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Topsy Blends Apothecary at Urban Therapeutic located in the heart of Downtown Eugene 749 Willamette St. Eugene, OR 97401



100% natural wellness blends; therapeutic essential oils; organic herbs; clays; and specialty supplies to make your own creations supporting a healthy, natural, eco-friendly lifestyle! Check our website for monthly workshops.


Editor's Note: This opportunity to glimpse firsthand the amazing things people are doing in our community to make our lives better, is truly one of the coolest things that I have ever done. We have dedicated healers, and thriving businesses built by taking care of our planet and each other. We have makers of beautiful things that bring our hearts joy, and recipes to concoct your own. I can’t wait for you to see, read, make, and do! Bringing this magazine into the world has also taught me a ton about what living a healthy life actually means to me. Much like living your best life, it means something different to everyone. For me, the sweet spot of healthy living is all about living in a way that makes life better- for the planet, for the people around you, and for yourself - in ways that also bring joy. We GET to do these things - not we SHOULD or have to. Massage is like that. As is getting offline and out in nature. Good food. Hanging out with people we love. Working on projects we believe in. Learning. Creating art. Taking care - of animals, of plants, of people, of ourselves! These are all things that contribute to a healthy life, AND feel amazing! Obviously, not everything that we do for a healthy life is joyful fun. A large amount of life improving activities are painful, and often a lot of work. Yet for me, right now, that quest for balance is the realization that the things in life that bring me the most joy, are often the ones I SHOULD be doing in the first place. -Katie Boyer Clark

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katielizabeth.com • hello@katielizabeth.com




ENERGY COACHING by Sara McRae & Katie Boyer Clark



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24. YOGA FOR EVERY BODY by Valerie Morris

25. THE ANSWER IS YES by Benjamin Wilkinson






By Marley's Monsters

by Megan Walsh, Megan Daly & Brenda Stebbeds






by Brent Heflley

33. BREAKFAST CURE by Karen Taylor



by Rachel London



by Amy Kobos

35. Book Review by Emily Little

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Demystifying Energy Coaching You can’t see energy moving ~That doesn't mean it is not really happening.


t is like Magic! But… not at all really.

I had heard of energy work, energy medicine, coaching, healing; and it sounded like something that other people do. People with chronic pain, or true trauma to deal with or people who own more than 5 crystals. If I am having trouble sleeping, or knots in my back the size of the Cascades that is just something I have to DEAL with. But what if life could be better? And with that question in my head, I walked into Zenbrio House for an Energy Coaching session with Sara. • Energy Coaching is a type of “energy work” used to find and clear stress patterns. All energy work, Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Reflexology has essentially the same goal: to balance the body’s energy pathways to ease stress, ailments, and disease; and to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Energy Coaching is unique from most forms of energy work because you balance the energy pattern of a specific goal, useful for anyone feeling “stuck” around a specific aspect of their life. It’s based on the client’s subjective response to movement and metaphors, not the intuition of the practitioner and



involves talking and cooperation between coach and client. During a session, various muscles throughout the body are evaluated for ease of movement, indicating the energy flow of the related meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Improving ease of movement stimulates energy flow, breaking through energetic blockages leads to relief from physical and emotional stress. This holistic approach comes from Touch For Health Kinesiology used by wellness professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and kinesiologists since the 1960’s. • We sat down in the cozy Chakra themed room and started chatting. I already knew what my stressor was, but not WHY it was causing me so much anxiety, or how to stop it. Trying to talk myself out of it had not worked so far. She asked me some questions about my stress, then asked me to create a goal statement about how I wanted to feel when I was no longer affected by it. A funny thing about Energy Coaching is that it feels like you are not actually doing anything, so it seems like magic. Even when you see it working, trying to explain why leaves

you shrugging...“Well, she asked me some questions and we moved some muscles around, and it was just better,” seems insufficient. Some muscles will be able to perform range of motion and lock/hold easily and others will not. The ones that have any discomfort or do not hold their position easily indicate where stress is being held in the body, and where balancing is needed. Since balancing is based on metaphor and how your body feels, and not at all about what you SHOULD be doing. There is no judgement, or action to take - and that just seems too easy! • Our bodies are trying to communicate to us all of the time, yet we have not been taught how to decode the messages. When we have pain or symptoms, we insist that we slept wrong, need to stretch more, or consume something to feel better. Chinese medicine deciphered these themes with a consistent practice of treating the mind and body together. Working from a holistic toolkit, the mechanism that triggers change may be energetic, physical, or have a mental aspect. For example, it’s not uncommon for the unconscious mind, which speaks the language of stories and metaphors, to use pain and tension as a message. Simply considering a metaphor may trigger a new selfawareness, or “aha moment” as new information is made conscious. This acts as a “message received” mechanism that clears energy pathways and releases tension. •

you off in traffic, or secretly relish in the fact your voice is buttery smooth and your armpits are dry next time you give a presentation. Hidden in plain sight is a resource that celebrates that we all get stuck sometimes, and getting unstuck can be insightful and fun. And if you're already feeling good, it's always possible to feel a little better! Examples of changeable stress patterns: • Fear based stress like flying, public speaking, or difficult conversations • Relationship Stickiness • Embarrassment or shame about past situations • Low energy/ lethargy • Emotional stress such as frustration, grief or worry • Physical aches and pains • Things that seem harder for you than for other people • Self-sabotage, mental looping, negative self talk • Delayed recovery from illness or injury

Sara McRae is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Energy Kinesiology for stress management. She helps people working in high-stress environments, diffuse mental and physical stress. Her holistic approach provides relief from overwhelm, and enhances recovery. She accepts and bills insurance.

I walked out feeling lighter and freer. As the days went by, the symptoms of stress disappeared and the anxiety that had tortured me was replaced by a sense of possibility. Yet, I still felt slightly sheepish about recommending energy coaching. Why did I have such a hang up? In true American tradition, I esteem the myth of valiant independence over logic. I can do it myself, dammit! Yet, I enjoyed my session. It was fun! It was less like a cry for help, heaven forbid, and more like a play date. My skepticism had to be about something else. At the core of my resistance, as a part of our cultural identity, is the perception that mind and body are separate. I understand stress can cause ulcers and high blood pressure, and it is easy to connect tension with headaches. However, it is difficult to truly internalize the notion that thoughts can heal. It seems like a belief instead of science. • Yet, when we consider this type of energy work comes from thousands of years of healing by indigenous cultures still being used today, it should make it even more relevant. To be able to feel better physically, emotionally, and change how you respond to things, without having to reach for drugs or just “cope,” is exactly what many of us are looking for. Energy coaching is for real people suffering from stress. It won’t turn you into a hippie, but side effects may include more energy, comfort and a sense of zen-confidence. You may find yourself smiling the next time a bad driver cuts Eugenehealthguide.com | EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE


Hunyuan Taiji Internal Martial Arts System by Luke Weiss The Chen Shi Xinyi Hunyuan Taiji Quan System, or Hunyuan for short, is a Taoist internal alchemical practice rooted in nourishing life and the cultivation of pristine awareness. Stable and vital energy in the body allows the mind to rest in a place of tranquil clarity. Hunyuan means "Primordial Origin." It is a metaphor for the ground state of being, our True Nature, and the ultimate goal of all spiritual practices. Beyond merely healing the Body this practice is a route that one can take to discover the Great Mystery of the universe and find their way home to their Original Nature. This practice trains stillness and movement, to allow us to find stillness within movement. It trains the inside and the outside, so that we may realize there is

no outside. And it trains us, as well as nurtures us, so that training is nourishing. The Hunyuan Taiji system was developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. His system is the synthesis of the teachings of two of the 20th century China's greatest internal martial arts and qigong masters; Hu Yaozhen, a famous Chinese doctor and Xinyi Quan master who is considered by many to be the father of modern qigong; and Chen Fake, the foremost practitioner of Chen Style Taijiquan in the twentieth century. The term Qi Gong, roughly translates to "energy skill." It is a practice that works with the subtle energy of the body to cultivate health, vitality, and spiritual insight.

