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Tutorial « Build an insect hotel »

A good practice implemented by « Graines de Jardiniers » Association – Shared gardin in Lauris (France)

Summary • • • • • •

An insect hotel, what is it ? Steps of the project Construction step by step Equipment and materials Advices from those who built it Arguments in favor of such a project

An insect hotel, what is it ? Definition It is a heaven for useful insects in the garden. Useful insects in gardens are: those that pollinate flowers, who are predators of insect pests (those that harm crops). How does it work ?

These hotels encourage the presence of beneficial insects as they can find refuge in winter.

Steps of the project Preliminary steps – Learning about insects: Learn to recognize them, know their habitat, life cycle, feeding, breeding, find out how to welcome in the garden. It can be an opportunity to create information sheets on insects, which could be useful also later (to inform the curious persons).

– Choosing a model (size and shape) Here are ours:

Steps of the project Implementation – Draw the plan – Build the insect hotel (see after the « step by step construction »)

– Install it (think about the place protected from strong wind)

– filling the interior space (see after the « Materials list »)

Construction step by step

It’s time to begin…

Des angles droits ‌ pour que ça tienne droit au final ! Angles perfectly straight ... So that it stands up straight at the end

We begin with the frame

Cutting with the « circular saw »

Drilling for fixings

Saw cut of the supports for the internal boards

Grinding of the parts

Fixing the frame

Fixing the internal boards

Installation of wire

Cut this part and fix it here

angle bracket in the roof

Between roof and top of the frame

Attachment of the roof

Cutting brick with a grinder

Interiors design

Prepare holes for poles

Ground preparation


Installing the hotel in the garden

On the right and the left

forwardly and rearwardly

Fixing the insects hotel

Our first insects hotel!

Slots box

And the following

Equipment and materials Equipment list For the hotel’s structure • handsaw • circular saw • bracket • sanding machine • screw gun • power drill (8mm diameter by 15 cm long to drill pieces of wood) • pencil • hammer • jigsaw (for fences box ) • stapler (if grid) • crowbar and maillet • disc grinder

To fill in the hotel (to cut sections of cane) • shears • secateurs • jigsaw

Equipment and materials materials list For the hotel’s structure - Wood - Ironmongery - Angle-brackets (to be inside for the hotel is straight) To fill in the hotel ‒Wood (for logs : rather hardwood for sustainability) ‒brick ‒Cane ‒Sureau ‒Roseau ‒Pinecones ‒Cagettes (to make "millefeuille" of cagettes) ‒Bunch of brambles ‒Bark ‒Straw ‒Stones ‒Flowerpots ‒Old wood ‒Heather ‒Pragmite ...

Advices •

Make a plan! "We made our first hotel in insects without a plan, it was difficult! “

For materials: you will of course need untreated wood: quite difficult to find. Move closer to work sawmills (who have more choices and are better advices).

The equipement : a hand saw is enough to build a small hotel. But depending on the size of the project, it had better be better equipped ... or have lots of time.

Some information may be hard to find (with which material do I furnish habitat insect? Which insects live in our region?) Maybe you can save time by asking associations that undertake inventories and know well about it.

Technical advice: some insects like to dig their shelter in the mud, so sections of cane is filled with mud. For filling with mud, ensure cut sections cane just below the node to be able to fill.

To improve the comfort of your guests, plant a flower meadow, they will have the food and shelter! To protect them from predators, you can put wire on the hotel.

And if we did it again ? What does the team of “Graines de jardiniers” answers: "Perhaps you would build only one hotel at the same time, three, what a job! "" We would take more time to think about different hotels, Totem style or another. "

Arguments in favor of such a project • A good project to create a group dynamic: it is a good practice easily accessible to a group of gardeners and allows teamwork • a way to learn a lot about insects (even about computer practice at the same time: research, writing insects sheets, ...)

• a good way to learn about DIY • a useful equipment for the garden (at the biological level) • a social tool: a teaching aid for schools • These hotels arouse curiosity and attract new supporters to the garden • These are works of art, beautifully integrated in the garden

it's your go, now ! This tutorial was created by Réseau des Jardins Solidaires Méditerranéens (« thanks! » Gwen) under the european project « EUGO » (exchange of good practices).

Many thanks to each member of « Graines de Jardiniers » for his/her dedication and kindness. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication (communication) reflects the views only of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use which may be made ​of the information contained therein.

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