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Q & A with a Naturopath


ost of us - EHG readers and writers alike - are united in our active pursuit of healthier and more mindful lives. That goal is not always easy, and means different things to each individual. Our aim is to make that just a bit simpler - to support healthy choices and better lives, one small change at a time.

Dr. Leighanna Jagels, or as we are pleased to call her, Dr. J; took the time to answer a few of the basic questions that have been puzzling us.


What are the differences between a Naturopathic doctor and a "regular" doctor?

Dr. J: One of the most noticeable differences between

a Naturopathic Doctor and a “regular” would have to be our approach to patient care. Naturopathic doctors like to take a whole-body approach to medicine and really dive into and treat the potential cause of a disease or condition. Where when you see a “regular” doctor you may just get a prescription to mask your symptoms. The aspects of our educations that are emphasized are also different. ND’s have multiple years of nutrition, herbal medicine, physical adjustments, homeopathy, mind-body medicine, injection therapy, and environmental medicine to name a few. Our toolbox is more than just our prescription pad (which we also can use).

EHG: Are there any specific benefits to Naturopathy that I would not find in my doctors’ office?


The time we spend with our patients is often much longer than with a “regular” doctor. My new patient visits can take up to 90 minutes when necessary. Naturopaths value building connections with their patients.


Will my insurance cover a visit to a Naturopathic



It depends on your insurance company what your naturopathic coverage will be. Also, it depends on if your Naturopath has contracted with your insurance company.

EHG: Could I name my Naturopath as my PCP? Dr. J: The state of Oregon does allow Naturopaths to

be named as your Primary Care Physician..


Are there things I should look for when choosing a Naturopath (or any doctor for that matter)?

Dr. J:

First, you should be looking at values when choosing any doctor. Does this doctors mission align with how you want your healthcare managed? Does this doctor offer the services/treatment options that you want to utilize? The next things you might not be able to judge until you are in office. Are you able to really open up to this doctor? You should be able to open up to your doctor without feeling judged. You should feel comfortable in the treatment room. If these needs aren’t met, you don’t have to stay. I think that’s really important for people to understand. If you are unhappy with your doctor. I know it’s a hassle to change but you don’t have to settle for care you are unhappy with. Dr. Leighanna Jagels or “Dr. J,” owner of Wildcraft Family Medicine, graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. She practices Family Medicine with an emphasis in Women’s Medicine, Endocrinology and Pediatric care. Her practice is located inside Zenbrio house on the corner of 17th and Pearl. She has office hours in the clinic or is happy to see you in the comfort of your home. wildcraftfamilywellness.com

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Editor's Note: If I could scent these pages - they would smell like walking past an orchard full of fallen leaves on a cold morning with a clear blue sky. They would feel like the weekend stretching out ahead of you, filled with savory goodness roasting in the oven and favorite friends to keep you company. You know the ones - those humans who make you feel really good about being who you are. These pages are filled with those people. Individuals who feel so strongly about improving the lives of others, that they made it their life's work. This issue is about taking time. Time to make each day just a bit better. Time to learn something new, to revitalize, to play and create. Time to take care of yourself, and those you love. Whatever your choice of self care is - GOOD! Do that. We will be here to help and support you. We will be here, doing our best to take our own advice. -Katie Boyer Clark

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Unless you’re bleeding or can’t breathe, don’t rush or let yourself be rushed. Always take time to gather yourself, consider your options, deliberate on any big decision.


As you get older, function becomes more important than pathology. If everything is working, there’s a chance you can wait out whatever irregularity the lab or x-ray shows.


Rely on a generalist as your primary clinician—a family physician, internist (or pediatrician in the case of a child) or nurse practitioner. You need someone who knows you and sees the big picture. Specialists tend to look through the lens of their own area of expertise. Never start out with a specialist unless you’re absolutely certain about the nature of the problem.


Trust your gut when it comes to choosing a doctor. “The best” doctor is usually best only in the eyes of the beholder. “The best medicine or treatment” may simply be the one the clinician is most comfortable with. Good is good enough.


Get more than one opinion. Nothing in medicine is black or white. For example, pathologists differ about what constitutes cancer. The “gold standard” for diagnosis and treatment today may be discarded next year.


The one question you should never forget to ask: “What if I do nothing?” The consequences may not be what you think or as dire as you think.

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ith Integrity ® nt w e m

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7 Get more than one opinion. Clinicians have different points of view. In addition, they are all influenced by peer pressure and current standards of practice, so can’t or don’t always tell you what they really think. Finding someone with good judgment and practical wisdom is extremely important.



Beware of false logic: “I had cancer (or a heart attack or a bad back) and took such-and-such type of treatment and here I am, feeling great again. Thank God for that treatment. I would have died without it.” Just because improvement follows treatment doesn't mean it is because of that treatment.

Always bring a second pair of ears when you’re consulting a physician about a serious or complicated problem. You’ll miss a lot if you’re anxious or if the clinician is not a great communicator. A recording device is a real asset. A friend or family member is, too.


When in doubt, laugh. When all else fails, laugh. Nothing like laughter for breaking a spell and giving you a fresh start.

Veneta Masson is a nurse and writer living in Washington, D.C. Her career includes two decades in primary health care as family nurse practitioner and clinic director and nine years in international health. Her publications reflect on health care issues from her perspective as clinician, family caregiver and engaged citizen.She has taught health care ethics at Georgetown since 2009. www.sagefemmepress.com

Best Bike Trails in Lane County Beginner to Black Diamond

Road Riding


ROW RIVER TRAIL: The crown jewel of biking in Cottage Grove. A “Rails to Trails” conversion, the Row River Trail started its life as a railroad. Early in its life, it helped move resources from the mountains into town. It was featured in the movies “Stand By Me” and “The General”. When it was no longer useful as a railroad, it was turned into a spectacular bike path. Starting in the center of town close to Bohemia Park, it meanders around Dorena reservoir and ends at Culp Creek, 16 miles from the start. Smoothly paved, and completely devoid of cars, this bike path is a treat for riders of all levels. There are several covered bridges on or very close to the path and because it is built on an old rail-way bed, there are no steep uphill climbs. Note: There are no services once leaving town, so bring some water and snacks. Rental bikes are available at the local bike shop (Rainy Peak Bicycles). Because it is a small shop, making reservations ahead of time is prudent.


EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE | Fall/ Winter 2019

Bonus: If you are a fit or adventurous rider and want to tack on a few more miles, continue heading east on Row River Road after the bike path ends. Follow the signs to Wildwood Falls by turning left about a mile after Culp Creek Trailhead to give yourself a much nicer half-way turn-around point. Or, you can continue east into the Willamette National Forest and the Bryce Creek area. Extra Bonus: If you’re a very fit and very adventurous rider, you can combine the Row River Trail and Weyerhaeuser Road into the 70 mile “Big River Loop”. To do this, turn right onto Sharps Creek Road about a half-mile after the end of the bike path. Gain some serious elevation, keep to the right at most intersections, and descend to meet the end of Weyerhaeuser Road which will take you back to civilization. Please research this route ahead of time, as you could get lost in the mountains and have an unpleasant experience.

WEYERHAEUSER ROAD: The next-best-thing to the Row River Trail, Weyerhaeuser road is a paved private road used by log trucks during the week. On the weekends, the yellow gate is closed and cars are mostly absent. Follow 6th street out of town, over I5, and look for the yellow gate on your left just after crossing a small bridge. This road goes around Cottage Grove Lake, and eventually turns to gravel about 20 miles out of town. OREGON SCENIC BIKE-WAYS: The Oregon Scenic Bikeway program is a curated list of the best bike rides in the entire state. If you’re not sure where to ride, throw a dart at a map of Oregon, and ride the closest bike-way. For more information, www.rideoregonride.com!

Mountain Biking CARPENTER BYPASS TRAILS: Located about 20 minutes west of Cottage Grove, just outside the small town of Lorane. This network of trails has existed here for decades. Initially, these were un-sanctioned trails. The group Disciples of Dirt has worked very hard to build and maintain these trails, and has developed a partnership with the BLM and the private land-owners. From the upper parking lot or the lower gravel pile, ribbons of dirt trace the contours of the landscape. True Oregon single-track, these are not “flow trails”. This means that you will have to pedal up hills, loft your front wheel over roots, and pick a line around some rocks. Although they’re not “easy”, these trails are excellent for beginners looking to work on their bike handling skills. If you fall, you’ll likely fall into some soft loamy soil or a comforting fern. Bring your hard-tail or XC bike. Note: Unfortunately, sections of this area are being logged off and on for a couple years. Many sections are open, some are closed. It’s still absolutely worth the drive. ALSEA FALLS: The most fun you’re likely to have on your mountain bike. While it may be a bit of a (fortunately beautiful) drive to get here, I promise it’s worth the trip. Located on a scenic byway between the town of Monroe and the town of Alsea, this trail is thoroughly modern in terms of design. Team Dirt has utilized the stunning

natural features of the area and the best available techniques of trail building to create a roller coaster experience. From the parking lot, you grind up a road to access the top of the directional trails. “Flow Trails” like these emphasize rollers and berms to create a grin-inducing ride. BLACKROCK: Just outside of the town of Falls City, Blackrock is a playground for bikes. Like a ski park, this bike park has green, blue, and black diamond trials. The trails are built and maintained by the Black Rock Mountain Biking Association (BRMBA). Along the trails, riders will encounter many constructed wooden features. These include all manner of table-tops, jumps, wall rides, drops, and gaps. If this sounds way too scary, the green trails are a blast for more intermediate riders, and rideable on all types of mountain bikes. The black diamond trails are something that must be seen in person to believe. If you’re lucky, you may witness a particularly skilled and fearless rider jumping the “Cheese Grater” or “Salad Tosser”. At the base of the hill, an area called “Basic Training” gives you a chance to practice or warm up before riding (or pushing) up the hill to access the longer trails. Bring your long-travel, enduro, dirt-jump, or downhill bike. Even if you don’t feel that jumps are your thing, it’s worth coming here to see what a true bike park looks like. If jumps *are* your thing, you’ll absolutely love Blackrock. OAKRIDGE: Oakridge is more than a collection of trails, it’s a mountain biking destination on par with Moab, Utah. Every year they host the Mountain Bike Oregon festival, drawing riders from all across the world. The local bike shop (Oakridge Mercantile) can assist you with shuttling to the trail heads, bike rentals, trail recommendations, or last minute repairs. The trails are maintained by the Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS). Many of the trails here start high in the surrounding hills, and feature thousands of feet of descending through the pre-historic forests. You’ll also find family-friendly trails that meander along the river banks. The charming town has a proliferation of fantastic lodging and restaurant options, so make a weekend getaway out of your mountain biking trip.

