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Energy Hack

Sara McRae, Joyce Bunner and Mandy Baucum raise their vibrations. Photo by Rod Bunner

a higher frequency and in the lingo is called “raising your vibration.” It’s a fast-track for attracting the people, circumstances, and things that will support you and leverage your personal growth. At a higher vibration things fall into place, people are more helpful, synchronicities occur, and there’s a pep in your step when you’re no longer stuck in the muck. Want to Make Progress in Your Life?

Start with Your Mood If you are like most people, when life is overwhelming, you still want to wake up each day feeling healthier, happier and a better version of yourself than yesterday. Each of us wants to make progress, but sometimes we lack the time or energy for personal growth, and end up feeling stuck. This can lead to anxiety, depression, weight gain, and feeling like it’s impossible to make changes while in full stride. So, how do we get off the hamster wheel of life, repeating the patterns that are limiting us? What if we don’t have time to meditate, read self-help books, or the energy to go to the gym? Here’s a “hack” you can use to feel better right now. It’s so simple, you already know how to do it, and it won’t add anything else to your plate! Raise your mood. That’s it. Think about it. You KNOW this works. Getting into a better mood is more powerful than you might think. Energetically speaking it shifts you into


EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE | Fall/ Winter 2019

The solutions to your problems are always at a higher vibration than where you are stuck. What you need is a “state-change” into a completely different frequency to get there. Here’s an example: Remember your friend who was longing for love and trying so hard to find a mate? He put forth so much effort looking for a partner, constantly disappointed by bad dates and bad experiences. Eventually, he was so frustrated that he gave up! Once he stopped looking he immediately attracted someone he was excited about! When he was stuck, what he wanted was love, but what he was feeling were lower vibration emotions like loneliness, rejection, fear, and frustration. Once he changed his focus, he got into higher emotions like contentment, confidence and hope, and the frequency he was emitting was much higher. By making this vibrational shift, his life changed. He became attractive to a mate, and got what he wanted, easily! So, how can this work for you? You need to become an expert at raising your mood. You need to know the external things that will launch you into a higher vibration, and how to boost your mood from the inside out.

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Eugene Health Guide Fall/Winter 2019  

Eugene Health Guide Fall/Winter 2019