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publisher’s note

I was fortunate to be able to take care of my late grandmother after she was partially disabled due to multiple strokes. She lived in a nursing home, and I visited her as much as I could. We would go out for strolls, shopping, and occasional meals. What struck me was that when we showed up in a public place with my grandmother in her wheelchair, she became invisible. People around us acted like she did not exist. Store clerks did not acknowledge her, and while ordering dinner, the waitress would not look her in the face. It seemed as if people didn’t think this sick, old woman should be out in the “normal” world, reminding us that the rest of us, too, may be sick and old one day. It is my belief that cancer patients often feel the same way—isolated from society, moving alone from treatment to treatment, separated from the “real” world populated by healthy people. Maybe they are bald with dark circles under their eyes, maybe they have only one breast, maybe there’s a tumor in their brain, but inside, they are still people who want to be part of our society and enjoy life like everyone else. Our story on page 20 describes how major medical providers are taking steps to make it easier for cancer patients to heal and,

just as importantly, to help them feel like they belong. Three cheers to the medical leaders and high fives to the patients who have the courage to take the journey. As always, I am grateful for your comments about Eucalyptus Magazine, and I look forward to connecting with you in person at our dinner event on August 2.

Michaela Marek Publisher and Founder


Eucalyptus Magazine, July-August 2011  
Eucalyptus Magazine, July-August 2011  

This issue features articles about alternative cancer care, artisan organic ice cream, raw food diet, biodynamic farming and summer fun. Fo...