There are many different types of Qi Gong, the public classes offered right now are;

Chansi Gong (Tue. at 5:30PM) Drop-ins welcome Chansi means "silk-reeling" and refers to the spiraling movements that are trained in this set. In nature, all energy spirals and when we train this movement we begin to move in a more natural way, with increased fluidity and ease. This set is great at opening the joints of the body, especially the neck, shoulders and hips. Hunyuan Gong (Wed. at 6PM) Drop-ins welcome

This is a unique and powerful internal alchemy set that was developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. In this set we gather energy from our environment to open the meridians (energy channels of the body), develop Dantian (a storage area for qi), and cultivate stillness. This set has a profound ability to heal the body and has been known to heal issues like whiplash, scoliosis, organ dysfunction, and many others.

Hunyuan (Chen) Taichi Beginning Form (Tue. at 6:30PM) Prerequisite: Qigong The hallmarks of Chen Style Taijiquan are variation in speed, alternating soft and explosive movements, and a kind of spiraling movement known as Chansi jin (silk reeling energy). This Hunyuan form comes from the Chen style, but has deeper emphasis on nourishing. Qigong is a prerequisite for this class. Baguazhang

Bagua is one of the three main internal styles of martial arts. It includes more complex foot work that Taichi and trains one to be able to move in any direction while remaining rooted. It is as complex as it is beautiful.

Xin Yi Quan

Meaning “Heart-Mind Intention Boxing,� is a more linear and martial appearing style compared to bagua or taichi. It is said that it is the easiest to learn initially, but the most difficult to master.

The Teacher

Lucas Weiss is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in Eugene, OR. specializing in injury and trauma prevention and recovery. An athlete since his childhood, he began studying the Taoist Arts in 2010, and has been teaching the Hunyuan Taiji System since 2014.






assage lives at the rare crossroads of activities that are both incredibly beneficial and feel amazing. The more you know about the types of bodywork available, the better prepared you will be to find the perfect modality for your goals. Though nowhere near a comprehensive list, here are a few to try:

Swedish Massage refers to most basic massage techniques; and among many other modalitites, can include: deep tissue massage, hot stones, aromatherapy, and cupping - a traditional Chinese Medicine technique that uses a glass cup to create localized suction, increasing blood flow to an area to promote healing. "I specialize in deep listening to the body to assess what each individuals unique needs are. It is my passion to meet each person wherever they may be on the healing path." ~ Adrian Hansen

"Everything gets better when you take care of wellness first. It might seem like there’s no time to take care of yourself but it’s actually easier in the long run. Health is the foundation that allows you to be more efficient and effective in every aspect of life." ~Annie White 10


Ashiatsu* is a deep tissue massage technique that uses primarily the feet to deliver deep, consistent pressure. Using bodyweight and gravity, instead of muscle strength, the practitioner is able to easily sink through tissue layers and hold the compression for longer than typical Swedish massage. The broad surface of the foot is perfectly designed to engage fascia. Ashiatsu or "Barefoot Massage," is done on a traditional massage table, with the therapist standing on the table, using an over-head support structure for balance. It is not "walking" on the client. Educated feet deliver gravity assisted, full footed, smooth, consistent, deep, broad compression/ myofascial release/triggerpoint techniques to reduce swelling and inflammation, scar tissue, fascial adhesions; and restore freer range of motion, reduce pain in tissues and joints, for whole body relaxation and restoration. It feels like a dance. After a session, many report “feeling taller, like a noodle, or a jellyfish." Thai massage uses a mix of deep pressure and assisted yoga to relieve tension and enhance flexibility and range of motion. Unlike most massage modalities that require you to disrobe and climb under a sheet on a massage table, Thai massage is performed while you are fully clothed,

TO KNOW & LOVE usually on a padded mat on the floor. The gliding and kneading motions characteristic of more familiar forms of massage are replaced by stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques. The therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches and also applies deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. These manipulations are reported to reduce tension and anxiety, increase physical energy, range of motion, and circulation; making it ideal for specialized athletic massage.

Prenatal Massage can improve your labor experience by relaxing your sacrum, low back, hips and pelvic floor in preparation for the opening that will occur in labor. It increases blood circulation to bring healthier blood flow to the baby in utero.  Studies have shown better labors for Mothers who received at least one Prenatal Massage per month during gestation. Postpartum massage can help support your body with the physical challenges that come from motherhood. You can safely receive moderately deep massage work all through your pregnancy, and it is so good for getting circulation to those muscles and joints that might not be getting as much movement during pregnancy. Look for a Massage Therapist with advanced training in Prenatal Massage. Sideline pregnancy massage is the most recommended, be wary of tables with holes cut out for the belly.   The American Medical Association (AMA) has concurred what most midwives and prenatal Massage therapist have known all along, those tables with the holes are dangerous because they cut off blood circulation/blood supply to the womb during a prenatal massage. NOTE: Be sure that your massage therapist has your complete health history before the massage. You should never experience real pain during a massage. It's important to tell your therapist if you experience any pain or soreness outside your comfort level.

*Ashitsu is healthy for a therapists body. Fundamental FashiAshi clases are available every 2-3 months at Soleful Therapeutic Massage studio in Cottage Grove.

"My favorite appointment length for clients is definitely 90 minutes. This amount of time allows me to combine different massage modalities and tools with less time constraint. After having plenty of time on the table to loosen restricted fascia and reduce muscular tension, the session moves the floor. On the mat, I use Thai massage techniques involving deep compression and long stretching. I also like to move the joints through their range of motion before the session is over. I’ve found this leaves my clients feeling rejuvenated before tackling the world again." ~ Michelle Heitman

MAKERS of BEAUTIFUL THINGS Beautiful things, made with love, Epilith Jewelry is a one-woman owned and operated company designing unique pieces inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Using foraged and found materials like lichen, flowers and bones, in addition to ethically sourced gemstones, each handmade piece is a totem honoring nature around us. Find Epilith Jewelry online at: https://epilithjewelry.com and during the summer at the Whiteaker Community Market.



White Squirrel Soaps proudly produces true soap, sourcing many ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, such as beer from Ninkasi Brewery Company – Yes, beer can be made into soap, and it’s quite the suddy treat!

Their mission is to promote body and mind awareness and the importance of self-care so you can thrive with the quality of life you deserve. Find White Squirrel Soaps at Whiteaker Community Market, @whitesquirrelsoaps on Instagram, and www.whitesquirrelsoaps.com.

bring joy to the heart.

FRIPP is a handmade jewelry line designed and made in Eugene, OR with a focus on metal-forward, minimal, on-trend and timeless jewelry. FRIPP was founded in 2017 by Sarah Bush and has maintained operation as a one-woman-show with occasional collaboration and production support.

Bekah Zeimetz is a self-taught, realistic wildlife artist residing in Eugene, OR. She paints with gouache on wood panels in a corner of her small “garage� apartment, surrounded by her three cats and many plants. To purchase originals or prints,please visit: www.bekahzeimetz.com.

Browse the FRIPP collection via instagram @__fripp, online at www.fripp.design, or in person at the Whiteaker Community Market (check FRIPP social media for dates), and at Gilt + Gossamer and Passionflower Design.

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Zero Waste Living 5 tips for transitioning to a low-impact lifestyle. W

hat’s the big deal about ‘zero-waste’ and why is everyone talking about it?

In essence, zero-waste is a way of life folks are working towards to make our communities and industries more sustainable and ecologically sound, one step at a time. This lifestyle movement aims to conserve resources and promote responsible consumption for individuals and businesses. It develops an awareness for what we consume so we can make more sustainable choices. You don’t have to become an eco-warrior overnight to live a low-impact lifestyle. Every small change adds up!

Pack containers in your car so leftovers can come home plastic-free. Hang reusable bags on the doorknob as a friendly reminder. If you forget the first few times, don’t beat yourself up! With a little planning, we can all be BYO pros.

CLOTH MAKES A COMEBACK Cloth napkins are convenient, efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective. Simply rinse and reuse, or toss in the washing machine. Instead of buying paper towels, tissues and cotton balls every month, cloth alternatives pay for themselves after the first few washes. Our parents and grandparents used cloth for everything, and for good reason. Cloth is durable, repairable, versatile and natural fibers can be composted.

You don’t have to become an eco-warrior overnight to live a low-impact lifestyle. Every small change adds up!

At Marley’s Monsters we believe living sustainably should be fun. We’re here to arm you with the knowledge and tools to save you money, time and reduce our collective impact on the planet we share. Low-impact living is satisfying and enjoyable, especially when you go in with realistic expectations.

