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MISSION Our mission is to educate, share knowledge, and inspire our readers to take charge of their health and wellness and to help protect the environment we all live in. In each edition we profile a successful company or individual provider within the health, wellness, and eco industries and provide information on local products and services that support healthy and eco friendly lifestyles. It is our dream that Eucalyptus Magazine becomes your first resource and companion to living naturally in the Bay Area. All of us here at Eucalyptus Magazine will do our best to help you live in harmony and to connect you with local products and services that will help you accomplish your goals. ADVERTISE AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS Reach our affluent, well educated, environmental and health conscious readers who are eagerly seeking resources that will improve their health, well-being, and sustainability. For more information, please contact us at 866.797.6570 or EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS We welcome your article submissions, news briefs, or calendar events at DISTRIBUTION Eucalyptus Magazine is a free publication supported solely by our advertisers with wide distribution throughout the Bay Area. To find Eucalyptus Magazine at a location near you, simply call 866.797.6570. Contact us if you would like copies placed at your place of business. Please support advertisers by letting them know you saw them in this publication. In keeping with our concern for the environment, Eucalyptus Magazine is printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks.

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Welcome to the Premier Issue of Eucalyptus Magazine and our companion website Eucalyptus Magazine, a result of my passion for healthful, eco-friendly living, was created to inform you about and connect you with available resources relevant to a LOHAS lifestyle throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in health and wellness. I grew up drinking herbal teas with my mom and eating fresh fruit and vegetables from my grandma’s garden. We went to the farmers market every Saturday with our cloth bags, and I observed women in our family making strawberry jams and apricot compotes in the summer. When I was about 20 years old, I remember thinking that I would NEVER do any kind of canning in my life. Why bother when you can buy compote or pickles at the grocery store? So, I was buying everything and living my “healthy” life until the day that I looked at a can of peaches. There were quite a few ingredients listed, and it really made me stop and think about what we eat and how it is affecting our health, environment, and well being. My new journey began at that point. I searched for alternative, more healthful products and services. I developed a desire to network with like-minded people and businesses who share this common interest and who are conscious of our fragile environment. To my surprise I found that a great many of them are located right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the businesses are new, some have been here for decades, but all share a passion for this common purpose. We just need to find them, to point them out, and to connect with them…and that is the mission of Eucalyptus Magazine!

LOHAS is the acronym for lifestyles of health and sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living and social justice.

I would like to invite you to our future monthly networking events where you will be able to meet all of us from Eucalyptus Magazine and to connect with our advertisers and supporters. We hope to build a large community of people who share our values and lifestyle while providing you with the tools and resources to help you along your path. Lastly, we always welcome your opinions, calendar item postings, and, particularly, your suggestions for improving our magazine. After all, Eucalyptus Magazine is your local connection to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy!


Michaela Marek Publisher and Founder, Eucalyptus Magazine


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Dental amalgam, or just “amalgam,” is also called silver or mercury filling, because amalgam is close to 50% silver and 50% mercury. In deciding what kind of fillings should be placed in your mouth, numerous facts should be considered.

what’s on your mind? This month’s question:

photo by


What are some of the important properties of filling materials? When we eat hot or cold foods, our fillings must expand and contract exactly like the teeth, or we could end up with a space between the tooth structure and the filling, making the tooth susceptible to decay, or the filling’s expansion could fracture the tooth. Of the numerous alternatives to amalgam, the most common is a kind of plastic called “composite.” Amalgam is silver colored; composite is white, and there are various shades, so your dentist can match the color of the filling to the color of your tooth. Why do fillings have to be replaced? How long a filling lasts depends on two major factors: wear and decay. Despite improvements through the years, composite is not as hard as amalgam, so daily chewing wears down composite faster than it does amalgam. Fillings must be replaced when decay occurs in tooth structure adjacent to the filling, what dentists call recurrent or secondary decay. Recurrent decay around composite, once it starts, is more rapid than around amalgam, so when the decay is detected it is often more extensive around a composite. Dentists are aware of this, but there are, as yet, no published studies about the phenomenon. Such studies involve observation of patients for many years. How much drilling do you need for a filling? Because a composite filling is bonded to the tooth, the amount of tooth structure that needs to be

6 | Premier Issue

removed is generally less than with amalgam. However, when a composite needs replacement, it is difficult to tell the difference between the filling and the tooth, so some amount of sound tooth structure is usually removed just from being careful to remove all the old filling. With amalgam, it is easy to see the difference between the filling and the tooth. Do we know all we need to know about the risks of filling materials? The effect of mercury on human tissue is the major concern. Studies have shown no correlation between amalgam fillings and occurrence of multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. Although there are no studies that show a danger to pregnant women, young children, and immunocompromised individuals, there are no studies that prove there is not a danger, either. Some compounds released from composite fillings are similar to estrogen. The primary concerns about this are that (a) estrogen and estrogen-like materials should be avoided by women who have had certain kinds of cancer, and (b) these materials might cause premature puberty in girls or feminization in men. All of us, including the American Dental Association and the FDA, would like to have definitive answers to these questions. What, exactly, is the FDA’s position regarding dental amalgam? “Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.” In this statement, the FDA warns that there is the possibility of danger, but studies, to date, have not proved it, so a stronger statement cannot be made. How does this relate to alternative medicine? Alternative medicine includes any treatment that is not part of traditional Western medicine. Examples include acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, hypnosis, meditation, and yoga. Medical practice has evolved, and alternative medicine is often used instead of or in conjunction with traditional Western treatment. In other words, it is all about determining all the alternatives and making choices, the best choices for patients. Is there a clear-cut solution? Unfortunately, not yet. Amalgam is not a perfect filling material; neither is composite, nor are the other alternatives. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you should discuss the alternatives with your dentist and decide what is best for you. We appreciate the assistance of Arta Vakhshoori, D.D.S, Timothy M. Gallagher, D.D.S. and Nammy Patel, D.D.S. for their guidance in approaching this topic. EUCALYPTUSMAGAZINE.COM | 7


Hellyer County Park, 985 Hellyer Ave., San Jose | 408.355.2240

Monday June 22 / 7:00–8:45 p.m. Reiki Open House Camelot Center, Los Altos | 650.949.3332

Wednesday June 24 / 7:30 p.m. Book Signing: Mystic Cool Kepler’s Bookstore, Menlo Park | 650. 324.4321

Thursday June 25 / 5:30–6:30 p.m. Discover The Nutritional Story in Your Blood Test Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, Los Gatos | 408.395.1231

Saturday June 27 / 3:00–5:30 p.m. Mom or Dad & Me Cooking Class Whole Foods Market, Cupertino | 408.257.7000

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upcoming events in july

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Saturday June 20 / 11:00–4:00 p.m. Festival in the Park – Where Wellness Meets FUN!

