lounge Sponsor AquaIndustry Technologies, SE AVAS Export Import Czech-Sri Lankan Chamber of Commerce DSK spol. s.r.o IFER SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o Technology Centre of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic (ASCR) TEDOM a.s. Visom s.r.o Vitkovice Power Engineering a.s. WASTECH a.s. Logica Biomass-SP

Czech Republic “IGEM has been very beneficial and useful for new business contacts in South East Asia.”

Alstom Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd Energy Sufficient (Levidec Group Co) French Trade Commission – UbiFrance Pellenc ST Asia Ltd

Aeca Group « …Thanks so much for your service at IGEM Exhibition…I hope to see you next year ! »


Solar Plus “…Hope to see you next year at IGEM 2012…”

Laurenz Leistung Sdn Bhd

M+W “Very good event – look forward to participating again next year.”

Solare Datensysteme GmbH (Solar Log)

Logica “A well organised event.”

E++ S.r.l.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products Sdn Bhd (Gyproc) Enerbon Sdn Bhd Hoppecke Asia Pacific Pte Ltd NAUE GmbH & Co Q-Cells Malaysia Sdn Bhd Sistem Vakuum Sdn Bhd Greater Munich Area/ University of Applied Sciences Neapoli Sdn Bhd Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Nollen Group Co Ltd. Encycle Sdn Bhd Instytut Nafty I Gazu / Oil & Gas Institute, Poland The Trade & Investment Promotion Section of The Embassy of the Republic of Poland Solar Plus Aeca Group Guascor Power S.A.U Ros Roca Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX)

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Interview with Y.Bhg Dato’ Hj Hisham Bin Hj Nordin, Director

NKRA Fighting


The six National Key Result Areas are one of a number of government initiatives, such as the establishment of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), as well as the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs), that have been put in place to further Malaysia’s development and progress towards the targets set for Vision 2020. Established in 2009, and introduced as a response to the six National Key Result Areas indicated by the government and NKRA Fighting Corruption was part of a series of labs held over a period of six weeks, bringing together the pertinent authorities in dealing with the way that the various NKRA areas were seen experienced and dealt with in Malaysia to try and put together a series of targets or guidelines to meet in order to improve or combat the pertinent elements of each social issue.

“The public has to perceive corruption at any level as a serious crime.”

The initial lab resulted in 27 initiatives for NKRA Fighting Corruption to implement and so far the schemes the department has implemented have exceeded their expecta­ tions. Efforts such as the ‘Name and Shame’ offender database, the Whistle­ blower Protection Act and Framework and the Virtual Procurement One Stop Centre are all initiatives that have come about due to the work of NKRA Corruption and their interaction with other agencies. Dato’ Hj Hisham Bin Hj Nordin, the Director of NKRA Fighting Corruption has been given a mandate by the lead Minister Dato Seri Nazri Aziz for three years, “to find a

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way to change the way that corruption is looked at and tackled in Malaysia”. Within the last two years, Dato’ Hj Hisham and his team have worked with local governments, departments, international agencies and the public to combat corruption and alter the perception of corruption in Malaysia, using a “top down, bottom up” framework approach. Much of this involves changing the way that corruption is viewed, as Dato’ Hj Hisham says, “The public has to perceive corruption at any level as a serious crime.” To this end, NKRA Fighting Corruption has tagged its KPIs for the three years of its term to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) established by Transparency Inter­ national. Malaysia is the first country in the world to have tied the targets for tackling corruption to this independent, international survey, but has done so because it gives an accurate picture of how people from other countries perceive Malaysia. The Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) is a measure also established by Transparency International but this measures the internal views of a country rather than external. The GCB is conducted annually, but working with TNS Global Market Research, NKRA Corruption use mirror questions to conduct the survey in Malaysia on a more regular basis and the results to date have shown an increase, from 28% to 48% of the people surveyed, indicating that they have

confidence in the steps the Malaysian government is taking to combat corruption. With only one year left of the initial three year mandate, NKRA Fighting Corruption is on track to deliver on the targets set within the three key focus areas that they have assigned the different elements of corruption into; regulatory and enforcement, government procurement and grand corruption and Dato’ Hj Hisham is keen to keep moving forward in working with other Malaysian organisations to ensure that the message is disseminated. NKRA Fighting Corruption is currently embarking on a new project to bring the fight against corruption to schools and introduce the concepts of ethical values and integrity to the children of Malaysia via ‘Agent Lang’ a black and white eagle, with twins swords as his weapons choice, the anti corruption mascot. Dato’ Hj Hisham highlights the meaning behind the approachable face of their message, “The black and white of Agent Lang’s plumage symbolises that there is no grey area when it comes to corruptions – integrity is nonnegotiable.” For more information on NKRA Fighting Corruption, visit


Expatriate Employment – A Vital Contributor to Diversity Index of Malaysian Talent Pool

by Stefanie Braukmann, General Manager SPRG (Malaysia)

There are a substantial number of expa­triates who come to Malaysia. Many of them probably didn’t have Malaysia on their radar before they came; they came through some happy coincidence ....