How does someone begin their zero-waste journey? Let’s start with 5 easy ways to reduce single-use plastic and paper waste every day. This is just the beginning. Once you change your awareness, transitioning to zero-waste will come naturally.

JUST SAY, ‘NO THANK YOU’ Say no to plastic straws with your drink, decline paper napkins, and kindly refuse plastic bags, freebies and to-go containers. Saying no is the easiest way to avoid single-use items every day.

BRING YOUR OWN Plan ahead and keep a set of reusable utensils, straws and napkins in a travel pouch and toss it in your bag.



PAY FOR FOOD, NOT PACKAGING Pre-packaged food tends to be more expensive. Shop for things like rice, pasta, candy and nuts in the bulk section. This way you buy only what you need (no food waste here!) and you can use your own bags or containers. Most stores let you use your own container, just ask ahead of time and get the cashier to weigh them before you shop.

REPAIR AND REUSE Before buying new, consider what you already have. Can it be repaired? If not, can a replacement be found second hand? Repairing or reusing functional items keeps them out of the waste stream and discourages the demand for low quality products that aren’t designed to last. The zero-waste movement is becoming mainstream worldwide thanks to the collective actions of individuals. The movement is changing the marketplace. That means each of us is influencing massive industry

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly." ~Anne-Marie Bonneau, The Zero-Waste Chef

changes! Companies like Pepsi are taking note and enrolling in a return program that harkens back to the milkman days. Eco-shops and refill stations are becoming more common, making it easier to avoid single-use. “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” ~Anne-Marie Bonneau, The Zero-Waste Chef

Zero-waste is more than a trend, it’s an important concept in our fight for a better world for the next generation. Through it all, living your life with sustainability in mind not only encourages resourcefulness and planning, it serves to motivate us and envisions the sustainable future we all want.

Sarah Dooley Owner of Marley’s Monsters and mama of two little monsters, Marley and Fox. She is inspired by craft, creativity and sustainable living. She dreams of a day when the world is full of bright and colorful reusable cloth products and disposables are extinct. Rhea Gates is the public relations & marketing manager for Marley’s Monsters. She also manages customer service and wholesale client relations. She is passionate about sustainability, corporate social responsibility, upcycled fashion and getting out in nature. Aaron Widenor is a former intern turned full-time eco-conscious media assistant at Marley’s Monsters. He believes raising awareness and changing global habits of consumerism can sketch a new vision of society. Marley’s Monsters is your one-stop-shop for reusable and eco-friendly home-goods, handmade in Eugene, Oregon. We make sustainable living accessible, fun and unique to your style by offering customization of our products with over 98 prints and colors. Visit us at 234 W. 6th ave in Eugene, online at www.marleysmonsters.com or checkout our Instagram @marleysmonsters for some sustainable living inspiration.

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Nourishing PRINCIPLES These principles are applicable to any practice. When they become embodied in every moment you will become a source of nourishment for yourself, your community, and the world.

a treatment room. Just stepping into the space can make you feel more relaxed and peaceful, because it has been used for helping people heal, and so the space now resonates that in its informational field.


The qi is governed by the intent. What that means is that whatever kind of intent you have, that’s what kind of qi you will cultivate. If I intend to help people heal, it cultivates a nourishing qi field. If I am angry it cultivates an injurious, ungrounding, upward pushing qi field. If I am anxious it cultivates a dispersive qi field. So the number one Nourishing Principle is to cultivate a nourishing intent. This guides everything else.

The intent leads, the qi follows the intent, the fluids follow the qi, and the tissues follow the fluids. The tissues of the body are all suspended in fluid, yes ALL the tissues, even the skin. We have an evaporation field that surrounds our whole body, we do not end at the skin! The fluids nourish the tissues; hydrating them, detoxifying waste products, transporting hormones and nutrients.

2. BE NATURAL From a physical perspective we are mostly fluid, not tissue. Remember this when moving the body! When the Ocean moves, the whole body of water moves, not just the wave. When we learn to move like the Ocean, from the inside out, our movements become much more powerful and nourishing. From our very beginning as a single cell we are fluid and whole. When the mind becomes fragmented our experience of the body becomes stiff and disconnected. As we heal the body, regaining fluidity and connectedness, the mind realizes its inherent wholeness. The fluids then are suspended in and nourished by the qi. Qi, is often translated as “energy” but that doesn’t quite give the right picture. “Informational energy” is closer. Qi is energy but it’s energy that carries with it information. For instance; when you’re waiting in a long line and the person behind you is getting irritated, you can feel their irritation without even looking at them. You can feel their energy but it carries with it information about what their mind/intent is doing. Or perhaps you walk into an alleyway and get the chills and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. These are signs of your system interpreting the qi of the space, and the qi carries with it the information of what has happened there, and that it is something that is not good. A positive example is 16


Since the intent leads everything else, there is really only one principle needed- to have a nourishing intent. The rest of these principles naturally manifest from a that. So; Be Natural. What does this mean? Nature is naturally healthy and vibrant, disease and disharmony don’t last long in the wild. Another way of saying this is; “Be a good animal.” A good animal, sleeps when it’s tired, eats when it’s hungry, and plays when it’s happy. Honor your body and all of it’s signals. The human body is the most advanced technology in all of the Universe and it carries with it an intelligence that has been here since the beginning of creation. As we learn to listen to this intelligence it will guide us as to what proper choices are; what we should eat, how/when to move and rest, etc. It can even guide us in major life decisions, and what a relief that can be! When you learn to listen to the inherent intelligence of your body, it knows what the nourishing choice is!

3. BE SOFT. Not flacid or complacent, but soft. In order to be truly soft we must be fully present. For example when I say “Soften your shoulders.” what happens? Your awareness first goes to your shoulders and then you think something like, “Oh jeez I didn’t even realize how tense they are!” And then

you might have a difficult time actually releasing your shoulders because you’ve been unconsciously tensing them for so long. It takes a very clear and present mind to be able to have a “soft” body, and in order to find softness in the body we must have a soft and nourishing mind intent. This is something that extends out through all of our experiences, not just in the body.

botanica b a l a n c e d

b y

n a t u r e




We must be soft with ourselves, kind to ourselves, treat ourselves like a friend. It is also obviously important to be soft with others. This means accepting them for who they are, and respecting their experience even if it is one you don’t understand. There’s a line in The Taiji Classics that states; “Practicing hard injures, practicing soft nourishes.”



$ 1 0 O F F F I R S T T R E AT M E N T W I T H H O L LY O R T I F FA N Y

4. SLOW DOWN. Don’t be in a hurry. In order to fully understand why this is important we need to learn a little bit about the nervous system. There are two main branches of the autonomic nervous system; The Parasympathetic, and the Sympathetic. The Sympathetic is responsible for waking us up in the morning and being active, the stress response, and the “fight or flight” response. When this response is activated our bodies dump hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream, which is helpful for short periods of time when we need to fight or run away. When left in the system though those hormones begin to break down healthy tissues causing all sorts of problems.


The Parasympathetic is commonly called “Rest, relax, and digest,” but it’s also responsible for restoration. This is a SUPER important connection to make- the branch of the nervous system that heals the body is the same that is responsible for relaxation. There is a direct link between relaxation and health. When we are in a hurry we get tense. Adrenaline courses through our bodies and the parasympathetic response is dampened. This means that the bodies ability to heal itself Eugenehealthguide.com | EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE


is dampened. Slowing down provides the proper pace so that we can accomplish our tasks while remaining in a balanced state within our nervous system. This allows us to heal while we perform our tasks. Ultimately, we can accomplish more because we don’t get slowed down by sickness and injury, and we have a more enjoyable time during the experience. Another line from The Taiji Classics; “Practicing fast injures, practicing slow nourishes.” If you want to develop a practice of how to actually embody these principles on the deepest level possible, consider signing up for a Qigong class. It’s the most effective method I know of for cultivating the ability to nourish.

