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Lifetime’s passion for the Cedar Nursery The Easter Egg Hunt short story No April Fools Seven Ages of Tax Planning Composting is easier than you think! Horsley & Clandon Society call for new members The Drift raises £500 for HorsleyCommunity Fund Charity shop is treasure trove!

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APRIL / MAY 2013

Life’s great adventure starts here

Co-ed Nursery and Prep school ages 3-13 Ripley Court School Rose Lane Ripley Surrey GU23 6NE 01483 225217

It is possible to gain a competitive schooling advantage, and at the same time have a wonderful, happy childhood.

We have proven this time after time for nearly 120 years. Come and see why.

Dear Readers Although I would like to be saying Spring has sprung - it certainly is taking its time this year and as I write this in early March the winter woollies are still in evidence and snow is on the ground. Many of us will be looking at our gardens to see what ravages the winter has left behind and contemplating where changes could be made. If you are thinking about creating a new garden why not pay a visit to Cedar Nursery who have immense experience in this area. For those of us needing a complete change of scene do read our article on Hong Kong and a visit may be just what the doctor ordered. With the new tax year looming you could do worse than heed the advice given by Smith Pearman on Page 17 (no, I don’t want to think about it either)! The Horsley Community Fund continue to do extremely well - The Drift Golf Club have recently raised £500 for them - do support them if you are able. A very Happy Easter to all my readers and remember us if you have an event coming up you’d like everyone to know about - the deadline for the June/July edition will be 15 May. Kind regards

Diana Isherwood Stone Editor Tel: 01483 600912 To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


DANES HILL SCHOOL Leatherhead Road • Oxshott • Surrey • KT22 0JG

The best start in life for boys and girls aged 3 to13 To find out more, request a prospectus or arrange a tour of the school please ring Mrs Carolyn Ward, School Registrar or email

LOVEINTERIORS bespoke interior design

by appointment only 01483 479487 LoveInteriors_HorsleyDirectory_Advert_Feb'13.indd 1



26/02/2013 14:12

LE SU T CC A E G S A S IN F B UL Y LY A PW The Tenant fell in love with: • Private Gated Secure Road

• Large Secure Rear Garden

• Flexible Living Accommodation

• Walk to Horsley Cricket Club

• Separate Annexe for Guests

• Short Drive to Superb School

Contact APW Today For Your FREE Market Appraisal! We Have Several Quality Tenants Waiting For Homes in this Area APW Cobham

65 Portsmouth Road Cobham Surrey KT11 1JQ

01932 860900

Hot T Outdoor ubs & Kit New for chens 2013

ge of Great rangarden plants & in stock productsyear all

Open Mon to S all week at Sun 10.308.30 - 5.30 - 4.30

Come and meet our friendly, knowledgeable team and see our design led range of Plants and Pots, Landscape Design, Garden Furniture, BBQs, Outdoor Kitchens, Wood Fired Ovens, Cedar Hot Tubs and Oak Buildings Call

01932 862473



Horsley Road, Cobham, KT11 3JX (Just past Effingham Junc towards Cobham)


rapping up for a chilly February afternoon, 40 years ago a young boy and his mum set out to buy groceries and collect the others from school. At the shops, the greengrocer’s banter planted a marvellous idea in the young boy’s head, which began to germinate in his budding mind.

The next few weeks were busy and he worked steadfastly creating the finest crop of marigolds. Hot TubThe grocer s& readily snapped them up and displayed them on a stand at the front of his shopOtoutattract customers, doorhis K it chen who couldn’t get enough and came back for more. The boy’s enterprise continued to tosa Nflourish, ew forleading 2013 trees very fruitful weekend job at a local nursery where he (a teenager now), mastered skills in cultivating and shrubs.

A day off school leads to

a lifetime’s passion!

nge of

a whilst driving on a wintry day, the young man’s love of the countryside led him to notice at rand Years Grelater den gofarabandoned & s t a phumble plot derelict land lying along the Horsley Road, near Effingham Junction. Some n la tockremember smight in s t c older local people a field of roses and a nursery which was subsequently a go-cart track. In u d pro 1986, however, all yeather area was littered with building debris and mounds of buried tyres, covered by brambles. Impassioned with the idea of creating something beautiful, he set his heart on clearing the site. It was a huge task and by the following spring Cedar Nursery opened its salvaged gate to the public. “lt was pretty tough”, remembers Tim Sharples “We had no running water and were using water containers and bottles brought from home ... it was a hot summer back then!” His unswerving commitment and dedication enabled the business to grow very successfully; confronting ever-greater challenges which the weather and the economy could contrive - not to mention burglaries and Olympian road race road reroutes! Since then, Cedar Nursery has branched out into other domains, notably designing many small - and largescale landscaping projects both locally and across Europe. For many years the Nursery was involved with the Hampton Court International Flower Show, building and supplying award winningOshow well as pengardens all weas ek a Mongarden landscaping in the main marquee. The team has developed key strengths in bespoke sharing to Sadesign, t 8.3to0a-respect passion for connecting landscape to the character and style of the property. This connection leads 5.3 Sun 10.3 0 - 4.30 0 for tradition, locally-sourced materials, and sympathy for the local area’s environment. For us, a garden is a dynamic space, it allows us to create a richly-textured tapestry of form and colour, light and shadow. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the local climate and soils and combined with technology to deliver a 3D interactive design that helps you visualise what your garden could look like, we are able to adapt plans to your taste before putting spade to ground. Creating gardens and growing things are enriching; an opportunity to experiment and commune with nature - one of life’s simple pleasures. In this way, we use our principles of Design, Value and Service to create outdoor spaces with a sense of identity and feeling of comfort. The Nursery now offers much more than the modest plant selection of 25 years ago, from bespoke planters of any size or colour to garden antiques and oak barns, and soon an outdoor kitchen offering. Still family owned andand run, come see how we haveknowledgeable become part of a community seekingsee to enhance the collective Come meetandour friendly, team and our design led imagination of the landscape. range of Plants and Pots, Landscape Design, Garden Furniture, BBQs,

Outdoor Kitchens, Wood Fired Ovens, Cedar Hot Tubs and Oak Buildings Call

01932 862473



Horsley Road, Cobham, KT11 3JX (Just past Effingham Junc towards Cobham)

Short Story The Easter Egg Hunt Valerie waved as her daughter’s car pulled off the drive, leaving her with two pink overnight bags and a list of instructions which she knew she would ignore. In the lounge her granddaughters were pulling cushions off the sofa in search of the remote control. “Margot, Bonny”, she called, “Mummy said no TV”. The girls drooped visibly. “Well, maybe later, but first”, she clapped her hands, “how about an Easter egg hunt?” No chocolate had been second on the list. The girls excitedly pulled on their coats. “Here’s a basket each”. She opened the back door. “Let’s see what we can find”. Les, Valerie’s neighbour, appeared at the fence wearing a monocle and a fez. “Hello Uncle Les”, Margot called. “Like your funny glasses”. “I’ have a wobbly tooth”, Bonny added. “Excellent.” Les replied. “Enjoy the hunt”. The girls had keen eyes and soon found all the chocolate eggs hidden in the flower beds. “Look Grandma”, Margot called from the vegetable patch. Valerie was just as amazed as her granddaughters to see a giant bean stalk. It was eight feet tall and made out of papier-mâché. “I wonder how that got there?” Valerie asked. “This must be where Jack planted his magic beans”, Margot said with authority. “Look!” Bonny pointed under 8

the rhubarb leaves. “A golden egg.” “The giant’s goose laid it”, Margot announced as the girls rolled the egg onto the path. Something else glinted in the soil. The girls knelt down and began to dig, unearthing a pile of golden chocolate coins. “The giant’s treasure”, Margot whispered. The girls hurriedly filled their baskets, concerned that the giant might make an appearance. “Can we go inside and eat our chocolate Grandma?” The girls chimed together. “Pretty please?” “Of course”, Valerie laughed. “Make sure you wipe the soil off first”. “Thanks Grandma”. Bonny popped a coin into Valerie’s pocket and dashed after Margot into the house. In the kitchen Valerie switched the kettle on. Summoned by the sound like a genie in a lamp, Les appeared at the back door. “East egg hunt was a success I take it?” he asked, settling himself down at the kitchen table and removing his fez. “Thanks to you”, Valerie smiled. “You’re welcome darling”. Les made a bow. “Those props from the pantomime were just gathering dust in my shed. I thought they might spice things up”. Valerie put two mugs of coffee on the table. “They certainly did. Your


beanstalk, golden egg and coins mixed with a child’s imagination; what could be better?” Les’s monocle popped out. “I didn’t plant any coins”. They exchanged quizzical glances and Valerie fished the coin out of her pocket. Les wiped the soil from it. “My dear”, he held it up to the light. “This is a real gold coin, possibly Roman”. Valerie took the coin. It was heavy and gleamed as though it had been minted yesterday. “How many did the girls find?” Les asked. “I don’t know”, Valerie said feeling excited. “A dozen?” “And where are they now?” A sharp cry of pain shook the walls and made Valerie and Les jump. They searched for the girls and found them behind the sofa with their baskets. Margot had her arm around Bonny who had tears rolling down her cheeks. In her palm Bonny held something tiny and white. “She couldn’t get the foil off the coin so she bit it”, Margot explained calmly. “And now her wobbly tooth’s fallen out”. “Do you think the tooth fairy will come to your house Grandma?” Bonny sobbed. “My dear”, Les exclaimed. “I’d say she’s already been”.

