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Max Weber Programme

Thursday 9 June 2011 rasmus hoffmann (mwf 2008/09)

The potential for reduction of health inequalities in Europe – illustration of a method based on PopulationAttributable Fractions Discussant: jenny hansson


alexey bessudnov (mwf 2010/11)

Class Inequality in Mortality in Russia Discussant: daria popova (sps/eui)

Panel: Evolutionary Theory and the Social Sciences

Panel: European Integration, Political Parties, and Public Opinion II

galina zapryanova

maria heracleous (mwf 2006/07)

(mwf 2010/11)


mathieu petithomme (sps/eui)

Designing ‘lost-cost’ campaigns? The effects of political finance on party competition in EU elections


wilhelm lehmann


Recent advances towards veritable European political parties

naomi beck (mwf 2009/10) and wojciech zaluski (mwf 2007/08) wojciech zaluski (mwf 2007/08) naomi beck (mwf 2009/10)

Papers giulia andrighetto

(mwf 2010/11)

Combining punishment and social norms to achieve cooperation. A cognitive and simulation model naomi beck (mwf 2009/10)

Nobel laureate F.A. von Hayek’s model of cultural group selection wojciech zaluski (mwf 2007/08)

Case study of the spread of Christianity in the Roman world: evaluating the explanatory potential of the concept of cultural group selection Discussants: Speakers discuss each others’ papers

(european parliament)

francesco maiani (mwf 2007/08)

Participatory democracy in the Lisbon Treaty – a legal perspective

Discussant: richard rose (fernand

braudel fellow, sps/eui)

Panel: Health and Education II Chair

(mwf 2008/09, marie curie fellow, sps/eui)

raya muttarak


margherita fort (mwf 2006/07)

Education and Health. What is the Role of Lifestyle? Discussant: alexi gugushvili


(mwf 2007/08)

Efficiency of European Public Higher Education Institutions: two stage multi-country multi-period approach Discussant: alexey bessudnov

(mwf 2010/11)

Session III Chair

joanna wolszczak derlacz

Conditional Cash Transfers and Schooling Decisions: Evidence from Urban Mexico (joint with Mario GonzalezFlores and Paul Winters) Discussant: joanna wolszczak derlacz

(mwf 2007/08)

Panel: Causality in Social Sciences Coordinator and Chair sarolta laczo


joerg friedrichs (mwf 2006/07)

Causal mechanisms and process patterns: thinking within or without the box Discussant: giulia andrighetto

(mwf 2010/11)

can aybek (mwf 2008/09)

Tracing Changes During a Marriage Migration Process: Methodical and Practical Issues in Qualitative Longitudinal Research Designs Discussant: georgia mavrodi

(fellow rscas)

sarolta laczo (mwf 2009/10)

Living Arrangements and Time Allocation: Evidence from the United Kingdom Discussant: maria gustafsson



(mwf 2009/10)

Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  
Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

Reports on the 2010-2011 teaching and research activities of the largest postdoctoral programme for young academics in the social sciences,...