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About “Interview with Eugene Yao” Traditionally, corporate news can be classified into 2 categories: ‘company written’ and ‘journalist written’. ‘Company written’ news is considered close to the source, but sometime viewed as biased; whereas ‘journalist written’ news is considered to be objective, but often deemed as lacking in authority. “Interview with Eugene Yao” is a series of interviews designed to bring the two together, providing the market with information that is close to the source, non-biased and positive. We will work together with you to make sure we showcase the best of your company to the public. It is my goal that these interviews will serve as a platform for you to connect with your existing and potential shareholders. After all, people are not investing into the merchandise or equipments you have in your company, they are looking to invest into your management team; investing in the real people. By interviewing different people in your management team, I believe the “Interview with Eugene Yao” will give your corporate news the personal touch that it needs to reach to the heart of your investors.

Testimonies Mr. Chris Selby, Managing Director of Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management “Eugene spent considerable time understanding the subject matter and ensuring the message was thorough and complete. I was impressed by his attention to detail and professionalism. I was also surprised by the depth of coverage the article attracted with media outlets such as Bloomberg and Reuters. I would be happy to discuss any further matters of interest with Eugene, knowing it will be taken professionally and appropriately.”

Mr. Raymond Chan, Head of Asian Desk, ABN Amro Morgans “Today the investment environment is overloaded with information, and a major problem facing investors is sifting the useful information from the useless. “Interview with Eugene Yao” provides the market with information that is close to rd the source, and yet from a non biased 3 person view point. I will not hesitate to recommend you to read his articles and accept his interviewing offer.”

關於“姚梓賢的採訪 關於 姚梓賢的採訪” 姚梓賢的採訪 傳統上,企業新聞可分為兩類“公司對外新問”或“記者撰寫新問” 。 “公司對外 新問”具有最接近消息來源的優點,但往往給與人一種過於偏私的感覺; 而“記者 撰寫新問”雖然具有其獨立性,但它往往欠缺消息來源的權威。 通過“姚梓賢的採訪”,我們把這兩類型新問的優點結合.為你向市場提供既可靠, 不偏私 及 正面的市場信息。我們將與您一起合作,以確保我們幫助您把公司最 好的呈現給大眾。我希望,這些訪問將能成為你與投資者溝通的一條新橋樑。 畢竟,人們不單是投資到你公司的商品或設備上,他們更希望的是把金錢投放到一 支值得信賴的管理團隊上。通過採訪管理團隊的不同成員,我相信“姚梓賢的採 訪”將讓您的企業加添一份個人色彩,讓您的企業消息真正打動投資者的心弦。

客戶評語 Mr. Chris Selby, 美林證券 全球財富管理 董事總經理 “姚梓賢先生充分了解到我們公司的運作,並確保市場得到最全面和完 整的信息。他對細節的關注和專業精神令我留下了良好並深刻的印 象。文章也引起各媒體的廣泛關注,如彭博和路透社等。我期待下一 次能與他繼續談論公司未來的發展事宜。” Mr. Raymond Chan, 荷蘭銀行.摩根 荷蘭銀行 摩根 亞洲部主管 “今天的投資環境充斥著各類型的信息,作為投資者最重要的是懂得如 可從中選擇可靠並有用的資料。 “姚梓賢的採訪”從一個第三身的角 度為市場提供不偏私及可靠的市場信息。我誠意建議你也閱讀他的文 章和接受他提供的採訪服務。”

About ACN Newswire ACN Newswire supports Asian companies and organizations with press release distribution to stakeholders in Asia and worldwide -- institutional investors and analysts, individual stakeholders, financial & trade media and the Internet. Today, ACN Newswire is the globally recognized press release distributor from the region, in simplified & traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well as English. ACN distributes press releases in XML format for direct, real-time delivery to financial terminals, syndication partners, news databases and services, and websites around the world. In all, ACN Newswire delivers press releases to more than 3,500 websites, 8,000 media organizations & publications and 1.5 million professional desktops in 70 countries.

關於 ACN Newswire ACN Newswire 向亞洲和全世界範圍的股東、企業機構投資商、分析師、獨立股東財經和貿易媒 體以及因特網提供新聞稿分發。今天,ACN Newswire 已經是全球著名的亞洲地區新聞分發商,以 簡體中文,繁體中文,韓語,日語和英語提供新聞服務。 ACN 通過 XML 格式發出消息,有效地實時向全球主要新聞數據庫、合作夥伴、財經頻道、網站和 專業信息終端發布新聞稿。 ACN Newswire 總共向 70 個國家,至少 3,500 家網站,8,000 家媒體機構和出版商以及 150 萬專業桌面提供新聞分發。

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About Eugene Yao Eugene Yao, financial journalist, conducts interviews regularly with listed companies’ management, CEOs, CFOs and directors from around the world. He has written numerous articles for many Multi-national companies, promoting their companies’ value to institutional and retail investors from both overseas and the domestic markets. Among them include leading Financial institutions, ABN AMRO, Macquarie Bank, Merrill Lynch, World largest mining company BHP Billiton, World leading telecommunication operator China Unicom and many small to mid cap companies including Xtep International, Kingsoft, Inspur International…. His articles can also be found on most of the international recognized financial terminals and media including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg Professional, Dow Jones Factiva, Financial Times, Google News and Finance, Yahoo News and Finance, Baidu News and Finance, Eastmoney and more.

關於 姚梓賢 姚梓賢, 姚梓賢 財經評論員及作者,曾採訪多間大型上市公司高層,首席執行官, 首席財務官及董事等。並為他們撰寫文章,以提升海外和國内投資者 對他們公司的認識。曾被採訪企業包括全球知名的金融机构 荷蘭銀行,麥格理銀行 荷蘭銀行 麥格理銀行, 麥格理銀行 美林證券,全球最大的礦業公司必和必拓, 世界領先的電訊供應商 -中移動, 並多間 美林證券 中小型上市公司如特步國際,金山軟件,浪潮國際 等。 他的文章更多次被轉載到國際知名的金融終端和媒體包括 湯姆森路透社, 彭博專業板,道瓊斯 Factiva 公司,金融時報,谷歌新聞和財經網, 雅虎新聞和財經網,百度新聞和財經網,東方財富網 等。

Interview can be arranged upon request 如獲取進一步詳情, 如獲取進一步詳情 請與你的 公關部門 聯繫

Eugene Yao Business Profile  

Eugene Yao Business Profile, Interview with Eugene Yao

Eugene Yao Business Profile  

Eugene Yao Business Profile, Interview with Eugene Yao