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EU’GO experimentations

Scuola Media San Benedetto The first year of EU’GO project was dedicated to the discovery of other national and European realities and to the exchange of ideas. During the second year gardeners that participated to the Study Visits will implement in their urban garden a Good Practice that they observed in another country. A reflection activity on their learning process and acquisition of competences will take place, so in the end will contribute to the creation of tools used in the e-learning webpage , in order to give the opportunity to other gardeners to continue experimenting and learning!

Teacher Paola Turroni travels with EU’GO in 2012 to Spain where she visits for the first time a synergy garden and gets inspired.

Permaculture in a school

The next Study Visit of Paola Turroni is in France, where she meets the participant Carmello Leotta , from Garbatella Urban Gardens and she participates in a permaculture workshop . The decision to transfer this Good Practice in her school was taken!

Invited by the teacher Paola Turroni, the expert Antonio Oliva explains the permaculture theory and the life circle of plants to the young students.

EU’GO experimentations

Scuola Media San Benedetto February 2013 Involving also the parents of the students, the experimentation process is boosting! Everybody do its best to clean the ground, dig and gets informed about the plants and the bugs of the garden.

Permaculture in a school

March 2013 The experimentation of the S.M.S Benedetto within EU’GO progect takes part to an event ,to support the right to education for all.

In the end of the activity a short evaluation is asked to be done : Biodiversity and learn to work with others are the new competences acquired!

And the activities are continuing : planting the seeds and watch them grow! The children learn more about nature and they get prepared for the next step: The seedbeds!

EU’GO experimentations

Scuola Media San Benedetto May 2013 April 2013 In the seedbeds the plants are growing. In the garden it’s time to work! We realized the beds

Permaculture in a school

We plant the little plants from our seedbeds. Now we will take care of them, by watering them and look for their growth. Then we came back to the beginning of the garden project and, togheter with the CEMEA del Mezzogiorno responsibles, the teachers, Antonio and the moms, we prepared beautiful poster. So other people can see the work done and what we learnt.

The drop irrigation system...

And we sprawl the straw everywhere in the garden, ready for hosting the plants. And here we are...Thanks to everybody!!!!

EU'GO Experimentation: Scuola Media S. Benedetto, Permaculture in school