Talent Corporation Malaysia has started to play an active role in facilitating the employment of expatriates in Malaysia, including the creation and implementation of a new facility – the Residence Pass which is valid for 10 years and offers many benefits to the holder. EUMCCI Review spoke to Johan Merican, CEO of Talent Corp to find out how his agency not only promotes awareness but actively shapes implementation of policy decisions regarding the employment of expatriates in Malaysia. There are a substantial number of expa­ triates who come to Malaysia. Many of them probably didn’t have Malaysia on their radar before they came; they came through some happy coincidence, e.g. their MNC deciding to post them here. Some of them grow to like Malaysia, but perhaps there are some parts of government that don’t make it easy enough for them to stay on longer. According to Johan Merican, he has heard that refrain many times. Immigration is an

22 EUMCCI Review

issue that was brought to his attention quite early on and he wasted no time to tackle it head on. “When I started in January, very quickly people started talking to me and so we then collaborated with Immigration to develop this new product called Residence Pass, which enables people to have a 10 year work permit. But it’s better than the work permit as it’s personal to the holder so they then have flexibility.” Talent Corporation’s approach is very hands-on. “We recognize that introducing a new product needs almost an iterative approach to make sure it’s responsive to the real requirements. So we took on board implementation, i.e. the processing of the new pass will be handled by us. Of course we still work very closely with Immigration”. However, not everyone will be eligible to apply for the Residence Pass and most expatriates will continue to have normal employment passes. According to Johan Merican, Talent Corp also wants to help facilitate where possible, when anyone has issues with their application.


Merican explains further: “We are actually addressing this on two fronts. Regarding the Residence Pass, we try to make it as easy as possible. It’s personal to holders so they have the flexibility to seek employment - it’s practically pre-approved employment.” As for the employment pass holders, Merican also sees Talent Corp’s role mainly in terms of raising awareness, because policy decisions have already been made that spouses of expatriates can work. In practice what is required is for the spouse to secure a job offer. Once that is secured, approval is virtually automatic. The energetic CEO has also taken under his wing another much overlooked issue, often considered a ‘personal matter’ and hence largely ignored by business associa­ tions and other organisations. It’s regarding job opportunities for expatriate spouses. “Spouses of expatriates seem to have diffi­ culty seeking employment, despite seeming to be a very obvious talent pool to tap. The Residence Pass helps address that, in the sense that when someone applies and we approve them, we will automatically give the same to their spouses so they can enjoy the same flexibility to work.” He further explains that the main issue seems to be that there is still a lack of awareness among companies about this, so the first step of getting the job offer becomes the stumbling block. “It’s almost like a chicken and egg situation. Perhaps we need to do a bit more to raise aware­ ness and let companies know that there is that facility and encourage them to use it.” Shouldn’t this be an area where EUMCCI could help raise awareness? “Let’s be very frank, I’m sure in the engagement of EUMCCI with the leadership of the country, it recognizes that the leadership is very clear in term of the direction it wants to take, and that many decisions have been made. But I think everyone will agree that whether at a Government or a company level, policies can be made, but it’s when it comes to implementation that shortfalls occur and that’s where I really look forward to organizations like EUMCCI helping us raise the awareness to their members about some of these facilities and policy decisions that we have made.” Talent Corporation has more good news in store for expatriates and for companies that

want to employ them. In addition to the Residence Pass, Talent Corp has also been part of the conversation about further liberalization of the regular employment pass. The default was to give out employment passes for two years at a time. Now policies decision have been made to allow companies to apply to have it for up to five years, if they are willing to provide a contract of employment to the expatriate for that tenure.

“I think the issue of facilitating employment of expatriate spouses is an important one. The policy decision is there.”

Merican appeals to EUMCCI members to try it out: “This flexibility of up to 5 years is a relatively recent policy decision, so awareness may be relatively low. So it will be great if your member companies can in a sense ‘test out’ this new flexibility. And if there seems to be any issue with imple­ mentation, by all means please come back to us and we would be very keen to help out.” It is one thing talking about policy from an ivory tower perspective but Merican des­ cribes himself as “a firm believer in having real examples to work through, which then helps us improve.” A look at his organiza­ tion shows that this principle is applied frequently. Asked whether he employs any expats at Talent Corp, Merican shares how he hired his one and (to date) only expa­ triate, or spouse of an expatriate to be exact.