Friday July 10 / 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Natural Health Solutions Talk with Baby Massage Workshop Babycoo-Opera House, Los Gatos | 408.310.5030

Wednesday July 22 / 8:00 p.m. Blondie and Pat Benetar Concert Wente Vineyards, Livermore | 925.456.2424

Saturday July 25 / 5:00–11:00 p.m. Organic Heirloom Tomato Tasting and Benefit Concert on the Farm Capay Organic Farm, Capay | 800-796-6009

Saturday July 11 / 11:00 a.m. Multicultural Story Time – Celebrate USA Patriotism Treehouse in the Glen, San Jose, 408.294.TOYZ

Tuesday July 28 / 6:30 p.m. Eco Tuesday – Green Business Networking Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back (Remember When It Didn’t Hurt), authored by Esther Gokhale, LAc,

Timeless Skin Spa in Los Gatos is now offering special services for cancer survivors. Permanent cosmetic procedures include nipple areola restoration after breast reconstruction as well as eyelash enhancement and simulated eyebrow hair procedures.

is a gold 2009 Nautilus Book Award winner. The book took the top award in the Yoga / Pilates / Tai Chi / Bodywork category in May.

“I generally see women at the end of their long, challenging journey,” said Jill Hoyer, owner of Timeless Skin Spa. “It is very gratifying to provide results that impart selfconfidence and a satisfying ending for the client. I strive to restore the area as close to natural as possible.” Drawing on her experience in traditional permanent makeup procedures, Hoyer uses similar artistic tattooing methods for cosmetic restoration. She believes in providing balance and symmetry as well as a soft natural look to the area. “We also believe these courageous women deserve something very relaxing, so after their restoration work we offer them a complimentary pedicure, which is done in our private nail care room.”

The Nautilus Book Awards, conceived to recognize and reward world-changing books, distinguishes 28 categories of writing in both adult and children’s titles. Esther Gokhale studied biochemistry at Harvard and Princeton and is a licensed acupuncturist in Palo Alto. After crippling back pain in her first pregnancy and unsuccessful back surgery, she began her lifelong crusade to find a solution to back pain. Her studies at the Aplomb® Institute in Paris and years of research in traditional societies around the world led her to develop the Gokhale Method™, which she teaches internationally. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back has received widespread praise from physicians, athletes and celebrities for being “revolutionary,” “a work of art” and “transformative.” Helen Barkan, MD PhD, of Mayo Clinic, calls Gokhale’s work “the greatest contribution ever made to nonsurgical back pain treatment.”



Timeless Skin Spa to Offer Cosmetic Restoration Services to Cancer Patients


staycation in

earth friendly

santa cruz by Allison Malone

Escaping from typical weekday routines to a romantic weekend getaway that is both luxurious and earth friendly can be as easy as a drive to the beachside city of Santa Cruz, California. There are four places in particular that you must visit to make your trip a little greener.

Staff of Life Natural Foods Market Planning to spend a day at the beach or to take a hike through Wilder Ranch State Park? Bringing snacks is a must, so stop by the Staff of Life Natural Foods Market. Its aisles are filled with delicious organic, soy, vegan, and whole wheat products that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. The deli’s extensive menu has many vegan items, from sandwiches to side dishes, and the bakery presents whole wheat and vegan versions of everyone’s favorite pastries and desserts, such as croissants and Danish pastries. Staff of Life Market | | 831.423.8632

photo by Allison Malone

Eco Goods This store, on Pacific Avenue downtown, sells almost anything that the environmentally conscious person could want: super stylish organic cotton clothing, children’s toys made out of recycled materials, environmentally safe household cleaners, and, for those shoppers with a sense of humor, notebooks made from elephant poop. Everything sold in Eco Goods is made from organic or recycled materials, so it is guilt-free shopping. Eco Goods | | 831.429. 5758

10 | Premier Issue

Whether visiting the beaches, the redwoods, or these four earth-friendly locations, spending a weekend in beautiful Santa Cruz is sure to bring you romance, relaxation, and a renewed connection to nature.

Gabriella CafĂŠ Said to be the most romantic spot in Santa Cruz, the cozy Gabriella CafĂŠ downtown is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh, organic lunch or dinner. The menu is constantly changing because it is created only from what is fresh, in season, sustainable, or humanely treated. This season, be prepared to find anything from roasted beets to ricotta gnocchi, and even grilled octopus, on the menu, as the chef takes his cues from what is found at the Santa Cruz Farmers Market. Appetizers typically start at around $10, while entrees are around $25. Gabriella Cafe | | 831.457.1677

Adobe on Green Street Make reservations well ahead of time to stay at the popular Adobe on Green Street. This charming bed and breakfast in the quiet Mission Hills neighborhood of Santa Cruz features four bedrooms with private baths, two common rooms, organically tended gardens, and, most importantly, solar panels on its roof. The Adobe on Green Street prides itself not only for providing 75% of its own electricity with these solar panels but also for being the only B&B in America to provide electric vehicle charging for its guests. The Adobe on Green Street also uses a homemade solution of water, vinegar, and wintergreen oil to keep its rooms clean and fresh smelling. Room rates for either one or two guests range from $99 to $209 nightly, depending on the season and room in which you stay. Adobe on the Green | | 831.469.9866 EUCALYPTUSMAGAZINE.COM | 11

photo by

bikram yoga san jose

a thriving business built on a human story 12 | Premier Issue

By Sharon Sweda

It’s 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning... class is packed, humid, and stuffy... students are 45 minutes into class in 2nd set of Triangle pose... “You are going to touch the ceiling”... still another 45 minutes left of class, and the students wouldn’t have it any other way.