By Jackie Brewster

Surrey’s World Class Girls’ School from Nursery to University

Open Day

Wed 12th June 4.30 - 6.30pm

For a personal tour please call

01932 869990

Burwood House, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1HA twitter: @NotreDamePrepUK To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912



what makes us so special! FOR CHILDREN WHO ENJOY LIFE

Downsend is an established academic preparatory school, providing excellent education and a wealth of opportunity for children to develop their individual skills. We provide each child with a broad and engaging education, through experiencing a vibrant school life that extends beyond the classroom and leads to outstanding academic development. At Downsend we are proud of our children’s smiles, their talents and their successes. You are always welcome, so come and visit us and see for yourself. For more information call 01372 372311, email or visit

3 Scholars 4 hip Awa rds and 100 % suc in Comm cess Entranc on e again in 2012.


PREP SCHOOL (6–13 YEAR OLDS) Independent Day FRIDAY 10 MAY School for Girls & Boys HEADMAStER’S tALK 9.30AM

Brand Names 1. Which brand of Champagne by Moët & Chandon is named after the Benedictine monk who is often mistakenly credited as having invented Champagne? 2. What is the oldest four-wheel drive car brand in the world? 3. Technika is a brand name for electronic products that are exclusively sold by which retailer? 4. Which brand name was derived from the words “durability”, “reliability” and “excellence”? 5. Which brand of soaps, shower gels and bath products originated in 1768 when a Russian nobleman asked for a perfume to be created that embodied the distinctive aroma of the Russian court? 6. Which brand of spread by Dairy Crest has a two word rhyming name? 7. What six letter name is the best known brand name of polytetrafluoroethylene? 8. What was the mobile network operator One 2 One rebranded as in 2002? 9. Which brand of chocolate bar has been advertised with the slogan “it’s not for girls”? 10. Which brand name is derived from the German word for “type” and the Latin word for “no more”?



Hong Kong Island High Rise and Dragons Sail on the old Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour, just an eight minute ride from the peninsula, and Hong Kong Island greets you with its 21st century skyline, here the zigzag patterns of the Bank of China Tower, there the sensuous curves of the Convention and Exhibition Centre or the Central Plaza rising to 78 floors, framed by verdant hills. Above these monoliths of concrete and glass, Victoria Peak looms undisturbed, like a grand old lady smiling at a mob of unruly children. At a cool, often misty, 1810 feet, the Peak has long attracted the elite who built luxury dwellings on its upper slopes laced with gardens and wooded trails. For most visitors, the Peak begins with a steep thrilling ride on the funicular, hauled up to Victoria Gap by a single cable. The summit is out of bounds, topped with telecom masts, but weather permitting, there are unrivalled views across the harbour to Kowloon, the New Territories and a few of the 260 outlying islands which are part of Hong Kong. At night, the city below is an ocean of lights. With a density approaching 16,000 inhabitants per square

mile, the main island is an eclectic mass of humanity. Executives in pin-striped suits, fortune tellers, revellers, manicured store assistants, families on their way to the Ocean Theme Park, shoppers, tourists, the city is for ever on the move, flooding every pavement and elevated walkway, buses, trams, ferries, taxis, underground and the mid-level stairs where a string of 20 escalators carry commuters down in the morning then switch uphill for the rest of the day. The aptly named ‘Central’ district on the north coast is the glittering seat of government, finance and upmarket shopping, its new architectural wonders jostling for space above the last colonial buildings. There are swanky boutiques and antique shops but affordable goods in the lanes and the Chinese Emporiums brimming with handicraft. Tai Chi enthusiasts gather in Victoria Park, locals bargain for dried fish, snake bile and chopsticks and around the temples festooned in red lanterns and dragons, clouds of incense fill the air as they did long ago, giving Hong Kong its name of ‘fragrant harbour.’

Once dotted with its own incense mills, Aberdeen on the south coast has sprouted into high rise but retains a frenzied wet market and harbour where tyre-draped sampans weave past the ageing fishing fleet and the last houseboats strung with laundry. On the quayside, seafood lovers wait for the free ferry which will take them to glitzy floating restaurants, anchored on the edge of the typhoon shelter. Beyond Aberdeen, life moves at a gentler pace as weekenders relax on the lovely beaches of Deep Water or Repulse Bay or venture to the sleepy village of Shek O in the east. Cooled by sea breezes, Shek O marks the end of the Dragon Back’s Trail, a pleasant trek along a ridge with stunning vistas of the interior country parks and South China Sea. True, Hong Kong Island thrives on banking and business but the old China survives, more discreet than on the peninsula, but coming into its own at festival time when brightlydecorated dragon boats compete in the traditional Stanley race, spurred on by drums and cheering crowds.

By Solange Hando

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We s t H orsl e y • Friendly Professional Family Run Competition and Livery Yard.

City and Guilds qualified

Friendly local plumber

Fully insured

› From dripping taps to full bathroom/shower installations/cloakroom upgrades

• Large floodlit rubber/sand arena with full set of show jumps, large rubber lunging arena, horsewalker, well fenced paddocks set in 70 acres and great off road hacking in the Surrey Hills. • Instructor on site, experienced friendly staff to school/jump/lunge/hack.

No job too small

• High standard of care for all horses with excellent secure facilities minutes from A3/M25 J10.

Emergency call out

Honest reliable fast service based in East Horsley

• Turnout together or individually to suit horse/ owner’s needs. Brick stables with good ventilation, rubber matting, deep shavings bed and automatic water drinkers. • Full/Part/Competition/Schooling Livery.

Claire Edwards 01483 223100/07825 818045

Contact Mark on 07825 818055 or 01483 285325





• Co-Educational nursery for children aged 12 months–5 years • Flexible Government funded places for 3–4 year olds • Unique term-time care for 1–2 year olds • Mature/experienced staff • Ofsted rated ‘GOOD’ October 2012 First Steps Nursery School The Village Hall, Kingston Avenue East Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6QT Tel: 01483 285476 12



Do you need a Will? Are you moving house / offices? Problems at home or work? Are you having a dispute?

Let us help you ... Offices in Bookham, East Horsley & L'head

01483 284567

BL Financial ServiceS ltd

An affordable bookeeping service based in West Horsley Free quotations Barbara Lewis Tel 01483 285396 Mobile 07824 324737 Email

CIMA Qualified

Sales/Invoicing Credit Control Payments Cashbook/Cashflow Analysis Bank Reconciliations Trial Balance VAT Year End Account Preparation Managment Accounting Advice System Implementation Advice

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1 Jewels (4)



8 10

3 Allowed in (8) 11

9 Worried (7)


10 Annoy (5)


11 Fading away (12)


15 16

13 Deny (6)


15 Interfere (6)



17 Directions (12)



20 Ships load (5) 21 Vital part of healthy diet (7) 22 Enjoyed (8) 23 Repair (4) Down



4 Dismiss (6)

12 Flavoured (8)

5 Crossroad (12)

14 Army rank (7)

1 Protecting (8)

6 Taught (7)

16 Flexible (6)

2 Blends (5)

7 Deceased (4)

18 Overweight (5)

8 Contests (12)

19 Mark left by wound (4)


Based in West Horsley, we are a small business focussed on the design, supply and installation of a wide range of high quality kitchens. We offer a friendly, professional service.

TEL 01483 281329 MOB 07770 996344 EMAIL 14


West Horsley Nursery School from 2½ years

t h g i r B ars St t

‘Every child deserves the best possible start in life’

a ore m n a r C Open Year-Round With Extended Hours Care

Open Morning

Friday 10 May, 9.30 - 12 Noon Join us at Open Morning or call for an individual appointment

* A fun, happy and secure nursery education provided by dedicated staff * Outstanding Nursery resources plus access to main school facilities * Play-based activities developing confidence, understanding, skills and attitudes * Boys and girls welcome from 2½ with boys continuing into the main school Free Toddler Group term-time Fridays 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Cranmore School Cranmore School

Independent Preparatory School for Boys (4 to 13 years) Tel: 01483 280340

e:Plus Bright Stars Co-ed Nursery (2½ +) Epsom Rd, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6AT 15 To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


Let me capture the details and create a beautiful keepsake at this unique, fleeting moment. The perfect gift for a new mum or mum to be.



