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Max Weber Programme

Interdisciplinary Reading Group on Social Norms The aim of this reading group, organized by MWFs Giulia Andrighetto and Stéphanie Novak, was to start an interdisciplinary discussion on thenotion of social norm. This reading group was open to any Max Weber Fellow with an interest in norm-related topics. The researches of several Max Weber Fellows have in common

the use to different extents the notions of social norms and legal norms. We attempted to pool our theoretical and methodological approaches in order to deepen and enrich our understanding of these social and legal artefacts, trying to exceed the boundaries of the single disciplines. Some presenters focused on the reading of classical texts while others showed how they used the concept of social norm in their original research.

Interdisciplinary Reading Group on Social Norms 2010-2011 16 march 1. stéphanie novak

Reading of Jon Elster, ‘Social Norms’, Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology. 2. giulia andrighetto

Reading of Cristina Bicchieri, ‘Social Norms’, Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy,

7. élise dermineur

‘Peasants and their Emotions in Early Modern France, 1650-1789. Local Economy, Legal Culture and Gender’ 8. cécile d’albis

‘Social Norms and Religious Ceremonies in Granada’ 20 july

13 april

9. christian kühner

3. giuseppe contissa

‘Social norms and early modern court society’

Reading of H. L. A. Hart, The Concept of Law.

10. kristin surak

4. yane svetiev

‘Socialisation and Norm Enforcement in Transnational Regulatory Networks’ 5. blaz zakelj

Reading of Herbert Gintis, ‘Social norms as choreography’ 6 june 6. michael sevel

‘On-going research into the epistemology of law, in particular how those persons to whom legal norms apply find out the content of those norms’


‘Becoming Good Japanese: Negotiating Norms and Membership through the Tea Ceremony’ 22 june multidisciplinary research workshop 11. jon elster

(Collège de France/ Columbia University) ‘Social norms and the explanation of behaviour’

Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

Reports on the 2010-2011 teaching and research activities of the largest postdoctoral programme for young academics in the social sciences,...