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FINAL RESOLUTIONS WORKSHOP 4: SOLIDARITY AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Subgroups: Women, youth, sport and trade unions 3, 4, 5 February 2012 Seville (Spain)

A) WOMAN and GENDER EQUITY: Before moving our goals and commitments on the year of work ahead, we first send a message of support and solidarity to our brothers and sisters kidnapped. Secondly, and more relevantly stressing the year of work after the latest EUCOCO, we mention the results of the two Congresses held in 2011: • The Sixth National Congress of the NUSW (National Union of Sahrawi Women), in which there were approved basic guidelines for our work as companions of the NUSW: - Adoption of the 2011-2015 Action Plan (which reviews and implements the first Plan developed in the V Congress of the NUSW _ 2008) - Approval of payment of symbolic fees of Saharawi women, reflecting the commitment to participation and involvement in the organization. - Incorporation of young women in the internal organs of the NUSW, with a renewed and youthful executive bureau. - Promotion measures to facilitate the political participation of women in decision-making bodies (quota system) in all public spheres. • 13th Congress of the Polisario Front - Approval of a fee for women's participation planned in the National Secretariat and reported to the Government of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. Based on the achieved goals and also after analyzing the weaknesses and challenges to keep working on, we move to the objectives and proposals for the year 2012: • Take the Global Plan 2011-2015 of the NUSW as solidarity organizations, and use it as a framework for any of our initiatives. 1. Enhance the coordination between the supportive networks, strengthening the ones which already exist and persist over time (Basque Support to the NUSW) and enhance the new proposals (including the Andalusian Network of support to Saharawi women). To achieve this, we undertake a schedule of meetings and encounters, and encourage the participation of heterogeneous agents: civil solidarity associations, universities, women's organizations and feminist organizations. We will have contributes of training, reflection, advocacy, awareness... 2. Platform Support of Saharawi Women who hold political office and in positions of responsibility. 3. Make lobbying so that a gender perspective is included in the international legal observation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and should be reflected in the reports the specific violation of the rights of women. 4. Emphasize in our advocacy and awareness about systematic violation of women's rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and the violation of rights that is living in the refugee camps in a status of non-recognition of People's Self-Determination. Listed below are the specific demands of the NUSW, to work together: • Operation of the Houses of Women, as a working space and meeting point. 1. Coverage of economic incentives. 2. Literacy program, particularly aimed at older women. 1

3. Advance the process of empowerment of Sahrawi women. 4. Promote women's economic empowerment by empowering unions and corporations: taxi service for women, direct sales of meat, making haimas, etc..

B) YOUTH AND SPORTS: It is due to call for moments of knowledge, analysis and proposals on young women Saharawi. Therefore, in June 2011 a national conference on youth policies was organized and it marked the subsequent strategies and actions reflected in the 13th Congress of the Polisario Front in Tifariti, consolidating the need for major policy changes that have young people as actors. The increasing number of actions lead the Sahrawi government to established a coordination mechanism among the institutions working all youth issues. The workshop solidarity and social movements has deepened over the action in the fields of youth and sports, and concluded:


Exceptional nature of these last years due to the economic crisis and institutional aid dependency. Importance of maintaining the sustainability of the program Holiday in Peace without forgetting its objectives and strengthening the common established criteria. As an immediate measure we are seeking in all countries new funding formulas that do not cause decreases in the numbers of children participating. The movement of solidarity with the Saharawi Government is obliged to coordinate urgent actions to ensure the departure of children whose age is due to participate in the program.


Consider this sector as a priority area within the planning and projects. Develop employment initiatives and incentives, occupation and socio-cultural activities.


Continue to promote the sport as a means of visibility of the Saharawi cause and as a leisure occupation among young people. It will continue to incorporate the sport into the life of the camps and that has established itself as a central focus for transmission of values such as participation, gender, solidarity, effort and relationship with other cultures. Hence the importance of technical support, sports equipment and sports exchange. Leading measures to improve efficiency: 1. Strengthen coordination between the actors. 2. Unify efforts and resources to face new challenges. 3. Implement and ensure the proper development and self-management of projects. 4. Provide necessary information for project of development, setting priorities. 5. Create channels of coordination among Sahrawi youth movements abroad, to facilitate the operation and collaboration with the Polisario Front representative structures and solidarity movement.

C) TRADE UNIONS: Unions’ participants at the 37th Coordinating Conference of Support to the Sahrawi people, meeting in Seville, Spain, on 3, 4 and 5 February 2012, sign this statement and issue our position and report the situation in Western Sahara. Unions have been present for many years accompanying the plight of the Saharawi people, the visits and humanitarian missions in the occupied territories and in the refugee camps. Our 2

initiatives have revealed the flagrant illegality of the Moroccan occupation and the dramatic consequences of this occupation in the lives, work and health of the Sahrawi people.