5x e 7

m le at av er sh st e n in oo £8 pr ity ch t a 5 i pr nd for ce in a th s:


Grumpy, sleepy, wrinkly, snuggly, dreamy, squidgy and utterly delicious;

Newborn pictures are best taken between five days and two weeks of your baby’s arrival, but don’t despair if this time has already passed.

To book your shoot call 0808 197 2726 or email

General Family Dentistry



Crowns, Bridges & Veneers



Cosmetic Dentistry



Tooth Whitening Preventative Treatment Hygienist Facial Rejuvenation

“An all round fantastic dental practice”

11 Bishopsmead Parade East Horsley Surrey KT24 6RT

Tel: 01483 281414

Dentists: Louise Stilwell-Stage BDS London Claire Morrice BA Hons, BDS London Estelle Los BA Hons Oxon, LDS RCS, BDS London


Email: Easy parking, open Saturday mornings and late evenings on Wednesday!


‘The Seven Ages of Tax Planning’ BUSI N E SS O W N E R

This is part of our series of articles discussing tax planning at certain periods of life. This article looks at some tax planning opportunities which are generally available to all those who own a business. Choice of Business Structure A business can be run through a number of different structures, ranging from sole trader or partnership through limited liability partnership to limited company. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages (not just for tax) with the most suitable choice depending on a variety of factors. Capital Gains Tax Reliefs Depending on your income tax position, capital gains tax is normally payable at either 18% or 28%. For business owners this could be reduced to 10% on gains up to £10,000,000 over your lifetime by Entrepreneur’s Relief. Alternatively, where the disposal is by way of a gift, the gain can be held-over until the business asset is eventually sold. Entrepreneur’s relief applies only to trading businesses (investment businesses are excluded), and it can apply to the sale of a business or a part of it. However, it is essential to be careful that what is sold is not just an asset (like business premises) and that part of the “business” has been sold. It can also apply to shares in an unlisted trading company provided that you are a director or employee and own at least 5% of the company. It is also necessary to have satisfied these conditions for the whole of the previous twelve months. This is a complex relief, with a great number of traps for the unwary, however the potentially enormous value of the relief is well worth the effort of planning to make sure you qualify. The hold-over relief seems to apply to much

the same assets, however the definitions are all subtly different. The relief works by passing the gain on to the recipient, therefore if and when they sell the business, the gain becomes taxable at that point (it is normally just a deferral of the tax). The biggest trap in this relief is that the gain can also become taxable if the recipient becomes a non-UK resident. Again a complex but valuable relief. Inheritance Tax Reliefs Business property relief can completely exempt a gift from inheritance tax, therefore is immensely valuable to the business owner, however it is full of traps that can prevent it being applicable. It applieslike the capital gains tax relief to trading businesses, however the definition here also excludes dealing in shares or land as well as investment. The business must have been owned for two years and not already be under a sale contract. There is also a 50% relief for assets used in a business (for example offices owned by a shareholder but used by a company rent-free). Perhaps the worst trap in this relief applies to lifetime gifts. These are normally potentially exempt so that there could only be IHT payable if the giver dies within seven years. Therefore if you live for more than seven years the gift is ignored. The business property relief is only needed in the event of death within seven years. In these circumstances the gift must have met all the tests for the relief at the time the gift was made, however the recipient must still own it and it must still be business property when the giver dies. These reliefs are worth a great deal and the figures involved are often large. If there is any chance they may apply to you we recommend you seek professional advice before taking any action.

For more information contact: Keith Hardy at Smith Pearman Chartered Accountants, Hurst House, High St., Ripley, Surrey

01483 225457

Bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms Design, supply and complete project management

◆ We are a local, family-owned and managed business, providing a truly professional design, project management and installation service for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and bedrooms. ◆ We offer a complete, worry-free service from initial measurement and free design and quotation, through supply to installation by our reliable, multi-skilled craftsmen ◆ We use only top quality kitchen furniture, appliances, sanitaryware, tiles and flooring

What our customers say… “A friendly, professional and affordable service. We are absolutely thrilled with the design and quality of our new kitchen. Thank you!” Mr & Mrs J. Ockham

“Nigel and Cicely have provided an efficient, personalised service during the entire period of our project and have been a pleasure to deal with” Mrs & Mrs G. East Horsley

“Outstanding service and attention to detail” Mr & Mrs C. East Horsley

Opening Hours Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

14 Station Parade, Ockham Rd South, East Horsley Tel: 01483 280850 18


No April Fools: odd gadgets that really exist

Every year, technology firms join in the April Fools fun - so for example in recent years Google announced self-driving racing cars, Toshiba pretended to make a 3D monocle and video site Animoto offered bark recognition for dogs. Not all odd-sounding technology items are fakes, though: there are some truly strange items and accessories out there. Some of the oddest items are related to smartphones and tablets, such as the iStuck mobile phone stand (£3) that looks like chewed bubblegum, the Knuckles iPhone case - designed to look like a knuckle duster - and the just-announced iPotty (£39), a child’s potty with a built-in iPad stand. The idea, apparently, is that letting children use iPads while on the potty will make toilet training a fun game. Other gadgets are more sensible, but rather odd looking - such as the iPhone SLR mount, which enables you to attach enormous SLR camera lenses to your phone. It might look like a novelty item, but the price says otherwise: at the current US exchange rate, it’s £156 plus shipping and tax, and of course that doesn’t include the lenses. The mount is available for both Nikon and Canon lenses and promises

to bring SLR effects such as variable depth of field to “the camera you carry with you every day”. Another odd-looking but fairly sensible gadget is the Handspresso Auto ESE, a portable espresso coffee maker designed for in-car use. It uses the Easy Serving Espresso pods you might have seen for ordinary domestic coffee makers, and it’s particularly handy for road warriors who’d rather not pay inflated prices for motorway service station coffees. At around £130 it isn’t cheap, but if you use it regularly it’ll soon pay for itself. You can buy odd things for your house too, and if you’re a musician or a fan of rock music you’ll appreciate the Marshall Fridge. From the outside it looks like the iconic Marshall amplifier stack, and it even uses authentic Marshall parts including the famous logo, fret cloth and brass-finished faceplate with knobs that go up to eleven, but inside it’s - yes! a fridge. The manufacturer says it’s “the ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration”. Yours for £405. Have you ever wished your fork could nag you about your eating? Good news if you have: the Hapifork (around £70) may

look like an ordinary fork, but it’s stuffed with sensors that monitor how quickly you’re eating. It measures the number of times you put the fork in your mouth, the time between each serving and the total time you’ve spent eating, and vibrates and flashes if you’re eating too quickly. The data is then sent to your smartphone. For now the line-up doesn’t extend to other cutlery, but manufacturer HAPIlabs says a spoon is in development. The HAPIfork was one of several odd gadgets shown at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t the oddest: we saw GPS-enabled gadgets such as the TrakDot luggage locator (around £30 plus a £10 annual subscription), Nano Nails, which turn long fingernails into styluses for touchscreens (price tbc); the iMusic BodyRhythm, a music-powered massager that makes you look like you’re wearing a toilet seat around your neck (currently accepting pre-orders for $69, around £44), and the thoroughly odd Minime, which can create a phone case or a cuddly toy that includes a 3D rendering of your child’s face (or anybody else’s face). Expect to see Minime kiosks in shopping malls later this year.

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OF PR 0 3) L A A I T H L 7.r0il 201 C PETIEN ÂŁ3h Ap




Tnds 30t S J(oUffer e


Our Mission Statement Marc Mortiboys (BDS Guys) Clinical Director & Practice Owner





To transform the lives of our patients through unique and innovative health-centred dentistry in a caring environment you can trust











Customer Relations Manager


Front Desk Co-ordinator















THE MAGIC OF DENTISTRY Mortiboys Dental Spa, Phoenix House, Forest Road, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 5HE t: 01483 281428 e:


Mortiboys Dental Spa

St Catherine’s, Bramley Girls thrive in an environment where they feel happy, secure and valued. Extra curricular and pastoral care provision are outstanding. Examination results and university destinations are consistently impressive. Art, Drama, Music and Sport benefit from exceptional on-site facilities. SENIOR SCHOOL OpEN MORNINg - Monday 29th April pREp. SCHOOL OpEN MORNINg - Thursday 9th May

Please telephone 01483 899609 for further details. St Catherine’s, Bramley, Guildford GU5 0DF

GSA Day/Boarding School for 4-18 years horsley01 March 2013.indd 1 07/03/2013 16:43:07

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James & Thomas Funeral Directors Family-orientated funeral directors of distinction. Proud to have been helping families in Cobham, Horsley and surrounding areas since 1958.

New premises now open at: 24 Station Parade, Ockham Road South, East Horsley KT24 6QN 

Professional guidance and advice on all aspects of arranging the funeral.

 Personal service from

our trained, caring staff.  We offer a full range of

funeral service options.  Memorial masonry and

pre-paid funeral plans.  Arrangements can be made in

the comfort of your own home.

