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For the students' chat, we used the program:


Dear students, you are going to discuss the following topic: You will discuss about your hobbies, the kind of music that you listen to and your favorite subjects in school. Let Stavroula start chatting...

Hi!! I like surfing the internet and I love sports!! My favorite lesson is English and etwinning has helped me improve it!! Finally i love rock music and i can play 3 musical instrument!! My favourite song is Payphone!! Now Daria you can continue (Stavroula) Hey! I love Payphone also. I practice handball, snowboarding and skateboarding. I love English class and French. My favourite music is Pop music and my favourite singer is Katy Perry. I'm so glad because I'm in this project and I hope to work with you again. I love you, guys! Now Roxana can you continue? What do you like? What about you, Elena? (Daria)

Hi I'm Elena .How are you? In my free time I like hanging out with my friends and go to the ballet. Also my favourite music is pop. I wish that we will communicate next year too!! Let' s continue with Alexandra(Elena) Hello! I am Alexandra. I love sports. My favorite sport is Volleyball. I also like music and I like drawing. My favorite subject is English .In my free time I watch TV and I read books. What about you Eleftheria? (Alexandra)

Hello! My hobby is taekwondo and I love it! I like listening to pop music but i also like rock. My favourite song is "Let her go". I wish we could work together next year too!!! Robert can you continue?(Eleftheria) I also have taekwondo lessons! It is great! <3 (Alexandra). Hello my name is Robert, I like football and handball and rock music. At school I like Romanian and French. I spend my time playing at computer and studying. let'' s continue with Giannis. bye. (Robert)

Hi, my name is John Stylianidis, and I like dubstep music. My favourite musician is Skrillex and my hobby is skateboarding. I also play the guitar and hanging out with my friends. My favourite subjects are Biology and Chemistry. See you soon. Bye. Denisa, please continue.(John Stylianidis) Hi! my name is Denisa. My favorite subjects is English, sport and music. I like pop, rock and hiphop. My favorite hobby is tennis. My favorite band is Maxim. I also like reading, and drawing. What about you Eva (Denisa)

I don't know the band Maxim. Are they Romanian? (John Stylianidis) Yes. Do you know Romanian singer? (Denisa) No, Im afraid not but I would like to get to know some Romanian singers? Do you know any Greek band? (John Stylianidis) Only the people of Eurovision. (Denisa) Wow!!! Do you know the Greek Eurovision team? (Eva) The one from this year no, but the one from last year, I know(Denisa)

Great! I love listening to music and mostly hiphop. My favourite subject are mathâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and arts. Raluca what is your favourite subject?(Eva)<3 hi! I am Raluca .my favorite subject is English and sport. My hobby is sport and draw. I like the music pop rock. My favorite band is one direction. what about you?(Raluca) My favourite band is One Direction too (Eva) coooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Raluca) yes!!!!(Eva) Hello Vasilis! It is your turn?(Raluca)

Hello my name is Vasilis. I like listening to rap music. My hobby is playing football and hanging out at the parks .My favourite subject are gymnastic and geography. Bye, it is your turn Ariana.(Vasilis) Hei!!! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Ariana. I like volleyball. Do you practice some sports?? I like pop, and my favourite band is One direction too :) And I like sooooooo much to collaborate with you!!! :))) Would you come to Romania? Nice did you have facebook?????? Ok...My favourite subjects at school are sports, english, french. What about you, Hara?(Ariana)

I play football. Me too !!!!!I would love to visit you in Romania. Yes but we would like to continue talking about our hobbies now. We will talk about the fb another time.(Vasilis) Hi! I am Hara and I like playing the basketball and the volleyball. My favourite music is pop and especially my favourite song is 'As long as you love me' by Justin Bieber. I love Justin!! My favourite subject is Mathâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and when I grow up I want to be a teacher. Bye!! I love you very much <3 .We will continue with Adreea!!! :)(Hara)

Hi! My hobby is handball, drawing and singing. I like the music dubstep, country-pop and rock. My favorite bands is One Direction, Litlle mix and Pentatonix. My favorite subject is English, history, biology and Romanian Bye!!! What about you Matina? ( Andreea Grec ) Hello! My hobbies are volleyball and dancing .My favourite music is pop music and sometimes I listen to rock music. My favourite lesson are English and arts. Can Laurentiu continue?(Matina)

Hello! My hobbies are football and volleyball. My favorite music is rock. My favorite lessons are English and mathâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. I spend my free time on the computer playing League of legends or playing football with my friends. Do you like computer games, Ignatios ? (Laurentiu) Yes I play Goodgame empire is very good:) I listen to classic music only. My favorite lesson is Home Economic .lets continuou with Adriana:-) (Ignatios)

Hey! My name is Adriana and I like very much this project ! My favourite hobby is volleyball and I like rock music ,my favourite subject is mathâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ,I like to dance and i like to become a actress. What about you Michalis? (Adriana) Hi! I love playing tennis. My favourite lesson is ancient Greek. I am fan of Karagiozis. Are you Andreea Sandu?? ;-D (Michalis)

Hey. My name is Andreea Sandu...I like sport, drawing :) My hobies is listen to music, my favortite music is rock and pop. My favorite subject is English <3.what about you Yiannis? (Andreea Sandu) I like listening to music and playing with my friends. My favorite group is mettalica and scorpions. My favorite subject is history. I like history and when I grow up I want to be a history teacher. bye!! (Yiannis) I also like History. Our History teacher is great and very funny. I also want to be a teacher, an English teacher. Bye from now. It was great talking with you. Hugs from Romania (Andreea)

The 1st chat  
The 1st chat  

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