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the joy of mess - despatches from Britain’s junk yards

Trying some graffiti? In a rush? Uninspired? It might just be your best work. EVERYTHING AND NOTHING picks a select of the best and worst and best worst graffiti it’s seen.

spotted: NY, somewhere. spotted: Sainsburys, Garthdee. It said ‘DICKS’ for a while, before a football enthusiast took it to heart, and it became ‘DICKSON ETUHU IS A ROCK FOR FULHAM’. Smart.

spotted: Triple Kirks, Aberdeen. We’re not really sure what’s being put across here.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND 5 | Best pictures of 2010

13 | Junk ‘n stuff

20 | Going places

25 | Fadvertising

Pretty self explanatory

Skint, but still fancy a ‘city break’? Euan L Davidson shows you about London

The cheap, odd joy of Britain’s

scrapyards. We got a new bike.

Columnist Michael Park picks apart an advert. Capitalism, eh?

27 | Dadaist irony for Christmas?

34 | My Year In Lists

40 | Bring the Noise

45 | See/Hear

Cage? Cardle? Care? We do, sort of. For you. You bloody reader.

Students protesting? Potential Queen prodded? Yes. EVERYTHING AND NOTHING summarises the year the anger came back.

Jamie Scott ponders the best things from this year. Knowing him there aren’t many.

A selection of sights and sounds for the next couple of months, because we like to keep you busy.

EVERYTHING AND NOTHING is a fiercely independent magazine. (C) EVERYTHING AND NOTHING

If you find yourself in London for work, and have a lot of spare time, it’s difficult to know where to start. Euan L Davidson took some amateurish pictures and has words to accompany them so you’ll know exactly what to do. Erm, sort of...


Until I was 18 years old, I’d never been to London. Well, okay, that’s a bit of a lie. I’d been to Heathrow, just after the 7/7 bombings, so my only experience of being relatively near the city was a very tense one. Sometimes you get the opportunity to visit somewhere properly and get some culture. Or you’ll spend a weekend walking about, tryin to be relevant. The next few pages highlight where to go and where not to bother with. We recommend you hang on every word.

If you’re into waiting three hours for a view of London, their eponymous Eye is pretty good. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time, and costs something like £18. If you’re reading this, you’re too poor. Don’t bother.

Taking pictures of large groups of strangers in Trafalgar Square’s pretty cheap, and adds a sense of occasion to wandering around.

Tate Modern’s good. You should visit. Something like a tenner to get in, you’ll be in there for ages. If you like modern art, or like telling people you’re into modern art, it’s win win. The ‘Expose’ photography exhibit in the summer was beyond amazing, but you’ll have missed that. Shame.



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