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Demystifying Energy Coaching You can’t see energy moving ~That doesn't mean it is not really happening.


t is like Magic! But… not at all really.

I had heard of energy work, energy medicine, coaching, healing; and it sounded like something that other people do. People with chronic pain, or true trauma to deal with or people who own more than 5 crystals. If I am having trouble sleeping, or knots in my back the size of the Cascades that is just something I have to DEAL with. But what if life could be better? And with that question in my head, I walked into Zenbrio House for an Energy Coaching session with Sara. • Energy Coaching is a type of “energy work” used to find and clear stress patterns. All energy work, Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Reflexology has essentially the same goal: to balance the body’s energy pathways to ease stress, ailments, and disease; and to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Energy Coaching is unique from most forms of energy work because you balance the energy pattern of a specific goal, useful for anyone feeling “stuck” around a specific aspect of their life. It’s based on the client’s subjective response to movement and metaphors, not the intuition of the practitioner and



involves talking and cooperation between coach and client. During a session, various muscles throughout the body are evaluated for ease of movement, indicating the energy flow of the related meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Improving ease of movement stimulates energy flow, breaking through energetic blockages leads to relief from physical and emotional stress. This holistic approach comes from Touch For Health Kinesiology used by wellness professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and kinesiologists since the 1960’s. • We sat down in the cozy Chakra themed room and started chatting. I already knew what my stressor was, but not WHY it was causing me so much anxiety, or how to stop it. Trying to talk myself out of it had not worked so far. She asked me some questions about my stress, then asked me to create a goal statement about how I wanted to feel when I was no longer affected by it. A funny thing about Energy Coaching is that it feels like you are not actually doing anything, so it seems like magic. Even when you see it working, trying to explain why leaves

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Eugene Health Guide - Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2019  

Eugene Health Guide - Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2019