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Memorandum To:

Executive Directors


Regional Director


2011 Regional Council Meeting


10 January 2011

Dear colleagues and friends, First of all let me wish you a very bright 2011 with lots of successes in your professional and personal lives. Secondly I would like to inform you that my assistant Karina Friesen has given birth to a healthy daughter and that she will be replaced for the whole of 2011 by Lucy Cady. Please take note that Lucy will be your main contact point for all RC related matters and that she will be sending out all the messages on my behalf. You can contact her at Thirdly this message is all about the arrangement for the 2011 Regional Council of which this letter forms the official announcement of the place and date which is: Regional Council 2011 Gent (Belgium) Thursday June 16 – Saturday June 18, 2011.

As announced earlier there will be quite some changes in how we prepare and conduct this meeting and therefore I ask for your attention to some practical details and the timeline. Timeline Please bear in mind that 2011 is election year and that we need to keep in mind a timeframe in order to follow the procedures correctly. As the RC is very early this year, it is important that you respond by the indicated deadlines. To remind you the schedule is the following: 10 January 4 March 11 March 22 April 1 May

RC announcement and request for delegate names send out to EDs deadline for ED to provide names of delegates (use attached format) and The MA Annual Report 2010 to the RC (attached format) RO to send election packs to RC delegates deadline to send nominations for candidates who stand for election deadline for web based registration of delegates with flight details

Logistics I would like to remind you that this year we will ask the Executive Directors to arrange the visas (where needed) and the travel arrangements for your delegates. We will take care of the hotel bookings. All costs related to visa and travel will be reimbursed to the member association as soon as we know the total cost. We will give you an indication of the ceiling for the costs of the tickets. All costs above that ceiling will need to be carried by the association so it is in your interest to arrange for the travel as soon as possible and as cheap as possible. According to IPPF Regulations we do not allow business class travel or economy plus. We do however allow a higher cost for direct flights if that is more convenient for the volunteer. In order to facilitate this process we will set up a website with an electronic registration form which will allow us to proceed with the rooming lists for the hotels and the calculation of per diems. On this website we will also post all documents related to the RC. You and your volunteers will be informed each time a new document is uploaded with an indication of whether the document is for approval or for information. All documents for approval will be available in paper format at the meeting. We hope that this arrangement will work better than the CD-ROM approach we took over the last couple of years. Member Association’s Delegates to Regional Council Please inform Lucy Cady ( of the names of your Association’s volunteer representatives to the 2011 Regional Council (RC) using the attached format and the latest by 4 March 2011. Please update/fill in the biographical data as we need this for further purposes in regard to the election process. The delegates who wish to stand for election need to be present at the Regional Council. In this respect it is very important that you strategize carefully on who your Member Association’s representatives will be to the Regional Council as well as to the YSAFE meeting being held in February. These events can no longer be seen separately as the YSAFE Annual Meeting will among their representatives elect the 5 YSAFE representatives with voting rights (not eligible to stand for election) to the Regional Council as well as nominate for RC confirmation the 2 Youth Representatives to the REC/GC (in total 7 persons). In addition IPPF Regulations require that the Regional Council has 20% young people participating. Taking into account the above we still need at least 10 member associations to include a young person in their official delegation. The IPPF EN Regulations further require that at least 50% of the delegation is female and that to be able to stand for election one need to have attended Regional Council at least 2 times over the last 5 years. To help you in making a strategic decision on whom to send to the 2011 RC I attach also an overview of the delegates that are, according to our records, eligible for election. IMPORTANT: Please note that the working language of the Regional Council is English and no interpretation/translation will be provided during the meeting. Please ensure that your representatives can attend the entire meeting. 2

The Regional Office can refuse delegates who cannot stay for the full meeting for logistical and financial reasons.

Member Association Annual Report 2010 to the Regional Council Another element for preparation for the 2011 Regional Council is the submission of the Member Association Annual Report 2010 to Regional Council and the Case Studies. The guidelines and template for these are in attachment. We ask you to follow the guidelines for this report as it will help the Regional Office to optimise our reporting on the Region’s activities to Central Office and the outside world. Kindly return the format for your delegates to Regional Council to Lucy at The Annual Report to Regional Council and the Case Studies are to be submitted to Marie-Agnès Lenoir at All documents need to be at the Regional Office BEFORE 4 MARCH 2011. I am fully aware that this is quite a complicated process, particularly in an election year, so please do not hesitate to ask for further information if needed. Many thanks and warm regards Vicky

Vicky Claeys Regional Director Attachments: Annex with details from IPPF EN Regulations Form to announce the delegates with their biographical details Guidelines for the Annual Report 2010 to Regional Council Form for the Case Studies reporting Overview of eligible candidates for election according to RO records

From choice, a world of possibilities 3

Regional Director Regional President Regional Treasurer

Vicky Claeys Elena Dmitrieva Deniz Deralla

Registered in Belgium, International NGO No. 47049013 UK Registered Charity No. 229476

Annex to letter RD 7 January 2011 1. Criteria for MA representation at Regional Council Please note that Full Member Associations may nominate two representatives, and Associate Members one representative, according to Article 7.1 of the Regional Constitution. For the Region and MAs to comply with the IPPF policy on Gender Equity, there should be at least one woman nominated by each MA and we need to comply with 20% youth attendance at RC, therefore, please take note of this when nominating your representatives. Please find below the revised extract from the Regional Constitution (Article 7.1) as approved by the June 2007 Regional Council: 7.1 The Regional Council shall consist of representatives of member organizations. Not more than two representatives may be appointed by each full member organization, at least one of whom must be a woman. Both representatives have the right to vote and to stand for election. Associate member organizations may appoint one representative with the right to vote, but not eligible to stand for election. In line with IPPF’s Policy 4.7 Member Associations are strongly urged to include young people under 25 years of age in their delegation to RC. The IPPF EN youth network named Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe (YSAFE) elects on a yearly basis 5 delegates under the age of 25 to represent the European youth at the RC with the right to vote, but not eligible to stand for election. No person shall serve as a representative to the RC for more than to total cumulative period of 12 years, understood as the number of times an individual has participated in the RC. No paid staff member of a member organization may be appointed as a member of the RC. 2. Elections 2011 – Eligibility of Candidates Please take note of Article 4.1 of the IPPF EN Regulations: 4.1

Eligibility of Candidates


In order for a candidate to stand for election to the Regional Executive Committee or the Governing Council, they must: [a] be a Regional Council representative from an Association which has full membership status with IPPF. [b] have attended the Regional Council for at least two years; the most recent of which must be within the last five years (this includes those volunteers who have been observers, providing they comply with the requirement stated in [a] and [c]) [cl have at least two years' experience at the Association level in either programme development, service delivery, policy development, or as a Board member [d] be able to serve their three year term when elected (ie not to exceed the total permissible tenure when standing) [e] in accepting office understand the commitment that they are making and ensure their availability 4

3. Provisional schedule for the June 2011 RC/REC meetings Tues 14 Morning

Weds 15 Full day

Thurs 16 Full day RC

Fri 17 Full day RC

Sat 18 Full day RC

REC Meeting and YSAFE Steering Committee meeting Afternoon


Arrival REC

Arrival of RC delegates

Sun 19 Half day meeting of the newly elected REC and YSAFE Steering Committee meeting Departure of REC and YSafe delegates

Welcome reception in Gent Town Hall

Social Event

Departure of RC delegates



10 January RC announcement and request for delegate names send out to EDs 4 March deadline for ED to provide names of delegates (use attache...

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