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Report 2010-2011

The year’s first APG session discussed ‘Public History’ as a challenge and opportunity for academic historians. How does the professional historian relate to those who engage in ‘doing history’ without belonging to the academic sector? And what about historical interest coming from a wider public? Should academic historians respond to it or rather defend their own agenda, driven first and foremost by intra-academic debates? The second session was a reflection on the role of the academic historian in the current situation of higher education reforms, which often translate into sharp cuts, especially in the humanities. What critical contributions can historians make in that context that go beyond stating that their own discipline needs to be saved? The third session was dedicated to the problem of history in schools and its relationship to academic history teaching. What does it mean for academic historians that a sizable part of their students (in some continental European systems even half of the student body) are future schoolteachers of history? And what does it mean for the academic historians’ responsibility that they shape perspectives on history that are going to be diffused through their former students who teach in schools? Finally, our fourth and last session examined historical novels. What relationship is there between fictional and non-fictional historical writing? What status does the historical novel have in shaping images of history? HEC fellows were all involved in the academic activities of the History Department. In particular, the Fernand Braudel Round-table Series in November, January and March allowed all of us to present our work to the HEC Department and the wider academic community. At the same time, HEC faculty kindly conducted mock interviews to help Fellows prepare for the job market and workshops on publishing strategies and syllabus development held at Villa la Fonte.

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Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

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