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Re-Constructing Blackness: Appendix I

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“When people shape their own surroundings, they inflect the atmosphere of a place with character. This activity is the basis for creating attractiveness and exchange, it cannot be imitated by planning.” Mikoleit, A. “100 Lessons for Understanding the City” This booklet is an overview of Blackness, documenting it’s borders, institutions, vacant spaces, infrastructure and overall urban make-up.

Figure 1 Dundee: 2013

Figure 2 Dundee: Blackness and the new Waterfront proposal



Technology Park

Cultura University of Dundee

West End

District Ten + Waterfront Phase Two

Blackness, 1 | 50



Government + ministration

City Centre + Retail High Street

City Waterfront Masterplan

al Quarter

, Dundee 000

Figure 3 Locating Blackness: The post-industrial enclave


1.2 x 124,000m2

Figure 4

n Scale Comparison , Blackness Masterplan Scale Comparison: Why build on new land when the 1 | 5000

masterplan quota fits into Blackness?

Scattered light industrial units

High Rise, low density residential

Residential Mill Intervention Blackness Conservation Area

Blackness, Dundee 1 | 2500

Blackness Conservation Area

New Build Residential

New Build + Intervention Leisure

Figure 5 Locating Blackness: Divisions

Retail Pubs + Restaurants Businesses + Industry + Storage Professional Services Residential Hotels Institutions + Cultural Sporting Unoccupied


ant Land Use , Blackness 1 | 2500

Figure 6 Dominant Land-Use

Dom Occu

minant upied Buildings, Land Use, Blackness Blackness 1 | 2500

Figure 7 Occupied Buildings

Cooling Pond Infr 1

rastructure , Blackness | 2500

Figure 8 Existing Infrastructure: Cooling Ponds

Institutions + 1

Markers , Blackness 1 | 2500

Figure 9 Blackness: Institutions + Markers

Figure 10 Pockets of incremental development: A new urban code

Dundee School of Architecture, University of Dundee

Re-Constructing Blackness: Appendix I  

This booklet is an overview of Blackness, the site of the study for city development strategies. It documents it’s borders, institutions, va...