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WOFS Kuantan Owned and managed by Ultra Phoenix Sdn. Bhd. BI-MONTHLY NEWSLETTER ISSUE #70 March/April 2011 MARCH SPECIALS Horoscope Animal Soft Toys* Get your animal sign, secret friend and allies in these adorable cute soft toys and throw them on your bed or sofa so they will always be near you to activate ‘Helpful Assistance’ luck. *While stocks last! Usual Price RM 23.80 Offer Price RM 9.90 Past issues of Feng Shui World magazine bundled into sets of 4 Sets of 4 copies of assorted past magazines are available in English and Chinese at RM 10.00 per set.

NEW! Seated from left: Quenie Fong & Sam Tan, WOFS Business Partner for Kuantan Standing from left: Amelia Neo, Mrs Lillian Too and Neo WOFS Business Partners for Singapore)

Our favourite feng shui grandmaster and author celebrated her 65th Birthday on the auspicious date of 11-1-11 (Note that 6+5 also equals to 11!) in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year. The # 1 stands for Victory luck in feng shui and it was a truly number ONE evening! Family, close friends and World of Feng Shui business partners converged at the restaurant to celebrate the joy of this auspicious event. Champagne and wine flowed freely throughout the evening during which a sumptuous 8course Chinese banquet was served. Later, the party adjourned to an adjoining club for dancing and dessert. Lillian hosted this party to add yang energy into her life as 2011 is a year when her animal sign of Rooster is expected to face some persistent challenges brought by the Three Killings.

Popularity Scarves Pink & Blue

NEW ARRIVALS Dragon Ship bringing 9 Wealth Gods

Samantabhadra On Sacred White Elephant

Invite all 9 Wealth Gods into your home with this auspicious Golden Dragon Ship with The 9 Gods of Wealth! This wonderful symbol brings the blessings of the wealth gods into your home and is best placed in the NW location of your office, study or living room. Take care to ensure that the ship is facing inwards and not sailing out. This treasure piece comes with a beautiful crushed gold glass stand.

This is a beautiful white porcelain statue of the Samantabhadra seated in a lotus position atop a Sacred Elephant. She holds the powerful implements of the Dorje in one hand and the Bell in the other. This symbolises ultimate wisdom and method to overcome all obstacles that hinder your progress in the journey to ultimate prosperity and happiness.

Wealth Dragon with Money Scales The Golden Dragon invites success opportunities and gives you courage and power! This Golden Dragon has scales made of gold coins. Place him in the SE corner of your desk or on the left side of your desk (looking out) to create the luck of success. The Dragon is a fierce and powerful creature so always place him at a level lower than you.

It is widely believed that this portrayal is the Chinese feminine emanation of the bodhisattva Samantabhadra - one of 3 Buddhas of the Shakyamuni Trinity. Having her in your home invites compassion and wisdom that will help you and your children develop a kind nature and build strong confidence without fear. Samantabhadra helps you overcome anger and self-doubt and to see a better way of living your life. The elephant represents one's journey of transformation to ultimate happiness. Invite her into your home, and place her in a high and respectful place.

Bejewelled Red Dragon The Red Dragon holds a flaming sword to slice across all problems caused by the annual & monthly Argumentative Flying Star # 3. This quarrelsome wood star brings misunderstandings and squabbles that manifests in the form of quarrels within a family, court trouble and problems with the authorities. To subdue these hostile energies, you need the celestial power of the Dragon who is both fierce and courageous. You also need the elements of gold and fire to weaken the wood 3 star - that is why this magnificent dragon is designed in red and gold. The dragon’s posture is ready to fight battles and to defend you. In 2011, place him in the N of the home or office as the N is afflicted with the #3 star. This special enamel dragon also comes with a special compartment that allows you to insert special mantras or amulets to overcome specific troubles. Dragon Water The magnificent Celestial Dragon brings enormous good fortune when placed inside your home! This beautiful piece should be placed in the SE location of the home - the Palace of the Dragon. The Water Dragon in the SE not only invites prosperity but also activates for income and business opportunities to enter the home. The Dragon brings particularly good luck to those who are born in the years of the Monkey, Rat and Rooster. Since 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, inviting him into your home now also invites prosperity for next year.

