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Report 2010-2011

Political Economy: Theory and Application I

Panel: The Functioning of Modern Democracies

Panel: History I



uditi sen (mwf 2010/11)

richard van weelden (mwf 2010/11)


reuben kline

(mwf 2010/11)


dunja larise


(mwf 2010/11)

dunja larise (mwf 2010/11) leila hadj abdou (sps/eui)

richard van weelden


Candidates and Voter Welfare in Repeated Elections Discussant: antonio miralles

Corporate governance? Brussels and its corporate lobbies Discussant: david koussens

(mwf 2010/11)

(mwf 2009/10)

jan klingelhöfer (mwf 2010/11)

Lobbying and Elections Discussant: richard van weelden

(mwf 2010/11) Chair

richard van weelden (mwf 2010/11)


antonio miralles (mwf 2009/10)

School choice in Tiebout Model Discussant: jan klingelhöfer

(mwf 20110/11)

reuben kline (mwf 2010/11)

Corruption, Income Inequality and Inequity: Experimental Evidence Discussant: anna lo prete (mwf 2007/08)

dunja larise (mwf 2010/11)

(mwf 2010/11)

rubén ruiz rufino (mwf 2007/08)


Session I Writing Historical Lives

This panel will explore the role of biography in history Chair

giulia andrighetto (mwf 2010/11)


cécile d’albis (mwf 2010/11)

Richelieu: a mask of political action

Causes of electoral fraud: an institutional approach Discussant: marc berenson

dean vuletic (mwf 2010/11)

(mwf 2007/08)

Making the Man: Popular Culture and the Personality Cult of Josip Broz Tito

marc berenson (mwf 2007/08)

Discussant: catherine fletcher

Building Trust, Instilling Fear: How the Polish, Russian and Ukrainian States Have Shaped Attitudes towards Tax Compliance Amidst Economic Change from 2005 to 2011 Discussant: rubén ruiz rufino

(mwf (2007/08)

david koussens (mwf 2010/11)

When Secularism Becomes a Nationalist Value. Narrative Secularism versus Juridical Secularism in France (1989-2010) Discussant: dunja larise

(mwf 2010/11)

(mwf 2010/11)

Session II Transnational Histories: Friendship, Networks and Science

This panel will explore how in history, the nature of friendship has varied in different cultural contexts and it will investigate how networks of familiarity spanning different nations facilitate circulation of ideas or scientific pursuit Chair jorge flores



ana hosne and christian kühner (mwf 2010/11)

Public and virtuous? Public or virtuous? A cross-cultural comparison of the phenomenon of friendship in the French court and in late Ming China


Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  
Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

Reports on the 2010-2011 teaching and research activities of the largest postdoctoral programme for young academics in the social sciences,...