Clothing by Shakti Activewear 14 | Premier Issue

This happens every day—365 days a year, 43 classes a week—and it is still not enough to keep up with demand, “It kills me to have to turn people away.” states Michele Vennard, owner and founder of Bikram Yoga San Jose. “We will keep adding classes until we get a bigger facility. I just love that more and more people are coming. Yoga is such a discovery. Once known, it changes your life.” An interview with Michele is like a front porch visit with an old friend. Michele is dedicated not just to the business of her thriving studio but also to the spirit of it. An impassioned leader, she draws energy from life’s lessons, embracing them as wake-up calls to keep moving forward, to appreciate her many gifts, and to continue discovering joy in the ordinary. This is the spiritual undercurrent of day-to-day life at Bikram Yoga San Jose. In her former life as Director of Neighborhood Marketing for Il Fornaio Restaurants, she was accustomed to well structured systems, methodical preparation, and extensive business planning as well as to the “do it right” work ethic that permeated the company. While one might assume that her transition from one business to another was smooth, the truth is quite different. Michele recalls, “While I was working at Il Fornaio, my mother was diagnosed with a virulent form of Alzheimer’s Disease in which deterioration is rapid. She was 49. None of us knew how quickly our mother would decline, but I decided to devote as much time as I could to being with her, and I’m so very glad I did.”  “Time” turned out to be a year and a half of red-eye flights between San Jose and Chicago. Seeing the progressive deterioration engendered in Michele a heightened appreciation for the “ordinary” moments in everyday life. Extreme stress, physical and mental, is common for terminal care-givers. After her mother’s passing, a close friend encouraged her to enroll in yoga for therapy. “I immediately started to feel better”, Michele explains, “and I felt lifted from the constant grief.” During a flight to a family reunion, Michele’s life-altering inspiration was born. “I saw a brochure that introduced Bikram’s Yoga College of India to potential instructor candidates. Upon my arrival, I informed my father that I would be attending

the class and planned to quit my job to open a Bikram Yoga studio in San Jose.” Michele laughs at the memory. “My family thought I was crazy! Give up my career, and attend the grueling nine week teacher’s training? And Bikram Yoga is performed in a room heated to 105°F. To say that it’s intense and demanding is an understatement.” Using her business savvy, during the next eight months Michele prepared for her new career before concluding her work at Il Fornaio. She focused on self-realization, finding an increased sense of peace and self-appreciation and the ability to live life in the present, detached from worries of the past or future. Bikram Yoga San Jose’s opening included a ribbon cutting ceremony and a blessing by a Hospice Minister. From an enrollment of 22 six years ago, membership has grown to over 14,000, gaining more than 200 new members a month. Each day, approximately 200 students attend classes. The astounding success speaks to the quality and delivery of the offerings at Bikram Yoga San Jose.  Michele teaches only three to four classes a week now, but she attends class daily. She has competed in several yoga competitions, recently taking 2nd place in the Northern California Yoga Asana Competition. “I really think of the studio as a restaurant. We believe in great quality, good service, and cleanliness; instead of great food, we serve the highest quality Bikram Yoga. Not only is prosperity derived from this formula, but the bonus is the friends you make because you are so involved.” Michele’s enthusiasm is contagious. Over the phone, she explains that yoga was a tool that saved her life. “Really,” she says. “I knew it would help me physically, but I did not expect it to overcome so much mental stress. I was feeling more peace, and I knew others could benefit, too.”  “It is so amazing,” states Christine, a six year member. “I am so happy and surprised at how strong I have become in more ways than the physical.  continued on page 32 EUCALYPTUSMAGAZINE.COM | 15

yoga iyengar, bikram, vinyasa, power ‌? which yoga class will fit you best? Fitness trends come and go but, with thousands of years of history, yoga is here to stay. If you are new to yoga or have been wanting to try a new style, making the transition might be a bit overwhelming. With the help of local experts, Eucalyptus Magazine will help you get started so that you can start practicing right away.

stainless steel water bottle H20 Zone yoga block Gaiam

t-shirt, ruffle capri Hanuman Yoga Clothing

yoga strap Lululemon Athletica

photo by

eco conscious jute yoga mat Gaiam

16 | Premier Issue


what it is

degree of difficulty

where to find it


This yoga style focuses on the structural alignment of the body and is known for its use of props, such as belts and blocks, as aids in performing postures.

Classes are intense, but not grueling. You hold poses for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. This strengthens your muscles, but you probably won’t be puffing and sweating.

California Yoga Center 570 Showers Drive, Suite 5 Mountain View, CA 94040 650.947.9642 KB Fitness 672 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123 408.390.4418


Vinyasa/ Flow

Also known as Hot Yoga, this style is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F (40.5°C) with a humidity of 40%. Ninety minute classes are guided by specific dialogue and include 26 postures and two breathing exercises. All levels are welcome.

A vigorous yoga session at high temperature promotes profuse sweating, which rids the body of toxins and works the body from inside out to heal. It also makes the body very warm, allowing for increased flexibility and safe stretching.

Bikram Yoga San Jose 5129 Prospect Road San Jose, CA 95129 408.255.9910

This type of yoga embodies creatively choreographed sequences of breathoriented movements to connect mind and body. Sun Salutation-based flow links postures in a holistic manner, leaving the body cleansed and the mind clear and refreshed.

Depends on instructor. It is common to find beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in order to cater to all those interested in having a profound yoga practice.

Willow Glen Yoga 1188 Lincoln Ave. San Jose, CA 95125 408.289.9642

Bikram Yoga Santa Clara 1500 Norman Avenue, Suite 201 Santa Clara, CA 95054 408.562.0055

Yoga Source Los Gatos 15545 C Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA 95032 408.335.6902

The experts: Cynthia Wehr is an international Bikram Yoga Champion and teaches yoga at Bikram Yoga San Jose. Kent Bond, creator of Willow Glen Yoga in San Jose, has been teaching, practicing, and studying yoga for many years. He has also been on the faculty for many teacher trainings in various lineages of yoga. Cindy Walker, R.Y.T. (500) has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She is director of workshops and continuing education at Yoga Source in Los Gatos. From Vinyasa to Yin, she teaches creative, loving, and educational classes. Thank you to Real Simple for inspiration.


are you suffering from gluten sensitivity? By Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN

Gluten is a protein found in the grains wheat, rye, and barley. 40% of the Population is Suffering What if your food were poisoning you but you didn’t know it? What if you were one of the millions suffering from a condition that puts you at risk for such things as obesity, depression, migraines, arthritis, IBS, and fatigue?