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OREGON COAST: When people see the four-inch-wide tires on a fat-bike for the first time, they always ask “where do you ride that thing?” I usually tell them my favorite place to ride it is the coast. With big fat tires inflated to 6psi, you’d be amazed how easily fat bikes cruise over sand that would make walking difficult. Check out the John Dellenbeck Dunes Trail for an otherworldly experience. Ride your bike through sand dunes reminiscent of Tattooine, through a swampy and brush covered Hobbit trail, before finally arriving at the ocean. Note: The beach is a harsh environment for any metal machine, so if you take your fat bike here, make your peace with more frequent and costly maintenance cycles.


BIKE CAMPING: Combine two great Oregon outdoor activities into your new favorite hobby. Bike, camp, repeat. Spend a week riding from Astoria to Crescent City. Ride the Oregon Outback trail from Klamath Falls to Portland. Pick any of the Oregon Scenic Bike-Ways, and turn them into an overnight camping trip instead of a long day ride. Buy expensive bike packing gear, or just cram your existing camping gear into a backpack and hop on your commuter bike. Take books and a cast-iron skillet. Take nothing but a pocket knife and cordage. There is no wrong way to do it, only hundreds of right ways. Finding the way you like best is the fun part. Chris Compton is the owner of Rainy Peak Bicycles in Cottage Grove, and an avid enthusiast of all things Bicycle.

ainy Peak Bicycles was started by Eric and Randi in the little town of Elkton in 2006. It was named after a large hill near their home. If you knew what gate to hop over, and where the little ribbon of dilapidated pavement started, you could ride your bike to the top and back down the other side while enjoying scenery and solitude.

child, they decided to focus exclusively on their other business: Randi’s lovingly-crafted cycling-related soft goods. This business still endures, and you can buy some of the best-made traditional cycling caps, waxed-canvas handlebar bags, shop aprons, and more made by her by hand in Elkton. (www.randijofab.com).

With a population sign reading “200”, Elkton couldn’t very well support a bike shop, so they packed it up and moved it to Main Street, Cottage Grove. Here I joined them. I had recently discovered bicycles in a big way. Previous to this discovery, my favorite thing to do was play video games, and there was no form of physical activity that I enjoyed. Something in my brain clicked. Weight melted away, heart and lungs became strong. I am convinced bicycling saved me from an early death. At the very least, it has given me a quality of life I did not think was possible. I have seen so much beauty from on top of those two wheels.

They sold the shop to cycling industry veteran Blair. Blair had worked at some of the biggest and best bike companies in the USA. Fondly recalling the days he had spent working in a bike shop as a young man, he took over Rainy Peak and promoted me from apprentice to mechanic. After years of toiling contentedly together, I had the opportunity to take my turn at the helm.

Eric patiently instructed me in the ancient arts of the bicycle mechanic. With the arrival of their first



EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE | Fall/ Winter 2019

One of my favorite decorations is a picture taken of a bike shop somewhere in Lane County. Like my shop, it shows wheels and bikes, tubes and tires. A mechanic stands with his pocket-festooned apron, each pocket housing an important tool. This picture was taken in 1902. I love getting to carry on that legacy.




• 10 Minutes, Once A Week • Convenient & Safe At Any Age • Backed By Published Research • Pain-Free & Sweat-Free

MEASUREABLE RESULTS: • Increased Bone Density • Increased Muscle Strength • Increased Balance & Agility • Reduction Of A1C In Diabetics • Decreased Back & Joint Pain • Increased Fracture Prevention • Improved Athletic Performance


YOUR FIRST 2 SESSIONS ARE FREE! OsteoStrong® Eugene 315 West Broadway Suite 100 (541) 255-0000

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www.osteostrong.me Either you or someone you know will be affected by the disease of Osteoporosis. But there is good news. More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of Osteoporosis, and its predecessor Osteopenia, and are taking preventive measures to ensure that it does not lead to fractures or other serious health consequences. OsteoStrong works for people of all ages and levels of activity to promote skeletal strength which impacts the entire body using a process known as osteogenic loading. The skeletal system is the foundation of your body and provides more than just strength and protection. By implementing a strategy to care for and strengthen it, many people experience the following results: • • • • •

Improved Bone Density Improved Posture Improved Balance Improved Athletic Performance Less Joint and Back Pain

Best of all, sessions are painless, sweat free, and only take 10 minutes once per week! Research shows that the stimulus required to trigger osteogenesis (growth of healthy new bone tissue) is

4.2 multiples of body weight. Achieving that level of stimulus would be difficult for many without using our equipment. However, using our proprietary system, our members easily and safely achieve forces in excess of 5 to 12 times their own body weight. Current statistics indicate that half of all women and a third of all men over 50 will break a bone because of Osteoporosis and it remains the 3rd leading cause of death after the age of 65. The skeletal system is the foundation for our bodies. It provides more than just strength and protection and is arguably one of our most critical systems. Through June 1, 2020, OsteoStrong Eugene and OsteoStrong Springfield are offering 2 FREE OsteoStrong sessions to show you just how easy it is to use our system to safely strengthen your skeleton, quickly increase your balance, and greatly reduce or completely eliminate your back and joint pain. Just use the coupon in the ad next to this article. Dr. Matt and Robbin Freedman are the owners of OsteoStrong Eugene and Springfield. OsteoStrong is one of the world’s fastest growing franchises with centers across the USA and in 10 countries across the globe.


Summer Skin, All Winter Long! By Rachel London, Topsy Blends Aromatherapy

As the cold weather hits, we retreat indoors and cozy up. We crank up the heater, turn on the fire place, warm up with hot showers- all of which our skin does not handle very well. You might notice your skin starting to feel extra dry after a couple weeks or even days of winter chill. This is because the humidity level drops. When the air outside is cold and dry, our skin feels the same way: dry, cold, tight, maybe even a little flaky. When we are soaking up the warmth of the heater inside or bracing the chill from the outside, our mucous membranes are drying up from the lack of moisture in the air causing dry skin, chapped lips, dry noses, and sore throats. So how do we keep our summer soft skin throughout the dry winter months? Try these 5 simple, natural, and effective tips to keep your skin happy and healthy all winter long!

1) Try taking shorter, cooler showers

• As good as a hot shower feels on a cold day, it actually increases the evaporation of the skin’s natural oils. Opt for 5-10 minutes max using warm water and an all natural body wash to protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Try using Castile Soap made with skin nourishing oils, aloe vera and vitamin E.

2) Exfoliate!

• Gently exfoliating face and skin a of couple times a week will not only help soften your skin, but will help any moisturizer you use to sink into the skin faster and deeper. You can use a natural body scrub or loofah to remove dead skin cells to reveal newer, healthier skin cells. Try a hand mit, back, face, and full body exfoliators made with natural fibers.

3) Use natural, oil based moisturizers rather than water based

• The oil will create a protective layer on the skin and retain more moisture than water based creams or lotions. Try Blossom Herbal Infused Body Oil, Lavender Body Oil, or Unscented, Organic Body Oil.

4) Moisturize often

• Applying an oil based moisturizer after bathing and again right before bed are two of the most beneficial times to moisturize the skin. Shea Oil or Butter, Cocoa Butter, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado, Jojoba Oil, or Rosehip Seed Oil are excellent moisturizers for the colder months. They also have many additional benefits to the skin due to their high vitamin content! After showering, apply any of these oils before drying off, and pat dry. This process works by sealing the moisture into your skin while your pores are still open, and pat drying helps to not strip your body’s natural oils. Same goes for hand washing!

5) Invest in a good humidifier

• Humidifiers can add moisture to the air in your home and restore the humidity level. Perfect to combat the dry, indoor air! A good humidifier can also help alleviate dry sinuses, support respiratory health, and lessen allergies. Try an essential oil diffuser humidifier! Add moisture to the air while also adding therapeutic benefits of essential oils to fight off airborne microbes, purify the air, and to enhance your mood!

Topsy Blends Apothecary, for all of your skincare, wellness, smell goodness, and feel goodness needs! Therapeutic Essential Oils • Specialty Gifts • Healing Clays • Aromatherapy • Natural Living Supplies Topsy Blends Apothecary at Urban Therapeutic , in the heart of Downtown Eugene at 749 Willamette St

WHAT THE HECK ARE MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS?! by Brent Hefley You may have noticed the term "medicinal mushrooms" popping up in the news recently. As an increased number of scientific studies have shown the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, the press coverage of them has increased. So what makes a mushroom "medicinal" and what are they good for anyway? Medicinal mushrooms are those fungi fruit bodies that contain a high level of components (polysaccharides, triterpenes, glycoproteins, etc.) which can support the healthy function of our body.

• • •

Body System Balancing -- mushrooms can support healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Digestive System Prebiotic -- Prebiotics are compounds that promote the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms in our digestive tract. Adaptogenic Response -- Adaptogens work with your body and help it adapt; most notably, to stress.

It's important to note that you will get the best results from taking mushroom extracts consistently over a block of time. Taking your extract daily for two weeks is better than spreading it out sporadically over three months.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using medicinal mushrooms Chaga for several thousand years as have many other cultures from Siberia to Australia. Some of the mushrooms these cultures use successfully are Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Chaga. These are the mushrooms U.S. and European scientists began to study about 60 years ago using the western scientific method. These recent studies have confirmed the traditional uses of these medicinal mushrooms, found new applications for some of them, and revealed the potential medical use of even more species. Turkey Tail

So many studies are being published now about medicinal mushrooms there is a scientific journal dedicated just to this field of study, the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms come in a variety of forms, some are edible, but many are too hard to eat. In either case, our digestive enzymes don't break down the chitin in their cell walls effectively enough to provide a substantial medicinal benefit when eaten. For the best effect, the mushroom's therapeutic components need to be extracted and concentrated. The extraction is a multi-stage process involving individual steps using hot water and alcohol to gather all of the medicinal elements. The finished extract can be either a liquid or powder which you can add to a smoothie or a favorite morning beverage. Four ways you can benefit from including Medicinal mushrooms into your daily routine: • Immune System Building and Boosting -- compounds called polysaccharides, complex branched chain-like molecules, have been shown to have anti-tumor and immunostimulating properties.