For immediate assistance, please call (24 hours):

01483 284948 email: or visit our website:



HORSLEY & CLANDON SOCIETY OF ARTS We are very proud of our Society which is well established and respected and we are happy to extend an open invitation to join us. New member are most welcome. Unusually, it is not necessary for our members to be painters – just come and share the diversity that art can represent and an interest in its history. Our meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the East Horsley Village Hall at 8 pm for demonstrations or talks. Talented and esteemed artists demonstrate a variety of media and subjects; the talks are given by lecturers experienced in many aspects of art. Meetings are informal, friendly and informative. Guests are very welcome for a modest £4 entrance fee. A visit might tempt you to join our Society! Annual subscriptions are £20 single, £30 for a couple. Our programme for this year includes

• Demonstrations in Pastel, Watercolour, Acrylics, Mixed Media etc • A Talk and Demonstration on using Print Techniques & Art & Design on the Home Front • Meet to paint (April – October) in Clandon • Annual Exhibition of members’ pictures • AGM

Full details of this programme are on display on the East Horsley Village Hall notice board. Further information or membership please telephone our Secretary: Robyn Cormack (01483 224063) To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


Dan dy Lion L a w n


T r e a t m e n t s

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■

R A S S H O P P E R ( S U R R E Y ) LT D


Garden and Grounds Maintenance Garden Design Grass and hedge cutting Garden makeovers Lawn care • Scarifying & Aeration • Control of moss & weeds, Casting worms & leatherjackets • Professional fertilising Fencing Jungles cleared Turfing supplied and laid Compost, mulch and bark supplied in loose loads For a friendly, reliable and local service working throughout Surrey

Freephone 0800 171 2216 or (01403) 791619

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The Horsleys Community Fund

Can’t believe that the daffodils are about to shine in their full g lory any minute now! I would like to express our thanks to The Horsley Directory who have nominated the Horsleys Community Fund as their Charity of the Year for 2013. This gives us the opportunity to regularly publish our news in the magazine and keep you informed of what we are doing on behalf of your community. We really welcome your feedback. We are delig hted to have received a donation from the East Horsley Women’s Institute in memory of Ann Jackson. She was personally very supportive when we moved in to East Horsley 8 years ago and one of the reasons I joined the Parish Council so I am indebted to her ! We are also delig hted to report that The Drift Golf Club have raised the wonderful sum of £500 for the fund! The Horsleys Community Fund was set up three years ago to inspire local giving for local needs now and in the future –thus creating a lasting legacy by investing in the future of the Horsleys. The donations we receive are professionally invested (throug h the Community Fund for Surrey) and the interest generated is used for

grants to local groups and organisations which provide vital services to and improves the lives of local people in the Horsleys. Increasing ly we are being asked advice on how to access funds from a range of sources as many groups and individuals do not know where to go for help or what other funds maybe available. If we all put our heads together we could facilitate a multitude of connections and maximize the resources available from both private and Government sources. It is really important that we make the most of the current Community First initiative from the Government NOW ! Donations received will be matched on a 2:1 basis and will attract Gift Aid --- you don’t get that offer from the Government very often so let’s make the most of it! Donations can be made either via the website ( or by contacting Vic Simpson directly on 01483 283234. The Steering Panel work on your behalf so we would love to hear your views, what are your concerns for the future? Indeed call us about joining the Panel ! We look forward to hearing from you.

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We Are Family

My Family and Other Animals: Gerald Durrell Eccentric but enchanting, Durrell recalls his blissful childhood growing up on a Greek Island. Scorpions and snakes abound, as well as colourful characters and the all-round air of plain bonkersmadness that we associate with family life. Chaotic and hypnotic, this book is hugely funny and hasn’t lost any of its appeal over the years.

the book was first published and certainly she can be read as a very selfish protagonist, but subsequent generations have come to recognise Edna’s plight, her need for a sensuous relationship and ultimately, her freedom.

Little Women: Louisa May Alcott Never were there such devoted sisters…until you add domestic turmoil, death and boys into the mix. Amy, Beth, Jo and Meg are the March sisters growing up during the Civil War era. Jo doesn’t want to cut her hair off and Meg doesn’t want to be a governess, but you have to admit that Beth comes off worst! It’s an all-American classic and is a definite mustread for any teenage girl, whether you have sisters or not. The Awakening: Kate Chopin This is the hopeless tale of New Orleans housewife Edna Pontellier who struggles like a caged bird, batting against the bars and confines of domesticity. There was little empathy for the character when 26

For kids, April means the Easter holidays. Time for enforced fun, ill-fated camping trips and long drives squished in the back of the car, with your siblings breathing in your face. We’ve picked some of the best books about family life and how to survive. Two weeks off…are we there yet?

Everybody Jam: Ali Lewis The Dawson family is used to harsh climates and tough situations: they run a cattle station in Australia’s Northern Territory. Plagued by drought, this year’s ‘muster’ will be another battle with the elements. But there’s more to contend with than the outdoors this year. Eldest son Jonny has been killed but no one talks about it, 14 year old Sissy is pregnant after ‘rooting’ with an Aboriginal lad and there’s a new Pommie house girl who can’t even make toast. Told through the eyes of 13 year old Danny, it’s a story of a strong clan who overcome adversity and survive, way out in the outback. The Red House: Mark Haddon How do siblings become total strangers? Brought together by the death of their mother, Angela and her brother Richard have only really communicated through phone calls for the last decade or so. Now Richard


has invited Angela and her growing brood to spend a week with them in deepest darkest Wales. The book flits between characters but once you’re into the rhythm of how these two families tick, it’s a great read that’s full of sibling-rivalry, trips and falls down memory lane and getting to know each other all over again. We Need to Talk About Kevin: Lionel Shriver This is the shocking and disturbing story of a family torn apart when the eldest son carries out a massacre at his school. It’s powerfully told through a series of letters written by his mother, Eva to her husband Franklin as she tries to come to terms with the atrocities carried out by Kevin. It brings up all kinds of questions about nature versus nurture and how siblings and parents impact on each other’s lives. Throughout the book we can begin to piece together exactly what took place in the high school gym, but it still won’t prepare you for the startling conclusion. Quite simply, a brilliant thriller. The Red House by Mark Haddon, published by Jonathan Cape. Used by permission of The Random House Group Limited

The 2013 lettings market is extremely bouyant in the current property climate Sally Asling,

Lettings director

01483 282470

Understanding People, Understanding Property

• • • • •


Homes across all areas are being let in record time! Close to the Raleigh School – West Horsley

village centre – East Horsley

Sought-after road – East Horsley

All properties let to good tenants in record time – all types of property from studios/annexes to luxury homes urgently needed for waiting private and corporate lets.

Let Only/Tenant Introduction 5% plus vAT or Full Property Management 10% plus vAT Tenant insurance from under £100.00 per 12m annual policy

Special Offer

TOM MASON GARDENER All your gardening needs tended

01483 212551 or 07810 275674

Gardens designed Soft landscaping Garden makeovers Tailored planting

Shrub and hedge trimming Lawns mowed, renovated New lawn turfing Small trees tended

Patio and path clearing Weeding and composting Lady gardeners available Maintenance

feed your day

Come and visit YOUR local Bakery Shop and receive

15% off your purchase with this leaflet!

We have a wide range of locally made breads, cakes and patisserie. Our bread is baked daily by Craft Bakers at our bakery in East Horsley.

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Open Morning Come and look around the school, meet the staff and pupils and discover what makes us unique.

Wednesday 8th May 2013 | 9.30–11.00am Head’s welcome talk at 9.30am

Success without pressure A school for girls aged 2–16


Manor House School, Manor House Lane, Little Bookham, Surrey KT23 4EN

Request a prospectus 01372 457077

The Ripley Carpet Company 186a High Street Ripley GU23 6BB

• Now stocking small remnants

Tel: 01483 223173 Ripley Carpets HP Aug 2012.indd 1

80% A* – B 2012

• Quality carpets • Carpet runners & rugs • Vinyl • Sisal, seagrass, coir, jute • Hardwood / laminate • Karndean • Full fitting service • Flooring people for over 45 years 11/09/2012 12:02

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A keen eye for investment

Russell & Co Independent Financial Advisers Station House Station Approach East Horsley KT24 6QX Tel 01483 285304 Fax 01483 281297 Email



Protection insurances

Offshore investment advice

Inheritance tax planning services

Improving investment returns

Independent Financial Advisers

Russell & Co is the trading name of Russell & Co Financial Advisers LLP. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The Financial Services Authority do not regulate advice on some tax matters or offshore investments.

01306 882935 07930 509686

Do you have a

pest problem?

Our technicians are fully trained in the removal of:

Rats • Mice • Wasps • Squirrels Flies • Moles • Cockroaches for Domestic & Commercial, Schools, Housing Associations & Agriculture

Call FREE on 0800 092 2277 or 01306 501426

Email: or 30



Your Local Function Venue‌.