What are the Symptoms? Gluten sensitivity is a genetic disorder with symptoms that can include weight gain, constipation, depression, migraines, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis. There is hardly a system of the body not affected by gluten sensitivity in susceptible individuals.

photo by

Medically, a gluten problem is often associated only with a condition called celiac disease. However, celiac disease affects only 1% of the population and is just a small subset of the much larger gluten sensitivity group.

How is it Diagnosed? For patients with symptoms of gluten sensitivity, screening tests can be used as the first step in diagnosis. These simple lab tests (blood, saliva, and stool) are not specific for celiac disease; nor are they intestinal biopsies. Don’t confuse celiac tests with gluten sensitivity tests. The latter are more sensitive and more encompassing.

How is it Treated?

someone may have a reaction to a food and not be experiencing digestive problems, it is seen more often than not. The number of gluten sensitive patients with digestive symptoms is significantly less than those who have no digestive symptoms, yet removing gluten imparts dramatic improvement to the systems being affected – witness the child with migraines and the adult with depression, neither of whom had digestive complaints.

The only known treatment is dietary – the complete avoidance of gluten.

Find Out if You’re at Risk

Case studies show success in treating patients who have had debilitating migraines of 20 years duration, depression lasting several decades, seizures of unknown origin, irritable bowel syndrome (5x the number of gluten sensitive patients suffer from IBS as compared to a normal control group), fibromyalgia, and arthritis. All have been dramatically improved through a gluten-free diet. Some patients who are gluten sensitive are affected in systems outside the digestive tract, meaning that they will never show a positive intestinal biopsy (the test most commonly used to diagnose celiac disease). While it seems counterintuitive that

18 | Premier Issue

If your health is not optimal, the cause might be gluten sensitivity. Interpretation of tests and diagnosis require experience, so please find a practitioner who is not new to this arena. ……………………………………………………………………………………….. References: 1. W. Dickey, N. Kearney, “Overweight in Celiac Disease: Prevalance, Clinical Characteristics and Effect of a Gluten-free Diet,” The American Journal of Gastroenterology 101 (2006): 2356-9. 2. F. Cataldo, V. Marino, “Increased Prevalence of Autoimmune Diseases in First-degree Relatives of Patients With Celliac Disease,” Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 36 (2003): 470-3. 3. C. O’Leary, et al, “Celiac Disease and Irritable Bowel-type Symptoms,” The American Journal of Gastroenterology 97 (2002): 1463-7.

Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN, is the founder of HealthNOW Medical Center in Sunnyvale and author of The Gluten Effect. She can be reached at

You Have a Choice and Little Things Can Make a Big Difference By Victoria Westphal

We have long been aware of the effects of elemental exposure on the skin. Chronic stress, a known heavy hitter on your mental and physical health, is also a proven culprit in premature aging. Hormonal levels are affected and skin suffers, resulting in wrinkles, frown lines, and changes in the color and texture of the skin. The professionals at The Spa ~ Los Gatos are well acquainted with the ill-effects of stress on ones face. “In our dedication to both client health and beauty, we strive to make sure The Spa ~ Los Gatos is not just a valuable service and product resource, but also a stress-free environment with a focus on small details that make impactful differences. A service should not just be about your skin or muscles; it should be about your mindset, too,” says Patti Rice, Operations Director.

   * Go for a walk.     * Get a massage.     * Call a good friend.     * Sweat out tension with a workout.     * Write in your journal.     * Relax with three deep breaths (works well in the car).     * Listen to music.

Before you jump to medications, you should know it has been medically proven that small, simple things, such as exercise, make a tremendous difference. “The evidence on benefits of physical exercise is undeniable. What it does for the mind is distract you from an anxiety-provoking situation, increase your energy level, give you a sense of accomplishment, set in motion a chain of chemical actions in the brain that calm and uplift the mind, and change your perspective to give you a sense that what you do matters. ”2 For those who want to get away from the frustration and emotional roller coaster of chronic stress, the most important thing to remember is that YOU are in control. Yes, matters do arise in which you have no outward control whatsoever, but what you accept as commitments, how you react to situations, and whether you decide to see the bright side of things or not are choices that are entirely up to you.

References: 1. CBS Broadcasting Inc. Aging: The Stress Factor. San Francisco, Aug. 26, 2005 | by Brian Dakss. http://www.cbsnews. com/stories/2005/08/25/60II/main796002.shtml 2. Psychology Today Online, How to Remain Calm During Uneasy Times, April 1, 2003. http://www.psychologytoday. com/articles/pto-20030401-000004.html


CBS News reported on an in-depth study involving stress and aging, using mothers of chronically ill children as the test group. The results confirmed what many of us already knew. “A medical study has proven what we’ve all suspected: Stress speeds up aging. CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley reports it does this by reaching all the way down into your cells and damaging your DNA. In a sense, chaos is crunching your chromosomes.”1

Stress Relief: Healthy ways to relax and recharge



stress and premature aging

You have pain. Maybe it’s in your feet. It makes sense that you’d want to do exercises that would strengthen the feet, right? Not necessarily.

Think Posture, Not Pain Why the Site of your Pain isn’t the Problem By Chris Janke

Although there may be underlying issues in the feet, it is possible that the foot pain is the result of an overall postural imbalance. Simple posture exercises that treat the body as one unit are the key. Treat the Body as a Unit A change in one part of the body ultimately affects the entire body. To demonstrate that, try this simple exercise. Walk a straight line back and forth a few times, paying attention to where most of your weight is distributed in your feet. Is it in the front, on your toes, or do your feet to roll to the outside edges or collapse at the arches? Is it different on the right foot than on the left? Once you determine the weight distribution, interlace your fingers behind your head and pull your elbows way back. Now walk that same straight line back and forth. Did the weight distribution change? What happened? How could changing the position of your upper back affect the feet? It deals less with specific muscles, and more with where your body is in relation to the Gravity Line (GL), a vertical line that represents the pull of gravity. The closer your body conforms to the GL, the better. Pulling your elbows back puts more of your body on the GL, and that changed how your body moved. The key to changing your posture is to move your 8 load-bearing joints (2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, and 2 shoulders) onto the GL. Cause and Effect It is important to understand this cause and effect relationship, because otherwise we end up training the wrong thing. To achieve success in a posture program, we need to find the cause of the body’s postural compensations and then work to separate the dysfunction (cause) from the compensation (effect).

photo by AllisonMalone

Where to Start Your posture is as unique as your fingerprint, but there are certain general exercises that help most people. A basic program is available at; it represents a first step in getting more functional and, thereby, eliminating pain. Continue to do this program daily for as long as you need it. The next time you feel pain, consider how your posture might be influencing or even causing that pain. Chris Janke is the founder of Functional Strength Training, a posture alignment studio in Santa Clara, California. He is the author of Functional Strength: The Key to Pain-Free Movement. He can be reached at (408) 509-3497.