“When I first started, a friend of a friend mentioned that there was that issue about expatriate spouses and that some of them were very highly qualified and he said ‘You got to meet this lady’ and I took the opportunity to find out more and agreed to meet her, and she told me she was looking for a job. So I asked her to come and work for us”. Merican, who would be ‘happy to increase his diversity index”, encourages others to apply, too. “I think the issue of facilitating employment of expatriate spouses is an important one. The policy decision is there. I would encourage expatriate spouses to seek employment if they want to. Perhaps this is something for EUMCCI to collate feedback and pass it to us. It is important for us to understand their perspective and in the best case, maybe assist them and facilitate their job search.” All this is indeed good news for expatriates. What needs to be done now is to spread the word and give feedback regarding implementation to ensure problems can be ironed out. Talent Corp is playing a great role in facilitating the feedback process and conversation with policy makers and in some instances in actively shaping implementation. EUMCCI can help to make companies aware of the various policy decisions that have been made to both attract and retain foreign talent. Whether it’s the 10-year Residence Pass or more flexibility in the regular employment pass, allowing a stay up to 5 years; or the fact that as long as a spouse of expatriate able to secure a job offer, as far as Johan Merican is concerned, approval to work is going to be very easily forthcoming. He would like to encourage EUMCCI members to test these policies and report any problems back to him. “We want to know if there is a problem as often at the policy level it is clear but the devil is always in the implementation detail.” The role that Talent Corp would like to play is in better understanding of what needs to be done in order to ensure that “some of these policy decisions that we made are seen through in terms of implementation particularly in the context of making the most of the talent that we have”.

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Questions to

to do that in Malaysia. From that first brewery in Malaysia, we have now invested in 50 breweries in China. We have around eight breweries in Indo-China, basically Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and five breweries in India.

Photo by Lucien De Prycker/

Soren Ravn Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia by Susan Tham (SPRG) ... giving the brand the same look and feel ... ... the same tagline “That calls for a Carlsberg” You have been Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia for more than a year. What has been your greatest challenge so far? All markets are different. The great strength in this country is the diversity, but it also puts a lot of constraints on how we com­ municate to the market and consu­ mers. The balance of how to do impactful and meaningful things while respecting the society you are in is the key difference. In Hong Kong, which is very modern and westernized and with a more homogenous group of people, one type of communication can fit all kinds of things. Here, you have to be more aware of the different segments. In April this year, Carlsberg rolled out its biggest re-launch campaign in the history of the company. Was there a need for change within Carlsberg? There was not a need to change Carlsberg, but there was a big need to align Carlsberg across the 140 markets around the world. In the past, we have been sort of decen­ tralised as we have empowered the coun­

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tries to do what’s right for them to win in the markets. We have been open-minded for line extensions, for packaging or for cam­ paigns and taglines. For Carlsberg, the taste is pretty consistent but the look and feel in every market varies. So we decided a couple of years ago to try and align at least the vision identity, the tagline and the packaging across all the markets. What we launched was basically the core visual identity, giving the brand the same look and feel in terms of packaging and bottles across all markets and the same tagline, “That calls for a Carlsberg,” Carlsberg was one of the first European companies to invest in Malaysia? Was that a logical move at that time? In general, we have done very well here. We had the first mover advantage. We did something out of the ordinary because it was basically the first brewer that Carlsberg established in Asia. I think sometimes in strategy, just by doing differently from the others and having the first mover advantage can be very good. I think we have managed

Tell us about your Corporate Social Responsibility programme in Carlsberg. A very important element of our CSR programme is to give something back, and when you give something back it has to be unconditionally. So it has to be real CSR and not a marketing campaign. One of the things I was really proud of, coming to Carlsberg Malaysia, was what we are doing on the CSR front. The programme is not just something that we do it for a couple of years and then we do something else. All these programmes have been running for 20 years or more. We have our top Ten Charity programme where we have raised RM 360 million for schools. We have our OCM (Olympic Council of Malaysia) pro­ gramme where we support Malaysia’s top athletes (OCM –Carlsberg Athletes Retire­ ment Scheme) as well as our support in the Carlsberg Golf Classic charity. I think it’s very important that we keep focusing on growing these initiatives. Do you think being young is an asset in your current job? I think it is definitely good to be young in this particular job in Malaysia. To be a managing director here is you have to be outgoing, you have to be good communi­ cator and you have to love your job. You also have to love going out more than four nights a week. Being young allows you to do that. I think if I am 50 years old and I have to go out four nights a week, that’s a chance I would not have the stamina and energy to do it. On the other hand I am not very young in the Carlsberg system. I have been in Carlsberg for 13 years and in Asia for five years. Before that I have been in several subsidiaries in Denmark and working across Europe. So even though I am only 38 years old, I have spent a third of my life in Carlsberg. Being young and be open minded is a must but you definitely should have the experience of having try at least one managing director post and also at least one Asian market before. Then I think it’s a good combination. Just being young is not enough. For the full interview with Mr Ravn visit


EUMCCI Annual General Meeting 2011 Held this year at The Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 14th July 2011, the meeting was opened by EUMCCI Chairman David Jones with a rundown of the events and achievements of the Chamber in the past year and the financial statements, supported by Chamber Treasurer Dato’ Robert Teo. Highlights of the presentation included recounting of some of the events of the 2010-2011 year, such as the rebranded Tastes of Europe Fest 2011, the EUMCCI Trade and Investment Forum 2011 and VIP events with luminaries such as EU Ambassador H.E Vincent Piket, YB Dato’ Sri Peter Chin, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, H.E. Karel De Gucht, EU Trade Commissioner, YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang and Yg Bhg Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, Chairman of the Securities Commission. EUMCCI Publications throughout the year have included the quarterly Review, in its new revamped format, the Trade Issues and Recommendations Book 2011 and Green Technology from Europe 2011.