Quality Homemade Food

~ We specialise in ~ Birthdays Meetings Weddings & Civil Ceremonies Conferences Anniversaries Sunday Lunches Christmas Parties

~ Contact us ~

The Drift Golf Club, The Drift, East Horsley, KT24 5HD Website: Tel: 01483 284 641 **CASUAL STAFF VACANCIES IN FRONT OF HOUSE DEPARTMENT**

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Cherished InterIors Beautiful hand finished curtains, blinds, pelmets, cushions and throws. Venetian, roller, vertical & wooden blinds. Pole and track fitting service. Free consultation. Excellent advice with competitiive prices.

Tel: 01483 479683 e-mail:

F&S Heating and Plumbing Services 01483 225385 or 07711 191585

Small family run business Call Frank or Suzanne Central heating, Power flushing, Boiler servicing, repairs and replacement Cooker, hobs and fires Landlord Certifications Swimming Pool boilers Bathroom installation/refurbishment

204696 • 23 Stringhams Copse • Send Marsh Ripley • Surrey • GU23 6JE



Charity Shop Is a Local Treasure Trove Spring is finally here, and as you enter the Woking Hospice shop located in Station Parade, bright colours remind you that summer is on its way. “After such a long cold winter it’s wonderful to finally give the jumpers a rest and wheel out the spring stock which we’ve been collecting since the end of last summer,” explains shop manager Mary Richardson. So if you’re looking to update your wardrobe for a fraction of the high street price, now is the perfect time to bag a bargain. The charity shop is also the perfect place to picking up a treat for the family, and as every parent knows, a good game can prove priceless during half term. “School holidays are always a really busy time for us, so we make sure to stock up on good quality kids clothes, toys and games before hand, so we can offer something for everyone” says Mary. It’s also the perfect time for a pre-summer clear out, so why not clear your clutter and bring your unwanted items to benefit your local charity? The shop raises vital funds for the Woking Hospice, which helps care for patients and their families locally. If you want to support the hospice you can donate your unwanted goods in store, or why not give some of your time and help out yourself? Volunteers are currently urgently needed, and previous retail experience isn’t necessary as full training will be provided. So if you would like to join the friendly and dedicated shop team, and have a few spare hours, pop in and have a chat with Mary next time you’re passing by.

Opening times: Mon – Sat 9.30am – 5.00pm 22 Station Parade, Ockham Road South, East Horsley KT24 6QN

T: 01483 284910 To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912




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SMART repairs Bumper scuffs High gloss machine polishing Alloy wheel refurbishment Colour coding Paint correction


Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE without obligation

07788 437319

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations W.C. and basin upgrades Tap or sink replacements Domestic appliance installations Adding or moving radiators Shower installations ....Or just fixing that drip!

Call Allen Smith

AS Plumbing For all your plumbing needs Phone/Fax: 01372 459739 Mobile: 07729 050569

Email: Web:


“Fetch”am Dog School (Teaching dogs by kindness)

Only reward-based methods used

Classes now in Effingham

Puppy Playgroup

1-2-1 consultations

Everyday Obedience

Agility Classes some spaces available for beginners

Sally Thorn 01372 386637


07740 580311


Building MAinTenAnCe & leTTings MAinTenAnCe serViCes PAinTing & deCOrATing CArPenTry & jOinery eleCTriCAl PluMBing heATing AlTerATiOns & generAl rePAirs generAl PrOPerTy iMPrOVeMenT Odd jOBs AllAn CAesAr Tel MOB

01483 503997 07836 332195

caesar.allan03 @

DANIEL LUCAS CARPENTRY ď‚– JOINERY We can help with Virus/Spyware/Pop ups Firewalls Data transfer Software updates Hardware issues Windows problems Installing networks Software/hardware advice Wireless internet and more ...

No call out charge

Specialists in making & fitting of:

Wardrobes, Bookcases, Radiator Covers, Alcove Units, Kitchens, etc General Carpentry work Undertaken TEL: 01483 223863 MBL:07900902261

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Finance How to Holiday for Less in 2013 As winter draws to a close, conversations about where to go for summer holidays are on the increase and the difference between what we can afford and what we would ideally like often represents something of a discrepancy. However, there are steps which can be taken to bridge the gap and help us afford a summer holiday which may otherwise be financially out of reach. Book Early or Book Late As far as saving money is concerned, there are two choices on the table and they are booking either late or early. Whether you book far ahead using low-cost airlines and advance bookings for accommodation or snag a last-minute bargain from a package holiday company, either of these approaches can work wonders for your budget. The key is to decide which suits you best and to plan your holiday around that. Indecisiveness will cost you money, so take the time to make a clean decision on your strategy. For advance accommodation bookings, websites such as are fantastic and when booking flights, try or to track down the cheapest ones. If you’re flexible about both when and where to go and are just looking to find a great deal, then companies such as, kuoni. and all offer fantastic higher-end packages for less money when you book at the last minute. Plan Your Budget While it’s a nice idea to lounge around in the luxury of a five-star hotel, your accommodation is really only a place to sleep and store your luggage. This is a good example of how stripping some aspects down to the bare necessities can save you money. Do some research into the restaurants and other holiday expenditures in the area you’re visiting to track down ways to eat, sleep, drink and sightsee for less money rather than just turning up and paying for what you find. You really will save a fortune. Travel Light Airlines these days charge a great deal for excess baggage. This is especially true for the low-cost airlines and this represents another area where some advance planning can save you

cash. Take some time to put together a packing list which will make the most efficient and effective use of space so you don’t have to take any extra or unnecessary items that will bump up your budget. Be Prepared to Travel Out Of Season While summer may be a mere figment of our imagination here in the UK, other countries do see sunny weather in May and June as well as into September and October. July and August are peak seasons for UK holidaymakers so if you’re not bound by school holidays, travel either earlier or later in the year to avoid peak season and its associated costs. Consider a House Exchange A house exchange is a great way to get some decent accommodation at a very minimal cost. This is especially true if you have a family as exchanging a nice home in the UK can go a long way when travelling to countries where things are a bit more affordable. Websites such as are trusted, reputable and have been running for a great deal of time.

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Family Solicitor and Family Mediator offering a first class legal service Our practice is based in Sunbury on Thames but our Family Solicitor Roz Sethi, a resident of East Horsley, can arrange to see you in Horsley or surrounding areas at your convenience. Our Ethos is to offer our clients a friendly and professional service to get the best result for you.

Family & Matrimonial ••• Family Mediation ••• Wills & Probate Lasting Powers of Attorney ••• Residential /Commercial Property

Friendly and professional legal service

SETHI AND CO SOLICITORS 79 Staines Road West, Sunbury on Thames Middlesex, TW16 7AH Telephone: 01932 772121 | Fax: 01932 761221 Email:

ABM CARPET CLEANING Horsley & Clandon’s local eco-friendly carpet cleaning

Extend the life of your carpets at with a clean th d is totally chil and pet friendly : Now Available

• Local carpet cleaning service • Domestic and commercial • Carpet deodorising

g – carpets Dry fusion cleanin y in 30 mins. clean, fresh and dr Ask for details

Professional Carpet Cleaning at its best 40

• Rug cleaning • 10% discount for OAPs Telephone 01483 600793 Mobile 07881 942804 Email



Family Mediation can be an excellent way of resolving issues between couples about separation, divorce, children and finance. With the help of an experienced mediator, you and your former partner can arrive at an agreement by discussion, instead of having a dispute tried in a Court and a result that may not suit either parties objectives.

The Courts are encouraging mediation as a way of helping people settle their differences when a relationship breaks down. This is understandable: parties are more likely to keep their word and act accordingly when they have participated in reaching an acceptable solution to their differences instead of being told what to do by a Judge! And there can be a substantial saving of time and costs. The process is simple. Both parties will need to agree to attend mediation and there are likely to be some 5-6 meetings with the Mediator. In that time, the issues between them are identified, their emotions are calmed, and the parties discuss what they hope mediation will help them achieve. The Mediator is a neutral party and assists the parties to clarify their respective concerns and offering suggestions that may resolve their differences. Each session can last between 60-90 minutes and further sessions can be arranged as necessary. All mediation sessions are confidential and all discussions take place in a safe environment. Mediation is available before or during court proceedings. In the current climate, costs is of considerable importance and mediation can offer a costeffective solution. The parties will usually agree to share the mediation costs, and the Mediator’s hourly charge is often less than the charge of just one party’s Solicitor. I am a Solicitor with 30 years of experience in Family Law, and an accredited Family Law Mediator. I firmly believe that mediation offers a far more productive forum for parties to reach an amicable settlement of their differences than having terms imposed by a Court after an acrimonious hearing. And its very cost–effective. If you want to look further into mediation as a possible step forward, call me for a free noobligation chat.

Roz Sethi

We aim to offer our clients a friendly and professional service Telephone: (01932) 772121 41

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Accountants with 35 years experience

Tel 01483 285304 Fax 01483 281297 Email

All aspects of accountancy work including: Year end accounts (individuals, partnerships and limited companies) Management accountants, business plans and cash flows Business startups and company formations Payroll VAT returns Self assessment tax returns Subcontract accounts We provide a cost effective service for individuals and businesses alike – set fees possible by agreement – initial interview at no obligation or cost – evening appointments possible.