Blessings be, Lucas Weiss beyondbodyhealingarts.com

The friendliest joint in town COME CHAT WITH OUR








PROFUNGI Profungi started as a platform to raise awareness of medicinal mushrooms after continually finding that people I expected to know about them had hardly any awareness of their amazing properties. Building Wellness – Staying healthy and having the energy to do the things we love are essential to our quality of life. We passionately believe that the mushroom-based extracts we make are vital to supporting a healthy immune response and for balancing critical bodily systems in our continually evolving world where new chemicals, pollution, evolving bacteria, and viruses appear on a near-daily basis. Working with medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and bee propolis, we are constantly in awe of their complexity and potency. We can take advantage of this complexity to support our immune systems, help balance the function of essential systems like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and the healthy adaptation to stress in our bodies. Striving for quality in our methods to match that of our ingredients, we have developed our own unique Ultrasonic extraction process to harvest and preserve the complete spectrum of complex medicinal components from our hot water extracts.

Core Immunity Blend – Mushrooms, Herbs, and Bees. Oh my! Core Immunity is designed to support your immune system on multiple levels. A unique combination of three herbs (Echinacea, Licorice root, and Oregon Grape root), two mushrooms (Turkey Tail and Maitake), and Honey Bee Propolis, these ingredients works together to promote overall immune system health including the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, adaptogenic and immunomodulatory processes in your body.

Chaga – What can a billion years of evolution do for your immune system? Renowned for its immune modulating properties Chaga is rich in complex beta-glucans and betulinic acid. Chaga, also known in scientific circles as Inonotus obliquus, contains vast amounts of melanin which has a very high antioxidant potential. To collect and preserve all of this potential, we use a triple extraction process which takes a month to complete for each batch of extract we make.

Made with Care – Profungi is a family owned company located in Eugene Oregon. Because we are small, we can seek out the best small farms and organic growers. Every component we use is the best and most local we can find. Our mushrooms, herbs, and bee propolis are either organically grown in the Pacific Northwest or wild harvested in North America. We have all of them tested in independent labs for identity, purity, and composition. The pharmaceutical grade alcohol, bottles, and labels we use all come from US companies. Supporting small organic farms, and regional businesses are important to us because it gives us the highest quality ingredients to work with and reduces the impact of global transportation on our environment. You can add the extracts to any drink (tea, orange juice, etc.) or smoothie. My kids love to put Chaga in bubbly lime water; they call it Chaga root beer.

– Brent Hefley, Founder Profungi LLC

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Summertime Potions By Rachel London of Topsy Blends Aromatherapy


here is almost nothing better than an Oregon Summer. Sunshine, warmth, adventures, community gatherings - so many fun things to do in the great outdoors! One not-so-fun factor, mosquitos. Dang mosquitos! If you are looking for an all natural, easy and effective repellent for when you are out and about and on the go, try this essential oil spray to keep summer 100% fun.

ALL NATURAL BUG SPRAY • 2oz. Spray Bottle • 12 drops Patchouli • 8 drops Juniper Berry • 4 drops Lemongrass • 2 teaspoons Witch Hazel • Fill rest of bottle with Distilled Water *Swap Patchouli for Cedarwood depending on personal preference. *Make sure to shake thoroughly before use to combine essential oils and water. *Make fresh every couple weeks as this blend does not contain a preservative.

Photo by Hudson Weybright



After a long day hiking, swimming, or working in the garden, do you ever feel completely drained? You may be feeling the heat from a little too much sun. Try this easy soothing body spray for an instant cool down and skin nourishing benefits to hydrate sun drenched skin!

COOLING AFTER SUN SOOTHING MIST • 2oz spray bottle • 16 drops Lavender • 8 drops Peppermint • 4 tbs Aloe Vera Gel • Fill rest of bottle with Distilled Water Store in the fridge for extra cooling benefits! *Make sure to shake thoroughly before use to combine essential oils and aloe. *Make fresh every couple weeks as this blend does not contain a preservative.

Looking for quality, organic ingredients to make your summer essentials? Topsy Blends Apothecary at Urban Therapeutic, in the heart of Downtown Eugene, has got you covered! Find Wildcrafted, Organic Essential Oils, Herbs, Clays, and a wide assortment of supplies to support a healthy, natural lifestyle! Photos by Rachel London Rachel London is a certified aromatherapist, essential oil educator, and an "all things plant-based" enthusiast. She offers a wide range of therapeutic wellness products at the Topsy Blends Apothecary at Urban Therapeutic, at the Saturday Market in booth 155, or online at topsyblends.com

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Minimalist Skincare for the Spring and Summer


hile for most of us spring and summer are a welcome change from the cold and damp, this time of year brings its own set of challenges for skin. Days spent outside at the river, on the trail, or even just in your garden can mean sunburn, moisture loss, and a compromised lipid barrier, all of which can cause red, irritated skin prone to inflammation. But who wants to spend extra time and money on even more skincare products? Well, here are some of our favorite minimalist ways to slim down your skincare routine and bring out your natural radiance this summer. It’s always important to cleanse, but doubly so in the spring and summer. Use an oil cleanser, or aloe-based cleanser to wash away dirt, sweat, and environmental pollutants while still protecting your skin’s lipid barrier. Hydration is key! Just like your body needs lots of hydration when it’s hot out, so does your skin. Mist your face with a hydrosol throughout the day keeps your skin hydrated, cool, and calm, especially if your skin tends toward irritation or inflammation. Moisturize with light oils instead of a heavy

cream so your skin can breathe but stay nourished and protected. Some of our favorites for happy summer skin are Jojoba, Sunflower, Rosehip seed, and Hemp seed. Lastly, remember that it isn’t all just about what goes on your skin. What you put in your body matters just as much, if not more! For calm, clear skin avoid inflammatory foods and drinks, things like dairy, sugar, and alcohol, which create hot, dry, irritated conditions internally and externally. Balance the heat with cooling and moistening foods and herbs, like the ones in this recipe for a cold infusion herbal tea:

• 1/2cup fresh Lemon Balm or Mint • 1 Tbsp fresh or dried Rose petals (grown without pesticides) • 2 tsp fresh or dried Marshmallow leaf • 2 tsp dried Hibiscus flower-not Hawaiian shirt Hibiscus but the flower known as Roselle) Place all the herbs in a quart-size jar. Fill the jar with cool water, cover tightly with a lid, and shake well. Place in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight. Strain off the herbs and enjoy within 36 hours.

Wild Grace Apothecary is dedicated to slow, seasonal skincare and embodied rituals. Here, you won't find the typical formulas that are in natural spas, health food stores, or boutiques. You also won't find synthetic fragrances, hormone disruptors, common skin irritants, sulfates, parabens, or petroleum-based ingredients. Here, you will find real ingredients made from plants + nothing extra. Here, you will find embodied rituals to heal and nourish your skin. www.wildgraceapothecary.com For a light scent, look for our Luna Face Serum No. 2 , with Rose Geranium essential oil, which is gently astringent and balances the production of sebum for both dry and oily skin. Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil - A multi-tasking and refreshing deep pore cleanser for combination, reactive, or oily skin. Our favorite is Rose Petal Hydrosol ~ it’s astringent, moistening, and cooling. TopsyBlends.com


Rose Bud Under Eye Serum: Helps softens fine lines, tighten skin, and reduce puffiness. Antioxidant rich ingredients make this roll-on a multivitamin that you can apply directly onto your skin!

Blossom: Multipurpose Oil for Full Body Moisturizing, Hair, Nails, or Massage.



REGENERATING BONE DENSITY NATURALLY Too Good To Be True? You may have heard about OsteoStrong recently; currently open in Eugene, Springfield, Bend, and in cities around the world. Many have said that OsteoStrong sounds “too good to be true”, as it claims to quickly strengthen both your muscles and bones, while decreasing or eliminating back and joint pain and increasing balance in only 10 minutes once a week. How can this be possible? At OsteoStrong, members will perform four specialized “trigger events” on patented equipment, with a trained coach, to deliver the precise stimulus you need to activate your natural adaptive responses. These trigger events are not exercise, there are no weights, and OsteoStrong is not a gym. Natural Adaptive Responses We all have natural adaptive responses that make our bodies respond to our environment. Some common examples: when your pupils expand to let in more light in a dark room, or when your skin sweats when it gets hot. Dr, Julius Wolff discovered over a century ago that bones will increase in strength when they experience


the right amount of pressure, and named this adaptive response “Wolff’s Law”. This law shows that it is possible to grow bone strength at virtually any age. However, until now figuring out how to create the right amount of pressure to trigger this change without hurting your joints, has not been understood. OsteoStrong Makes It Possible OsteoStrong provides the scientific way that triggers your adaptive responses to increase bone and muscle strength while reducing or eliminating pain. Our studies show that just one 10 minute session a week is all it takes to deliver measurable results. Because it take longer to build bones than muscles, coming in more than this does not speed up the process. Research The surprising results at OsteoStrong are backed by solid research. Studies show that the stimulus required to trigger osteogenesis (the growth of healthy new bone tissue) is 4.2 multiples of body weight. Achieving that level of stimulus would be difficult for many without the use of this specialized equipment. OsteoStrong members can easily, safely, and painlessly achieve forces in excess of 5 to 12 times their own body weight.