20 | Premier Issue



Do you know how to protect your child’s skin from the sun? By Jessica Iclisoy

Is there a difference between SPF 15 and 30? What’s all the hype about chemical vs. physical sunscreens? And is there really a point to babies’ wearing sunglasses and sunprotective clothing? Here are some answers to your most pressing sun care questions.

Rem emb er: C med erta icine in o s, in incre c ludin ral and t ase opic g an th and al tibio eyes e sensit t i c i v s, ca t o UV ity o on y n ou f rays . Che your ski risks r medici n ck th nes with a e lab nd d your iscu doct ss th els or. e

Despite what you may think, SPF 30 doesn’t provide twice the protection of SPF 15. In fact, an SPF of 15 shields skin from 93 percent of UVB rays, while an SPF of 30 provides 97 percent protection. Also, keep in mind that SPF measures only the blockage of UVB rays, the ones that cause sunburn, and UVA rays are harmful, too. Look for sunscreens with “broad-spectrum” or “broadband” protection; these guard skin from UVB as well as from UVA rays, which age the skin, contribute to sun spots, and cause skin cancer. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently tested and rated the effectiveness of sunscreens. Their top choices were ones that employ physical blockers such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These natural minerals, which sit on top of the skin to reflect and scatter UVA and UVB rays, typically don’t cause skin reactions and are a safe and effective choice for kids and adults who have sensitive skin. Chemical sunscreens use avobenzone, PABA, benzophenones (dixoybenzone, oxybenzone), or other ingredients to absorb UV rays. Since these chemicals penetrate the skin, some people experience adverse reactions such as acne, burning, itching, redness, and swelling. During their testing, the EWG found that many chemical sunscreens are UV sensitive, breaking down over a relatively short period of time and losing much of their effectiveness. Visit sunscreen.pdf to see “EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Safer Sunscreens.” Your child’s clothing offers some protection, but not enough to forgo sunscreen. A white T-shirt has an SPF of about 7, but when wet the SPF drops to 3. Protect your child with sunscreen (especially on areas that clothing doesn’t cover: face, neck, hands, bare feet), and don’t forget to have your little one wear a hat. Many companies offer clothing specially made to block UV rays. Check out sun protection clothing from Coolibar® at Don’t forget the eyes! Sun exposure can put your child at risk for eye problems later in life. If your little one absolutely refuses to wear shades, opt for a hat that keeps the sun out of his eyes. The American Cancer Society recommends using sunglasses with at least 99% UV absorption.

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Jessica Iclisoy is the founder of California Baby®, a natural skin care line for babies, kids, and sensitive adults. In 1995, what began as a personal quest to make one shampoo for her newborn son quickly developed into an entire line of natural skin care products! California Baby® formulas utilize organic and sustainably grown ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, and vegan oils. For Jessica, it all started with a chemical dictionary; she encourages you to buy one and compare

ke this: It goes li ? e z ri n. tu mois sunscree Should I zer, then ri an tu g is in o s m step by u cleanser, — ut out a rs c e n z e ri v e tu ed mois You can tains add n o c t a in k SPF th te your s you hydra this way Genius! . UV rays k c lo b d an 22 | Premier Issue

ingredients too. Visit her website at

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open up and say anything

want better health care? start asking more questions. to your doctor. to your pharmacist. to your nurse. what are the test results? what about side effects? don’t fully understand your prescriptions? don’t leave confused. because the most important question is the one you should have asked. go to or call 1-800-931-AHRQ (2477) for the 10 questions every patient should ask. questions are the answer.

eco party planning: green days of summer

By Johanna R. Walsh

Summer is upon us and filled with warm weather celebrations: graduation parties, Fourth of July, and company picnics. Everyone likes to sit back, sip an ice-cold beverage, and enjoy a party. With a little bit of planning, hosting an eco-friendly barbeque doesn’t have to involve any additional work. Here are ten tips to hosting a fabulous party that celebrates the summer months and showcases your eco-savvy party skills!

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Green Grilling The best part of summer barbeques is the grilled food, but cooking those vegi-kababs or wild salmon steaks over regular coals is bad for everyone’s health. You can find organic, natural lump charcoal, brands such as Original Charcoal or Big Briq, that typically consists of untreated wood, water, and a vegetable based starch binder. Natural gas grills are very energy efficient, and infrared and electric grills are a step up from that, especially if they are drawing from your solar panels.

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BYOP – Bring Your Own Platters If you are not the potluck type (some of us are just better at ordering), say no to those disposable plastic serving trays. When ordering catering dishes at your favorite deli counter or grocery store, provide your own platters that you bring from home.

E-ficient, E-tractive, and E-co Forget about using disposable plates and utensils! Those sporks you get in packages of ten are neither recyclable nor biodegradable. However, stylish and pack-away-friendly picnic gear is available. Guyot Designs (www.guyotdesigns. com) has on-the-go dishes and utensils in a rainbow of great colors. For more sturdy and disposable options, Branchhome. com sells eco-chic bamboo and cork serving ware (click on “kitchen”). If you want a more eclectic, previously-used style, check out the housewares section of your local thrift store.

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You Are What You Eat Keep it seasonal, locally grown, and organic. Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to get that all in one. Planet Organics, Eating with the Seasons, and Farm Fresh to You are just a few local farms that deliver directly to your door.

Location, Location, Location Besides your backyard, public parks are great locations to host summer parties. In the Bay Area, many parks have sweeping views and interactive sites for the kids! When obtaining your permit, consider donating a little extra to the Parks Department for all the work they do to maintain our public green spaces!