A friendly and reliable company covering all aspects of Groundworks, Construction and Landscape Gardening. Over 15 years experience in the industry NVQ qualified

Fully insured

Free quotations

01372 458616 / 07871 051661


CHINESE - MALAYSIAN - fish & chips 3 parade COurT, OCkhaM rOad sOuTh easT hOrsley, surrey kT24 6Qr


Opening hOurs urs Monday 5.00pm – 10.00pm Tuesday – saturday 12 noon – 2.00pm, 5.00pm – 10.00pm oliday Monday sunday & Bank holiday





Grow Your Own Veg As the new gardening year is upon us, why not have a go at growing your own veg because it doesn’t need to be difficult and has the potential to be one of the most productive and fun things you’ve ever done. by Pippa Greenwood Home grown food tastes better, uses little if any air miles, can save you a packet and is enormously rewarding because you’re getting the top end of the market produce. Remember to grow what you like and what your garden can grow well - this may take some experimenting, but don’t be afraid to admit that some things are trickier than others in your plot. If you’re an organic gardener or you simply want to produce pesticide free vegetables, you might need to spend more time thinking about what to grow and how you can best nurture it so that pests, diseases and other problems take a back seat. *Seed and plant catalogues are now more likely to let you know which varieties are relatively pest or disease resistant. *You can also encourage some of the naturally occurring insects that parasite or predate upon the garden pests, or bigger animals such as frogs, toads, hedgehogs and many birds. Insects include: Ladybirds: The larvae and the adults both consume huge numbers of aphids. Lacewings: The young or

larvae are brilliant predators, eating mainly aphids, but also eating other pests such as thrips and eggs of moths. Hoverflies: The soft-bodied yellowy grey larvae are great aphid eaters, a single one eating up to fifty in a day, nearing 1,000 in its lifetime. Ground beetles: Often seen scuttling off at speed when you move pots, low-growing plants or loose slabs, they are mostly black and often shiny and are brilliant predators of many pests including slugs, vineweevils and some insect eggs. Solitary wasps: Some feed their larvae on aphids, weevils and other insects. Some of these may already be in your garden, but by growing some suitable plants you can really build up their numbers. On the whole the simple, nondouble varieties are the most insect friendly, so try some of these: *Phacelia: A hardy annual with bluish perfumed flowers, perfect for direct sowing. *Limnanthes douglasii (the poached egg plant): This yellow and white flowered hardy annual is loved by hoverflies.

*Eschscholzia (the Californian poppy): This pretty yellow, orange and cream flowered plant can be direct sown and thrives in sunny well-drained sites. *Iberis (candytufts): One of the easiest hardy annuals, it has readily available pollen and nectar, perfect for many beneficial insects. The rewards are plentiful - a regular supply of superbly tasty vegetables, picked when ripened to perfection (not just to make them last longer on the supermarket shelf), gathered as and when you need them and in the quantities you need (cutting down on wastage) plus you can choose the varieties you find tastiest. Why not grow some great vegetables in 2013? Go to www. and sign up for ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ – choose from a fantastic selection of vegetables sent to you at just the right time for planting and each week you receive an email from her telling you all you need to know to ensure great results. You can also sign up for Pippa’s newsletter and receive a free ebook on organic gardening, and buy a hand-picked selection of garden products.

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Easy ways to protect your PC How to avoid a digital disaster

These days, we’re doing more and more things digitally: our holiday snaps sit on hard disks, our music is often in MP3 and we’re as likely to download films as buy them on disc. That’s great when your PC’s working perfectly, but how do you make sure it stays that way? Protecting your PC falls into three key categories: protecting your valuable data, protecting your PC from online threats and protecting your PC from physical damage. Protecting the hardware is the easy bit. Surge protectors can prevent nasty spikes in the electricity supply from causing any damage, and if you have a laptop you can buy a Kensington Lock to secure it to something suitably hefty. A compressed air canister can blow dust out of fan vents and debris out of keyboards, and it’s a good idea to keep your PC away from extremes of temperature - a sunny room in summer is a terrible place to keep a PC. Be particularly aware of potential spills: liquid can destroy computers and you won’t believe the damage a tin of baby food can do to a keyboard. It’s a very good idea to keep food and drink and PCs separate. No matter how careful you are, computers can and do break:


every hard disk will wear out eventually. That’s why it’s really important to keep backup copies of anything important such as family photographs, home videos or iTunes downloads. You can do this in several ways - using an online service such as Mozy ( or Skydrive (, by burning them to DVD or by copying them to an external hard disk, but remember that if your backup is in the same place as the original, a domestic disaster such as a burst pipe might ruin both of them. It’s worth remembering too that services such as Facebook won’t compensate you if they accidentally delete or damage your online photo libraries; once again make sure that if it’s important, you have more than one copy in case of disaster. The other issue to worry about is “malware”, which is software designed to do nasty things. Sometimes malware spies on you, trying to obtain your passwords and other details; other times it just damages files or slows your PC to a crawl. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to avoid: Windows 7 and Windows 8 both have firewall software, which can prevent nasties getting in, and if you’re suspicious you can avoid most malware. Don’t open unsolicited


email attachments from people you don’t know, and don’t let fake emails from the bank fool you: your bank will never send you programs or zipped documents in an email. Always make sure you’re downloading from reputable sources, such as, not Big Dave’s Totally Honest Download Page and make sure your web browser software is up to date. Old browsers are a real security risk. Last but not least, invest in some security software. You don’t need to spend any money - Microsoft’s Security Essentials is free ( security_essentials/), as is AVG Free anti-virus ( and AVAST (, and there are also free tools to tune up your PC. One of our favourites is CCleaner (www., which works miracles on sluggish PCs, and we’d also recommend the free Ad-Aware program ( to prevent annoying software setting up shop on your PC. Keeping your PC safe isn’t difficult, time-consuming or expensive, but it’s worth doing. Think of PC protection like home insurance: you hope you’ll never need it, but if disaster strikes you’ll be glad you have it.


HEATING and PLUMBING Est. 1977 The Old Barn, Dunsborough Park, Ripley, Surrey GU23 6AL THE COMPLETE PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICE “Our aim is Quality”



01483 222200

Grooming Marvellous for happy, healthy, odour free dogs Up to date equipment with hydrobath Highest standards of care in a clean, tidy and safe environment Organic treat for your furry friend Local pick up and drop off Contact Jilana Tel: 01372 456501

Mob: 07584 990720

Rustlings 3 Park View Bookham Surrey KT23 3JN Website: Email:

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• Well-Established Modern Practice • Fully Air Conditioned • Same Day Emergency Service • Cosmetic Dentistry including Tooth • • • •

Whitening & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Full Disabled Access Hygienist Service NHS For Children Easy Parking Dr Sue Taylor Dr R Woodriffe Dr M Talbot Dr T Than

Phone Now for an Appointment 01372 363670 135 Cobham Road, Fetcham, KT22 9HX 46


JOHNSON TREE SERVICES Tree Surgery, Site Clearance,

Stump Removal, Fencing, Supplier of logs and wood chip NPTC Qualified Relevant Insurances and Safety Certificates in place. Registered with the Environmental Agency to carry waste. Tel: 01483 894753

Mob: 07876 647225

OAK RIDE FARM Kennels and Cattery

Mrs Noleen Toole Oak Ride Farm Tithe Barns Lane Send, Nr. Woking Surrey GU23 7LE Tel: Guildford (01483) 223312 Open throughout the year 9am – 12 noon 2pm – 5pm Seven days a week

To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


The small, local, greAT VALue friendly garage between Leatherhead and guildford

Servicing for all makes and models, specialising in VW and Audi

Servicing & repairs: • ABS brakes • Clutches • Tyres • Exhaust diagonistics • Air conditionaing

Volkswagen & Audi Specialists We are also Seat and Skoda specialists, but we can also accomodate other maunfactures.

Free Loan Car Available while we carry out the repairs on your car. Tel: 01483 285792 email:


Where to find us: Open View Farm, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6AP


Porsche Cayenne GTS You want a 911, but need more space and would rather have the commanding view of the road a 4x4 offers. Is the Porsche Cayenne the answer? We find out… What is it?

It’s a Cayenne – Porsche’s roughty toughty off-roader – but one that’s had a dose of steroids and some glitter liberally applied to its bodywork. Slotting into the range between the V8 S and the Turbo, the GTS comes with more focus and power and some distinctive styling options.

What’s under the bonnet?

A rather raucous 4.8-litre V8 that’s been uprated from 394bhp to 414bhp and boasts 515Nm of torque. Performance is far from the Turbo’s though; the GTS will hit 60mph in 5.7s and go on to 162mph. It sounds pretty special getting there though! Everything else has been on the sharpening block – the steering is crisper, the eightspeed gearbox shifts quicker, and the lowered ride height gives it an added edge on the road.