• 10 Minutes, Once A Week • Convenient & Safe At Any Age • Backed By Published Research • Pain-Free & Sweat-Free

MEASUREABLE RESULTS: • Increased Bone Density • Increased Muscle Strength • Increased Balance & Agility • Reduction Of A1C In Diabetics • Decreased Back & Joint Pain • Increased Fracture Prevention • Improved Athletic Performance



OsteoStrong® Eugene 315 West Broadway Suite 100 (541) 255-0000

OsteoStrong® Springfield 1462 I Street (541) 780-1001


YOGA FOR EVERY BODY Yoga really is for every BODY! It helps develop strength, balance and coordination, reduces anxiety and helps eliminate built-up stress. In a world of multi-tasking, yoga is your opportunity to give solo-tasking a try. A yoga studio provides a place with the singular purpose of connecting mind-body-breath and experience the benefits long after the practice has ended. People are often surprised to find that everyone can practice yoga. Most of us aren’t super bendy, or super skinny, or super anything. We’re just ordinary people looking for that little bit of extraordinary. We’re in it for the bliss that comes while concentrating on holding a pose, while moving through a flow, while resting in savasana. We’re in it for the extended feel-good that sticks with us for hours. Eugene Yoga and Gather Together Yoga offer multiple styles of yoga with a focus on sustainability – yoga that can be practiced for life. Their beautiful studios are easy to find and well equipped. They have amazing, well-trained teachers who are committed to offering practices featuring mindful breath-work, creative sequencing, options for adapting poses, and space for you to be you. No judgment, only acceptance, no matter what your ability or experience. We hope to see you on the mat soon! Skeptical? We invite you to join us and experience the benefits of yoga for yourself. We are Valerie Morris of Eugene Yoga and Deidre Aley of Gather Together Yoga. We met at Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 at Everyday People Yoga, and have been friends ever since. We now have three studios between us so wherever you live in Eugene, we’ve got you covered!



When was THE moment? You know, when everything changed? The single defining MOMENT for my little startup wellness company. I know exactly where I was. It was a Wednesday, the weather was nice. I was on the fence. And the only difference between before and after was the tiny little word, “Yes.” As a member of the Eugene yoga community for seven years now, and a business owner for two, my success (or lack thereof) has taken a variety of forms. STOP DROP & YOGA has done wineries, breweries and dive bars, parks and paddleboards, markets and boardrooms. Common Bond Yoga, my studio, is in Springfield (see previous paragraph). I have corporate clients like LTD & Eugene Mindworks. We teach at an assisted living facility & a jail. We’ve grown exponentially both in revenue and reach. The only consistent variable in our story is one specific word, “yes.” In none of these opportunities, did I have any certainty that our plan would work out. In fact, I’ve spent many an hour wondering why my seemingly brilliant yoga class turned into an extra special private lesson. People have approached me with all KINDS of interesting ideas for events, classes, relationships. And every time, after that natural human tendency to fear the unknown, I asked myself one question, “Can I say yes?” When it comes to health, the journey for the

by Benjamin Wilkinson

Photos by Benjamin Wilkinson

The Answer Is Yes

company is just like the journey for the person. We can’t know the specific trajectory it will take. There will be lots of ideas and a lot less execution. When each opportunity comes up, you only have to answer one question. The best part of being willing to explore what it means to say yes to things you never expected, is the community and different approaches to wellness you discover. If I wasn’t open to saying yes, I wouldn’t have known about chair yoga, jail yoga, adaptive yoga, office yoga, beer yoga & all the other ways that humans, like you, practice wellness beyond the studio. So, that yes, the one that changed everything? It was just a moment in time, on the fence, like many others before it and yet to come. I had a choice. No shiny lights, no angels, no music, just a moment where there is a question, and… Benjamin desires to empower embodied structural exploration of our capacity as humans to change. He believes that yoga stretches beyond the borders of our physical health, into our families, workplaces and communities. He built STOP DROP & YOGA LLC with a B.A., RYT 500+200 and too much Libra in his chart. He is a father, a preacher & cat-dad, too.

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FITNESS Better, Stonger, Faster Fitness 541-357-6976 Betterstrongerfasterfitness.com Formation Self Care Studio 412-701-1924 Formationselfcare.com


OsteoStrong® Eugene (541) 255-0000 OsteoStrong® Springfield (541) 780-1001

Topsy Blends Aromatherapy Topsyblends.com

de la Terracotta etsy.com/shop/delaterracotta


Skye Nacel Mocean365 (802)888-6262

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a Triple Perspecive


hose words, “Everyone needs a coach” were spoken by Bill Gates in a Ted Talk, “It doesn’t matter if you’re a basketball player, tennis player, gymnast or bridge player, we all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”. We all need help reaching our goals, people who listen, facilitate positive growth and change in our lives. Want to get good at something? Get a coach. Most of us have an interest in getting better at something, maybe getting better at being a parent, a partner or a friend. Maybe it’s getting better sleep, eating better, exercising more. We live in a day and age in which going it alone is the norm and maybe even a sign of success. We go to school, we study, we learn lessons, we practice, and then we graduate. We are flung from the nest and go on our own. It is often seen as a sign of weakness to need another. You’re capable, so go do it. That is one school of thought for making your way in the world. Another way of being in the world is to adopt a tribe mentality. Ubuntu, meaning “I am because you are”. A person is a person through other people. We’re born into a tribe. We existed in tribe for over 90% of our time here as humans. Tribe is embedded in our DNA, it helps us thrive instead of just survive. People need people. Yet we are perhaps more isolated now than at anytime in history. As Brene Brown famously asks “How do we bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be?” We are resilient, resourceful, knowledgeable and



capable. But, we forget the things we know, we get lost in habits, stuck in ruts, stop doing what we love to do and make choices that are not in alignment with our true values. This is the value of a coach - to become our external eyes and ears, providing a more accurate picture of our reality. Asking powerful questions to open up our eyes and ears in new ways, reflecting back to us what we might not see or hear and in doing so help to realign our actions with our values and our desires. Coaches navigate knowledge we acquire to help us implement actions necessary in our lives. They help us follow through with our goals by collaborating to create a roadmap along with recommendations a Doctor, trainer, friend or inner voice. Megan Walsh RootsWise Functional Health Coach

Photo By Katie Moum



ehind the scenes of every business is a entrepreneurial visionary, a dreamer of sorts. The one who spent sleepless nights with images in their mind of the brochures they'd print, the building they'd lease and interactions they'd have with the gushing consumers. "You've changed my life in such an amazing way", says your dreamy ideal customer, "This is exactly what this community needs," you are pining to hear just after you open those doors. There's an intersection where those day dream visions connect with the long-load semi-truck of reality checks and insecurities about e-ver-y-thing! Your business concept, your personal life, the podcast you just subscribed to, and yes, even the dog food you just bought for Fido. How you move through this intersection is the nucleus of it all - taking the dream from your right brain and meeting it with decision and action from your left brain. This place is where some embark on a journey and some take pause. Career coaches hold the unbiased space where you can develop a skill set, learn with and from others in workshops, meet local connections and resources, and receive direct support as you map out strategies and achieve goals.


at right, exercise, manage your stress and lose weight, you may have heard this before from your Doctor, family or friends. Then, you drink your coffee, finish your breakfast pastry, telling yourself you will do it eventually. Maybe next week turns into maybe next month, suddenly it’s six months later. You want to be healthy, you really do, but everything tastes so good. You want to exercise, but the day gets away from you. You’re exhausted after work then tossing and turning when you try to sleep. You’re not even sure how to eat right, exercise, or manage your stress. Enter the Health Coach, a trained expert in motivation, health, breaking through excuses and implementing healthier habits. To make a change takes time, energy, and commitment. Having a coach by your side makes it easier to lose weight, walk your first mile or manage stress so well that you get eight hours of sleep every night. Does this sound like a dream? If you’re willing to commit, it can become a reality. In six months, people who worked with health coaches were able to lose

Photo By Katie Moum

weight, lower their diabetes risk, and notice a remarkable increase in their health (Castro 2017). This means you could exercise after work, eat healthier meals, sleep through the night or play more with the grandkids. If you’ve had this on your to-do list for months, sign up with a Health Coach today to be healthier. Your future self will thank you. References: 1. Castro Sweet CM, Chiguluri V, Gumpina R, et al. 2017;30(5):692-710. Megan Daly is a Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches. He company Daly Balance is based in Eugene, OR and anywhere with an internet connection. She has extensive personal experience with stress and chronic illness due to a history of vestibular, post-concussion migraines. Through her experiences, she’s gained extensive knowledge in traditional and alternative evidence-based methods for improving overall health. Her education also includes a Doctor of Physical Therapy (Regis University) and Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation (Emory University).

