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Report 2010-2011

Email: EUI Affiliation: Department of History and Civilization EUI Mentor: Kiran Patel

mehmet dosemeci Turkish

Mehmet gained his Ph.D. in History from Columbia University, NY in 2009. Before coming to the EUI, he held a one-year assistant professorship in Modern European History at Bowdoin College. His main research interests include modern Turkish history and the history of European integration. Mehmet is returning to Columbia as an INTERACT postdoctoral fellow in 2011.

Activities during Max Weber Fellowship Book

Conference Presentations

‘Associating Turkey with Europe, Civilization, Nationalism, and the EEC’. (To be reviewed by CUP, upon completion).

• 18th Council of European Studies Conference, Barcelona. Organized Panel: ‘Constructing Europe: Situating Europe through the World’. Paper to be presented: ‘Stipulating Europe: A Turkish lens onto how Europe became defined through its Enlargement’. • ‘Faraway, So Close? Beyond the Pro/Contra Controversy on Turkey’s EU Accession, Berlin’. Paper presented: ‘Looking with, not at, Turkey: A Historical Critique of Turkish-EU Debates’. • The Mediterranean and Southern Europe from Détente to the Second Cold War, Padua. Paper presented: ‘Turkey’s Great Westernization Debate’.

Publications in Refereed Journals • ‘Joining Europe: Civilization, Nationalism, and Turkish-EEC Relations.’ South East European and Middle East Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2011. • ‘Turkish Opposition to the Common Market: An Archaeology of Nationalist Thought, 1964‒1980.’ South European Society and Politics (forthcoming).

Chapter in Book ‘How Turkey Became a Bridge between “East” and “West”: the EEC and Turkey´s Great Westernization Debate, 1960‒1980,’ in Alexander Maxwell, ed., The East-West Discourse: Symbolic Geography and its Consequences (Berne, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010).

Seminar Presentation Ferdinand Braudel Seminar, EUI, Florence. Paper presented: ‘Anti-westernism in Turkey, 1960‒1980’.

MWP Working Paper ‘Joining Civilization’, Max Weber Programme Working Paper (forthcoming).


Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

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