What’s the kit like?

Pretty impressive, but like all Porsches you’ll soon rack up Ford Fiesta-sized bills on the

options. A communications pack costs £2,157, 21-inch black alloys are £1,513 and even the red paint will set you back £1,619. Our test car had a total of £13,760 worth of goodies…ouch.

Any rivals?

The ageing Range Rover Sport puts up a pretty good fight, but we’ve never tried a Rangie that sounds as good as this GTS. Audi will soon be at the party with its SQ models, but that’s yet to be applied to its Q7. For a left field there’s always the Infiniti Vettel Edition, but that’s very expensive in comparison. So, not much choice out there at the moment.

Is it any good?

Although it’s incredibly quick and sounds tremendous, it can feel a little bit stressed out at times. By that we mean it feels on edge, twitchy even – perhaps the added sharpness has given it a little too much bite. However, there’s no doubting it has real presence on the road – it’s just the styling might not suit all tastes.

The verdict

We like the GTS treatment given to most Porsches. The 997 911 really benefitted from the work over, and the Panamera GTS we tried after this Cayenne worked fantastically well too. However, the off-roader doesn’t feel quite right in this guise. It’s quick and sounds incredible, but feels like it’s pretending to be something that it’s not.

The Knowledge Model: Porsche Cayenne GTS Price: £67,147 Engine: 4.8-litre, petrol Power: 414bhp, 515Nm Max speed: 162mph 0-60mph: 5.7s MPG (comb’d): 26.4 Emissions: 251g/km by James Baggott, editor of Car Dealer Magazine (

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Bookham Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic Member of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists

Elizabeth Burns and Alex Cliff 29, High Street, Great Bookham, Surrey KT23 4AA

Tel: 01372 454583 Comprehensive Foot Care Service HPC Registered Nail Surgery Experts Home Visits Available Open Monday to Saturday



Providing personalised support in your own home “Based in Guildford we are a family run business that is committed to providing older people with friendly & reliable Carers who genuinely care” Lucinda Kalupka, Nurse & Registered Manager

From just an hour a day to 24 hour support

• Companionship • Personal care • Light domestic duties • Post treatment convalescence

• Trips out • Meal preparation • Medicines prompts • Respite & holiday cover

We listen to your needs and together reach a solution

Call us today on 01483 224 985 |

We also have great opportunities for Carers

RALLS IT Computer Problems? Hardware and IT Technical Support Computer set-up and installation Virus and Spyware removal Wireless network & printer installation Computer rebuilds and maintenance Data backup and transfer Digital photo manipulation 30 Years Exp. Free Call Out Home Visits £20 Per Hour Fully Insured

Steven Ralls - 07967 666239 To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


In West Horsley Please phone Jane on

The future of beauty – a non surgical face lift and body treatment

01483 281506

CACI combines a patented ‘Tsunami’ wave form and micro current.

07976 381397

CACI achieves instantly visible results by tightening and toning sagging muscles and skin tissue

for a consultation and special trial offer

£38 per treatment


Daily Mail September 29th 2008 Dr Nicholas Periconne, Dermatologist to Hollywood’s stars and New York’s Princesses strongly supports electro stimulation such as C.A.C.I., the only non surgical procedure to maintain a youthful appearance.

Intensive skin hydration and skin firming. Hydratone combines active micro current rollers with a unique electrically conductive gel mask infused with powerful hydrating propertires, collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins ‘E’ & ‘C’. Results seen in 15 minutes

£18 per treatment or £15 when combined with a CACI treatment

Fiona Hughes Are you interested in your health? Learn how to improve it – naturally – Practicing for over 15 years

An Embody and MAR Professional

Range of therapies offered: Naturopathic Nutrition Cranio-Sacral Therapy Indian Head Massage Aromatherapy Massage

Reflexology (VRT) Maternity Reflexology Pregnancy Massage Baby Massage

John Davies Garden Maintenance

Lawnmowing Patio, Decking & Garden Furniture Jetwashing Patio Repointing Weeding Clearing Gutters Leaf Clearance Garden Clearance


Tel: 01483 284 750 52



All Jobs Considered Friendly & Efficient Flexible & Attentive

01483 859 857 or 07867 522 320 References available

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Horsley Plumbing & Heating Your local company


• Central Heating • Plumbing • Boilers • Bathrooms • Solar Energy

30 Years Experience Fully Insured 24hr Service Available Quotations supplied

TEL 01483 281 833 MOB 07833 195 083 Streamline Services

15A Station Parade, Ockham Road South, East Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6QN

Installation • Maintenance • Servicing • Repairs Central Heating/Boilers Boilers, Radiators, Fires, Radiator Valves, Controls, Cylinders, Pumps, System Upgrades, Immersion Heaters Plumbing Taps, Ball Valves, Leaks, Water Mains, Water Tanks, W.C.s Bathrooms Alterations, Refurbishment, Showers, Wet Rooms Energy, Efficiency Solar Panels, Insulation, Water Filters, Scale Reducers Gas & Safety Regulations Gas Appliance Servicing, Boilers, Fires, Cookers Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Landlord Certification, Safety Checks

Be a winning saver. Fantastic savings on energy, water, time and money are in your grasp with our new range of Winning Line appliances.

The Winning Line range. First for energy efficiency. First for sustainability. First for innovation. The first time we have integrated key user friendly features with environmentally friendly technology in one enticing package. Find out more about how we can help you save money at

Your Local Independent Retailer

Dorking Domestic Appliances

The Rotunda 15–19 South Street Dorking, Surrey RH4 2LE Telephone 01306 889978 / 742199 Out of hours 07788 427883

Horsley WINES A large selection of wines, spirits and beers at competitive prices

Come and visit us... 4 Station Parade East Horsley KT24 6QN (Next to Lloyds Bank) Open :

Mon to Sat 10am – 10pm Sun 11pm – 9pm

Tel: 01483 284622







Situated in a peaceful garden in West Horsley, a beautiful new studio has been built especially for yoga. 8 8 8

Small private groups Men and women of all ages Day and evening classes




(Qualified Sivananda Yoga Teacher )

01483 281 665 or 07799 067 972

Locally based

07525 911304

Group 5 Dog Training

Puppies from 12 weeks old

10 Week Courses starting

Obedience and Ringcraft classes

January April September

Tuesday evenings Downside Village Hall, Cobham

Tel: (01483) 284300

To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


Hedge trimming + Stumpgrinding ALL LAndScAping + turFing + driVeWAYS pAtiOS + Fencing

In beautiful converted stables at Pound Farm, Ockham, Cobham


A warm, nurturing environment for children aged 0 - 5 years Open from 8am - 6pm All year round For further information please call

01372 456705

24 WOOdLAndS rOAd

BOOkHAm kt23 4HF


01932 866244

Or visit our website at


Perfect Posture Slumping at our desks and hunching our shoulders as we walk are hard habits to break, especially as we age and there’s no one there to tell us to ‘stand up straight!’ Here’s how to perfect your posture… As a nation we spend hours on our phones, laptops and in front of the TV, so it’s fair to say that posture is often the last thing on our mind. However, years of bending, twisting, slumping on the sofa or hauling heavy bags around, could take their toll and end up damaging your spine. Posture isn’t just about how you sit, but also affects the way you stand, lie down or move around. Bad posture can lead to back pain, repetitive strain injuries and may even worsen existing medical conditions. If you’re having a baby you need to be even more careful as pregnancy hormones will temporarily loosen your ligaments. Many of us will just sit back and accept the nagging aches and pains we feel throughout the day, whether we’re at our desks or on our feet for long periods. But making vital changes to the way you look after your posture could save you problems further down the line. Ergonomics (the posh name for posture) doesn’t have to be as complicated as

it sounds - it’s just about supporting your back and reducing the strain that comes from aligning your body incorrectly. When sitting at a desk you can avoid bending awkwardly and straining muscles simply by readjusting your chair or positioning your keyboard and mouse in the right position. Invest in some posturefriendly props, such as wrist or foot rests, as well as an ergonomic chair. Avoid holding your phone between your neck and shoulder, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, slumping forward in your chair, or slouching and hunching your shoulders over. It’s worth remembering that good posture doesn’t just bring physical benefits - you will look and feel more confident and attractive when you stand up straight and proud. Some people even claim that good posture can knock pounds off (sadly, this is just a visual illusion, but hey, it’s far easier than dieting). It’s also important to regularly exercise – walking and swimming are two easy

activities that will help keep your spine healthy and your muscles in good shape. Forget walking around the house with a book balancing on your head - the next time you feel yourself drooping, remember these basic tips: 1. Keep both of your feet flat on the floor when sitting – if you can’t reach the floor, use a footrest. 2. Make sure your back is resting against the back of the chair and avoid leaning forward. 3. As you walk, keep the weight on the balls of your feet, not your heels. 4. Don’t lock your knees and wear supportive footwear. 5. Stand up, have a stretch or go for a walk. If you’re experiencing back ache or any other aches and pains that won’t go away it’s always a good idea to have it checked out by your doctor. You may also decide to search for a local osteopath who can decide what treatment you may need and give you some exercises that you can carry out at home. By Julia Faulks

To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912


Montessori Day Nursery Footprints Montessori Day Nursery aims to provide a safe, happy and caring environment where children are gently nurtured through their early years using the philosophy of Maria Montessori together with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our staff are qualified and experienced in the care of children and work with parents to coordinate home and nursery learning and development in order to help each child feel secure and enable them to grow in confidence and self- esteem.