Further Reading: National Institute of Health: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/ NBK401261/ Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Herbalist, author, botanist, mycologist & research scientist www.christopherhobbs.com Bastyr University (Washington) -cutting-edge research in complementary and alternative medicine. www.bastyr.edu Profungi -- Our introduction to medicinal mushrooms. www.profungi.com/blogs

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odywork is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle, but far too often is forgotten about. Just as our cars need routine maintenance like an oil change, air in the tires, and all the fluids filled, so too do our bodies need regular work or something major could go wrong. Many of us have been conditioned to ignore our body's "check engine light" until it's too late and we end up with a serious injury or disease, but it doesn't have to be this way. Pain and discomfort are some of the more obvious signals, and these are sure signs that immediate attention is required. If addressed promptly and properly these symptoms can be reversed and not lead to something more traumatic. Often though people dismiss minor aches and pains as a part of life. These minor issues, when ignored, cause more issues, it's like a snowball effect. To help explain I'll give a brief description of how connective tissue works: It is a web of collagen fibers that is inside of, and around all the muscles, and surrounds all the organs. It is a "thixotropic" substance which means it can go from a liquid, to gel, to solid, and then back into a liquid state with pressure applied to it over time. Ideally we want it in it's more fluid state because when it solidifies it will adhere muscles together, or make them stick to bones, or make organs stick together, etc. How this

works is that collagen has a crystalline structure and like any crystal, when you apply pressure to it, it creates a piezoelectric current. This current being generated through the tissues is what keeps them healthy. When the tissues are not getting the proper pressure applied they begin to get stagnant and stick together, this is called an adhesion. When one area gets stuck the rest of the body has to change the way it moves in order for us to not fall over. This in turn makes us more susceptible to further adhesions and injury. Ever heard of someone who was just bending over to tie their shoes one day and "all of a sudden" their back goes out? Well it's not actually "all of a sudden." It's years and years of connective tissue adhesions, and other issues, compiling on top of one another until one day the body can't hold the pressure and something snaps. Regular bodywork can greatly reduce the risk of this ever happening. Massage addresses these areas of adhesion and, through the proper angle and pressure, releases the tissues so that we can move freely and unrestricted. This in turn allows us to move in a healthier way, reducing our risk of injury and illness. Yes ,I said illness too! Because connective tissue surrounds the organs it has a huge impact on our immune, digestive, circulatory, and endocrine systems. All our organs have to move in order to perform their given tasks; the heart beats, the lungs expand and contract, etc. If their movement

QI GONG • TAI CHI • BAGUA • XIN YI is restricted then so too is their performance! So where exactly does bodywork fit into the overall framework of a healthy lifestyle? To explain this let's talk about the three main aspects of Health. The first pillar being "What we take in." This includes food, water, air, music, energy of our environment, what we watch on t.v., etc. Making sure we take in things that are nourishing is the foundation to our health. The second aspect is "How we move." This means our posture during movement, and stillness, and what type of movement we are doing. Again, this needs to be nourishing, so finding something that is low impact and not causing injury, while simultaneously circulating fluids and energy is a way to increase our health. The third is "What bodywork we get." There are issues that arise within our systems that cannot be solved through diet and exercise alone and that's where bodywork comes in. The most important thing to realize here is that, like eating healthy and exercising correctly it needs to be a regular part of our healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy once a month doesn't really do much good does it? Well then what exactly does "Regular bodywork" mean? This is going to depend on each individual and what kind of work the practitioner does. The best thing to do is to set a goal with your practitioner and then ask them how often you should be coming in. Here are some general time frames for common goals: • • •

For the goal of recovering from an acute injury, anywhere from 1-3 times a week. For maintenance and prevention, 1-4 times a month. For resolution of an old trauma pattern 1-8 times a month.


• 5:30 Chansi Gong (spiraling energy skill) beginners welcome

• 6:30 Bagus/Xinyi. Prerequisite- qigong WEDNESDAYS

• 6:00 PM Hunyuan Gong (Primordial Energy Cultivation) Beginners Welcome

• 7:00pm Taichi. Hunyuan Taiji beginning form.

(This schedule is for massage/craniosacral therapy, other bodywork modalities may have a different recommended schedule)


Without bodywork we will never be able to function at our optimum level. We will get slowed down by chronic and acute injuries and illnesses. So why not choose a life with less pain, and sickness? Getting regular bodywork will help you live the life you want to be living, so start making it a part of your healthy lifestyle, you'll be glad you did!

$15 Drop in Monthly memberships | 1class/week-$50 2classes/week - $75 | Unlimited - $100

Ashtanga Yoga Eugene - 825 Monroe Street


Turn your home into a spa for the weekend with a professional massage table package. • Pick up at our partnered storefront Urban Therapeutic • No experience necessary, simple and easy to use • Customize your package with special add ons. • The perfect gift for a "date night in" • Designed by a licensed massage therapist • Single tables also available for professional daily rental

Reserve your packages online: www.vagabondequipmentco.com


Did you ever walk on your elder's backs as a kid? I never did. In fact, I never gave a single massage until my first day of massage school in Ashland 10 year ago. Flash forward to now I, solely ;), use my feet to massage people about 20 hours a week. I'm also nationally certified to teach this modality to other licensed massage therapists, holding classes every couple of months at my studio in Cottage Grove. You could say this chance encounter of a random internal dialogue... Self: "Well what should we do next, Self?" Self: "Wanna try massage school?" Self: "Why not?" ...turned into a downright love affair, and I haven't looked back.

Photo by Rob Loper

I also, don't walk on backs. Not exactly. It's more like dancing, with educated, intuitive, finessed, AND CLEAN feet leading the way. Ashiatsu, "Ashi", or just Barefoot Massage, is a technique wherein the therapist uses gravity + a soft and padded foot + an appropriate amount of weight to deliver a fully body massage. With an emphasis on deep-tissue and myofascial knead-needs. It's not painful to the client, nor to the therapist. Clients often report effects lasting 2-3 weeks versus 2-3 days, as this style lends itself to covering more surface area with broad pressure. If you haven't tried it, maybe that same out-ofleft-field internal dialogue, will nudge you to try this style of massage. For the record, please note!! YOU are the pro. Your massage therapist is an expert, but you are the expert of you. We know anatomy, techniques, energy, and the range in between; but, we don't know how or what you feel in your own body, in your muscles, tissues, nervous system. Feedback is paramount, for a SAFE, comfortable and effective massage. Grinning and bearing it need not apply. We're here for your experience, to make it the best it can be. You know your body, and your body is right. And it's your right to feel the best you can in the vehicle that is taking you around our crazy little planet. So, we can all be the best we can be, together. Cuz' we got each other's backs, right?


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Michelle Heitman, LMT One of my favorite things about the massage therapy field in is the continuing education. I AM required to complete so many hours in order to maintain my license, but I also am very passionate about learning. Currently I am studying in a Thai massage specialty program. It is quite intensive; with plenty of valuable information to absorb in the in-person workshops I will attend until next May, as well as the online portion of study that I am half way through. Thai massage has so much more to it than I initially realized. We are diving deep into Thai medical theory. I am understanding the Thai perspective of layers of the body and how to accurately treat them; how to use Thai Element theory to help clients; and Thai bodywork techniques that go beyond the ‘palming and stretching’ that I’ve been exposed to before. Thai bodywork truly transforms the tissues of the body, allowing the body postures to correct and relief of pain and tension in the body. Later in the program, I will learn how to use herbs to help alleviate symptoms as well, which is very exciting! Though I’ve just begun, it has drastically changed my practice as well as myself. One lovely thing about massage, is that even after you learn something, the practice that follows only deepens your understanding and down the road many experience an “AH HA!” moment. I often think, “Wow, I thought I knew before, but now I REALLY know.” It is humbling and satisfying.

READY TO START YOUR PRIVATE PRACTICE? I can relate to the confusion of getting a wellness business started. With a mile long to-do list, you’re not quite sure where to even begin. My name is Brenda Stebbeds and I am a career coach for wellness practitioners. I help you launch and scale your wellness business.

Take the first step in your new business. Download the free “Launch Your Wellness Practice” checklist www.mywellnesscareercoach.com

I hope to practice for many years, as long as my body will allow. Thai bodywork is easier on my body as well, and I am eager to integrate it with the therapeutic table massage, cupping, scraping, and use of compresses/ balms/liniments that I already offer at Movere Massage and Bodywork.

Brenda Stebbeds, LMT 541-357-4662 www.mywellnesscareercoach.com Take the guess work out of what needs to get done. Book clients and generate revenue with confidence.

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HOW EMPATHY AFFECTS HEALTH by Amy Kobos EMPATHY – SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE Empathy is our ability to understand feelings of someone else, which gives us the capability of figuring out how to respond to an individual. There are two types of empathy: Cognitive and Affective. Cognitive empathy (CE) is understanding what someone is feeling. It helps to formulate an appropriate social response to another individual based on a perceived understanding of what he or she might be going through. Affective empathy (AE) is an ability to feel what someone else is feeling. It “puts yourself in someone else’s shoes” by mirroring someone else’s emotional state. Empathy allows societies and people to grow and evolve. We listen and observe one another and work hard to create solutions. For example, women were granted the right to vote through imitating other empowered women who were brave enough to advocate. Without empathy, cultural and individual growth becomes stagnant. Emotional contagion is a theory which states that emotions can be contagious. If people believe they are in danger, whether it’s based on irrational or rational fears, it is easier to stay in that emotional state. Emotional contagion can be good thing if it’s based on love. This explains why you can “make someone’s day” just by smiling at them – or at yourself in the mirror.