9 10

Bulk Up! (No, not you) Less is more, containers that is. It might seem easier to use individual ketchup packets and small kiddie cans of soda, but they are examples of more product and packaging being manufactured and then thrown away. Switch to larger sized containers of condiments and beverages.

Reduce, Rewash, Reuse Reusable dishes, tablecloths, and napkins add elegance and reduce the waste created at your party. You don’t have to use your best linens; you can even create napkins out of scrap fabric. Guests are more likely to use only 1 cloth napkin (compare that to grabbing a stack of paper ones).

Light up the Night Candles are great for creating ambience, but choose wisely because most candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum based product. Look for beeswax or soy candles. Strands of outdoor lights can dress up a night as well. Target and other big box stores carry LED string lights that use less energy while you enjoy the seasonably warm evenings.

'Tis the Season Summer is the time of year for outstanding local fruits and vegetables. Apricots, asparagus, avocados, and I am only at the A’s. For more information about seasonal availability of food in our area, purchase the Local Foods Wheel. (

Sort On-site! Set out and label containers to collect your recyclables, compost, and garbage. This will save having to dig through garbage to retrieve the soda containers and cardboard.



Cheeseburgers and fries are still on the lunch menu, but tasty, nutritious alternatives are readily available, and your order can usually be customized to fit your dietary needs.

eating on the go Try these small steps for an appealing and healthful lunch Choose multigrain focaccia instead of the white hamburger bun, or request a whole wheat or multigrain hamburger bun.

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Opt for grilled veggies, such as Portobello mushroom and asparagus, in lieu of red meat.

Dress your salad with olive oil and lemon juice instead of heavy dressings. Forget the fries. Unsweetened Pomegranate Green Tea will refresh you without adding calories. Sparkling water with a slice of lime is equally delicious.

Grilled Veggie Sandwich by Village California Bistro 26 | Premier Issue

By Becky Herbert

I grew up on a 70-acre farm in Hollister, California, a spacious piece of land that has housed dozens of crops over the years from hay to bell peppers to onions to potatoes and tomatoes and the sweetest strawberries I ever tasted. Alongside these crops, my parents raised me and my three sisters, too. Though it took me several years to find my way back to this land to nurture my current career path, the beauty of the farm — with its 19th century farmhouse that lies tucked between several eucalyptus trees, its creek where water rumbles by most winters, the old abandoned buildings perfect for us to play house or hide and seek, and the rolling green hills beyond the land—never left my mind while away. The Herbert side of my family has been farming in Hollister since 1868 when the town was founded. The business has been passed down from generation to generation and fell into my Dad’s hands when he was just out of high school. In an effort to expand his business and find a place to raise his family, Dad purchased the sweet 70-acre parcel where I grew up in the late 1970’s. While the larger sections of land are now rented out to a bigger farming operation, he continues to grow food on this small piece at the north end of town.

What has remained vivid in my mind about growing up on our farm was the vast walnut orchard that lay next to our house. In the spring, its rows and rows of walnuts trees were surrounded by swaths of wild mustard flowers which my sisters and I used to pick on Saturday mornings, determined to sell them to anyone interested. No doubt a cat or two would follow us along the way for company. The month of June is one of the most exciting times of the year on the farm. Summer crops are on the brink of reaching their prime as bees buzz above the plants in the morning hours, mimicking our anticipation of the new flavors soon to be ready for harvest. Right now, as we await the sweet corn and plums, we enjoy succulent blueberries

photo :

Every summer I was surrounded by the delicious smell of bell peppers and onions and dust in the air, which was intoxicating. After several pleas to let me help in their packing shed, Dad hired me to sort bell peppers for $1 an hour when I was 9-years old. I would stand at the conveyer belt for as long as I could bear it, throwing bad peppers onto one belt and tossing not-so-perfect ones onto another. It was difficult work on those hot summer days, but the unity felt among me, my parents, and the workers in the packing shed was an experience that instilled a love for fresh food and hard work in me that has proven invaluable.

from San Joaquin Valley which are like juicy candies that explode in your mouth upon impact. Tomatoes, ripened on the vine, are perfect for a cool tomato soup on a warm summer evening. And zucchini arrives, too, providing the first taste of grilled summer dinners, making you anxious for more.



the sweet farm life

Here is my favorite recipe for tomato soup:

Chilled Tomato Soup with Cilantro-Yogurt Swirl

2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 pounds ripe tomatoes, coarsely chopped (about 5 cups) 1 ⁄2 cup chopped red onion 2 tablespoons plus 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro, divided 1 cup fresh corn kernels (from about 2 ears) 1 cup ice water 2 tablespoons lime juice, or to taste 1 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste 1 cup low-fat plain yogurt

Toast cumin in a small skillet over low heat, stirring, until just fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Combine tomatoes, onion, 2 tablespoons cilantro and chipotle in a blender or food processor. Purée until smooth. Transfer to a large bowl. Add the toasted cumin, corn, ice water, lime juice and salt; stir to combine. Refrigerate until chilled, about 1 hour or until ready to serve. Purée yogurt and the remaining 1⁄4 cup cilantro in a blender or food processor until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to serve (it will thicken slightly as it stands). To serve, divide the soup among 4 bowls and garnish each with a generous swirl of cilantro yogurt.

Becky Herbert is the founder and owner of Eating with the Seasons LLC (, which delivers local, organic produce, pastured eggs, and many other local products. She enjoys cooking dishes with fresh food from the farm in her free time and can be reached at Recipe courtesy of

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combating canine diabetes

By Allison Malone and Alan Stewart, DVM, ACVIM

Help your diabetic dog live a long and active life. Many dog lovers are not aware that their favorite furry friend could be at risk for developing diabetes mellitus, the same insulin-related disease that affects roughly 23.6 million humans in America. Just like diabetes in humans, obesity is one of the leading causes. Other at-risk canines are unspayed females and specific breeds, including labrador and golden retrievers, poodles, and beagles. If you notice that your pup is drinking excessive amounts of water oris urinating more than usual, head to your vet, as these are two common symptoms of diabetes.

