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WOFS Kuantan Owned and managed by Ultra Phoenix Sdn. Bhd. MONTHLY NEWSLETTER ISSUE #69 January 2011 SERVICES AVAILABLE AT WOFS KUANTAN New! Feng Shui Events Planning & Management

Resident Feng Shui Consultant at WOFS Kuantan, Ms Quenie Fong who has 25 years experience in Events Management before venturing into the feng shui business, now offers her services to plan, organize and present corporate, company functions, weddings, birthdays & full-moon dinners with a feng shui theme.


Kuantan brings a new service concept to you – Weddings, Birthdays & Events Planning! Feng shui theories can be applied to any kind of happy occasion to ensure that everything will go smoothly and auspiciously! Good feng shui will ensure that newly-weds will be off to an excellent and auspicious start which will lead them through the years with never-ending love, excellent health, great success, tons of wealth and busloads of descendants!

Right from booking the venue to invitation cards, cake design, power point presentations or slides shows, decoration, door gifts, wedding favours, dress guidance, lion and dragon dances, musicians and entertainers. We also provide professional photographers, videographers, caterers and Tai Kum Cheays. New! Interior Design, &


Every single detail will be organized with good feng shui in mind. Have you ever considered organizing your birthday party or wedding dinner or your company’s annual dinner according to feng shui principles? How about launching a new product with the help of good feng shui? It’s a new and unique concept and we’re proud to be the first ones to bring it to you. What’s even more meaningful is that there will be plenty of good vibes and auspicious energy to make your party such a huge success that it will leave an unforgettable impact on all your guests!

WOFS Kuantan in collaboration with Eminent Home Builders Sdn. Bhd. now offers home or office interior designing and building – the whole works! From architectural house designing to interior decorating . cont. PAGE 2

NEW ARRIVALS Wu Luo with Cranes and Deer These special brass wu luo have engravings of soaring cranes & running deer. Cranes are said to bring excellent good health whilst deer symbolizes vitality and healing. When deer is depicted running, it symbolizes the vibrant energy and vitality of youthfulness. Place this wu luo in the south in 2011 – the sector afflicted by the Illness Star this year. Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda 8” or 12” with Gold Tree This powerful 5 Element Pagoda with the Tree of Life is made from solid metal and designed to overcome the nasty 5 Yellow in 2011. The Tree of Life brings life when there is none and the 6 birds on the tree transform misfortune into opportunities. To enhance the effectiveness of this cure, unscrew the base and fill it with soil taken from the east sector of your home or office. Fill the top with natural crystals and place it in the east sector of your home or work place in 2011. Lillian Too’s 24 Mountain Compass (Suunto) This quality compass replaces the old Lillian Too 24 Mountains Compass. It has been designed for every modern feng shui practitioner who needs precise directional readings on-the-go! Good feng shui must begin with accurate compass readings. This compass divides all the cardinal and secondary directions into three 15 degrees sub-sectors to show you all the 24 mountains. Armed with this ability, you will be able to determine directions for your personal Kua number, main door, flying stars and exactly where the Grand Duke Jupiter and Three Killings reside each year. Each compass comes with a lanyard and instructions on how to use it. The Great Increasing Mantra Shawl (Very limited edition) This precious shawl contains one of the most powerful mantras ever discovered! It has the power to increase all your good deeds a millionfold! Draping it around your shoulders will fulfill your wishes especially if you also recite it 3 times a day. Just by looking at it or wearing it for others to see will create the cosmic cause to bring you wealth, happiness and power! Anyone who sees you with this shawl will gravitate towards your magnetic

aura and be transformed into your friend. This shawl is excellent to wear when attending power meetings, esp. if you wish to be heard, as it also contains the fierce markings of the protective White Tiger and the agile Leopard. When not in

use, kindly place this shawl in a high place. Never leave it on the floor. Ru Yi Wallet & Purses for ladies (Beige, Red & Blue) (Blue & Black for men), Ru Yi Mantra Tags in Beige, Red & Blue The beautiful ‘Dragon Scales’ of these wallets, purses and mantra tags will bring you power and wealth! Carry this special purse/wallet/tags with you at all times to give you the power of command and protection against competitors and jealous colleagues who mean you harm. At the same time, it energizes your money with the Dragon and Ru Yi sceptre of power! 9 Rank Birds Plaque returns after being sold out for a year! These 9 birds are the emblems on the robes of Qing Dynasty Civilian Officials. Hanging one of these in your home or office will activate promotion luck and a rise in status and ranking. This 9 Rank Bird Plaque is gold-leafed with real gold! This is the second time it is available, the first round of stocks sold out completely! Table Display Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque This is the Dharmachakra eight-spoke wheel surrounded by a circle of fire, indicating fire and gold energy. Inscribed in the circle is a very powerful mantra for subduing quarrelsome energy directed towards you. This talisman can effectively reduce gossip, slander and office politics and even help you to avoid court cases and legal entanglements. If you consecrate these magic Wheels, they will also be effective protection against spirit harm. Victory Banner (Available again in stock) The Victory Banner was adopted by early Buddhism as an emblem of the Buddha’s Enlightenment and the heralding of the triumph of knowledge over ignorance. It is said to have been placed on the summit of Mount Meru by Buddha himself to symbolize his victory over the entire universe. Place the Victory Banner in the centre of your home or office to help you triumph over all obstacles, enemies, competition, problems and obstructions. Camel on Coins Every business should display a Camel in their offices. The Camel will protect your business, leading it out of troubled times and away from bad luck. Place the Camel in the northwest sector of your offices and homes to safeguard your business from financial difficulties.