EMPATHY – NEUROLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE Key brain structures involved in your ability to empathize are found in the frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes, specifically derived from a collection of neurons in the brain called the mirror neuron system (MNS) – hence, your ability to essentially mirror others’ behavior and perceived feelings. The MNS connects to the limbic system (hypothalamus, amygdala, hippocampus, and anterior cingulate cortex) and other associated structures. Think of your limbic system as the place where adverse emotions are formed. The MNS possesses its own neural circuit to code and store how you react – or respond – to a stimulus. When you hear the word “no,” or sense danger to yourself or others (irrational or rational), your MNS sends a message to your limbic system that triggers the “fight or flight” stress hormones like cortisol, norepinephrine, adrenaline, etc. to react in defense – resulting in an increase in your heart rate. Researchers found more neurons are fired with aversive stimuli than with positive stimuli.

So, it becomes easier for your brain to automatically trigger stress hormones, especially if you regularly expose yourself to a negative environment. This results in consistently high levels of cortisol, which in turn damages the receptors that tell the cortisol to turn off production. This is how anxiety disorder develops. Lack of self-regulation also puts your body in a persistent inflammatory state.

This level of empathy creates burnout, resulting in anxiety, grief, depression, and loss of self; due to the effects of dysregulation in the neural and hormonal system.

USING EMPATHY AS A TOOL FOR HEALING AND BALANCE Our brains are what neuroscientists consider to be “neuroplastic”, your brain has an ability to resculpt neural pathways. Let’s say you lost your sense of hearing. Your brain can rewire itself by making other parts of your sensory system stronger to compensate for not being able to hear. Empathy can become a tool for healing by turning empathy inward in the form of self-compassion. By allowing your mirror neuron system to be exposed to more positive stimuli, new neural pathways can form, directed more toward the prefrontal cortex of the brain which can help trigger the release of health promoting hormones and keep your body in a more relaxed and anti-inflammatory state. The more you practice, the more likely the old neural connections will atrophy, or disintegrate and waste away, according to neuroscience theories. Positive psychologists say that for every negative stimuli, an individual must implement three positive actions, such as taking in deep breaths, prayer, meditating, going for a walk, turning off the news, etc. in order to push yourselves into a healthier mental state. With practice, your body can become better equipped on how to become more resilient to stressful events – which results in better cardiovascular health, increased self-awareness, and overall positive moods. ~Amy Kobos is an Integrative Health Coach & Certified Wellness Practitioner who helps people find and cultivate their happy place through exercising evidence-based health promotional strategies. She’s also the soap making fairy at White Squirrel Soaps! www.whitesquirrelsoaps.com


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We love the idea of focusing on gifts of life enriching experiences - and have put together a selection of our favorite ideas to get you started. Once we got going, it was hard to stop. We want thoughtful experiences for everyone on our list. Bonus! No wasteful wrapping. Looking for something more traditional and maybe sparkly? Skip the mall and check out the Holiday Market, going on every weekend through December. You will love knowing that you supported a local artisan, and that you are giving something unique and hand crafted.

Topsy Blends Aromatherapy - Are they a Gold or a Silver? Eco-friendly Moisturizing Body Shimmer made with biodegradable glitter to keep skin nourished and glowing all Winter long! Products to enrich your health, happiness, and well-being. Booth 164 at the Holiday Market. topsyblends.com Maleah at Modern Flora makes resin jewelry out of real plants so you can carry nature’s magick with you always. Instagram at @modern_flora_ Holiday Market booth #6! Bonus: Mention this guide for $5 off your purchase of 2 or more items!

Bug's Baby Boutique - Handmade baby goods Warm your favorite wee ones with these IBSEWN jackets handmade out of luxe fleece with batik lining the hood and front trim. Beanies are crocheted of machine wash safe Merino wool. bugsbabyboutique.com

Flaming Pearl Jewelry Pamela Pollock's gorgeous work is primarily inspired by nature, but also by pure experimentation in her studio seeing what fun things metal can do when manipulated with hammers, drills, various other machines and applying heat to color the metal. Booth 184 at the Holiday Market theflamingpearl.com

Gift Certificates don't have to be impersonal. - just focus on your giftee! Check out our Health Directory for local providers with amazing offerings!

Inspire dreams of Spring planting with a GC to your favorite Farm Store. We have some great ones! Down to Earth has SO much more than gardening goodies, and Territorial Seed Company's veggie starts are unparalleled.

✳ A Gift Card to the Movies! For the more bohemian

viewer - try the Bijou or David Minor Theatre. Or surprise them with tickets to the Hult Center for an exceptional experience!

There is a spa for everyone! From the polished and extravagant to the motivated go getter - self care treatments make a great gift for just about anyone. While we encourage others to pamper, we often forget that we are worthy of care A hot soak at Onsen, will soak away worries. A facial, pedicure, or massage, will heal and restore!

For kids or the fun loving and spontaneous, try a GC to a trampoline Park like Get Air or Defy. For a older funsters try Oregon Axe or our very own Rage Room.

âœł What about classes for something you know they

have been wanting to try? Maybe yoga, dance, Tai Chi? Maybe a breathwork class for the super stressed, or an experience with energy work for someone who is stuck. What about a fun DIY class at a local shop for the sister who loves to make it herself.

Chipotle Honey Caramel Corn with Pumpkin Pie Spice from Mountain Rose Herbs

Makes 6 cups of caramel corn. Easily double or triple this recipe for extra special homemade gifts! This recipe reminds me of breaking into that classic cardboard box filled with the sticky sweetness of glazed popcorn and peanuts, digging for the mystery prize hiding within! Happily, the amazing flavors that pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, and a hint of chipotle bring to this DIY caramel corn are unbeatable, making it a healthy alternative. For even more autumn flare, forego the peanuts and substitute pumpkin and hemp seeds. This snack is easy to make in large batches, too! Everyone can fill their bowl while cozying up to a movie at home, and it makes a great addition to any holiday potluck.


✳ 6 cups popped organic popcorn ✳ 1/2 cup organic pumpkin seeds ✳ 1/3 cup raw, local honey ✳ 1 Tbsp. organic extra-virgin olive oil

✳ 1/2 tsp. organic chipotle powder ✳ 1/2 tsp. organic pumpkin pie spice ✳ 1/4 tsp. FIne sea salt ✳ 1/4 tsp. homemade organic vanilla extract ✳ 1/4 cup organic hemp seeds

Directions ✳ Preheat oven to 250° F. ✳ In a large bowl, toss together popcorn and pumpkin seeds and set aside.

Whisk together honey, oil, spices, salt, and vanilla extract.

Drizzle over popcorn and pumpkin seeds and, using a rubber spatula, toss well to coat.

Sprinkle in hemp seeds and toss again. Transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet and spread evenly to create a single layer.

✳ Bake until popcorn starts to caramelize (about 5 minutes) and toss with a spatula.

Continue to bake, tossing every 5 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes.

✳ Remove from oven and sprinkle with more salt, to taste.

If needed, return to oven and bake a little longeruntil light and crispy. Allow to cool for several minutes before devouring.

✳ Store in a closed container for 2 to 3 days. Enjoy! 22

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eventually go to talk therapy which I highly recommend. Trauma experts like psychiatrist Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk recognize that practicing mindful movement is complementary to other modalities and highly effective when working through trauma. Van Der Kolk asserts that "yoga was more effective than any medication... medication can be quite nice to sort of dampen some of the symptoms. But, in the end, people need to own their bodies, they need to own their physical experiences; and in order to overcome your trauma, it needs to be safe to go inside and to experience yourself."

Healing with Yoga: A Path Through Trauma By Heather Nelson As a yoga instructor I’m aware that I don’t know all the issues, achievements and traumas that my students carry. I’m not a therapist. I don’t pry. I teach yoga and I’m happy that I share a practice that helps students actively work through challenges. I believe in the power of healing through yoga. I’ve experienced it firsthand. I have dealt with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from an abusive childhood. The things I experienced – like anxiety, insomnia, hyperawareness and even the inability to identify how I was feeling emotionally – were some of its symptoms. By the time I entered college, I had lost memory of entire months and years of my childhood. In the ensuing years memories came back. Sometimes random details would float to the surface, other times a recall would make me freeze in fear. At the time I wouldn’t see a therapist as it all felt too overwhelming to begin to talk about. I wouldn’t reveal it to my friends for the shame of being labeled “damaged”. I tried instead to stuff it all back away.

I created Mudra Yoga five years ago to provide a welcoming, joyful, and safe place for people to practice inspired yoga. You certainly don’t have to have trauma to practice at Mudra, but if you do, you can feel safe there. In that safety you can experience the benefits of yoga and gain steadiness on how you’d like your life to move forward. The body aims to protect. It will hold your trauma. It will also respond to your cues. At Mudra you’ll learn poses and breathwork that teach the body to relax with you. Your mind also tries to protect. The mindfulness and meditation incorporated into Mudra classes can help you plant reality-based thought patterns and find ease. Yoga is an incredible healing practice. It gives you tools to gain perspective. It can carve a space for you to feel safe in your body. Come join me for practice. I’ll hold space for you. Heather Nelson Yoga Instructor and Owner of Mudra Yoga in Eugene www.eugenemudra.com

My body, however, was wound up as if ready to spring at any moment. Stress hormones would flood my body at the drop of a hat, sending my heart pounding. My body, it seemed, held the awareness of my trauma even when my mind refused to. Eventually I found a flow style of yoga that hooked me in. It was challenging and it kept my mind focused away from circling, unproductive thoughts. I became physically stronger and more flexible. I didn’t expect the other side effects that came through consistent practice. The poses actively loosened my muscles and allowed me to gain body awareness. I learned how to breathe to slow the adrenaline triggers and gain traction over anxiety. I learned to survey how I was feeling emotionally. The instructor held a safe space for me; allowing me to believe that I could begin to trust others. The sense of community in class gradually eased the panicked tensing when people got physically close. I believe in a holistic management of trauma. I did

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Local, Plant Based PrOTEIns Protein, are you getting enough? And tell me where ya gonna' get it?

Finding sources of plant based protein today is no problem. However as people strive to reduce their environmental impact in these times of tension, a new trend is budding. This trend is -Eating Local. Today many Oregonians rely heavily on Soy products as an alternative source of protein, whether it be "Bac-un" "Chick-un" or just plain "Tofu". These products have a rich protein profile, however the cultivation- importation & processing of Soy is very environmentally taxing. We can close the loop, and support our Bodies, the Planet, and the Community in which we live; by choosing local. Tria Prima's Alternative Tempeh Company's Non-Soy Tempeh is made from Organically Grown, Local Beans. It can be found at Lane County Farmers Market and Your Local Grocer. Where Tofu is soft and mild, Tempeh is savory and nutty, with a hearty, firm texture.