What treatments are available? Daily blood tests and insulin shots are necessary for all diabetic patients to keep blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, levels in check. Though necessary, injecting dear Fido with insulin everyday can be heartbreaking. Feeding him a specialized diet low in sugar and carbohydrates can reduce his need for insulin shots, and, although it will take a little extra effort on your part, having your pooch back to his playful self will be worth it. What can I feed my dog? Most commercial dog foods are filled with sugars and carbohydrates, both of which raise blood glucose levels, but prepared prescription diets are available from your veterinarian. An alternative is to make your dog’s food from scratch using raw, lean meats and vegetables, a dash of grains for fiber, and doggie vitamin supplements. Ask your veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist for reliable recipes. Follow the recipes carefully to be sure your dog receives the proper amounts of the foods it needs in order to be healthy. Otherwise, the homemade food can actually be more harmful to him than the sugarfilled store-bought kibble. A few commercial brands, such as Science Diet, Purina, and Iams, include foods formulated for diabetic dogs. Be sure to always consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet. For more information about canine diabetes or how to formulate a diet, contact your veterinarian or log on to

Homemade Dog Treats Ingredients ⁄2 cup whole wheat flour 2 eggs 1 1⁄2 pounds beef liver, cut into pieces



photo by Allison Malone

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. - Line a 10x15 inch jellyroll pan with parchment paper. - Place the liver into a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. - Add the flour and eggs, and process until smooth. - Spread evenly in the prepared pan. - Bake for 15 minutes or until the center is firm. - Cool, and cut into squares. The treats will have a consistency similar to a sponge. - Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

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bikram yoga san jose

a thriving business built on a human story

continued from page 14

It is this mix of safe/strengthening/ healing/growing for me.” “Bikram Yoga has enhanced my life in all the centers: body, mind, and soul,” says Halfdan Hussey, co-founder and Director of Cinequest. I’ve leaned out, increased my conditioning, fostered flexibility, gained energy, and I feel great. I’ve seen myself glowing with a lot more humor and joy. I feel more creative and able to get more done while enjoying my work more than ever. Bikram Yoga is a tremendous complement to my interests in spiritual and personal growth—it’s not a doctrine, but the practice grounds you in a higher consciousness. Bikram Yoga San Jose is a true blessing, as the vision of the studio is to bring improved health and well-being to people’s lives.” Bikram Choudhury, founder of this yoga method, maintains that you are “never too old, never too sick, and never too late to start from scratch again.” Bikram Yoga San Jose is truly a microcosm of that. “I love this yoga in that it welcomes everyone willing to try,” says Michele. “At our studio we have so many ethnicities, religious backgrounds, age groups, and body types, and no one is judged. In fact, we are one big, extended family.” Michele constantly works to improve the services she delivers to her members.  Her website includes beautiful, professionally-taken photos of BYSJ members in yoga poses. A wonderfully creative monthly newsletter keeps members apprised of the latest events and includes an encouraging message from Michele, typically linking a steady and patient Bikram Yoga practice to a more fulfilling life and reflecting on current events. Her mission, shared by her staff, is “to discover the truth and possibility in all of us.”  She adds, “As we got stronger as a community, I wanted to include the members in our vision. We had a contest, asking each member to give us five words that best describe BYSJ; from those, “Welcome” is the word that won. We use “Welcome” in our materials, and it has really become the essence of who we are now and who we will be, moving forward. I am really proud of that, not only because the members chose it but also because it really describes my mother. She would slow down in traffic just to stop and say hello to the toll booth operator. She welcomed everyone.” A twice annual event, the 60-Day Challenge asks students to commit to taking yoga class on 60 consecutive days. The most recent challenge attracted 109 enrollees; 65 finished and participated in a ceremony replete with Oscarstyle trophies and personal acceptance speeches. It is an event that inspires students to commit to a long-term Bikram Yoga practice. Even though Michele Vennard has ascended to the peak of the yoga world in San Jose, her yoga career is still in its infancy. Like Bikram, her goal is “to bring yoga to as many people as possible.” It’s an ambitious goal, probably unreachable by the average entrepreneur, but Michele Vennard is far from average, as her personal story and the ascendance of Bikram Yoga San Jose strongly demonstrate.

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Bikram Yoga San Jose Michele Vennard

5289-A Prospect Rvoad, San Jose, CA 95129 408.255.9910 |


Vania Hendratna 140 W. Main St. (in the Opera House) Los Gatos, CA 95030 408.310.5030 |

With 40 classes each week and certified Bikram Yoga instructors, our friendly, comfortable and casual studio is a welcoming place for you to learn yoga, get started on a new health regime, or continue and improve your Bikram Yoga practice.

With a fabulous selection of green and organic products for babies, children and mothers, custom gift baskets and baby gift registry, we make it easy to celebrate those special moments. Clothing, footwear, strollers, mattresses, bedding, feeding supplies and more!

Noxcuses Fitness Palo Alto

Los Gatos Nail Works

Angie DeGeronimo

2741 Middlefield Rd., Ste 102, Palo Alto, CA 94306 650.325.1273 |

Val Speno

140 W. Main St. (in the Opera House) Los Gatos, CA 95030 408.354.6245 |

Get ready to transform the way you feel about “the gym”. Our exquisite new studio combines state of the art fitness technology with all the comfort, privacy and attention you’d come to expect from a premium spa. Pilates Yoga and Personal Training customized to fit your needs.

Enjoy a relaxing, stress free environment when pampering yourself with a manicure, pedicure, waxing, massage, facial and aromatherapy. Providing services for 25 years, assures you’ll be in wonderful hands. We are a great place for any type of pampering party - we love large groups!

Supreme Court 1 Athletic club

The Spa - Los Gatos

Dave Ralstin

415 N. Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 408.739.1250 | We offer a unique health club experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Managed and run by the same core management team for over twenty years, Supreme Court offers a different experience when getting fit. Racqueatball, squash, yoga, group classes and more. Bring this ad and your spouse is FREE.

Functional Strength Training Chris Janke

341 Lafayette St. #106, Santa Clara, CA 95050 408.509.3497 |

100 S. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95030 408.354.5901 |

A world apart from other day spas, The Spa - Los Gatos features a wide variety of facials, massages and body treatments in the tranquil space of our large facility. A professional and welcoming staff, top of the line products, private lockers, fully-stocked lounge areas, cushy robes and slippers await you.