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Ancient Training for Modern Times

Photo by Anne Galloway

by Skye Nacel


hroughout history our connection with our bodies has been crucial for survival. Early on, we relied heavily upon our ability to move with control. Scan terrain and environments, build shelter, adapt to climate, hunt for food and of course battle adversaries whether they were animals or other tribes. We threw things far before sport so we could ward off danger. We swung primitive tools as well for a variety of reasons from shelter building to cutting wood to tenderizing meat. Play in its formative years wasn’t “day care” but “tribe care” and helped forge warriors, determined hierarchy and added texture to the harsh reality of life. We played outside and relied upon our system of thermoregulation daily. If it was cold, we adapted and moved to get warm and when it was hot we moved to shaded areas or used bodies of water to cool us. This difference in movement is true globally with cultural movement based upon belief and location. The Incans had their amazing stonework and the Vikings their seacrafts. Many Eastern cultures spent hours in deep kneeling positions during worship. Many of these cultures still do move dynamically and these cultures have been shown to have fewer injuries to the hips, spine and shoulder. As we have “evolved”, humans have continually innovated and advancements have brought us many of the privileges and comforts we enjoy today. Modern medicine has changed our trajectory dramatically as has industry and war. Many of the comforts bred from these efforts have eliminated the need to use our bodies. Industrialization has also affected and still does, the way we move today. It could be argued that the modern gym has many elements of a assembly line, with exercises that are linear and isolative versus dynamic and integrative. There are often labels on how we move and here in the west if someone trains traditionally, it often implies that they take more of a body building approach. However, there any many ancient forms of movement that are truly steeped in tradition. Despite living in modern times, there is a widespread movement of looking at Ancient Training as a possible antidote to the challenges of modern living. Photo by Skye Nacel 30


Photo by Rudolph Korv A few ancient options: Yoga has a 5,000 year history and is everywhere with a variety of styles and hybrids like Broga or even Yoga with a Goat! The steel mace has ancient origins (2k years old) and was used initially as a weapon and later as a cross training tool for warriors in Persia and beyond. It has had a huge resurgence as of late and it’s design offers a pretty awesome core and full body workout. Due to its design, the mace can really help people focus and breath, such crucial elements of a movement practice. Kettlebells have been used since the 1600’s. They are an amazing tool for training and are well established. There are many opportunities to find them for sale or find trainers to coach you. Martial arts began over 4,000 years ago and is extremely popular today. Televised MMA (mixed martial arts) is a billion dollar industry. Movement is “in” and so much of it has ancient origins from dance to parkour, martial arts, crossfit, physical culture and Natural Movement. Natural Movement has been popularized by the MovNat system, created by Erwan Le Corre and based off of Method Naturelle created by Georges Hebert in the 19th century. Hebert based much of the system off of observing how indigenous people moved as well as the work of his predecessors who were pioneering European movement experts. Much of this research later influenced how both military training and the movement arts were developed. MovNat is a physical education and fitness system that is entirely based on natural movement skills, mainly including locomotive and manipulative skills, but also combative ones. These can be available for all levels of fitness and though best done outside, can be practiced anywhere. Many of the moves involve others and there is a heavy focus on community and tribe. There are many options for training and movement, so get out there and get moving!

Photo by Todd Cooper Eugenehealthguide.com | EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE


NOURISH: Food For Life is a collaboration between Positive Community Kitchen and Oregon Cancer

Foundation. This summer pick up some fresh recipes and cooking tips by attending these monthly FREE cooking demos designed to inspire and to simplify preparing healing meals in your home. Demos are on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month at 10:30AM at the Lane County Farmers Market downtown on the Park Blocks & at 6:30PM at Natural Grocers. See www.nourishfoodforlife.com/cooking-demos for full schedule & watch CTV29 for recorded episodes! Shanna Hutton leads the instruction for Nourish as a founding member & current Board President of Positive Community Kitchen. Her true passion is educating our community about the benefits of integrating healthy food in your daily diet as a way of becoming an advocate for your own health.

POSITIVE COMMUNITY KITCHEN Inspiring Community Wellness Through Food

Every week volunteer teen and adult chefs come together to prepare organic healing meals for community members fighting a life threatening illness. www.positivecommunitykitchen.org

"Every time you eat is an opportunity to feed your body and nourish your soul." SPRING VEGETABLE GOLDEN CURRY Vegan, Gluten-Free Serves 4-6 Ingredients:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 tbsp coconut or olive oil 4 red potatoes, chopped -1 inch chunks 1 bunch spring onion, sliced thin 2-3 cloves garlic, minced 1 inch knob of ginger, minced 2 carrots, sliced 1 bunch asparagus, chopped-1 inch pieces 1 red bell pepper, chopped into large chunks 1 cup fresh or frozen peas 3 cups loosely packed spinach, chopped 2 cans coconut milk 2-3 tbsp mild red curry paste 1-2 tbsp tamari or soy sauce 1 tbsp ground turmeric 1 tbsp natural sugar, like coconut or date 1 lime, zested and juiced 1 tbsp tapioca starch ½ cup vegetable broth

Preheat over to 450. Place potatoes on a baking sheet, smother with a good amount of coconut/olive oil. Sprinkle over salt and pepper and roast in oven for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown. Meanwhile, melt the coconut/olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Add the onion, garlic and ginger and sauté until soft, about 3-4 minutes. Add carrots, sauté for another 2 minutes. Add asparagus and red pepper, stirring to incorporate vegetables together. Sauce for another 2 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk, red curry paste, tamari, sugar, lime juice, turmeric. Raise the heat and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Stir in roasted potatoes, peas and spinach. Continue to simmer until the veggies are cooked through, about 3 minutes. Taste-test and add more curry paste, soy sauce, sugar, and/or lime juice if you'd like. Season with some salt if desired. Divide onto plates or bowls with rice, and top with cashews, green onions, cilantro, and/or lime.

The Power Of Positive Nutrition - Gluten-Free Cooking for a Cause by Shanna Hutton

Adhering to our own food philosophies of preparing fresh, organic meals, made with love this cookbook aims to offer insight into the “why” of nutrient rich ingredients through beautiful recipes & instruction. These nourishing ideas for the body & the soul are sure to inspire a delicious meal in your kitchen.

100% of profits directly support Positive Community Kitchen

www.positivecommunitykitchen.org/the-power-of-positive-nutrition-cookbook 32


while you sleep, and wake up to hot, healthy, homemade breakfast ready to eat. DIY the Breakfast Cure method with Karen’s Guide to Congee at: https://breakfastcure. com/karens-guide-congee


he cure is... Breakfast!