But, what is tempeh? Tempeh has been a source of protein throughout the ages, it is a fungus grown (typically) on Soy beans. This Fungus is called (Rhizopus oligosporus) and can be grown on virtually any Bean you'd like. So in a place like Oregon where fungi and beans rule, you can really have some fun cooking &/or cultivating this Food. Most will agree that eating a variety of local Beans can serve as an excellent source of protein, but when Tempeh is involved true magic can take place. What is this magic we speak of? Well the magic of Mucilage of course! As noted, Tempeh is a Fungi which digests beans to produce an edible Mycelial mat. Mycelium is a concentrated source of Mucilage. When one cooks Tempeh (or any mushroom for that matter) and eats it, their body breaks down the Mucilage and converts it into amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Cool Huh? Fresh Tempeh is a Live Culture food & is full of beneficial Enzymes. The Bean isn't the only benefit! Eating Local Beans cultured with Tempeh is not only a great source of protein, it's also great for your Gut Health! By Margaret Naleski of Tria Prima non-soy Tempeh crafted in the PNW. triaprimallc.com

Tempeh Rice Noodle Salad

INGREDIENTS : • Half block of your choice of Tempeh! (We are using Tria Prima Tempeh's Kenearly Bean Pecan Blend.) • 8oz Package of Organic Rice Noodles • One zucchini • One Bell Pepper • Salad Greens of your choice DIRECTIONS:

Thaw Your Tempeh Block. Slice it into thin strips and get a pan hot with your choice of oil! I recommend a high heat oil such as avocado oil or walnut oil. Fry on either side until golden brown & add spices of your choice. In this case I am using an organic curry blend & pink salt. Boil 1 and 1/2 cup of water on medium heat. Once boiling add rice noodles and cook for about 5-8 minutes until soft. Chop and prepare zucchini & bell peppers into


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strips or cubes. Wash your greens. Plate as following, fresh greens, noodles, zucchini, bell peppers, chives - add some lemon and some coconut amino on the side and there you have it!

Looking for some foodie inspiration, or delicious vegan options served hot and ready? Fresh new campus area food cart Screamin’ Jay’s serves up hot lunch weekly, with a saucy side of Rock n’ Roll.

Serving original sandwiches, salads and scratch made soups in the little red cart on 14th and Kincaid Street formerly known as 20-year-old stalwart Soup Nation, items with clever names like the Twisted Hipster , Hearts on Fire and King Tubby reference obscure songwriters and their better known catalogs. The owners, Jesse Gandy and Fiona Gledhill clearly having spent time in Nashville most recently before moving back to Eugene to settle down and open shop.

directly translates to the menu here,” co-owner and Eugene native Fiona Gledhill says. In addition to offering fresh baked bread for the substantially sized sandwiches, the cart makes loaded salads in the same creative way, and there are numerous choices for those with an aversion to gluten and nuts as well. The couple takes dietary restrictions seriously, and wanted to be sure that no one felt left out when ordering off their menu.

Professional wrestlers from the 1980’s, and B-Movies all seem to make appearances as well, titling sandwiches that University of Oregon faculty, staff and students in the know; are slowly becoming obsessed with. It’s sandwiches like the aforementioned Twisted Hipster, slow roasted chicken breast topped with grilled broccoli, a spicy sambal pickled red onion salad and a Thai Basil peanut pesto, that have clearly helped the duo build their cult like following. The Twisted Hipster is a carnival of flavors - the play on peanut sauce and pesto came together perfectly with a subtle heat of bird chiles and the airy delight of the fresh baked french bread Screamin’ Jay’s uses. Gandy explains the special of the house, and ultimate fan favorite, is a popular pulled pork option known as the Townes Van Zandtwich. With what has to be the coolest name in cooking, the sandwich comes piled high with a choice of locally sourced and humanely raised pork shoulder, or Jay’s house made pulled tofu. It’s then covered with a mountain of tangy pink lady apple coleslaw and drenched in fried onions and a smoky vinegar based Texas style barbeque sauce. It will have you plotting ways to snag another as soon as possible. The cart keeps things fresh by changing the menus based on seasonality and availability of garden variety produce as well as the proprietors moods. “We love to have fun with it, thinking about the weather and things happening in town kind of dictates what we feel like eating, that

For every traditional meat selection listed, there is a fully plant based, dairy-free, entirely Vegan counterpart.

The house crafted meatless options often rival their free range equivalent, in fact the pulled tofu is so delectably meaty and tender, that we had to double check with Gandy to be sure we were served the Vegan option ordered.

The Twisted Hipster

Townes Van Zandtwich

“We really wanted to consider inclusion, especially when it comes to eating out on dates or with coworkers. We love that groups often show up with different nutritional needs, and that we can accommodate them all in one order,” according to Gledhill, whose extensive background in cooking began in home economics classes at South Eugene High School, and later runs the gambit of two decades working in fine dining around the country with renowned chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Tom Douglas and Susan Spicer.

Screamin’ Jay’s, is open limited hours for lunch on weekdays from 11-3. “We’ve met so many great people being here, and are excited to be a part of Eugene’s awesome growing craft food scene. " www.screaminjays.com

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Nourishing the New Mother:

a stew recipe

When a person has just given birth, their body goes from an environment that is full, watery, and hot, to now a body that has empty space, is cold and must rebuild blood and fluid. Ancient wisdom practices include providing the birthing person with warming and rebuilding foods to comfort and nourish. The gentle postpartum period is not a time for counting calories, although it isn’t a time to be eating whole pizzas in bed either. In order to heal and recover stronger and with more vitality than before, you must put your focus on nutrient-density. How much nutrition can you pack into a single dish? A cozy kitchen with warming soups simmering, freshly baked goods and warming herbs and spices is exactly the environment we want to create for a fresh baby and fresh family for healing. Foods should be soft, easy-to-digest, hydrating and warm. This is not the time for raw vegetable salads and big cold smoothies! Soups and stews are my favorite way to nourish a new mother and this stew is perfect to have on hand all throughout the day.

Tempeh and Wild Mushroom Stew INGREDIENTS

• 7 cups mushroom stock (dried mushrooms, onion and herbs simmered with filtered water. Or store bought stock) • 2 Tbsp oil ½ cup shallot, minced • 2 Tbsp garlic, minced • 6 oz fresh, wild mushrooms (crimini, oyster, chanterelle are all great options), stemmed and quartered • 12 oz button mushrooms, stemmed and quartered • 1 Tbsp fresh thyme • 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary • Salt and pepper to taste • 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar • 3 Tbsp liquid aminos • 2 Tbsp olive oil • 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, minced • 1 lb tempeh, cut into small squares or triangles

Freeze extras in a ziplock bag for easy future meals. I would recommend storing the soup and tempeh separately, and mixing them together just before serving.


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DIRECTIONS Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Heat the oil in a heavy stock pot over medium heat. Add the shallot and garlic, and saute for 1 minute, until soft and fragrant. Add the mushrooms and saute for about 8 minutes, until they begin to release their liquid. Add the thyme and rosemary and saute for another minute until the herbs become fragrant. Add the stock, bring to a boil, and then cover and simmer for 15 minutes. For the tempeh: Whisk together the vinegar, aminos, oil and herbs. Toss your tempeh in the marinade, and spread in a single layer on a lined baking sheet. Cover and bake for 25 minutes. Uncover and bake for an additional 10 minutes until browned. Remove the tempeh from the oven and stir it into the stew. Season to taste.

Where to fInd Mushrooms for your dinner Fungi are everywhere. There are massive networks of mycelium underneath our feet covering the vast majority of most continents, including some in Antarctica. Humans have made use of fungi for thousands of years, from medicine to fermentation to their most popular use: food. As more research is done, the line between food and medicine is starting to blur. Many mushrooms, including the varieties that we grow at Four Bridges Mushroom Farm contain compounds that are beneficial to human health. The most well known family of compounds are a type of polysaccharides called beta-glucans. multiple studies have shown these compounds to have anti-tumor and Anti-viral activity. These are found in many mushrooms including Shiitake. Another powerhouse is the humble Oyster Mushroom. Along with the aforementioned compounds, Oysters contain beneficial statins which are known to regulate cholesterol levels. It seems like every day there are more healthy reasons being found to eat mushrooms! Four Bridges focuses on growing seasonally available mushrooms. Different mushrooms prefer different temperatures and

humidity levels. Growing them seasonally in greenhouses and outdoor beds rather than climate conditioned warehouses allows us to both keep our costs down and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We grow several varieties, including both Shiitake and many different types of Oyster Mushrooms, depending on the time of year. We are always test-growing new varieties to see how well suited they are for our climate and farming techniques, so as we learn and grow we will be able to offer more varieties to the public. Our mushrooms are currently available every Thursday at the South Valley Farmer's Market in Cottage Grove, and as we expand we plan on partnering with Eugene area restaurants that feature local ingredients. So whether you get them from us or another local cultivator, make sure to include these powerful medicinal foods to your diet today! By Samuel Barrett Four Bridges Mushroom Farm

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Our Health Directory is a great resource to find specialists in a specific field. Look up practioners in our online directory for details abut their services. www.EugeneHealthGuide.com/service-providers



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BONE GROWTH OsteoStrong® Eugene (541) 255-0000 OsteoStrong® Springfield (541) 780-1001

Karine Calhoun Helping Hands Collective 541-799-4632 Karlene Lichvarcik Tend | Medicine in Motion 541- 232-0677 www.tendenergy.com


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Mudra Yoga 541-543-9121 eugenemudra.com

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CIRCULAR FASHION More than a trend, it's a lifestyle!

by Sarah Hambrick Circular fashion, fast fashion, slow fashion, pre-loved, swapped, resale… These fashion-related terms are popping up everywhere and awareness is on the rise. It seems as though a virtual spotlight is being pointed down upon the fashion industry . As alarming facts, headlines and documentaries pour fourth about the environmental impacts the fashion industry has on the planet, many people have begun to question their own style-involved decisions and are choosing “second-hand” first. More and more consumers are looking beyond the color, style, and price of an item hanging in the store and are demanding that each article is made in a fair, safe and just way. Judith Russell states in Beyond Sustainable: The Growing Demand for Ethical Fashion that, "Numerous studies done in the past few years have confirmed that upwards of 65-70 percent of consumers under 35 around the world report that they will choose brands or retailers based on their ethical practices”. I know that I’m not alone when I say that feeling good in your clothing is not simply a physical thing; It’s emotional as well. We want to feel content knowing that we voted with our dollar for something we believe in; and for many of us, that means shopping the resale market. Every article of clothing has a lifespan; a story. Far too often that story is cut short due to our consumerist society feeding us messages that we will be happier with new things. If we can lengthen the life cycle of each article of clothing we are slowing down the

“fast-fashion” industry, as well as the rate at which our landfills are filling up. Growing up, my mom was always dragging me to Goodwill for just about anything and everything we needed as a family. Honestly, I was embarrassed. What if someone from school saw me there? Little did I know that she was teaching me valuable lessons that come with purchasing second hand: resourcefulness, creativity, bargaining, and most of all; the beauty of using something that’s already made. The older I got the more I realized how creative and expressive I could be and feel when sourcing my clothing second-hand and creatively piecing a wardrobe together! I’m happy to say that it’s a choice and lifestyle that is catching on like wildfire! “The resale market is expected to grow 21 X faster than the rest of retail within the next half-decade. While large online thrift stores such as Thread-up, Poshmark, Depop and ASOS Market make online thrift-shopping convenient and affordable; luxury marketplaces like The Real Real, and Rent-theRunway contribute to a circular economy, and the shift in how we view ownership.