Healing the Zebra Arts Center Nancy A. Ries

3648 Hoover Street, Redwood City, CA 94063 650.299.1194 |

Functional Strength Training specializes in restoring posture and functional strength through specific posture exercises. FST offers one-on-one training and a “Better than Bootcamp” classes.

A new healing arts center, in a geodesic dome, offers creative arts classes focusing on the body-mind-spirit for personal development. Over fifteen instructors teach workshops including tantric yoga, health movement, painting, creative writing, enactment, and more.

Shakti Activewear

Steven E. Smith Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Ana Santos

PO Box 6592, Portsmouth, NH 03802 888.474.2584 | Shakti Activewear is clothing for the modern day yogini. You will see yourself in a whole new light when you experience Shakti Activewear! Value yourself, enjoy life, and live healthy.

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409 E. Campbell Ave., Ste 220, Campbell, CA 95008 408.910.4257 |

Holistic therapy and counseling for emotional & spiritual health. Individuals, Couples, Men’s Groups, Workshops. Heal, grow, and learn to experience more freedom, joy, love, and abundance.

HealthNOW Medical Center Founders, Drs Vikki and Richard Petersen, DC, CCN

1309 S. Mary Ave, Suite 100, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 408.733.0400 | The HealthNOW Medical team is expert in the field of Internal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. HealthNOW’s purpose is to find and fix the root cause of your health problem. We’ve been doing this successfully for over 20 years.

*Healthy Smiles Dental Care Arta Vakhshoori, D.D.S.

5595 Winfield Blvd. #108, San Jose, CA 95123 408.226.6683 | Arta Vakshoori, D.D.S. and her team provide state of the art technology in biological dentistry, including drill-less laser for your comfort, early detection, safety in removal of mercury fillings and preservation for your natural tooth in a healthy, healing environment.

*Oak Meadow Dental

Dr. Robert Dyer and Dr. Christina Fantino 210 Oak Meadow Dr, Los Gatos, CA 90532 408.395.1121 |

At Oak Meadow Dental we are a team. Each part of the team participates: doctor, staff and patient. This way we ensure that everybody is happy with the outcome. Only with teamwork can excellence be achieved. We are proud to be a Certified Bay Area Green Business.

Peter G. Shutts A.L.A., Architect

4133 Mohr Avenue, Suite H, Pleasanton, CA 94566 925.484.0903

Studio3 Design Bess Wiersema

1585 The Alameda #200, San Jose, CA 95126 650.575.1941 | Well known for creating award winning home spaces reflecting individual style and aesthetic, Bess Wiersema combines visionary design and seamless project management. Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Construction administration, Consultation (Finishes, fixtures, color, landscape, master plan)

Rec Solar

167 Commercial St., Sunnyvale, CA 94086 888.657.6527 |

REC Solar, Inc. specializes in grid-tied solar electric design and installation, offering the latest technology, state of the art equipment, and financing opportunities for all commercial and residential customers

SunWize Systems Heidi Eveland

111 W St. John Ste. 1200, San Jose, CA 95113 408.255.9910 | We have been providing residential and commercial solar electric solutions nationwide since 1992. If you’re thinking of going solar call the team that you can trust to be here for years to come.

*Dharma Merchant Services Jeff and Alexia Marcous

866.615.5157 |

Small, award winning multi-disciplined architectural firm emphasizing green technology in custom home design, remodels and additions. Covering Northern California, we incorporate green products into every residential and commercial project. Free consultation.

Dharma Merchant Services is a socially responsible and certified green provider of credit card payment accounts for retail, wholesale, non profit, and ecommerce merchants. Dharma MS will donate 10% of their profit to the charity of their merchant’s choice.

Studio3 Design

The Hands On Studio

Bess Wiersema

1585 The Alameda #200, San Jose, CA 95126 650.575.1941 | Well known for creating award winning home spaces reflecting individual style and aesthetic, Bess Wiersema combines visionary design and seamless project

Kyle Chesser

1950 O’Toole Way, San Jose, CA 95131 408.955.0555 | Your one-stop hands on shop. All things photography, graphic design, multi-media, and web development.

* Certified Bay Area Green Business




2007 The year the word Locavore was added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Someone who eats food grown or produced locally within a certain range, such as 100 miles, or chooses the option that has the least impact


L.O. on the environment.

The number of

farmers markets in the Bay Area.

CSA 97.3

Local and Organic—the best choice

Find your favorite local farm at

nectarines that tested positive

for pesticides. Advertiser’s Index

The percentage of non-organic

Community Supported Agriculture.


for your health and the environment.

Advance Skin And Body Care

Dharma Merchant Services

REC Solar

Alta Mira Counseling

EHC LifeBuilders

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co

Annette’s Gluten Free Bakery

Enlightened Mind

Santana Row

Arta Vakhshoori, DDS

Functional Strength Training

Shakti Activewear

Baby Coo

Hands On Studios

Spot Design

Bay Area Health Spa

Healing The Zebra

Stirling Properties

Beauty 101

Health Now Medical Center

Studio3 Design


Los Gatos Nail Works

SunWize Solar

Bikram Yoga San Jose

Los Gatos Spa

Supreme Court 1 Athletic Club

California Baby

Noxcuses Fitness

Village California Bistro And Wine Bar

Deborah Hayes

Oak Meadow Dental Center

Wente Vineyards

Dental Care/Dr. Davydova

Peter G Shutts Architecture

Thank you for your support!

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Cynthia Wehr is a star.

A special thank you to the 2009 Rivers of Chocolate Participants & Sponsors 9Catering Big Basin Vineyards Blue Rock BBQ Brix Chocolate Burrell School Vineyards Chateau Marie Antoinette Wines Cinnabar Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards Creekview Vineyards Crunch Catering Day Break Gourmet Restaurant & Catering Deperately Seeking Chocolate Dio Deka Dolce Bella Chocolates Dolce Spazio Dr. Swami & Bone Daddy’s Drink Mixes


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Eucalyptus Magazine  

Eucalyptus Magazine is a free monthly publication that focuses on health, wellness and eco living in San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is...

Eucalyptus Magazine  

Eucalyptus Magazine is a free monthly publication that focuses on health, wellness and eco living in San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is...