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EUMCCI Celebrates Malaysian and European Excellence in Creativity and Innovation at 2012 Europa Gala

Wednesday 29th February 2012

The EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (EUMCCI) showcased the excellence in creativity and innovation of European and Malaysian businesses at its Europa Gala night on February 29th 2012, with award winners Shell Malaysia and DiGi Telecommunications emerging as the top rated companies of the evening. The event, held at Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur, was a platform for EUMCCI to promote and showcase the growth of

will have a special category for creativity and innovation. Given today’s compe­titive business envi­ ronment, inno­ vation and creativity are key drivers in determining the success of any company,” he added. In the past, three categories have been recognised for the Europa Awards. This year, the categories voted on by the judges were Excellence in Trade/ Investment into the EU by a Malaysian company; Highest Excellence in Trade/

EUMCCI Chairman Mr David Jones

keynote speaker, gracing the event for the second year in a row. The Minister recognised the importance of trade and investment between Malay­sia and Europe, stating “the relationship between Malay­sia and Europe will continue to grow, especially with the successful conclusion of the FTA negotiations. Our two regions have a great deal to offer each other and will benefit greatly from continued collaboration.”

Europa Award Winners receive their prize

creativity and innovation among European and Malaysian companies and individuals. EUMCCI Chairman, Mr. David Jones said, “The awards are an acknowledgement of the contribution and collaboration of EU and Malaysian companies working to improve and increase trade between the two territories, using creativity and innovation as their tools.” “While we have always recognized excellence in trade and investment during the Europa Gala night, this year’s event

Investment into Malaysia by a European Investor; and the Long-Term Excellence in EU- Malaysian Trade and Invest­ ment. Whilst DiGi Telecommu­ni­cations emerged victorious in the Excellence in Trade/ Investment into Malaysia by a European Investor cate­gory, and Shell Malaysia took home the award for Long-Term Excellence, none of the shortlisted companies met the stringent conditions required for the third award.

With spectacular shows by Broadway Academy, a musical production company based in Petaling Jaya and cultural entertainment, in the form of a fashion show featuring innovative designs by EcoLifestyle Inter­national Movement and jewellery by Suhara Lifestyle, and an art exhibition featuring art by European artists, the event was an enjoyable evening for all. For more pictures from the event visit and look for the Event Gallery

The Minister of International Trade, YB Dato’ Mustapha Mohamed, was the

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EUMCCI Review - April 2012  

Coverage of the EUMCCI Quarterly Financial Panel Discussion and a main feature from IFBIM.

EUMCCI Review - April 2012  

Coverage of the EUMCCI Quarterly Financial Panel Discussion and a main feature from IFBIM.

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