& the supply of building materials, our services comes with or without a work crew and renovation materials. Feng Shui Evaluation for PrePurchase of Property Why take the risk of buying a house, a shop, an office or a factory with bad feng shui or wrong directions for you? Buying a property is very expensive these days so invest in a feng shui evaluation to determine if it is suitable for you before you buy. For a nominal fee, we will view and assess the property to see if it is suitable for you. This fee will be completely refunded into your feng shui consultation fees when you are ready for us to analyse the feng shui of the said piece of real estate. Bazi Readings Have your life personally analyzed for you in a full report written in English. Find out what elements to reduce and what elements to compensate for in order to have a better and balanced life. Find out what each element symbolizes for you and when your lucky and unlucky years appear. Chinese New Year Updates Retain us for an annual feng shui update on your home or office before the start of each Chinese year - This service is only available for homes/offices previously analyzed by WOFS Kuantan in a feng shui consultation. Contact us today at or call us at +60 9 5083168



“Even if a year is predicted to be good for you, you still need to activate the good & remedy the bad before you can reap the rewards!” – Quenie Fong

The Rat has the potential to enjoy a good year with plenty of success & career luck (provided that they do not become their own worst enemy!) The energy of the year makes the Rat confrontational & irritable with a tendency to aggravate relationships by losing their temper! Thus, anyone dealing with a Rat should be patient & forgiving! The Rat is blessed with the General Star & is flanked by 2 Stars of the Big Auspicious. This indicates that the Rat’s career & leadership luck will also be good so long as they carry the Annual Protection Amulet as well as the Water Crystal Amulet in their pockets. OX


Ru Yi Purse

Ru Yi Wallets for Ladies

Ru Yi Wallets for Men

The Ox has is visited by the Star of Golden Deity as well as the Career Star. Surrounded by 2 Stars of the Big Auspicious, the Ox can look forward to a good year with moderate gains in finance but excellent improvements in personal happiness. Good news will visit some oxen in the form of promotions and increments. How likely this can occur will largely depend on the amount of water element residing in their individual BaZi Chart. To improve career luck, introduce water into your home with the Double Dragon Waterfall in the NE & carry the Water Crystal Talisman to activate the Star of Big Auspicious. For Oxen who are in sales or marketing, it is strongly recommended that you hang the Victory Banner with Mystic Knot in your car for assistance in sales & good fortune. TIGER

Great Increasing Mantra Shawl Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda LT ‘s 24 Mountain Compass

The Tiger enjoys Victory luck in 2011 and this is further improved by the Star of Big Auspicious as well as the Star of Heaven. These 3 auspicious stars combined, sets the stage for triumphant moments throughout the year for the Tiger. He will stand victorious over

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SNAKE The Snake can look forward to yet another great year filled with lots of success and heaven luck. There are fewer worries this year as your chart possesses many auspicious stars in your favor this year. Combined with your strong life force, you will see many auspicious events materialize. This can be a year where your hopes and goals can be realized, so this would be a year to go all out and be all you can be. You should place the Big Auspicious Enhancing Mirror in the SE facing NW to capture the energy of the annual auspicious star. In addition, you should hang the Heaven Luck Activator on your work bag for daily divine assistance. It will also invoke mentor and wealth luck for you. Wear the BRUM Pendant as doing so will protect against problems whilst enhancing good luck. HORSE The good luck of the Horse continues in 2011, with 2 stars of Big Auspicious bringing the promise of significant events happening. This means that you should take advantage of the year as much as possible so as to achieve good progress. You will encounter a number of obstacles throughout the year and while this can be very stressful and worrying, your luck is such that you will be able to overcome any obstacles that you face. Because you are also indirectly in conflict with the god of the year, you should carry the Tai Sui Amulet or wear an 18k Gold Pi Yao pendant and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the E corner of your home. For wealth luck, display an Elephant Carrying a Jewel in the S corner. In order to jump start Success Luck, display either the Crane or Qi Lin Plaque in your lving room. SHEEP Family and personal happiness become more important this year with career taking 2nd place. This is largely due to the Relationship Star visiting the house of the Sheep. At the same time, the Earth Seal and Yin House affect the Sheep’s temperament. The Sheep’s luck is quite average this year with career, health and finance on a steady level. You need to strengthen family ties and bonds and this can be done by displaying 6 Crystal Balls in your living room. Carry the Red Dragon Amulet to help protect against arguments and office politics. MONKEY The Monkey will have a pleasant year in relationships and family so long as they do not let their extra enhanced Peach Blossom Luck cause problems. The year strengthens their Peach Blossom luck, igniting passion - this can be beneficial if you are married or in a relationship, but if not kept in check, this can lead to infidelity. You must carry amulets to protect against such problems happening. It will also be good to display a

