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Max Weber Programme

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Email: EUI Affiliation: Department of History and Civilization EUI Mentor: Kiran Patel Anne-Isabelle gained her Ph.D. in history from the University of Cambridge in 2010. Her main research interest is European and world history from the late nineteenth century onward, focusing on the interaction between colonialism and European cooperation. For the next few years Anne-Isabelle has a postdoc grant (Rubicon grant) at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands awarded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO).

Activities during Max Weber Fellowship Publication in Refereed Journal With S. L. Lewis, A. K. Arsan, ‘The Roots of Global Civil Society and the Interwar Moment’. Editorial, Journal of Global History 7, 2, (Forthcoming 2012).

Chapter in Book

‘Les boutiquiers idéalistes. Federalism in the Netherlands in the interwar period’, in: Geneviève Duchenne, Michel Dumoulin, Géné­ rations de fédéralistes européens depuis le XIXe siècle. Individus, groupes, espaces et réseaux. Actes du colloque international d’histoire, Louvainla-Neuve, 2‒3 December 2009 (PIE-Peter Lang, Brussels, Forthcoming 2011).

MWP Working Paper ‘Unfulfilled Aspirations. Society, State and the Brigate Rosse in Post-War Italy’, Max Weber Programme Working Paper (forthcoming).

Conference Presentations • ‘Losing an empire, finding Europe?’ at: the Council for European Studies Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 20‒22 June 2011. • ‘A changing world. Decolonisation and European integration post-1945’. at: the Max Weber Programme Lustrum Conference, Florence, Italy, 8‒10 June 2011. • ‘Africa and the decline of Europe. Eurafrican discourses in interwar Europe’. Public lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 8 March 2011.


• ‘The mirror of civilization. The rise of PanAsia and the need for Pan-Europe’, at: European Encounters. Intellectual Exchange and the Rethinking of Europe (1918‒1945), Conference University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 27‒28 January 2011.

Seminar Presentation ‘Competing internationalisms? Europeanism and colonialism in the interwar period’, at: Internationalism in the Interwar Years: Europe and its place in the World, European University Institute, Florence, 14 February 2011.

Other Academic Activities/Achievements • Participation in Oslo Contemporary International History Network, Trondheim, Norway. • Participation in Decolonization Seminar, National History Center, Washington D.C., USA, project: ‘How Europe needed Africa. The influence of decolonization in Asia on Eurafrican projects in France, 1945‒1954.’ • Organiser panel, ‘Constructing Europe. Situating Europe through the world’ at: Council of European Studies Conference, Barcelona 20‒22 June 2011. • Co-organiser and panel chair interdisciplinary conference ‘Learning from Global Economic Crises. Lessons for and from the Social Sciences’, 11 May 2011, European University Institute, Florence, Italy. • Peer reviewer for the European Review of History/Revue Européenne d’Histoire.

Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

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