Members and the Board

in the policy paper by the Environment, Energy and Green Technology Committee, chaired by Mr Thomas Brandt; have been realised in the recent RE Act and the soon to be introduced Feed In Tariff. In tandem with important dialogue with

Also covered in the Chairman’s overview was a look at the Chamber Sectoral Commitees. The heart of the Chamber’s work in Malaysia, the Sectoral Committees have grown from 11 to 12 in the past year to encompass Healthcare as well as con­ tinuing in the work of EUMCCI Chairman, Mr David Jones and General Manager, Ms Minna Saneri

Members attending AGM

producing compelling policy recom­ mendation papers that produce com­ prehensive results that can be seen in the outcomes of the Malaysian government’s policy changes. Recommendations made

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governmental and private bodies such as MITI, MIDA, MOHR and MOHE, the Committees of the Chamber have also organised events and activities for the members of the Committees, the wider Chamber and bilateral members, including breakfast talks, luncheons, dialogues and forums, in partnership with organisations such as ICLIF , Nestle and DHL, discussing topics such as Green Logistics, Leadership Skills and advances in ICT. In the coming year, the Committees will be striving to build closer ties with industry through training and collaboration with the relevant governmental bodies.

Thursday 14th July 2011

A year into the EU Services Sector project, in collaboration with the EU Delegation, the project has gained a Chamber Project Manager, Jacqueline Chang and so far in 2011, project events have included the distribution of a Logistics Survey (which will lead to the release of a Logistics Map of Malaysian ports) as well as the successful implementation of the EU Pavilion at IGEM 2011. Future events include the inaugural Quarterly Economic Panel Discussion and further dialogues relating to policy and legislative issues in relation to the FTA between Malaysia and the EU amongst other topics. With the revamp of the Chamber website and greater utilisation of social media, the Chamber is now moving towards integrating online media with the traditional and successful media streams already established. In order to further clarify and highlight the objectives of the Chamber; to promote trade through lobbying and enhance the EU profile in Malaysia, the appearance and structure of the Chamber publications has been developed into a recognisable brand. All the Chamber publications from the quarterly Review to the Trade Issues and Recommendations Book have undergone a radical overhaul and the coming year will see a further revision of the content of the Review, geared towards further enhancing the main functions of the EUMCCI.


VIP Luncheon with Yg Bhg Datuk Dr Rebecca Sta Maria Sec. Gen, MITI and Mr Michael Hershman Co-Founder, Transparency International

Thursday 14th July 2011

Just after the Annual General Meeting on the 14th of July 2011, EUMCCI hosted a rewarding VIP Luncheon in Prince Hotel. 60 representatives from the public and private sector attended to gain insights from two distinguished speakers about the newly proposed EU-Malaysia Free Trade Area.

approach to anti-corruption policy tackling the problem from the top down is growing rapidly, especially in today’s business cli­ mate. EUMCCI members were enlightened briefly about Malaysia’s progress in political and corporate transparency, as well as remaining areas for further progress.

The event featured a presentation by the Secretary General of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Yg Bhg Datuk Dr Rebecca Sta Maria about the implications of the planned EU-Malaysia Free Trade Area. This particular event followed a meeting during the fourth round of talks regarding the EU-Malaysia FTA and Datuk Rebecca was able to elaborate on the projeced timeframe of the FTA as well as the uniquely comprehensive nature of this project, which among others includes areas such as government procurement, animal welfare and a targeted 97% of free trade in goods between both regions.

After an interactive question-and-answer session, participants got the chance for quality lunchtime networking and to exchange views and experiences with doing business in the Malaysian setting.

