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Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium, Pärnu, Estonia

The Dragon of the North Once upon a time there was a very terrible monster. It came from the North and destroyed all living in its way. It was very hungry all the time... It had a body like an ox and legs like a frog. And it had a tale like a serpent ten fanthoms in length. He moved like a frog – it jumped. It jumped half a mile on the ground. The Dragon of the North was wery lazy and stayed on one place till it had eaten up whole neighbourhood. Its body was covered with scales, they were harder than stone and iron. Nobody can destroy the Dragon. Its big eyes shone by night and even by day like the brightest candles. And anyone who ever looked into those eyes went voluntary into the Dragons mouth. All kings in the neighbourhood had offered a lot of money for destroying the monster. Many brave men tried to do this but they all where killed by the Dragon. Then one old and wise man was remembering what he had heard from the other old men - only king Salomon’s ring could help but nobody knew where the ring was. At last a young man with a brave hart decided that it`s time to do something. On his way he met an old and wise man who knew that birds could help him. This old man taught him the speech of birds. Old man said: When you get the king Salomon`s ring, come back and I`ll say what to do next. On the way the man listened to the birds and heard that the hell-maiden could help him. These birds showed him the way to the spring where the hell-maiden took a bath every year. After swimming she found the young man and called him to her place. Birds said: Go and have a good time! But take care to give no blood or you sell your soul! Next morning the maiden asked him to stay with her always. Young man said that he must think about it. One day the maiden took him into the sercet chamber and showed him many interesting things. One of them was the king Salomon`s ring. The maiden told that nobody knows all signs on the ring and can’t use it but she can . If she put it on her left hand she stays invisible or can fly like a bird . If she put it on her right hand nothing could hurt her and she can be the strongest human in the world. The clever young men said that he didn’t believe it. So the maiden took the ring and showed him.

She gave the ring to young man, he made himself invisible and then fly away. He was flying to the old wise man who taught him the speech of birds and landed there. The old man read the ring and gave instructions how to overcome the Dragon of the North. He said: You must make an iron horse and put little wheeles under each foot. Then sit on your horse and take a spear in your hand, your ring could help you use it. When the Dragon bite your spear you must jump down and run out through it`s jaws then strike it into the ground. After few days you could go and kill him using the king Salomon`s ring. The young man went home and made as the old wise man had taught. He won the monster and married the king`s daughter. But the young man forgot to ask the old wise man what to do with the dead Dragon`s body. So it smelled very badly. At that time the hell-maiden was looking for the young man everywhere and finally found him and punished him. She hid him into a big cave, nobody could find him. His wife went to the old wise man and asked him for help. Of course she got it and after few months her husband was at home again. At that time the old king died and the young brave man became a king.

Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule, NECKARSTEINACH, Germany

The devil and his grandmother There was a big war and the king had many soldiers but he didn't give his soldiers enough money. So three soldiers wanted to run away and hid themselves in a cornfield. They were sitting there for two days and two nights. Then they were very hungry, but if they went out of the field they were hanged … and the troops who were waiting around the cornfield didn't go away. There came a big dragon and asked them why they hid in the cornfield. And the men answered „we are three soldiers who ran away from the army, because we didn't get enough money, now we must die from hunger, when we stay here or we will hang on the gallows when we go out of the cornfield. „Will you serve me seven years?“ asked the dragon. „So, I will guide you and nobody will catch you.“ „We have no choice, we must say yes“, they answered. Then the dragon took them with his claws and flew with them over the troops and put them down on earth, but the dragon was the devil. He gave them a little whip and said „whip it and you get as much gold as you want and you can live like great lords, but when seven years are over, then you are mine.“ The devil showed them a big book and they must sign in it. „But before

