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One of these days, I'm gonna sit down and write a long letter To all the good friends I've known And I'm gonna try And thank them all for the good times together. cture . Class of 201 1. te i h c Though so apart we've grown. r A I never tried to burn any bridges Though I know I let some good things go. My friends are scattered Like leaves from an old maple.

David Bader

Sara Austin

M�n�r�: History, French Ac���i��e�: Traveling, SLA, SCALA, eating, slowly taking over the surrounding desks. Q���: “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems with just potatoes - Douglas Adams" D�e�� J��:Something primarily planning based and maybe some historic preservation thrown in for good measure D�e�� da�e�: June ��th...?not too hot, not too cold, pretty flowers F�v��i�� ��n��n� ma����� ��r�ha��: Poptarts, Cheezits, Dr. Pepper F�v��i�� P�i�m�-c�l�� c�l��: Black Grape Prismacolor, Moss Green Chartpak F�v��i�� s���n��fi� �l�n� n���: Mangifera indica (it’s a mango!) N����� � A�� �i�h��r� ����e�: �ish. Seriously, � a year sounds about right. S�u�i� Q���: I’m sure there are many, I can’t think of one Mos� ��m�r���� s�u�i� m���n�: The Game Mos� ��b��ras��n� m���n�: Meg asking about The Game




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recret rearbook  

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