There is a real cultural shift in motivation and focus - from ownership of products, to life experiences and personal enrichment. Donating, selling and shopping at the local resale stores in the community is also a great way to support local business and strengthen the circular-fashion cycle

I would like to give a huge shout out to the local shop-owners and workers at such places; you really have created a welcoming, fun, environment to shop in, you are facilitating in self-expression, you are prolonging the life of clothing that may otherwise be thrown away- Thank you! 30

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Some wonderful thrift shops in the area you may not know about.

Donate - Sell - Shop! >> right here at home! Let’s be real, we can’t do all the right things, all the time, but as one team for mother earth, lets have her best interest in mind when shopping for new threads… I promise it’ll be fun!

Assistance League of Eugene Nonprofit organization that accepts donations of apparel, home goods, food & more to help finance their numerous philanthropic programs in the Eugene area. Downtown Eugene, OR Buffalo Exchange Buy, Sell, Trade New and Recycled Fashion. Accepting like-new, fashionable clothing for cash or store credit. Geared toward the college-age person. Eugene, OR IG: @buffaloexchange Bumble Boutique Mobile boutique selling second-hand clothing, locally made eco-jewelry and accessories at a corner near you. See Instagram Bio for location and times as this is a mobile business. IG: @bumbleboutique.eug The Clothes Horse Women's resale shop- open in Eugene for 27 years! Offering cash or in-store credit for upscale and vintage clothing and accessories. Geared toward the 20 and over crowd. IG: @theclotheshorse_eugene Flipside Apparel Exchange A Springfield original, Woman’s resale clothing and accessories. Accepting trendy styles all year long for cash or in-store credit. IG: @flipsideapparelexchange Plato’s Closet Teen and young adult apparel, shoes, and accessories. Accepting trendy clothing for cash or in-store credit. Eugene, OR IG: @platoscloseteugene Moon Child Vintage True vintage threads for women and men. Looking for authentic cowboy/girl boots, they have those too! Springfield, OR. IG: @moonchildvintagepnw First-Hand Seconds Bridal Boutique Specializing in like-new Bridal gowns and giving back to women that have been affected by domestic violence. Why not wear a dress that looks brand new for a quarter of the cost, I did and loved it! Call ahead to set up an appointment, the ladies there are extremely sweet and helpful! Albany, OR

And Makers!

MollyMae Sews - A Zero Waste Studio; Maker, Stylist, Collector. IG: @molly.mae.sews Roosevelt Wares - Curated vintage and handmade accessories. IG: @roosevestwares_vtg Scavenge Magic - Offering one of a kind, botanic dyed, reclaimed clothes for every body. IG: @scavenge.magic Kelcie Jean Photography

by Sarah Hambrick, owner of Bumble Boutique

ZERO WASTE BUSINESS: 5 tips for creating a low-impact workplace.

By Marley's Monsters Business operations make up a massive portion of the global waste stream. You may be surprised to hear that a few small changes can lead to big changes. Aiming for a zero waste model can improve your business by saving you money and making you standout in the market in which you operate. The zero waste movement aims to conserve resources and promote responsible consumption for individuals AND businesses. Reducing waste should be a shared journey, not simply the sole responsibility of the individual. By developing an awareness of what we consume, we can make more sustainable choices. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for our businesses? At Marley's Monsters, we believe our organization has a responsibility to the community and the environment. In order to improve our sustainability efforts, we earned our BRING Rethink Sustainable Business certification and we want to share our knowledge with you! Managing a business can be hard enough without thinking about the environmental impact of your organization, so let’s discuss easy ways to make the transition painless. Here are our top 5 tips for reducing waste, saving money and envisioning a low-impact workplace. 1.DITCH PAPER Paper and cardboard account for 25-30% of all municipal solid waste in the United States. That’s more than food and plastic waste combined! The simple act of ditching single-use paper towels makes a big dent in your dumpster. We use our UNpaper® Towels in our existing paper towel dispensers along with tea towels in our communal kitchen. We have about 30 employees and do laundry once a week. We go through roughly 250 UNpaper® Towels and 10 large tea towels per week. Reusable towels last decades and save hundreds of dollars each month or thousands in just one year. This doesn’t include the plastic wrapping. If the idea of too much laundry stresses you out, consider offering cloth only in the break room or investing in energy efficient hand dryers. New models use less power and dramatically reduce paper trash.


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v2. DIY/NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS Most cleaning products are packaged in non-recyclable plastic containers and contain a list of harmful chemicals most of us can’t pronounce. Prevent plastic waste and avoid harsh cleaners by opting for natural alternatives. We’re not saying you have to throw everything out and start new! Use existing hand soap dispensers, spray bottles, etc. With more stores offering bulk refills of soaps, detergents and all-purpose cleaners, it’s actually more cost effective to use up what you have and refill with natural options when your container is empty. For example, we make our own air freshener in order to avoid harmful aerosol sprays and allergy inducing perfumes. Our favorite DIY hand soap is just: Dr. Bronner's unscented castile soap fractionated coconut oil a few drops of essential oil.

If you have a foaming soap dispenser, making your own foaming soap is as easy as adding the aforementioned ingredients and adding water (Pinterest is a great resource for recipes). 3. THINK REUSABLE A major culprit for waste in any organization is single-use cutlery, plates and cups. The solution? You guessed it; REUSABLES! Durable dishware and cutlery can be found at any second hand store at affordable prices. You could start a collection of plates, cups and flatware your coworkers are no longer using at home. If all you have is a water cooler or a coffee pot, start a ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ policy and create incentives where possible. For organizational events, look into Lane County Waste Management’s Dishware Loan program. It’s FREE! You can borrow cups, mugs, plates, bowls and cutlery on a first-come-first-served basis for up to 100 people. All you have to do is return them clean. Reusables are a perfect way to save money and reduce waste at company meetings.

5. GET CERTIFIED! There is no reason not to call BRING Recycling Center about their Rethink Sustainable Business Program. Seriously, look them up right now and put it in your calendar to call, you will not regret it. FOR FREE you get a site inspection, personalized recommendations and assistance, resources about incentives, grants and more. There are a lot of certifications out there. Most of them do the same thing; arm you with the knowledge and tools to cultivate a sustainable workplace. You also join a community of like minded organizations and earn a badge showcasing your sustainability efforts, making your more appealing to customers. Some certifications cost money. Ultimately you’ll choose based on what value it provides your organization. You may not need the ‘USDA Certified Organic’ badge, but maybe the ‘Certified B Corp’ badge aligns with your values and helps you standout among peers. The point we’re trying to make here is that there are free or affordable resources out there (and in your community) so take advantage!

Simply rethinking your process allows for creative and positive solutions. 4. EVALUATE YOUR WASTE STREAM Is there anything in your trash that could be recycled, composted, donated? We found a lot of our waste was paper, food and fabric scraps. We clearly labeled recycling bins, started a compost bin next to our trash and set up donations of fabric scraps to St. Vincent De Paul. Let your environmental impact guide you supply decisions. Yes, you can get pens online for cheap, but picking them up locally supports your community's economy and drastically reduces packaging from plastic mailers (not to mention the energy to ship it to your door).

We hope this inspires you to get creative with your own solutions. It may seem daunting to attempt ‘zero waste’ at work. We totally get it! Some folks ask, "why should we try?" The answer is simple; Because we have to try. In order to drastically cut carbon emissions in the next 10 years it's going to take everyone putting forth their best effort. Governments, big corporations, mom & pop shops, non-profits, schools and medical offices alike have to rethink their practices in a more sustainable way. You don’t have to become a sustainable pioneer overnight. Start where you are and make changes when you can. You’ll be surprised at the impact you make. By Sarah Dooley, Owner of Marley’s Monsters and Rhea Gates, public relations & marketing manager for Marley’s Monsters. Marley’s Monsters is your one-stop-shop for reusable and eco-friendly home-goods, handmade in Eugene, Oregon. We make sustainable living accessible, fun and unique to your style by offering customization of our products with over 98 prints and colors. Visit us at 234 W. 6th ave in Eugene, online at www.marleysmonsters.com or checkout our Instagram @marleysmonsters for some sustainable living inspiration.

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Letting go of these beauty urban legends can be your pathway to healthier skin. MYTH #1:

"I don’t need moisturizer, because I have oily skin." FACT: All skin types need moisturizer. Many people believe when you have oily skin, a moisturizer will lead to breakouts or make skin greasier, but not all moisturizers work the same way. A non-comedeogenic, moisturizer is very important for oily skin. Many people with oily skin still experience “surface dryness” or dehydration, which is a lack of water within the skin. This can be caused by acne treatments or other harsh products, environmental causes, diet, medications, or other factors. A water based moisturizer will help lock in serums and treatments used in the skincare regimen, and prevent skin sensitivities or damage in the barrier or acid mantle. MYTH #3:

“Wearing makeup is bad for your skin.” FACT: As long as you wash your makeup off at night

and use a good quality brand, your skin will not be harmed by wearing makeup regularly. In fact, many of the makeups on the market today will improve your skin’s overall health. Mineral makeup in particular stays on the surface of the skin and doesn’t clog pores while also providing the skin with extra nutrition. Many brands also include hydrators.