Bejewelled Vashudhara Goddess of Wealth & Abundance Vasudhara brings abundant material and spiritual wealth and helps you develop a generous nature. According to Tibetan legend, a layman named Sucandra requested Buddha Shakyamuni for a method to gain great amounts of gold, silver and wealth so that he could help others. Buddha Shakyamuni offered him Vasudhara’s mantra and scriptures. Vasudhara’s 3 right hands show the mudra of charity, three precious jewels and the mudra of salutation. Her left hands are seen holding the Book of Wisdom and a sheaf of corn to symbolize good harvests. Invite Vasudhara into your home, offer her flowers and water, and recite her mantra daily to invite wealth and abundance into your life. Her mantra is: OM SHRI VASUDHARA RATNA NIDHANA KASHETRI SOHA. This gorgeous statue is made from metal and enamel and is decorated with crystal jewels. Samantabhadra Mirror with Jade Hanging & Velvet Pouch Deflect bad intentions towards you with this mirrored talisman which is empowered with the protective image of Samantabhadra on a White Elephant. This special amulet shields you from harm and empowers your aura when you gaze into it daily. Keep it close to you, inside your handbag or pocket. The handle is decorated with a prosperity Jade ingot tassel to bring wealth.

LATEST BOOKS FROM LILLIAN TOO FENG SHUI FOR INTERIORS 168 ways to protect, cleanse, energize and empower the chi of your home In this new improved edition, Lillian Too offers 168 easy-to-use ways to arrange your interior space that will work in any modern contemporary environment. Using powerful Taoist and compass feng shui methods, this book is full of tips on how you can activate your home in ways that are totally under your control. There is no need for disruptive, extensive renovations to enjoy good feng shui. Learn how to instantly improve the energy of your interior space to attract an abundance of good fortune into your life! LILLIAN TOO’S 198 FENG SHUI WAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE The World’s bestselling feng shui guru reveals 198 essential tips to transform every area of your life. Do you need change but don’t know what to do to make things happen? Feng shui, the ancient art of working with chi or energy can help you create an energy shift in your home and your life to start attracting success. Lillian Too shows you – room by room, the often simple changes you can make to change the chi and create a life and home that are harmonious and happy! •

Easy tips that anyone can use right away to transform any area of life – love, relationships, career, wellbeing, even attitudes

All the essential feng shui formulae explained + detailed illustrations and charts

198 is a magical number in feng shui making this another bestseller!

LATEST NEWS Plan your Wedding, Birthday, Corporate Dinners, Product Launches with World of Feng Shui Kuantan’s Events Planning with Feng Shui! HOUSE OF TOO’S NEW AUSPICIOUS SACRED MANTRA SCARVES

NEW MANTRA WATCHES Lillian Too is the only person in the world to produce moving mantra watches! Each watch has a different mantra around its dial which moves clockwise around the watch – giving out blessings, protection and fulfilling your wishes every minute and every second all day, every day.

Dependant Arising Scarf

Scarf Amulet # 57

Scarf Victory Horse

Scarf Precious Elephant

“Powerful tools of feng shui, when placed accurately, works very quickly! Always use a good compass to find the location” – Quenie Fong YELLOW JAMBALA WATCH For Abundant Wealth

For Wealth & Power

4 Relic Dharmakaya Crystal Pyramid

For Self Protection

Wish Granting Wealth Purse

Protect from 3rd party interference

Dragon Ship bringing 9 Wealth Gods

MEDICINE BUDDHA WATCH For good health & safety

GREEN TARA WATCH For success, wealth & wishes

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WOFS Kuantan Bi-Monthly Newsletter - March/April 2011  

WOFS Kuantan Bi-Monthly Newsletter Issue #70 March/April 2011

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