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! ? U O Y E R A WHO Story Written and illustrated by

AOkay Studio


aokay Studio

Writtten and illustrated by aokay Studio

Today, was like any other normal day at Dinosaur Court.

People have been coming to see the dinosaur models ever since they were made, way back in 1854. A lot of families and children spend the whole day here often leaving just before it gets dark.

But… what all these people don’t know. Is that these model dinosaurs aren’t models at all. They are REAL dinosaurs and after everyone leaves, the dinosaurs come to life.

The two dinosaurs roared to life, waking from their slumber. They were joined by the Hylaeosaurus, the Ichthyosaurus, the Pterodactyl and all the other dinosaurs at Dinosaur Court.

On most nights the dinosaurs would leave Dinosaur Court and go explore South London after a long day of laying around. They all squeeze out of the Crystal Palace Park gates and wander into the night.

One dinosaur however, always seems to get lost. The Megalosaurus! This night, he managed to somehow find himself squeezed into a big red bus!

Winding through the streets of South London, they come to one of the many hills. But! They stop half way up! The Megalosaurus is too heavy! So they begin to roll back down the hill until‌.

MEGALOSAURUS!!! There was a huge cry, but it wasn’t the Megalosaurus from Dinosaur Court shouting! They had hit another Megalosaurus! This one, however, looked nothing like the Megalosaurus from Dinosaur court!

So off they went, along with all the other dinosaurs from the Natural History Museum, all of them were curious to meet these dinosaurs from Dinosaur Court.

When they arrived Megalosaurus showed him the sign. “See I am a Megalosaurus!” He exclaimed, “The oldest exhibited Megalosaurus there is!”

“These are my friends, we were made in 1854 and have been here ever since...”

The dinosaurs then realised that the Megalosaurus’ weren’t the only ones who looked different. The Iguanodon from the Natural History Museum looked different to the Iguanodon from Crystal Palace. So did the Hylaeosaurus’ and the Ichthyosaurus’ and the Pterodactyls!

What the dinosaurs didn't know is that our understand of them is constantly changing, and that our knowledge of them back in 1854 is completely different to what we think of them today. They also didn’t know that our knowledge of them will most likely change more in the future! The dinosaurs decided it didn't matter what they looked like! They were still dinosaurs!

Oh... and if you see Megalosaurus wandering the streets of South London, please direct him back to Dinosaur Court.