Thereafter, Michael Hershman, President of the Fairfax Group and Co-Founder of Transparency International, offered brief but comprehensive views on Malaysia’s progress in the field of government pro­ curement. Founded in 1993, with its HQ located in Berlin, Transparency International has become the go to for fair and impartial ratings and monitoring of governmental and non-governmental entities. With chapters of Transparency Inter­ national that cover all continents, the concept of a holistic

VIP Luncheon with YB Senator Dato’ Sri Idris Jala In association with AmCham, MDBC and MABC, EUMCCI invited YB Senator Dato’ Sri Idris Jala to give an informative and rousing overview of the work that PEMANDU have been doing in Malaysia. Dato’ Sri highlighted how these actions, in response to the GTP, ETP and the other strategic reform initiatives instigated by the government - in layman’s terms – are ensuring ‘Big Results Fast’ and ‘Making [Malaysia] a Rich Country, for Everyone and For a Long Time.’ The resulting reformation of services, the economy, uses of public money and governance is the outcome of many labs, some of which are still ongoing, in the race to create a high income society for Malaysia by the year 2020. So far, the results are looking good as the GTP in 2010 delivered an average of 121% on its targets overall. The highest achievers were the areas of Education, Corruption, Crime and Urban Public Transportation - the lowering of the overall crime rate in Malaysia happening for the first time is 4 years. Dato’ Sri Idris Jala was happy to indicate

28 EUMCCI Review

For more information on Transparency International’s work with the Malaysian government, please turn to page 20. For more information on the EUMalaysia FTA please visit http://eeas. malaysia/political_relations/free_trade_ agreement/index_en.htm

Monday 26th September 2011

where the GTP and ETP were going right - with Malaysia rising in international rankings and in terms of investment, both foreign and domestic, but he made it clear that growth would not continue without help from the private sector and without the impetus of competition and focus. These are the two drivers that will propel Malaysia into the future to fulfill the Malaysia 2020 vision. The CEO of PEMANDU expounded on these two areas, highlighting the develop­ ments that will be put in place to ensure that the expansion of the Malaysian econo­ my both at home and abroad is achieved. The Malaysia Competition Act comes into force in January 2012 and will provide a legal framework for the curtailing of anticompetitive practices in Malaysia. Services sectors such as healthcare, professional business services and educa­tion (with the Finnish education system being used as a blueprint) are also being liberalised with competition in mind. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, when giving his mandate to the current government,

invited them to “stand in the future, to manage the present.” With the current reformation of the Malaysian services sector, the economy as well as the management of public funds and gover­ nance, the rise in Malaysia’s standings in the Global Competitiveness Report 20112012 from 26 to 21 out of 142 countries, for improvements across the board is both commendable and glavanising. For photos of the event, please visit the Events page or find us on Facebook. For more information about PEMANDU please visit


Europa Awards approaching

EUMCCI Events: Recent Activities

Last Chance to submit your nomination! Preparation for the Europa Awards is well under way and due to the amount of interest received in this year’s awards, with the focus on excellence in creativity and innovation, we have been able to extend the submission deadline for nomination forms until November 2011!

7th-10th September 2011 IGEM 2011

Europe and Malaysia both have a history of creativity and innovation – providing many additions to modern life and business that have made doing business easier, faster and with more success than before. Malaysia has the most established and biggest sukuk market and is on the cutting edge of Islamic financing, developing new products and new guidelines to assure further growth. Europe is well known for its research and development of green technology and innovation in the fields of science. In terms of business and the Europa Awards, creativity and innovation in business practices will be elements that the judging panel will use as part of the criteria that each nomination is assessed on. In the case of all three of the following awards categories, ‘Innovative Business Strate­ gies and Practices’ will account for 30% of the overall evaluation weightings. The Award categories are as follows: A. Highest Excellence - Trade/Investment into EU by Malaysian Investor This Award is given to a Malaysian member company (headquartered/ originated in Malaysia) investing/trading into the EU who has shown exemplary business excellence.

Judging will be based on the past 12 months as per the fiscal year.

B. Highest Excellence - Trade/Investment into Malaysia by European Investor This Award is given to a European member company (headquartered/originated in Europe) investing/trading into Malaysia who has shown exemplary business excellence.

26th September 2011 VIP Luncheon with Y.B. Sen Dato’ Sri Idris Jala 30th September 2011 Breakfast Lecture with Professor Gerard Chaliand 5th October 2011 Breakfast Talk: Enforcement on IPR - Brand Protection in Malaysia 6th October 2011 Breakfast Talk with Mr Toh Swee Hoe, SKMM 20th October 2011 EUMCCI Quarterly Economic Panel Discussion Upcoming Events: 22nd November 2011 Energy Efficiency Workshop 24th November 2011 SEDA Breakfast 29th November 2011 Challenges for Asia Cloud Computing 1st December 2011, Penang EUMCCI MDeC Hi-Tea and Cocktails 2nd December 2011, Penang EUMCCI MDeC Breakfast Networking Date to be confirmed Europa Awards 2011 For more information email:

Judging will be based on the past 12 months as per the fiscal year.

C. Long Term Excellence in EU – Malaysian Trade/Investment This Award is to recognise the EUMCCI member company who has shown exemplary business excellence for the past 3 years. The company should have a business presence in Malaysia for at least 10 years.