MYTH #5.

“Exfoliating with an apricot scrub improves the texture of my skin.” FACT: Apricot scrubs are damaging to the skin. Crushed apricots and walnut shells used in popular brands are actually cutting and tearing your skin open like little shards of glass. These types of harsh treatments can lead to infection and long term skin damage. Safe chemical exfoliant options include AHAs such as lactic acid which gently dissolves dead skin cells, or manual exfoliation with brushes or sponges.


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MYTH #2:

"Living in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t need to worry about wearing sunscreen all year round.” FACT:  This is one of the most dangerous skincare

myths. The truth is that 80% of harmful UVA and UVB rays still come through on a cloudy day. Sun damage is cumulative and causes early signs of aging, lines, wrinkles, sagging, rough texture, and of course leads to skin cancer. People with darker skin tones are not protected either and can still experience sun damage as early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin thickening. No matter what weather or skin type, sunscreen needs to be applied daily.


“Makeup remover wipes are all I need to cleanse my skin at night.” FACT: Makeup remover wipes do not actually contain ingredients that will dissolve makeup or face oils, so you’re really just wiping bacteria and oil around on your face and deeper into your pores. Aside from this unpleasant picture, wipes are extremely drying on the skin. I’ve noticed my facial clients who use wipes to remove their makeup usually have severe surface dryness and, barrier damage, and irritation. The proper way to remove makeup and cleanse the skin at night is an initial surface cleanse, and a second deeper cleanse because makeup may not be completely removed after one rinse. Bianca Marx is a licensed esthetician, Holistic Health, and Reiki practitioner from Los Angeles, CA who found her home in beautiful Eugene. She approaches skincare from a holistic standpoint considering everyone's uniquely individual skin tone, type, and ethnic characteristics. Bianca's Esthetics uses the highest quality, cruelty free skincare lines and products, formulated without synthetic dyes, or fragrances. biancasesthetics.com

It's Time to Talk (And Listen) How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, Ability & Gender in a Polarized World

by Anatasia S. Kim, PhD and Alicia del Prado, PhD

Book Review There is so much to appreciate about this timely book. It is kind and honest and allows us to celebrate our wins and acknowledge our fears. Both authors won my respect with the vulnerability of how they came to this topic. I found their personal observations and case studies, particularily helpful in relating to the goals of the book. There is true common sense from the first step of identifying a grounded goal. From the start, this action makes you feel in control. Once the authors have led you through the valuable self reflection, you are given scripts to guide you into the difficult conversations that you are practicing. I read this book with the anticipation of passing it on to a friend - I love to share books - but find that I will want to refer back to it and read again. The Kim Constructive Conversation Model gives a strong and complete toolkit for handling many kinds of difficult conversations beyond what is covered. If, as Tim Ferris says, “A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have,� this book may well be a door to a much more successful life.

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EugeneHEALTH EVENTS CALENDAR Our printed Calendar provides an outline of wellness events from the EHG community. To see event details, check out our Meetup at: www.meetup.com/Eugene-Health-Guide-Events

RECURRING EVENTS CHANSI GONG Tuesdays at 5:30pm, Drop-ins welcome

HUNYUAN GONG Wednesdays at 6pm, Drop-ins welcome

BAGUS/XINYI Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Prerequisite: Qigon

TAICHI Wednesdays at 7:00pm, Prerequisite: Qigon Ashtanga Yoga Eugene www.beyondbodyhealingarts.com

CANDLELIGHT YOGA NIDRA Mudra Yoga Sundays, once monthly, 7-8:15pm Next up: November 17, and December 15 eugenemudra.com

THANKSGIVING FLOW YOGA Mudra Yoga Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 9-10am www.eugenemudra.com

PLAID FRIDAY- NOVEMBER 29TH Local Business' answer to Black Friday Check your favorite local retailer for participation

HOLIDAY MARKET! Lane Events Center, 13th & Jefferson Saturdays and Sundays, November 16 - December 22 10am to 6pm Mon, Dec 23 - 10-6 Tuesday Dec 24, 10-4 Free Admission, Free Parking www.holidaymarket.org

CLARITY BREATHWORK COMMUNITY SESSION from New Aeon Healing Arts Every Second Monday through December Next up: 11/11, 11/25, 12/9, 12/23 Ashtanga Yoga Eugene www.newaeonhealingarts.com


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INVERSIONS WORKSHOP Mudra Yoga Saturday, December 7, 2-4pm www.eugenemudra.com

200-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Mudra Yoga Begins March 6, 2020; 6-9pm www.eugenemudra.com

TOUCH FOR HEALTH LEVEL 1 Zenbrio House 16 CEUs for LMTs, Acupuncturists & Athletic Trainers April 4 and 5th, 8:30am-5:30pm zenbriohouse.com


December 5th from 5-7pm 1531 Pearl Street. chair massage • yoga • raffles • food and drink Enter to win a free massage!

TOUCH FOR HEALTH SYNTHESIS 76 CEUs for LMTs, Acupuncturists & Athletic Trainers July 13-23 8:30am-5:30pm zenbriohouse.com www.meetup.com/Eugene-Health-Guide-Events

Join our MeetU p for Wellness Events & Healthy Happy Hours!

The Vista Wellness Center is the newest addition to Vista in Eugene, growing out of our strong belief that the key to overall wellbeing is a holistic approach to health. Pairing physical exercise and bodywork with emotional work leads to a stronger sense of wellbeing. The Vista Wellness Center was created to help you live your best.

Services including: Yoga , Trauma-informed massage therapy, & Mindfulness Classes for Kids. www.vista-wellness.com

OTHER RESOURCES: Lane County Waste Wise News is a quality newsletter that offers education, tools and events that residents and businesses can use to reduce waste, and conserve resources. They made it not so easy to find. 1. Type: Lane County Waste Management into your search window. 2. Click on the website. 3. Scroll to the bottom part of the page and click the dropdown for Waste Prevention & Education. 4. Click: View More. 5. Under quick links, click : Sign up for Waste Wise News Eugenehealthguide.com | EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE


9 STAR KI FOR 2020

See what 2020 looks like for you (year starts February 4th) by Terie Sandusky Nine Star Ki is a Chinese Astrology based on a Five Elements system used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Bagua of Feng Shui. This is a nature based tradition, where we are born into certain elements and each year we travel through other elements within this 5 elements star. Your home also has a 9 Star Ki that will directly affect your health, wealth and love life. To learn more about 9 Star Ki contact kimimihealingarts.com



Starting all over again! This is your first year in a brand new 9 year cycle, you are like a seed, underground, full of potential. This will not be a doing year but more of an imagining year. Give yourself time to dream your future into being. You are germinating this year, the most important part of the growth cycle, take time for yourself to envision what it is you want to create. If people say you are being lazy, tell them you are germinating.

This year you will accomplish a lot but your results can be less predictable than last year. Perhaps you have started a business but now you’re unsure of the direction you want to take. In nature, this year would be symbolized by a tree bending in the wind. Be flexible, make adjustments, allow for changes to take you in new directions. This would be a good year to expand your horizons with continuing education or a retreat.

You are on fire this year! This is your time to shine & you may receive more attention than usual. You will feel outgoing, so have fun with it, go to the parties and dance to your own beat. You may find yourself so busy with too many projects and events, that your head is swirling, so take time to meditate. If you are single, you will probably meet “the one” this year, as you are tapped in, turned on and ready for love.




3 Wood Tree Star/ Warrior

4 Bamboo Star/ Wind

You are beginning to unfurl, like a fern in the forest, this begins an important growth cycle. Take time to set goals, intentions, make action plans, but don’t actually take action until next year, when the energy supports moving forward. This is your year to get ready to be ready! Be patient. In 2021 you will spring into action knowing what you want and how to get it because you planned it all out this year.

6 Metal Star/ Father

7 Metal Star/ Artist

This can be an exciting year & a stressful one. The winds of change that were blowing last year are now a full force hurricane, bringing opportunities and chaos at the same time. Ride out the storm by not making any big changes. This is not the time to move or quit your job, though you may want to. Stay put, find your center, work hard and ride out this storm knowing that next year everything you want is coming your way.

1944•1953•1962•1971•1980•1989•1998•2007 2 Earth Star / Mother

5 Earth Star/Center

Full steam ahead this year, the wind is in your sails. If you have been wanting to accomplish something big, this is your time to make it happen! This would be an excellent year to start a new business, make a move or get that promotion you deserve. You have more energy than usual but try not to overdo it. You will need more physical activity, walking, running, biking and nature therapy to ground yourself.

1938•1947•1956•1965•1974•1983•1992•2001 8 Mountain Star/ Earth

1937•1946•1955•1964•1973•1982•1991•2000 9 Fire Star/ Lover

You have worked hard and prospered, now is your time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take a moment in gratitude, enjoy the brilliance of a setting sun and eat nourishing foods. You may be more sensitive to your surroundings making this an ideal time to tidy up your home. You’re also more sensitive to negative energy, this is a good time to receive an energy clearing. This is the perfect year for travel, to take in scenic beauty and paint or take photos.


1945•1954•1963•1972•1981•1990•1999•2008 1 Water Star/ Innovator

This year is about inner transformations, like a butterfly in a cocoon, you will need more time to yourself, to go within and figure things out. Accept this year as a time of hibernation as you prepare for big things ahead next year. Allow time for solitude, naps, self care, journaling and Yin Yoga. Your home will be a place of refuge, so this is a good time to organize your home but not a good time to move.

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This is your harvest year, you will reap rewards! Your mantra is “Let things come to you” and they will. This is your luckiest year, you may receive unexpected money from an inheritance, a promotion at work or the lottery. You will be in your power all year, more able to manifest all that you desire, but the tricky part may be knowing what it is that you really want in life. Try making a wish list at the beginning of the year, see if your wishes do come true.


