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Report 2010-2011

Cécile d’Albis (HEC), Matthew Hoelle (ECO), Giuseppe Martinico (LAW), Stéphanie  Novak (SPS), Alessia Paccagnini (ECO), Temel Taskin (ECO) and Galina Zapryanova (SPS).

I greatly enjoyed my time in Barcelona and found the academic opportunities (both teaching and research as outlined above) very rewarding.

Some impressions of the UPF exchange

I am satisfied with my experience with the UPF teaching exchange. The preparation was wellorganized and I was informed well in advance about the type of course I would be teaching and I was put in contact with my ‘mentor’—Luis Recuenco—from the political science department at UPF. He was helpful with any additional questions I had about the number of students, the structure of the course, etc.—details that I needed to prepare a suitable lecture. I was also sent a schedule of my teaching and other activities for the exchange week… Overall, the teaching exchange went well and I was able to add to my teaching experience at the same time as making some research contacts. I think the Max Weber Programme should definitely have this exchange again next year!

matt hoelle (eco) My duties: 1. I taught in the course ‘Topics in Macroeconomics’ under Professor Nicola Gennaioli on Tuesday from 11.10 to 13.00. The class consisted of 18-20 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students majoring in Economics. 2. I conducted the Teaching Assistant section of the course ‘Topics in Macroeconomics’ on Wednesday from 14.10 to 15.00. 3. I gave a research seminar in the Department of Economics Internal Micro and Behavioural Economics Workshop Series. The talk took place on Thursday from 13.10 to 14.00.

galina zapryanova (sps)

p. 10‒11: Gaetano Gaballo, Matthew Hoelle, Daniel Ritter, Aneta Jurska-Gawrysiak, Rebecca Zahn and Giulia Andrighetto, Max Weber Fellows


Max Weber Programme Annual Report - Academic Year 2010-2011  

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