Congee is a traditional Asian rice porridge that has been eaten in Asia for thousands of years. It’s known as a food that heals and soothes the entire digestive system, and is respected for its ability to successfully treat opposite conditions. For example, it is an equally effective remedy for constipation as it is for diarrhea. In Asia people understand that by fixing digestion, water metabolism is also restored. The result is a system that is neither too dry nor too bloated with unprocessed damp fluids. Congee boosts metabolism and improves digestion because it’s warm, well-cooked, and easy to digest as it passes through each organ. At the same time, all the soft, plump, moist fiber provides a gentle cleanse that keeps you regular, too. Karen Taylor, licensed acupuncturist and Breakfast Cure founder, expands the concept of congee to incorporate whole grains and superfoods from around the world. While these nutritious recipes are based on Chinese medicine, the flavors have been tailored to the Western palate. As a result, people love Karen's congee, which is surprisingly familiar and delicious. Congee is a solution for busy mornings and for digestive distress but only if you actually make and eat it! Karen created the Breakfast Cure method to help her patients succeed in incorporating this simple ritual as part of their daily routine. Cooking congee is pretty easy. The key is to slow-cook the blend overnight. Safely cook a wide variety of grains, beans, fruits, healthy fats, herbs, mushrooms, and spices

Or keep it fool-proof with the Breakfast Cure Trial Size Kit which includes everything you need to cook your congee at home: a perfect slow cooker, congee packets, toppings, instructions, and information. Try one of 14 recipes to discover how to expand your horizons and incorporate a huge variety of nutrients at breakfast. Top 5 Reasons To Eat Breakfast Cure Regularly • Congee boosts metabolism and balances fluids, such as bloating. • Excellent hydration means less pain and inflammation. • Your stomach feels great. Relief from constipation or diarrhea. • More time in your morning routine. Feel less rushed and more relaxed. • Feel satisfied and energized with balanced nutrients at breakfast! Karen started making congee over 20 years ago, but only delivered the first order of Breakfast Cure two years ago. With production in the dedicated gluten-free kitchen at Hummingbird Wholesale, Karen spends her Thursdays working with the crew to be sure every packet is perfect and to formulate new recipes to further expand the Breakfast Cure menu. In her newest recipes, she is excited to include Chinese herbs that are both medicinal and culinary, such as Da Zao/jujube dates, Longan fruit, and a variety of medicinal mushrooms. Eugene locals always get a discount! Pick up your order at Karen’s acupuncture office and save 95 cents on every packet of Breakfast Cure congee! We’ll be in touch to let you know when it’s ready. Eugenehealthguide.com | EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE


TRUE SOAP What it is - and Why you Should Care Photos by Amy Kobos


magine this scenario: You’re shopping for soap at Target, and you sniff and smell. You gently place your favorite scent into your cart. And, you’re feeling pretty confident that you’ve made the right choice because of the “sustainable” packaging. Excited to get home and try it out, you start to read the ingredient label on the back of the soap box – only to be stumped on trying to pronounce the chemicals listed, like sodium cocoyl isethionate,” “sodium stearate,” and “trisodium EDTA.” You also notice the front of the soap box states it’s a “beauty bar.” I hate to break it to you, but most soaps you see in stores aren’t “true soaps” and contain harsh detergents, dyes, and cheap phthalate-laden fragrances. Most of these

chemicals have been shown to be: • Harsh on your skin • Carcinogenic (cancer-causing) • Cheap and synthetic A “true soap” must contain a fatty acid (olive oil, coconut oil, lard, etc.) and an alkaline (sodium hydroxide, aka lye). After lye mixes with these fatty acids, soap is considered neutral, or saponified. Don’t worry! Lye isn’t present in the final soap product! The “true,” or traditional, soap making process goes back thousands of years when people would mix white wood ash (alkaline) with fats, like lard or tallow, to help clean cookware and utensils – and, inevitably, their bodies. The ingredients found in “true soaps” tend to be: • Gentle on your body • From sustainable and/or natural resources • High in quality Additionally, when using true soaps, you’re able to feel good about: • What you’re putting on your skin • Supporting small businesses and farms • Prioritizing self-care and simplicity Meet Your Soap Maker: Amy Kobos is the creator of White Squirrel Soaps. She’s also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach/Certified Wellness Practitioner and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion from the University of North Carolina – Asheville. She’s also a stepmom and obsessed with Samoyeds!



Breastfeeding is a Bitch But, we Lovingly Do It Anyway by Cassi Clark Book Review by Emily Little


his quick read by Cassi Clark provides a sassy reality check on the trials and tribulations of modern-day breastfeeding. In it, she shares her own story of dealing with the challenges of feeding her “Little Milkaholic” with “The Best Husband Ever” along for the ride. Throughout, She includes contributions from 13 friends and family members. Clark starts with an abbreviated version of her birth story, “As we settled into our recovery room and I made close friends with my icepack, I marveled at how perfect he was, and rested in with the knowledge that the hard part was over.” She commiserates with the common practice of our society to prepare heavily for childbirth while completely neglecting any preparation for postpartum. Clark gets real with a tone that is all honest commiseration. Her subsequent chapters focus on pumping (a central part of the breastfeeding experience in our country, given our abysmal policies or lack thereof regarding paid parental leave), tongue ties (an easy fix for a baby who is unable to suckle properly, leading to extreme nipple pain if unresolved), lactation support groups, nursing in public, weaning, and bottles. With the exception of several important caveats, my review of this book is positive because of Clark’s admirable goal of revealing the harsh realities of breastfeeding. In reality, many parents are left feeling exactly as Clark felt: “Since I didn’t find breastfeeding amazing, or all angels and rainbows, I felt I was failing as a mother.” In a world of lactivists and “breast is best,” the fact that breastfeeding is actually a difficult process that requires learning for both parties, is often left out of the conversation. This leads to a mismatch in expectations. Breastmilk is widely known to be the best nutrition for developing infants, and is often portrayed as a peaceful bonding experience. Yet our country is one of the only in the world that does not provide adequate nursing and postpartum support, leading to less than 25% of parents breastfeeding exclusively and only 58% breastfeeding at all at the six-month mark. The journey can be rife with technique challenges, starvation scares, mental health declines, and general feelings of frustration, fear, and failure. Clark’s journey is portrayed with sass and playfulness, as she was able to make it successfully to the other side. For many parents, these feelings can quickly spiral out of control into the depths of postpartum depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or even psychosis. Though many will find Clark’s witty rhetoric helpful in making light of an otherwise painful situation, more sensitive readers should proceed with caution. A parent who is easily triggered by nursing difficulties or birth trauma may find Clark’s writing a bit blasé.

enough to stumble upon this book before having their baby, hopefully they will put into action the really impactful advice like, "The women who had taken breastfeeding classes ...were more prepared than I. It did not necessarily exempt them from problems, but primed the women to get help right away.” The best piece of advice is unfortunately not an option for most expectant parents in the U.S. “Have your baby somewhere where they will send women over to your house to check on you.” This sadly, is not the conventional model of Western biomedical healthcare in our country. The journey shared by Clark and her contributors is refreshingly honest, equal parts hilarious and painful. Yet the glaring disclaimer here is that breastfeeding in today’s American society is much more complex than the author’s most excruciating bout of mastitis. The realities of infant feeding are shaped by racism, economics, education, and privilege. This book is a lighthearted take on the challenges of breastfeeding from the perspective of privilege (i.e., someone from the dominant culture who is in a supportive marriage,with access to the services of a lactation consultant, pediatrician, and other providers, and whose biggest anxiety about attending a lactation support group was having un-brushed teeth rather than being shunned from gender nonconformity or color of her skin) and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt. There are plenty of reasons why breastfeeding is much more of a “bitch” for those from more marginalized communities, but don’t expect that to be addressed here. I would recommend this book just as the author intended “for entertainment and commiseration” for parents who may find the shared experience to be validating. This book also serves expectant parents as well. Parents who are preparing to raise a tiny human may find the book to be a grounding reality-check to make sure expectations of the benefits of breastfeeding match the realities of the potential nursing challenges that will likely face. Emily Little, PhD, is the executive director of WellMama (wellmamaoregon.com), founder of Nurturely (nurturely.org), and owner of BABIES Consulting (babiesconsulting.com). She is trained as a lactation educator and has researched breastfeeding practices around the world.

Clark’s goal is to commiserate, not to be a guidebook. Yet, there are smatterings throughout of helpful tips. Reading Clark’s experience with fixing a tongue-tie, may just be the thing a struggling parent needs to hear. If someone is lucky

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The Ins and Outs of Medical Bills

for motor vehicle injuries

So, you’ve been in a crash or maybe as a pedestrian or cyclist, you were hit by a car. You’re handling injuries and now you have to navigate a process to deal with three separate insurance companies: your auto insurance, their auto insurance, and health insurance. Here are some tips to help navigate the process efficiently, so you can focus what is most important – your health and getting back on your feet.