30 EUMCCI Review

For more information about the Awards, the event and the nominations, please visit the EUMCCI website:


LANGKAWI LIVE – One Earth Music Festival Langkawi Live – One Earth Music Festival 2011 to be staged on November 11th and 12th 2011 will include an innovative and exciting list of the region’s most prominent musicians. Leading Malaysian jazz pianist Michael Veerapen will feature with the support of several other artistes from around the region including Valtinho Anastacio (vocalist and percussionist from Brazil), Tengku Ryo (violinist from Indonesia), Isaac Entry (Sydney-based), The Solianos (Malaysia), Dasha Logan (Malaysia), Az Samad (Malaysia) and Junji Delfino (Malaysia). The festival setting is the picturesque beachfront of the Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa with the music timed to start each day as the sun sets. In addition to the music the festival aims to

promote Langkawi interna­ tionally as an eco-friendly holiday destination and to encourage the local community to keep the island clean and green. Programmes will be organised throughout the day and exhibition booths will be set up for local crafts to showcase their efforts in protecting the environment. Groups located on the island promoting organic farming, natural soap making and local artists using natural materials are expected to participate. For more details log onto:

For more information contact: David Bowden +6019 224 3302

Logica Recognised by Carbon Disclosure Project Leadership Index - Fourth Year Running Logica has been recognised by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)’s Leadership Index for a fourth consecutive year. The index, a key component of CDP’s annual FTSE 350 report, highlights companies with the most professional approach to corporate governance regarding climate change information disclosure practices. Logica has improved its overall score from 87 to 92 in 2011. The company’s improved carbon performance has also been recognised by moving from Band B to A-. As the matrix below shows, Logica retains its ranking as the 5th player in the global IT Sector and is the leading global IT Services company for combined disclosure and performance on carbon reduction. Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of the Carbon Disclosure Project, commented: “Companies that make the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index have demonstrated good internal data management practices for understanding greenhouse gas emissions. They have shown a strong awareness of the business issues related to climate change including

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climate-related risks and opportunities. Those organisations that give clear consideration to measuring and reporting on climate change issues will be best placed to capitalise on the opportunities from managing them.”

The FTSE 350 report including names of companies featured in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index can be found at


M + W Malaysia win MOSHPA Gold Award M+W Malaysia has been awarded by the Malaysian Occupational Safety & Health Professionals’ Association (MOSHPA) Audit Committee as the GOLD recipient under the OSH Management At Construction category, in conjunction with the 7 th MOSHPA/PERKESO OSH National Conference 2011. A trophy and a certificate of Award were presented by YB Senator Dato’ Maznah Mazlan, Deputy Minister of Human Resource during the 7 th MOSHPA/

PERKESO OSH National Awards 2011 on 30th September, 2011 at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort, Kuala Lumpur. Mr Brian Muirhead (Senior Project Mana­ ger), Mr Mahentharan Subramaniam (Senior EHS Manager) and Mr Elegovan Kasimanian (EHS Manager) received the award on behalf of M+W Malaysia.

opening of the new office in Kuala Lumpur. The office, which opened on October 10, 2011, will help M+W Malaysia to liaise with its clients and business associates and offer more hands-on support for the projects within the region. For more information visit the M+W website:

On a separate note, M+W Malaysia has set to strengthen its presence within the mid and southern region of Malaysia with the

Nottingham MBA Ranks Top 100 in The Economist Rankings Nottingham University Business School has been ranked in the latest international league table of full-time Master of Business Administration programmes. In rankings recently published by The Economist, Nottingham University Business School has been placed in the top 100 – against tough competition from the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. The School appears on the list with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Dartmouth College, Harvard, Stanford and INSEAD business schools. The Economist 2011 Top 100 MBA ranking rates business schools against each other in terms of: • Opening new career opportunities and/ or furthering current career of graduates • Personal development • Increasing salary • Offering the potential to network Professor Martin Binks, Dean of Nottingham University Business School, said: “We are delighted that our MBA programme has been ranked in the top 100 by The Economist, given the enormous level of global competition in this ranking. We

believe it reflects the quality of our general MBA as well as the specialist MBAs we offer in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Our MBA programme can also be taken in a very flexible, part-time Executive format, which includes many delegates from major businesses and organisations across the region.” “This ranking surveys our full-time MBAs while they are at the Business School, so it is gratifying to see the benefits of our ongoing efforts to improve the overall experience we offer our MBA students. We continue to focus on the quality of the MBA programme, which is already endorsed by our AMBA and EQUIS accreditations.” “This ranking is a testament to our success and the quality of the education we offer to our postgraduate students. Majority of our MBA graduates are in key management positions in leading organisations in Malaysia as well as in other countries,” said Professor Ian Pashby, CEO & Provost of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. The Economist ranking is distinctive for being the most “student-centric” of all the MBA rankings because it claims to measure

Professor Ian Pashby, CEO & Provost of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

the way business schools meet the demands that students have of an MBA programme. The findings are based on detailed questionnaires completed by business schools and around 20,000 current MBA students and graduates around the world. Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) Malaysia is an integral part of NUBS United Kingdom, and is consistently ranked amongst the top 20 Business Schools in the UK. For more information on MBA courses, please email, NUBS.MBA@