you are mine I will give you a riddle, when you can guess it, you will be free.“ The devil went away and the three men became rich because of the whip. And they lived like great lords as the devil had said. So they lived joyfully and had a wonderful life. They had horses and always enough to eat and to drink. And they didn't do anything evil. The time went by and when the seven years nearly were over two of the men were very scared, but the third man took it easy and said: „Don't be scared, I am a clever man and I will find a solution for the riddle.“ They went into the field and the two made very sad faces. There came an old lady and asked what was going on and why they looked so sad. „That isn't interesting for you, you can't help us.“ „Who knows“, answered the old lady and they told her the whole story. The old lady listened and then she said, „one of you must go in the forest and when he comes to an old house, he must go into the house, there he will find help.“ The two sad men thought „that can't help us“ and they didn't move, but the third, brave man, got up and went into the forest. There he found the little house as the old lady had told. In the little house was another old lady. She was the devil's grandmother. She asked the soldier where he came from and what he wanted, so he told her everything. The lady said to the man: „Hide yourself behind the stone in the cellar. From there you can hear everything. I will ask the devil for the questions and you can hear the right answers.“ The dragon came at 12 o'clock at night and asked for his dinner. She made him something to eat and asked him for the three questions. The devil was proud of his trick and said „ three soldiers will be mine! I will give them a riddle they can never guess!“ „Tell me!“ answered the grandmother and the devil said „In the North-Sea is a dead dog-fish that shall be your roast and a whale's rib shall be your spoon and an old horse's hoof shall be your wine glass.“ Later the devil went to bed and the grandmother let the soldier out. „Yes“, he said, „now I know enough and will help myself.“ Then he must go back to his friends on another way through the window and all in a hurry. He told them about the devil and his grandmother and that he knew how to solve the riddles. All were very happy and took their whips to make so much money that it was all over the floor. When the seven years were over, the devil came with the book and showed them their signature. He said „I want to take you with me to hell, there you can have a meal, can you guess what kind of roast I will serve you? If you know the answer you will be free and you can keep the whip.“ The first soldier started „In the North-Sea lies a dead dog-fish that shall be our roast.“ „Hm, hm, hm“ said the devil and then asked the second, „And what shall be your spoon?“ „A whale's rip shall be our spoon.“ The devil made a very angry face and said „hm, hm, hm, do you also know what will be your wine glass?“ „An old horse's hoof will be our wine glass“, said the third. There the devil cried loudly and flew away, he had no longer power over them. They kept their whips and had always money for the rest of their lives and lived happily on.

Maes Ebbw School, Newport, Great Britain

Vortigern and Merlin King Vortigern was tired of the war and he took the advice of his wise men, who told him that he ought to build an exceedingly strong castle, since he had lost all his other castles. He ran away to Wales to build himself the best and the strongest castle in Britain. He started to build his castle in the daytime, but every night the new castle walls fell down. Vortigern talked to his wise men and they said that he should find a boy without a father, and sprinkle his blood on Dinas Emrys to make the castle stronger and help to keep the walls up. King Vortigern’ messengers hunted high and low for the boy and in the south of Wales in Carmarthen they found Merlin. They brought him north to Snowdon. Merlin said: ‘Summon your wise men and I will show that they are lying.’ Merlin told Vortigern of a dream he had. That beneath the hills of Dinas Emrys there was an underground lake. In the lake two dragons, one red and one white, were wrapped up in cloth, asleep and this was why his castle walls kept falling down. King Vortigern sent his men to dig. Everything that Merlin said was true. When the lake was drained, the dragons awoke and began to fight. After a long and fierce battle the red dragon, beat the white one. Merlin explained that the red dragon was the Celts and the white dragon was the Saxons. He said that the fighting dragons showed that the Britons would eventually drive out the Saxons. King Vortigern built a small castle on Dinas Emrys and he gave it to Merlin. King Vortigern built his strong castle at Nant Gwynant instead and chose the red dragon for his flag!

Coelbren CP School, Neath, Wielka Brytania

The Three Plagues of Britannia The Story of Lludd and Llefelys Back in the mists of time, when Britannia was ruled by the Celts, there were two brothers. Lludd, the eldest, became King of all Britannia. Lludd’s beloved brother, the wise Llefelys, married the King of France’s daughter and became King of France. King Lludd built many cities. He built a magnificent wall around his favourite, which became known as Caer Lludd. This became known as Caer London, and many years later, just London. King Lludd was a good King. The country was peaceful and prosperous. However, suddenly some bad things started to happen. Britannia suffered from three plagues. The first plague was the invasion of the country by the Coranians. They could hear everything, even whispers, so it was impossible to attack them as they heard all the battle plans. The second plague was a dreadful noise. Every May Day Eve, in every home in the kingdom, there was a terrible shriek. It was so petrifying, that all the men lost their strength, and the women and children became crazy. The trees stopped having fruit and the rivers stopped having fish. The third plague was that however much food was stored, after one meal it all disappeared. The people were starving. Lludd did not know what to do. He called a council of the wisest people in the Kingdom. They all said, “Go to France. Ask the wise Llefelys for advice!” Lludd thought this was a great idea. It was important that the Coranians did not hear their plans, so the journey was arranged through writing. When Llefelys heard of the problems in his brother’s kingdom, he knew exactly what had happened. He explained that the Coranians could be defeated by boiling a magic insect in water and throwing the mixture over them. The second plague was caused by a dragon. “Britannia has a dragon,” Llefelys told Lludd, “and it is being attacked by an invading dragon, and it is shrieking because it is so upset. You must find the exact centre of the isle of Britannia, dig a big pit, fill a giant cauldron with mead, put this in the pit and hide the pit with a huge piece of silk fabric. You must keep watch. The dragons will fight in the air above this pit until they are exhausted. They will fall into the cauldron full of mead. They will drink the mead and become so drunk that they will fall asleep. Then you must wrap them in the silk, and bury them in the strongest part of your kingdom. As long as they stay buried, the kingdom will be safe from further plagues.”