Medical bills:

Every auto insurance policy issued in Oregon, has Personal Injury Protection or "PIP"

There’s a priority to the order of who pays an injured party’s medical bills. Every auto insurance policy issued in Oregon, by law, has Personal Injury Protection, "PIP," that provides a minimum $15,000 to each individual for medical services provided within the first two years of the crash (see ORS 742.524(1)(a)). Regardless of fault, an injured person is first covered by the insurance company of the vehicle the person was riding in. After that, health insurance is generally next in line to pay.


Report the crash to the insurance company of the vehicle you were in and get a PIP claim number. Give this number to medical providers so they can bill the auto insurance directly. Do this as soon as possible, so there’s no mistake in billing. If you were in someone else’s vehicle, you’re first covered by their insurance. If you use up that first PIP, you can access a second PIP through your own auto insurance before using health insurance. This saves you on co-pays and make for a smoother process if you need to file a claim against the at-fault driver.


If you were a pedestrian or bicyclist hit by a car, you’re entitled to PIP coverage through your own auto insurance even though your vehicle was not involved. Report the crash to your insurance and obtain a claim number to give to medical providers. If you do not have auto insurance, your health insurance is primary. If you do not have auto or health, you can get PIP through auto insurance of the person who hit you.


If it was someone else’s fault, don’t worry about your insurance getting reimbursed by the at-fault driver’s insurance. Insurance companies have their own process to get reimbursed. PIP was designed so injured parties can immediately get the medical treatment they need without waiting on a determination of whose fault it was.


If you use up your PIP, ask the insurance company to send you a copy of what’s called an “exhaust letter” indicating that you’ve used up the coverage. Give that letter to your providers and health insurance, so your providers know to bill health insurance and health insurance knows to pay. As a covered party, you can always ask your PIP carrier to provide you with a ledger to keep track of your bills and know how much you have left. Allow for lag time between treatment, billing, and recording of that billing.


If PIP wants to send you to an Independent Medical Examination, this generally means they want to see if you need to continue to treat. Consult an attorney to discuss your options. Ignoring their request entirely will give them the opportunity to deny coverage for additional treatment.


Consider increasing your own PIP coverage. In a catastrophic crash, $15,000 may not cover the first day of bills. Most insurance companies provide policies that offer $100,000 in PIP. Also consider upping your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, as it provides protection in the event you are hit by someone who has no insurance or carries the state minimum of $25,000.


Lost wages: Under Oregon law, PIP coverage also includes a wage loss provision under ORS 742.524(1)(b). If you miss two weeks of work consecutively, you’re eligible to receive 70% of your pay up to $3,000 a month for a period of 52 weeks. If your medical provider tells you not to return to work, ask for an off-work slip. PIP coverage will want to see that along with a paystub to issue payment.


Final Tip: Don't be afraid to contact an attorney with questions. Most personal injuries attorneys will provide a consult free of charge. If you have any questions about this process - even if you don’t want to hire an attorney, but just want some questions answered - please feel free to give us a call.

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THE FUTURE OF PAPER IS ROOTED IN FIELDS Hemp Press - A Local Business Making a Global Impact The world’s first and only sustainable hemp paper print shop is right here in Eugene. Printing and designing everything from business cards to product packaging, Hemp Press is dedicated to shifting the paradigm of the paper industry and restoring the use of plant-based paper. “Sustainable” isn’t the word that comes to mind when one drives through certain areas of the Pacific Northwest, to view the swaths of clear cut landscape. Although we live in a digital age, over a third of those trees harvested are used directly for paper production. Forests serve as important carbon sinks, creating solid matter from carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. The destruction of our planet’s forests is responsible for 20% of total emissions as that carbon is released back into the air, making deforestation the second leading cause of greenhouse gases. This wasn’t always the case. Tree-based paper didn’t appear until the 1830’s. Before that there were a variety of materials used for paper, including hemp. Fast forward to today - the paper industry is currently the fourth largest producer of greenhouse gases, cutting down 7.5 billion trees each year for paper alone. With the rising popularity of single-use packaging, global paper consumption has risen 400% over the last forty years. The United States has been the primary driver of that trend. As the second largest consumer of paper after China, the U.S. uses approximately 30% of the international paper supply. This translates to the average American using 700 pounds of paper annually. Tree-based paper has a finite recycling lifespan, because each time it undergoes the recycling process, the fibers are shortened. When these fibers have been shortened past their point of usability, they are generally disposed of as waste. Biodegradable materials like paper and

other organic matter cause anaerobic digestion when buried in a landfill. This creates methane, a greenhouse gas approximately 30 times more damaging than CO2. While recycling rates have increased in recent years, China has made recent policy changes with regard to the recycled materials they allow to be imported. Since they can no longer export low quality paper waste to China, American recycling plants are beginning to build up stockpiles of materials. If not sold on the open market, these are destined for the landfill. This is where hemp paper comes in. More durable than its tree-based counterpart, Hemp Press uses paper made from 25% hemp fiber & 75% post-consumer paper waste. Similar to the way rods of rebar strengthen concrete, the hemp fibers merge with paper waste to create a material stronger than the original product. Combining paper waste with hemp not only keeps tons of material from producing harmful methane, but also leaves our nation’s forests growing. On top of that, hemp paper is completely recyclable and actually adds strength to the pool of recycling materials. While trees cut down for paper can take upwards of 20 years to be ready to harvest, hemp grows in 120 day cycles, restores soil health, and offers a myriad of uses. If you view Oregon on Google Maps, you’ll see the patchwork of clearcut forests indicating ecosystems that will take centuries to restore. Together, we can end our reliance on tree paper and restore an American hemp economy. The future of paper is rooted in fields not forests. The “Dwight Schrute of hemp,” Nathan Liddell serves as Director of Communications for Hemp Press, an exclusively hemp paper print shop. Liddell earned a Permaculture Design Certificate from Midwest Permaculture.

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Sarah Rose dances on the side of I-5, leading drivers and passersby to drink the Kool-aid of OPTIMISM. “The Primaries were getting crazy.” she says, “I wanted to remind people to not get so sucked into the abyss, and to keep remembering what positive and life-giving things were still happening. I also wanted to connect with people who may believe differently than me - not to debate or convert - rather to appreciate each other with our differences. I wanted to take the opportunity to look at each other in the eyes, remember we're all here together doing the best we can.”

The Dance Spot was a place she stumbled upon just north of Creswell, parallel and easily visible from the freeway. She had a huge sign made to read ELECT DANCE 2016, a tongue-in-cheek idea to pull people out of the weird cloud that was politics, to remember there’s more to life. She'd put the sign on the top of her car and dance for an hour or 2 or 3 sometimes. Lots of eyes saw this “weird one-woman public expression show thing.” A cop pulled over once and she asked if she was legally able to be there. He said yes, and that he'd gotten a call that someone was maybe having a medical emergency so he came to check! She told him she wasn't having a seizure, just dancing!!! It took a while to gain steam and people didn't really understand it completely until November; but cars would pull over and ask what she was doing, and they'd chat or they'd dance. After the election she had to think of a new message for her sign. She went out dancing soon after the election, and thought, "Well, I'm gonna keep trying to love everyone and try to bring joy, maybe they'll understand me, and we can at least be civil, kind and friendly to each other. Because if anything is going to change, it's only going to be from positive encounters. You can't beat or hate the 42


ignorance out of someone. And you can't hear what they have to say if you're chasing them with a pitch fork. The word Optimism popped in my head and it made so much sense. No matter who you are or where you're from what you believe in, it never hurts to stay positive.” She has met hundreds of people in the 20+ countries she has been able to travel to. She says that no matter who she has met or spoken to, after a few minutes, if you can find common ground, the human warmth between the people is 100% apparent and friendships are possible. Maybe their one positive encounter with that one weird hippie chick dancing on the side of the freeway will stick in their head and they'll think.. hmm, maybe today I'll just let everything lie and just go home and enjoy my family's company. She has received letters from people telling her what it means to them whenever they see her dancing at the Dance Spot with the big ole' OPTIMISM sign, and their letters usually make her cry. So, as much as this started for semi-political reasons, she continues it because of the one-to-one situations she has experienced that make a difference. She has traveled with her sign and stickers to 10 states; meeting as many people as possible, on planes, trains and automo- biles, in cities, country side; saying, “Hi, nice to meet YOU!” She hands out stickers and there are about 150 green hoodies with OPTIMISM on the sleeve walking around in 10 countries Sarah can be found on social media @Opt4Optimism

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