For all these reasons, the undersigned: 1) Strongly condemn the kidnapping in the Saharawi refugee camps of the aid workers from Spain Ainhoa Fernandez and Enric Gonyalons, and from Italy Rossella Urru, which is an attack to Saharawi people and the international solidarity. We demand their immediate release. 2) Strongly condemn the murder of Said Dambar that a year after his death continues in the morgue by the Moroccan government's refusal to provide the autopsy that could prove he was killed by the Moroccan forces of occupation. 3) We express our support and solidarity with the Saharawi workers and denounce the Moroccan policy of discrimination against them in the occupied territories (against dismissal, equality and non discrimination in the workplace, all trade union rights including the right to strike, pension rights, etc..). 4) We express our support and solidarity with the former employees of Fos-Bou Craa and their just demands and claims, struggle in which are being accompanied by Sahrawi trade unions. 5) We support the just struggle of the Sahrawi people for their social and political rights, freedom and self-determination, and support the peaceful intifada have been taking place in defence thereof. 6) Condemn the actions of the Kingdom of Morocco and its occupation forces, which respond with repression and violence to the peaceful demonstrations of the Saharawi people. 7) We demand the release of all political prisoners in Moroccan prisons, as well as the ending of the practice of forced disappearances of Saharawi activists. 8) We demand to the Moroccan authorities to open the borders of the occupied territories to allow free entry and movement of all trade unionists, journalists, observers and international organizations, so they can make direct contact with a reality still unknown to many, especially rape the most basic human rights. 9) We denounce the complicity of European governments for their inhibition against the Moroccan government that refuses to implement UN resolutions. Especially denounce the veto of France in the Security Council of the UN. 10) We demand that the Spanish government to assume its responsibilities arising from international law to be the administering power of Western Sahara in this unfinished decolonization process, and requiring the Kingdom of Morocco to cease hostilities against the Sahrawi population, compliance of international law and UN resolutions. 11) We urge the European Union to end his consideration of the Kingdom of Morocco as a preferred partner, and to stress any agreement on the respect of human rights and fulfilment of the UN resolutions and not to renew or sign trade agreements (fisheries and agriculture) with the Kingdom of Morocco involving the plundering of Western Sahara's natural resources. 12) We demand the UN Mission for Western Sahara (MINURSO) to assume his duties including the monitoring and respect for human rights throughout the territory of Western Sahara. 13) We demand to the United Nations the immediate implementation of necessary measures for the Saharawi people to express themselves in self-determination referendum blocked by Morocco.


• To continue promoting trade union delegations missions to the occupied territories.


• To propose the implementation of the "6th Conference of Association for Solidarity with Saharawi workers" in the refugee camps simultaneously to the work of the next Congress of UGTSARIO. • To promote the presence of the union UGTSARIO conferences and congresses in national and international union and seek a greater awareness and involvement of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) in the defence of claims related with the Western Sahara. • To promote the visibility of the Saharawi cause in our organizations, our members and affiliates, and our societies, contributing to the dissemination of materials. • To work to organize a meeting with representatives of different groups of the European Parliament for an initiative of solidarity and support to the Saharawi people, including the refusal to trade agreements, fishing or agriculture, with Morocco on illegally occupied territories or waters and commits the European Union in the Sahara conflict and respect for UN resolutions. • To continue working on the claims of entitlements for workers in Spanish companies during the colonial period. Unions endorse this statement: - UGTSARIO. Western Sahara - CGIL. Italy - CCOO. Spain - UGT. Spain - Trade Union Confederation. Spain. - CGT. France - CGTP. Portugal - IGC. Galicia - USTEA. Córdoba Seville, February 5, 2012

Moderators of the Workshop: - Gely Ariza - Mohamed Moulud - Fatma Ehmedi - Arancha Cachón - Mohamed Abdelfath - Inmaculada Ruiz

(Presid. FANDAS Andalucía). (Minister of Youth and Sports) (Presid. UNMS) (Repres. Women of CEAS-Sahara. Ass. Vitoria) (UGTSARIO) (Presid. Feder. of Cádiz.)



FINAL RESOLUTIONS WORKSHOP 4: SOLIDARITY AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Subgroups: Women, youth, sport and trade unions EUCOCO 2012, 3, 4, 5 Februar...


FINAL RESOLUTIONS WORKSHOP 4: SOLIDARITY AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Subgroups: Women, youth, sport and trade unions EUCOCO 2012, 3, 4, 5 Februar...