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Eating healthy recipes can be very simple if you have a good game plan, the desire to look and feel good, and a good blender! With the right amount of protein and essential nutrients, a simple shake from the blender can fill you up and keep you energized the entire day. Here are some of my favorite health-conscious ways to use the blender:

1. BlueNana - Blueberry, banana, flaxseed, plain fat-free yogurt. Don't add any preservatives, sugars, or anything else that can turn this healthy masterpiece into a fast-food, preservative-laden beverage. When this one hits your lips, you will see exactly how delicious a healthy treat can be. Say goodbye to candy bars and highsugar protein bars- say hello to natural fruits and healthy meals!

2. Sweet Tooth- vanilla extract, peanut butter, flaxseed, plain fat-free yogurt. Even a sweet-tooth temptation can get away with a healthy blender recipe! Be sure to use low-fat peanut butter, and just a few drops of vanilla extract. The flaxseed and fat free yogurt are both icing on the cake for this sweet yet healthy blender treat.

3. Healthy Protein Blast - Strawberry, blueberry, granola, flaxseed, plain fat-free yogurt, whey protein. For those who workout intensely, lack sufficient protein from eating meats and fishes, or those who need an added spike to their day- the protein blast is a great way to get YOURS! Feel free to add or subtract fruits, but this particular combination seems to mesh together nicely.

Healthy recipes from the blender