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Report 2010-2011

ana carolina hosne Argentine

Email:; EUI Affiliation: Department of History and Civilization EUI Mentor: Antonella Romano Ana gained her Ph.D. from University of Buenos Aires (2010). She is a part-time professor at the Center for Slavic and Chinese Studies, University of San Martín (UNSAM), Argentina. Ana is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). Her field of research is the Society of Jesus in the late sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth century, a theme that allows her to bring together the three major strands of research that make up her academic background: colonial Latin American history, early modern European history and late Ming China.

Activities during Max Weber Fellowship Publication in Refereed Journal ‘Lo deseable y lo posible. La visión y representación de China en la obra de José de Acosta’ [Desirable and possible. Vision and representation of China in José de Acosta´s works], Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu (Roma) (under review).

Chapter in Book ‘Los letrados confucianos en el período Ming tardío y la consumación de la República platónica. Reflexiones políticas de Matteo Ricci (1552‒1610) en la misión jesuítica en China’ [Confucian scholars in late Ming and the consummation of Plato´s Republic. Matteo Ricci´s reflections on politics in the Jesuit mission to China] in: Guillermo Wilde (Ed.), Interacciones y sentidos de la conversión: prácticas jesuíticas y escrituras de la alteridad, Buenos Aires, Editorial SB, 2011. Forthcoming.

Other Publications

• Review: M. Marie Laven, Mission to China. Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit Encounter with the East, London, Faber and Faber, 2011, in Times Higher Education, UK, 21‒27 April, 2011, No. 1, 995. • Proceedings: The process of printing of two Jesuit catechisms: the Third Lima Council corpus (1584‒85) by José de Acosta in Peru and Matteo Ricci´s Tianzhu shiyi or True Meaning of

the Lord of Heaven (1603) in China, in the proceedings of the international symposium Early Missionary Printing in Asia and the Americas by Antoni J. Üçerler, S. J. and Xiaoxin Wu (Eds.). Forthcoming.

MWP Working Paper

Shaping and establishing virtuous friendship: Jesuit Matteo Ricci (1552‒1610) in late Ming China, Max Weber Programme Working Paper 2011/25.

Conference Presentations • 24‒25 June 2011, ‘The Global Dimensions of European Knowledge, 1450‒1700’, Birbeck, University of London, UK. • 8‒10 June 2011, Max Weber Lustrum Conference, European University Institute, Villa La Fonte. • 26‒27 May 2011, ‘The Rites Controversy in the Early Modern World’, Colloque International organisé par Ines G. Zupanov et Pierre-Antoine Fabre, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France. • 14‒15 April 2011, 32th ‘Medieval and Renaissance Forum’ on Love, Friendship and Marriage, Plymouth State University, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA. • 17‒18 February 2011, ‘Early Modern Mission in a global Perspective’, Department of History


Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  
Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

Reports on the 2010-2011 teaching and research activities of the largest postdoctoral programme for young academics in the social sciences,...