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Max Weber Programme Professors Daniel Dennett, Kenneth Pomeranz and Deirdre Curtin

2010 and was titled ‘Development with Chinese Characteristics? Convergence and Divergence in Long-run and Comparative Perspective’. daniel c. dennett

Professor Biagioli’s lecture took place at Villa la Fonte on 19 January 2011 and was titled ‘The Dematerialization of Invention: Revolutions in the History of a Legal Concept’.

Co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies, the Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, and a University Professor at Tufts University. His research centres on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and philosophy of biology. Professor Dennett’s lecture took place at Villa la Fonte on 15 December 2010 and was titled ‘‘‘My brain made me do it” – When neuroscientists think they can do philosophy’.

jean tirole

mario biagioli

Professor at the University of Amsterdam, and a leading expert in the area of law and governance of the European Union. Professor Curtin’s lecture took place at Villa la Fonte on 16 March 2011 and was titled ‘Beyond Whack-a-mole: Keeping Government Secrecy Safe’.

Professor of History of Science at Harvard University, Mario Biagioli is a specialist on scientific authorship and inventions in the Early Modern period. He has published extensively on the works of Galileo, including Galileo’s Instruments of Credit.


Professor of economics at the University of Toulouse. He works on industrial organization, game theory, banking and finance, and economics and psychology. Professor Tirole’s lecture took place at Villa la Fonte on 16 February 2011 and was titled ‘Laws and Norms’. deirdre m. curtin

Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

Reports on the 2010-2011 teaching and research activities of the largest postdoctoral programme for young academics in the social sciences,...