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Crown Malaysia Appoints New Managing Director Mike Arnold Embarks on a New Role in Malaysia Crown Relocations, a rations worldwide,” said worldwide leader of global Arnold. “Malaysia is a dynamic mobility, domestic and and exciting country with a lot international transportation of of potential for growth across household goods, and all our business lines,” he departure and destination continued. “We have a great services, has announced the team and I am looking forward appointment of Mike Arnold to to working with them and the position of Managing ensuring our continued Director of Crown Malaysia. success.” Arnold replaces Ronan Kelly Mike Arnold, Managing Director of Crown Malaysia who has recently taken over During his 14-year tenure with Crown’s operations in North America. the company, Arnold has progressively grown through the organization taking on “I am eager to begin my next chapter with roles in Jakarta, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Crown in what is one of our finest ope­ Most recently, Arnold served as the Country

Manager for Crown’s Indonesian opera­ tions. In this role, he was instrumental in building a new 7,000 square meter or over 75,000 square foot facility, exceeding established quality standards, expanding the number of branches and growing the operations significantly. In addition to his many successful achieve­ ments with Crown, Arnold received the prestigious “Chairman’s Award” in 2010 for his commitment to the group. Visit Crown at:

Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur named Best Business Hotel Excellence Award 2011- Best of Malaysia Awards 2011 Kuala L u m p u r, 29 September 2011 - Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur was presented The Best Business Hotel Excellence Awards during the Best of Malaysia Awards (BoM) 2011 Ceremony held at The View, G Tower Hotel. Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur was also nominated under Best City Hotel, Best Weekend Break Hotel and Best Service cate­ g ories.“Winning a BoM award for the second consecutive year truly reflects the Gold Standard in our services and we shall continue to render the best to our guest”, says Ms. Shirley Lai, General Manager of Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur. Last year, Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur collected The “Best Serviced Residence Awards 2010” after 9 months in operation. The Best of Malaysia Awards are the awards where the people’s vote on all things travel and leisure are counted, where

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About Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur Ideally located in the city centre, the stylish Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur represents the epitome of cosmopolitan living. Embodied in a sleek high rise integrated retail and office complex, Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur occupies the 9th to 30th floors, which comprise 215 spacious and modern studios, smart one-and-two bedroom serviced residences, as well as chic penthouses with breathtaking views. Receiving the Best Business Hotel Excellence Award, Shirley Lai (middle), General Manager of Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur with Matt Belloti, Editorial Director (left) and Russel Channon, CEO of Mongoose Publishing from Expatriate Lifestyle at the award night.

the voice of the people decides the Best of Malaysia! The awards take an overview of the Malaysian hospitality industry from hotels, beach resorts, attractions, spas and more, providing a 100 per cent publicdriven award system, the only one of its kind in the country.

Designed to bring the Fraser’s “GoldStandard” to short and extended stay serviced residences, each fully furnished unit comes with living, dining, bedroom and study areas, plus a fully-equipped kitchen.

For more details of Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur, visit

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››› Generating High-income Activities in the Maritime Sector MIMA’s Seminar on Promoting the Maritime Sector as a National Key Economic Area (NKEA) The maritime sector has the potential to be a significant driver of Malaysia’s economy as it marches towards becoming a fully developed nation by 2020. This is based on the tremendous multiplier effects, revenues and employment that this key sector can generate and its prospect of creating high-income, value-adding and knowledge-based activities. This was the consensus reached by the speakers and participants at MIMA’s Seminar on Promoting the Maritime Sector as a National Key Economic Area (NKEA) on 3 September 2011. The seminar was held to provide a platform for role players and practitioners in the maritime sector to share ideas and insights in promoting the maritime sector as an NKEA.

sector to the nation’s trade and economy. He said that despite the setback from exclusion of the maritime sector as an NKEA, efforts should continue to be made to highlight the economic importance of the sector and the growth potential of various sub-sectors under it. Dato’ Aziz stressed that the highest level of commitment to excellence, strong resolve and hard work, and major mindset transformation are required of the stakeholders to create highincome activities in the sector to enable it to be considered as an NKEA. The seminar featured a panel of speakers from the maritime sector including from MIMA’s Center for Maritime Economics and Industries (MEI). MEI Senior Researcher, Margaret Ang gave an overview of Vision 2020 and the New Economic Model (NEM),

Participants at the seminar

“... the highest level of commitment to excellence, strong resolve and hard work, and major mindset transformation are required of the stakeholders to create high-income activities in the sector to enable it to be considered as an NKEA.” There was a strong turnout of participants from various stakeholders of the maritime sector at the seminar. They include regulatory agencies, shipowners, shipyards, marine leisure promoters, the academia and maritime education and training providers. In his welcoming remarks, MIMA Director General YBhg Dato’ Noor Aziz Yunan emphasized the importance of the maritime