The placenta is a fascinating organ that birthing people grow during pregnancy alongside their baby, and is the only organ you will expel when no longer needed. It accounts for approximately 1.5 pounds of the weight you will gain during a pregnancy, and is responsible for your baby’s nourishment, breath and your own hormone production and regulation. In many cultures around the world, the placenta is regarded with deep reverence and respect. In Bali, Indonesia for example, it is believed that the placenta is the baby’s guardian angel and will be with the baby in spirit for the rest of their lives. As the embodiment of something so sacred, it is brought home to be wrapped in white cloth and buried alongside written prayers and wishes somewhere on family land. In Tibet the placenta is saved until an astrologer can indicate on which auspicious day the placenta should be buried, and then the father or a close relative will do the honors. Unfortunately, in Europe, North America and many “developed” countries, the placenta is not regarded as anything more than medical waste, and is simply thrown out into the trash. As some families begin to crave more ritual and back-to-roots experiences, it is no wonder that many birthing individuals are questioning that their placenta would be regarded as common trash. It is becoming increasingly more popular to bring the placenta home for ceremony- or consumption! I was one of those people. 7 years ago after the birth of my second daughter, and I encapsulated my placenta myself. I was drawn to encapsulation by a deep curiosity, a fascination with the process, and a desire to decrease the risk for postpartum depression. I felt wonder and amazement at handling such a strange and powerful organ. I found the long, labor-intensive work to be as nourishing and soothing as it was to ingest the capsules I was creating. Using 100 % Vegan Capsules that I purchased at Mountain Rose Herb Company, of course! After that first

Drawing by Erika Gormlick

Placenta Encapsulation

placenta, I was absolutely hooked and have been working alongside families ever since! You may have heard some buzz around placenta consumption that says eating your placenta after giving birth can prevent postpartum depression. In fact, prevention of depression is the #1 reason my clients say they are curious about the process, and although the studies are currently inconclusive on whether or not the placenta pills actually work or are simply giving us a placebo affect, many birthing people say that they do experience fewer weepy days after consuming their placenta. There are other reasons you might want to consider placenta consumption as well; such as an increase in milk production, replenishing minerals and iron and reducing the pain from childbirth. As Kimberly Johnson states in her book The Fourth Trimester: “The effects of placenta consumption are not yet scientifically known... Fortunately, there are no known negative effects. Most likely a placenta pill has the combination of a homeopathic and placebo effect. If your body needs the hormones, then it will use them, if not, they’ll be eliminated. Perhaps we can also leave a little room for the magic of ritual acknowledgment and embracing our animal self.” Placenta consumption is incredibly safe, when the placenta is handled properly. There are very few contraindications to placenta encapsulation, but you will want to talk to your doctor or medical team and hire a professional placenta encapsulation specialist to do the job correctly. One of my great joys as a birth worker is to bring some of the ancient wisdom and instinctual nature into our modern lives, and I truly believe that placenta encapsulation can be one of the ways in which we do that. I am honored to be a part of that experience for families and grateful for this placenta medicine that our wise bodies create. Happy Birthing, Eugene Families! Jasmine Rose is a natural chef, prenatal yoga teacher and doula. She offers postpartum doula services, placenta encapsulation and one-on-one childbirth preparation courses in Eugene and the surrounding areas.

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Energy Hack

Sara McRae, Joyce Bunner and Mandy Baucum raise their vibrations. Photo by Rod Bunner

a higher frequency and in the lingo is called “raising your vibration.” It’s a fast-track for attracting the people, circumstances, and things that will support you and leverage your personal growth. At a higher vibration things fall into place, people are more helpful, synchronicities occur, and there’s a pep in your step when you’re no longer stuck in the muck. Want to Make Progress in Your Life?

Start with Your Mood If you are like most people, when life is overwhelming, you still want to wake up each day feeling healthier, happier and a better version of yourself than yesterday. Each of us wants to make progress, but sometimes we lack the time or energy for personal growth, and end up feeling stuck. This can lead to anxiety, depression, weight gain, and feeling like it’s impossible to make changes while in full stride. So, how do we get off the hamster wheel of life, repeating the patterns that are limiting us? What if we don’t have time to meditate, read self-help books, or the energy to go to the gym? Here’s a “hack” you can use to feel better right now. It’s so simple, you already know how to do it, and it won’t add anything else to your plate! Raise your mood. That’s it. Think about it. You KNOW this works. Getting into a better mood is more powerful than you might think. Energetically speaking it shifts you into


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The solutions to your problems are always at a higher vibration than where you are stuck. What you need is a “state-change” into a completely different frequency to get there. Here’s an example: Remember your friend who was longing for love and trying so hard to find a mate? He put forth so much effort looking for a partner, constantly disappointed by bad dates and bad experiences. Eventually, he was so frustrated that he gave up! Once he stopped looking he immediately attracted someone he was excited about! When he was stuck, what he wanted was love, but what he was feeling were lower vibration emotions like loneliness, rejection, fear, and frustration. Once he changed his focus, he got into higher emotions like contentment, confidence and hope, and the frequency he was emitting was much higher. By making this vibrational shift, his life changed. He became attractive to a mate, and got what he wanted, easily! So, how can this work for you? You need to become an expert at raising your mood. You need to know the external things that will launch you into a higher vibration, and how to boost your mood from the inside out.

Here are two strategies you can use to raise your vibration: MOOD BOOST LIST: Keep a personalized list of things that raise your mood. Use them often and early when you need a state-change. It is important to have a list with multiple things on it so you have several options to choose from (when you are at a lower frequency things will feel harder, so you need to have several options to choose from.) The best things for your list are those that feel simple, easy, light, fun, and elicit positive emotions. It can be anything from snuggling with your cat, hitting some golf balls, getting a massage, or asking the guy in the next cubicle to tell you some jokes. Take a moment to write down your ideas so you can reach for them when you get stuck. (or you can visit my website for a list – easy!) Here’s a tip: Forget about what you think you “should” be doing, like improving your diet, or stretching more often - those things might lower your vibration if they feel like a burden or too complicated. RELEASE WHAT IS WEIGHING YOU DOWN: With this three-step exercise you can intentionally shift your mood using awareness of how you feel now, and how you want to feel differently.

a time you felt it before? Can you think of something that elicits that emotion? Imagine doing that, or being in the emotion fully, feeling it with your whole body. How do you experience it? Are you able to feel it now? Have fun with this! The more you do this, the more you’ll notice that more “good stuff” comes into your life to help you with your personal goals. If it’s not working, it’s okay. Sometimes we need outside support to get our mood up! Getting fresh air, a fresh perspective, or doing one of your mood boosting activities might do the trick. You may also want to visit someone who you feel supports you in your health. There are many incredible professionals, coaches and healers in our community who can help you when you get stuck. We all want to vibe higher and sometimes we need a boost! For free handouts to help you raise your vibration visit zenbriohouse.com/slaymystress/toolkit Sara McRae is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Energy Kinesiology for stress management. She helps people working in high-stress environments, diffuse mental and physical stress. Her holistic approach provides relief from overwhelm, and enhances recovery. She accepts and bills insurance.

For example: I Feel I Want To feel • Worried • At Peace • Stuck • Empowered • Unmotivated • Inspired • Alone • Supported • Irritated • Grateful Notice: What is the mood/emotion you are feeling? Be curious about it. Where is it coming from? Is there a need that isn’t being met? How is it affecting your life? How do you experience it? What does it feel like? (eg. Is it heavy or light? Is it creating a sensation anywhere in your body? Is there stiffness, clenching, or holding anywhere?) Release: Acknowledge to yourself that this is how you feel and allow yourself to feel it. Feeling it fully is often all that the body needs to release it. If not, is there another way to release it now? Are you able to release it with your breath, visualization, physical or vocal expression, or insert your own creative idea here! Replace: If you know how you want to feel, say it out loud as if it was true right now. “I am [insert your desired higher emotion]!” What does it feel like? Is there Eugenehealthguide.com | EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE


Chili Ginger Cashew Cream Warm up this Winter with this tasty sauce-- it's spicy, tangy, smokey, pungent, smooth, and creamy. Enjoy it on seasonal tacos, Asian or Latin inspired dishes of any kind, or just as a veggie or cracker dip. Vegan and gluten-free.

"Delicious food creates the fertile ground to grow the seeds of understanding. Home-cooked, nutrient-dense food made with love and intention help welcome and ground the weary traveler, creating a fluid transition into the work and relaxation of a retreat. Every event is unique and special. I enjoy working with you to create a customized menu that supports your distinctive program. Meals are seasonal, grounding, and uplifting." Mindful eating awakens the senses and enlivens the body.

Ingredients: • 1 C raw cashews • 1 T mild-medium spicy chili (I like chipotle peppers or Zocalo's Organic Aji Panca Peruvian chili paste) • 2 inch peeled fresh ginger root (1-2t dried is ok too) • 1 clove fresh garlic • 1 T agave or 2 t coconut sugar or 2 dates • Splash of lime juice • 1 T coconut oil • 1 t ground cumin • 1 t salt • 1 C warm water Instructions: 1. If using a high-speed blender, like a Vitamix, there's no need to soak the cashews. Soak raw cashews in hot water for 3 or 4 hours if your blender is less powerful. 2. Combine all ingredients into the blender and blend on high for about 30 seconds or until velvety smooth. Yields: 2 cups and keeps for 5-7 days.


EUGENE HEALTH GUIDE | Fall/ Winter 2019

Amanda Swan, is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Western Herbalist, and dedicated yoga practitioner. She is the creator, chef, and educator of The Awakened Table , a small scale, seasonal retreat catering and meal plan subscription service. Amanda is dedicated to supporting small local farms and sourcing seasonal, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Therapeutic supplies and resources~ ~ for practitioners & community alike!

749 Willamette Street Eugene Oregon 97401 541-357-4662 • www.urbantherapeutic.com

"Once upon a time

we dreamed of a magazine that would light up the community and inspire people in health. Our wish was granted when the Eugene Health Guide arrived! The guide has attracted our ideal clients to us, and working with Katie has been delightful and fun. It's such a pleasure to advertise in a publication that has such a positive and powerful purpose. Our fairytale ending is just beginning with the EHG.

Don’t just believe in magic, expect it!" ~the Zenbrio House Team

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Eugene Health Guide Fall/Winter 2019  

Eugene Health Guide Fall/Winter 2019  


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