symbol of love and marriage in your living room - such as a pair of Mandarin Ducks. Display the Kalachakra Mandala Plague on a low table facing your main door. This protects your home from harm and helps to remove all negative energy. ROOSTER 2011 brings some big challenges to the Rooster and it is likely that these challenges will open your eyes to the power of your own inner cosmic energy. The Rooster is afflicted by three potentially unlucky stars that can create a lot of chaos if not subdued. Do display the Natural Disaster Mirror in the W corner of your living room in order to control the Natural Disaster Star. You should wear the Om Ah Hum Pendant to suppress the ill effects of the 3 Killings. In addition, display the 3 Celestial Guardians in the W to protect your home. Because your luck is not so positive, it is beneficial to ask for the assistance of your secret friend, the Dragon, who is having a good year - display a figurine of the Dragon in the W corner of your living room as well as on the W of your work desk. DOG The Dog will encounter some good luck this year with some positive news in the air. A number of lucky events will happen throughout this year and these small moments will make you very happy. Although your star shines brightly this year, there are aggravating and conflicting energies surrounding you. You are affected by the 3 Killings Star which brings 3 kinds of sadness. In order to have a good year you will need to take care of the conflicting energies as well as the 3 Killings. Do so by displaying the 3 Divine Guardians in the NW. Place 9 Wealth Gods Sitting In A Ship in your living room to protect your luck and also to attract additional good fortune. To enhance the lucky #8 that comes to the NW, you should display the Heart Sutra Ball. Do not forget to twirl the ball clockwise 7 rounds each day. BOAR Excellent prospects are indicated for the Boar this year with a number of Auspicious Stars coming into your chart. While the lucky stars indicate much good and wonderful news, there is also the Yi Duo Star to contend with. This star affects your success potential, and thus, you may end up seeing the opportunities pass you by. It is recommended that you place the Crystal Pyramid on your work desk to invoke the help of the earth. . It is recommended that you carry the Annual Protection Amulet with you at all times. For those seeking big wealth, wear the Big Money Talisman and carry the Rich Keychain with you. Women should also wear the Popularity Scarf, whilst men wear the Yellow Dzambhala Watch.

adverse circumstances & obstacles! Heaven Luck is also very strong & it becomes important for the Tiger to get the stamp of approval from heaven by carrying the Heaven Luck Activator Keychain! It is strongly recommended that you display the Dragon/Snake 9Ring Sword in your living room to multiply prosperity & activate career luck. RABBIT The Rabbit needs to prepare for a difficult year ahead as he is severely affected by the most unlucky star – the Wu Wang! This vile star brings misfortune, accidents & lots of bad luck to those who are affected. Fortunately there are many effective cures & remedies - Display a 5-Element Pagoda in the E of your home or living room. To remove all obstacles, you should wear the Syllable Tam with Tara Mantra Pendant in 18k Gold. Rabbits should wear the Dependant Arising Scarf for improved luck and protection. Male Rabbits should use the Ru Yi Wallet for assistance in finance. DRAGON The Dragon is going to have a better year with success and heaven luck on their side. There are indications of many small but significant events where you will make steady gains in achieving your goals. Luck will not materialize as one big outcome and in this case, it may better suit your temperaments as steady success is much better. Do not overstretch your abilities or be overly ambitious as you are indirectly affected by a misfortune star and this means that failure is possible if you do not plan properly. You must display the 5Element Pagoda in the E of your home or living room. In addition, you should hang the Heaven Luck Activator & the Annual Protection Amulet on your work bag for divine assistance.

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WOFS Kuantan Monthly Newsletter - January 2011  
WOFS Kuantan Monthly Newsletter - January 2011  

WOFS Kuantan Monthly Newsletter Issue #69 January 2011