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Max Weber Programme

magdalena forowicz Polish

Email: EUI Affiliation: Department of Law EUI Mentor: Miguel Maduro Magdalena gained her Ph.D. from the University of Zurich. Before coming to the EUI, she held a one-year postdoc post at the University of Zurich. Her main research interest is international human rights law and administrative EU law. She is currently writing her habilitation on State discretion in European Law. She has currently extended her funding granted by the Swiss National Fund. She remains affiliated with the EUI as a Visiting Max Weber Fellow for the year 2011‒2012.

Activities during Max Weber Fellowship Books

• The Reception of International Law in the European Court of Human Rights. OUP (2010). • Friendly Settlements before the European Court of Human Rights. With Prof. Helen Keller and Dr. Lorenz Engi. OUP (2010).

Publications in Refereed Journals • ‘A Tightrope Walk Between Legality and Legitimacy: An Analysis of the Israeli Supreme Court’s Judgment on Targeted Killing’. 21 (1) Leiden Journal of International Law 185 (2008). Cowritten with Prof. Dr. Helen Keller. • ‘A New Era for the Supreme Court after Hamdan v. Rumsfeld?’ 67/1 Heidelberg Journal of International Law 1 (2007). Co-written with Prof. Dr. Helen Keller.

Chapters in Books • ‘The Ricochets of Convergence in EU law and the ECHR: Much Ado About Margins of Appreciation’ in Samantha Besson and Nicolas Levrat, Interprétation en droit européen, Fondements du droit européen, Bruylant/Shultess, 2011. • ‘The access to applicants as well as the transfer to witnesses, applicants and other persons to the EctHR’, in Elisabeth Lambert-Abdelgawad, Preventing and Sanctioning Hindrances to the Right of Individual Petition Before the European Court of Human Rights, Interscentia, 2011, with Vladimir Gribincea.


Other Publications • ‘The Implementation of the ICC Statute in Belgium’, XVI Finnish Yearbook of International Law, 55 (2005). • ‘The Future of Friendly Settlements in Concepts of General Dometis Remedy and Simplified Procedure for Amending the Convention on the Post-Interlaken Process’, 4th Warsaw Seminar, KSAP/Kontrast, Warsaw, 2010.

MWP Working Paper

State Discretion under EU Law, Max Weber Programme Working Paper 2011/27.

Conference Presentation ‘The Future of Friendly Settlements’, in Concepts of General Dometis Remedy and Simplified Procedure for Amending the Convention on the Post-Interlaken Process, 4th Warsaw Seminar, Warsaw, September 2010.

Seminar Presentations • ‘WHY proportionality?’, WHY Seminar, Course leaders: Miguel Maduro and Hans Micklitz. • ‘The State Margin of Appreciation under EU Law’, Writing EU Law, Course leader: Loïc Azoulai.

Other Academic Activities/Achievements Teaching a course at New York University in Florence: Topics in Human Rights, Humanitarian Challenges and Law.

Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

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