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and identified several maritime activities which would meet the NEM aspirations of creating high-income activities. Her presentation was followed by Nazery Khalid, Senior Fellow at MEI who shared his thoughts on how to generate wealth from the oceans and harness Malaysia’s maritime features and advantages towards creating high-income activities. Other speakers were Oh Kean Shen from PenMarine Sdn Bhd, Tuan Haji Norulhadi

MIMA Director General, YBhg Dato’ Noor Aziz Yunan delivering his welcoming remarks

Md Sharif from Omni Petromaritime Sdn Bhd and David Frederick from Malaysian Maritime Academy who shared their insights and experience on creating highincome activities from the marine leisure industry, maritime financing and maritime education and training, respectively. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion titled ‘Moving Malaysia’s Maritime Sector up the Value Chain’. The panel members consisted of the three invited speakers and Capt. Razali Yaacob, CEO of Pelorus Sdn Bhd. From the delibe­ rations, it was agreed that a comprehensive strategy and strong push by the Govern­ ment are needed to take Malaysia’s maritime sector to the next level and to generate high-income activities to meet the aspiration of the NEM. It was suggested that a lead agency, in the form of a development authority or even a dedicated Ministry, is needed to champion the cause. It is hoped that the ideas generated and insights offered during the seminar can trigger helpful ideas that can catalyze Malaysia’s maritime sector to greater heights. To this end, MIMA is committed to play its part in making a case for the sector’s inclusion as an NKEA and to help make Malaysia a truly competitive maritime nation.

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Sistem Vakuum Sdn Bhd

Sustainability Momentum Sdn Bhd

601, Level 6, Uptown 1 No 1, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Uptown 47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel: +603-7725 6890 Fax: +603-7725 6940 Email: Website:

Chief Executive in Malaysia Mr Fermin Fautsch, CEO South East Asia

12A-02-O3A, Wisma Zelan Jalan Tasik Permaisuri 2, Bandar Tun Razak 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +603-9171 6445 Fax: +603-9172 6920 Email: Website:

Chief Executive in Malaysia Mr. Yale Wong

Unit B-6-13 No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A Oasis Ara Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Tel: +603-7832 2280 Fax: +603-7832 3281 Email: Website: na

Chief Executives in Malaysia Ms.Marina Yong, Director Ms.Amelia Jindi, Director

Brief Company Profile Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 41,000 people. It provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe’s largest businesses. Logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology.

Brief Company Profile Sistem Vakuum Sdn Bhd is the Sole Distributor for Roevac Vacuum Sewerage Systems in Malaysia and Brunei. Vacuum system is a cost effective alternative to gravity system when in poor soil conditions.

Brief Company Profile Sustainability Momentum (SUMO) was founded in 2011 and specialises in providing consultancy to organizations interested in aligning their corporate goals with a sustainable strategy resulting in cost savings, new business opportunities, deliver competitive advantage and benefit the bottom line.

EUMCCI Direct Members Enjoy Special Benefits on

QATAR AIRWAYS Great savings on all Qatar Airways European/USA/South America destinations through authorized agents. For more details please contact the authorized travel agent:

Diethelm Travel Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. • For Ticketing Email Phone 03-2715 7878 PIC 8 consultants at service • For Enquiry (besides ticketing/bookings) Email Phone 03-2715 7878 PIC Raimond Wee

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EUMCCI Member Benefits Network: With over 30 events each year, at all levels, the Chamber allows members to meet leaders in business and political spheres. Communicate: The EUMCCI Quarterly Review is sent to over 3000 companies, in hard copy and online. The EUMCCI e-bulletin is sent to over 6000 business leaders bi-monthly. Exposure: The Chamber is online at, on Facebook and Linked In. Advertise with us on our website and in our publications. Member perks: Attractive discounts from our member companies and vetted partners. Influence: Raise issue via Committees and dialogues. Online listing: All members are entitled to a listing in our online directory with a weblink directory to your own website.

‘It is pleasing to see the EUMCCI ICT Committee taking a proactive role in raising key issues and driving relevant industry activities over the year with the intent of raising the profile of European companies in Malaysia’ – Mr Harith Menon, Head, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Nokia Siemens Networks

‘The EUMCCI helps us to open doors and broaden our network of partners through a variety of platforms’ – Simon Burley, General Manager, M+W Group, Malaysia

Qatar Airways – EUMCCI Platinum Partner

To become a member contact us:, +603 -2162-6298 or visit our website to sign up online

Qatar Airways privileges for EUMCCI members include: Year round discounted prices to select destinations

EUMCCI Review October 2011  

Y.Bhg Dato' Hj Hisham Bin Hj Nordin, Director of NKRA Fighting Corruption interviewed as well as coverage of IGEM 2011.

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