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Report 2010-2011 Gaetano Gaballo, Mathias Staudigl, Giulia Andrighetto and Catherine Fletcher, Max Weber Fellows

Anne-Isabelle Richard (HEC), Daniel Ritter (SPS), Rebecca Zahn (LAW), Heng Wang (LAW) and Uditi Sen (HEC).

of our stay showed the welcoming nature and good organisation of the people involved in the teaching exchange programme.

Some impressions of the LSE exchange

anne-isabelle richard (hec)

dunja larise (sps)

The exchange was organised and announced very well in advance, and that gave Fellows enough time to prepare their public lectures well… The feedback on my public lecture, as well as the feedback on the microteaching session, has been very useful. The microteaching preparation course gave us the possibility to get acquainted with the latest techniques applied to teaching small groups, and especially groups of students who do not have English as a mother tongue. Even the events on the margin of our organised programme, like a visit to the pub on the first day and lunch on the last day

I enjoyed the micro-teaching and it was good to practice teaching a topic to people who have no background knowledge. However, if the sessions were a little longer, it could be even more useful. Some time could be devoted to creating a shared knowledge base of sorts, after which a discussion could follow which drew a little more on content. Working within the limits of the exchange I really appreciated Nick and Neil’s work arranging the exchange, and their comments.

daniel ritter (sps) The trip was well organized. Nick and Neil took very good care of us, and for those of us who were


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