For all commercial and domestic wiring needs, indoors and outdoors SpecialiSing in electrical wiring teSting Free estimates, Fully insured with Fully qualiFied electricians carrying out the work

contact:- warren Milton

'Happy Children, Active Minds'

01483 458310

07976 354293

Long Reach, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6LZ 01483 285591





Fully Insured sIx Weekly domestIc servIce relIable and ProFessIonal establIshed 1985








For a Free estImate call:

01372 451327 07979 011550 46 Newenham Road, Bookham Leatherhead, Surrey KT23 4NJ

Horsley Recipe of the Month

Spiced Rack with of Fragrant Lamb Rice Serves 4

Ready in 1 hour Perfect for a spring Sunday lunch or stylish supper this quick and easy lamb dish is full of flavor. Choose a couple of meaty racks of lamb from a good butcher and score the layers of fat before spreading with the harissa paste. Serve with a cooling garlic and mint yoghurt sauce.

Ingredients: • 1 tbsp harissa paste (see Tip) • 2 trimmed racks of lamb, each with 6 bones • 2 red onions, peeled and cut into slim wedges • 50g butter • 225g basmati rice, rinsed and drained • 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed • 750ml vegetable stock • Generous pinch saffron strands • 50g sultanas • 40g flaked almonds, lightly toasted • 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds


Harissa paste is a fiery hot North African blend of red chilli peppers and spices – just a little goes a long way so use sparingly. You’ll find it in small jars near the dried herb and spice sections in most large supermarkets.

Preheat the oven to 200C, 400F, Gas 6. Spread the harissa paste over the lamb racks. Place the racks in an oiled roasting tin and add the onion wedges. Roast in the preheated oven for 25-35 minutes depending on how pink you like your lamb. Remove from the oven. Cover with foil and leave to rest for 10 minutes – the lamb will be juicier and easier to carve. Meanwhile, heat the butter in a heavybased pan until melted and foaming. Add the rice and garlic. Fry gently for 1-2 minutes, stirring until the rice is translucent. Pour in the stock. Add the saffron and bring to the boil, stirring. Cover the pan with a tight fitting lid. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and cook for 15-20 minutes without removing the lid until the rice is tender and all the liquid is absorbed. Remove from the heat. Fork through to separate the grains. Add the sultanas, flaked almonds and pomegranate seeds. Carve the lamb racks into individual cutlets and serve immediately with the fragrant rice and roast onion wedges.

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The South’s Leading Supplier Fence Panels Trellis Post & Rail Wire Products Timber Stakes Sleepers Decking Gates Garden Furniture

(part of the Challenge Group)

We offer & deliver superb choice, great value and excellent service. Home Offices • Sheds Log Cabins • Workshops Summerhouses Garages

Play Equipment

Fixed & Bespoke Designs to suit all requirements and budgets. Showsite open 24/7


01932 988 681

Downside Rd, Cobham Surrey. KT11 3LY (opp Medicine Garden)

01483 346 863

Portsmouth Road, Ripley, GU23 6EW Open Mon-Fri 7.30-5.30pm Sat 9.30-5.30pm Delivery service available for Surrey, Berks & Hants

OPENING HOURS Mon-Fri 7.30-5.30pm Sat 8.00-1.00pm


Bishopsmead Parade (through the arch between the shops) East Horsley KT24 6RT

The theatre is fully accessible to wheelchairs, has comfortable seating & a licenced bar.

We also run drama classes for children & teenagers

Nomes (7-15 yrs) on Saturdays and Young Nomads (16 -19yrs) on Thursday evenings phone 01483 284717 for details



What’s On In APRIL / MAY 2013 THE NOMAD T HEATRE Box Office: 01483 284747

Run for Your Wife – 16 to 20 April. High Society – 1 to 4 May. E AST HORSLEY VILLAGE HALL ACTIVITIES U3A meetings at the Hall include Table Tennis, Spanish, Art Appreciation, Practical Art for All, Wine Appreciation. Please ‘phone . Eddie on 01483 285019. HORSLEY U3A Meets at the East Horsley Village Hall at 10.30 am on the fourth Wednesday of each month (except July, August and December) to hear interesting and entertaining speakers. Coffee served from 09.45. On Apr 24 Pamela Holt on Kew Gardens. On May 22nd Martin Lloyd on Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies. Visitors and new members are welcome. ALLOTMENT PLOTS AVAILABLE FOR EAST HORSLEY RESIDENTS They

are open to residents of East Horsley (West Horsley's allocation is full with a waiting list) The plots are located in Ripley Lane West Horsley at the Grace & Flavour Community Garden project. To apply please contact the Clerk Nick Clemens on 01483281148

on 01483 281148. Full details are on our website ‘ EAST HORSLEY PARISH COUNCIL

East Horsley Village Hall AGM AT 7.30 on 13 MAY followed by Annual Parish Council meeting at 8 pm followed by a talk about the Chown family who are responsible for some of the unique architecture in East Horsley. WEST HORSLEY PARISH C OUNCIL IS ORGANISING A LITTER PICK IN WEST HORSLEY VILLAGE ON SATURDAY, 20TH A PRIL 2013. Litter pickers,

gloves and high visibility tabards are provided. Meet at West Horsley Village Hall at 10:00 and after the event we move to the King William IV pub. If you are able to help please contact me on 07909963466 or

HORSLEY FLORAL DECORATION GROUP meets at East Horsley Village Hall on the 2nd Tuesday each month (except May & Aug this year) at 2pm. Visitors & New Members very welcome. Come & join us (first visit free) for fun, flowers and friendship. Phone Beryl 01483 831422 for more details LEATHERHEAD AND DISTRICT NCT NEARLY NEW SALE S AT 27TH APRIL 2013

at Downsend School, 1 Leatherhead Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8TJ at 2pm-3.30pm £1.50 entrance fee (1.45pm for NCT members with valid card) sale of nearly new baby equipment, toys, maternity clothes and baby and toddler clothes.



Saturday 7th September from 2-5pm Dene Place, Ripley Lane, West Horsley. THE WEST HORSLEY FLOWER CLUB meets at East

Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, East Horsley at 8.00p.m. On Wednesday 3rd April demonstrator Susan Tausig will present 'Floral Cocktail' and on 1st May speaker Steve Merryfield will entertain the Club with a talk entitled 'Flowers and Shows'. Visitors are very welcome at both events.

HORSLEY DECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETY Meets at East Horsley Village Hall for lectures at 10.30 am (coffee from 9.45) on the email:parishcouncil@ea second Wednesday of each ‘EAST HORSLEY S PRING CLEAN month (except Aug & Sept). This is a free page. If you’d like to – 6TH APRIL 2013 10 AM – 12PM. 10th April - Antony Penrose on have a community item placed Come and help keep your The Legendary Lee Miller; 8th here please send it through by 15 village tidy, the meeting points May - Jon Cannon on Medieval May for the June/July edition or 12 are Bishopsmead Parade, Cathedrals as Time Machines. July for Aug/Sept editions by Forest Road Newsagents and Visitors and new members emailing the editor: Station Parade. Contact Nick welcome. More information: 01483 280021 or 63 To Advertise in the Horsley Directory call 01483 600 912

Business Bank

The Horsley directory Business Bank CATERING BY PERRY Delicious Food for All Occasions

Please call: 01373 451587

Abacus Baby & Party Hire Wide selection of baby/party equipment Baby & Party Hire


TEL: 01483 of 285142 Wide selection baby/party equipment

TEL: 01483 285142

Kay’s Klinic

Beauty Therapist & Reflexologist Mon-Fri 9 - 6 p.m. Kayos Cottage, Guildford Rd, Effingham TEL: 01372 453065

cross: 1 Gems, 3 Admitted, 9 Anxious, 10 Tease, 11 Disappearing, 13 Negate, 15 Meddle, Disclaimer 7 Instructions, Cargo, 21 Protein, 22 Relished, Across:20 1 Gems, 3 Admitted, 9 Anxious, 10 Tease,23 11 Mend. Disappearing, 13 Negate, 15 Meddle, 17 Instructions, 20 Cargo, 21 Protein, 22 Relished, 23 Mend.


Don’t forget our new number is: ,


01483 600912

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How to advertise in The Horsley Directory

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