Llefelys explained that the third plague was caused by a mighty magician. “He is casting a sleeping spell on everyone and he is taking all your food while you are asleep. You must yourself stand guard over the food with a cauldron of cold water by your side. When you start to feel sleepy you must dunk your head in the cauldron to keep awake.” Lludd went back to Britannia and followed his brother’s advice. He made the magic potion and defeated the Coranians. Then he found the centre point of Britannia, and did as his brother had advised. That night he held a vigil and saw a wonderful sight. The two dragons swooped and soared in the air, breathing flames and beating each other with their mighty wings. Eventually they became exhausted and fell into the cauldron exactly as Llefelys had planned. Swiftly, the King’s warriors wrapped the dragons in silk and buried them at Dinas Emrys in Mount Eryi (which is known in English as Snowdonia), the highest mountain in Wales. To celebrate defeating the first two plagues, Lludd prepared an enormous banquet. He sat up that night to keep watch over the feast, with a cauldron of icy water by his side. In the middle of the night there was a strange song through the air. The King started to feel drowsy. Quickly he plunged his head into the cauldron. He saw an enormous man putting all his food into a hamper. No matter how much food he put in, the hamper seemed to hold it all. With a roar the King jumped to his feet and shouted, “Stop! You can’t take that food. My people need to eat that food.” The giant drew his sword and began to attack Lludd. There was a mighty clash of iron. The fight was so fierce that flames shot through the air when the swords clashed. Eventually, Lludd knocked the magician to the floor and stood over him with his mighty sword to his neck. The magician begged for his life. “If you spare my life, I will serve you loyally,” he said. “Do you swear?” demanded Lludd. “I swear,” promised the magician. From that day forward, Lludd ruled happily over a peaceful and prosperous Britannia.


The Lernean Hydra and Hercules Hercules was the illegitimate son of Jupiter, king of the twelve gods residing in Olympus. When he was a baby he was very strong and he even killed two snakes with his bare hands. Ira, the wife of Jupiter was jealous of Hercules and she wanted him unhappy. One day she made him kill his wife and children. When he realized what he had done Hercules felt disappointed and went to Delphi to ask the oracle Pithya what to do. She advised him to go to Mycenae to help king Evristheas finish some jobs. So the twelve labors of Hercules started! According to the myth, the hydra lived near the swamp of Lerna, southeast of Mycenae, and it went out to the plain and ravaged the cattle and the country. Its blood was poisonous, even its breath could be deadly. It had a huge body with nine heads, eight mortal and one immortal. The King ordered Hercules to kill the monster. This is his second labor and off he goes! Once Hercules seizes the hydra, he smashes two mortal heads every minute with his club. However, where each head is smashed two new heads grow. This is a problem. So Hercules, with the help of his nephew Iolaus, burns the roots of the heads, preventing them from sprouting. Finally he chops off the immortal head and buries it with a heavy rock on top of it. He dips his arrows into the hydra’s poisonous blood. Now he is ready to go ahead to his next labor.

1째 Circolo Didattico di Pontecorvo, Pontecorvo (FR), Italy

The legend of Coldragone In the ancient village of Coldragone lived a great green dragon, fear of the peasant population. The dragon lived in a dark cave on the hillside with a difficult access and came out to attack and devour the animals to the pasture. One fateful day the dragon tried to capture and devour some small piglets. Then an angry sow, to defend its piglets, attacked and killed the greedy dragon and freed the place from the monster.

Primary School, Węgierska Górka, Poland

The Dragon of Wawel Hill Once upon a time, in the castle on Wawel Hill lived Prince Krak – legendary Cracow’s founder. He had a beautiful and a good daughter – Wanda. Cracow’s citizens lived peacefully and in harmony. Their happiness ended when in a cave under the Wawel Hill inhabited a horrible dragon. He terrorized people. Everybody shaked in fear when they heard dragon’s roar. He kidnapped a cattle, pigs and all of the animals, but he especially enjoyed eating young girls. One day, the dragon wished the prince’s daughter. That was enough. So prince Krak announced: - Who’ll kill the dragon, he gets my daughter’s hand in marriage and a half of the kingdom. Many great warriors tried to kill the dragon. Nobody did it. At once young shoemaker, named Skuba, hit on wonderful idea. He stuffed a lamb with sulphur and set it outside the dragon’s cave. The hungry monster saw a tasty lamb and didn’t think a lot – ate it. And soon the dragon became incredibly thirsty, more and more. He turned to the Vistula River and he drank and drank. But no amount of water could quench his thirst. So he drank more and more till he exploded. Cracow was freed from the horrible dragon. A shoemaker married the prince’s daughter. And after Krak’s death Scuba became a ruler of Cracow. Rys. Krzyś Stec

Primary School in Lindów, Lindów, Poland

The History of Dragon from Poland A popular version of Smok Wawelski's tale takes place in Kraków during the reign of King Krak, the city's legendary founder. Each day the evil dragon would beat a path of destruction across the countryside, killing the civilians, pillaging their homes and devouring their livestock. In many versions of this story, the dragon especially enjoyed eating young girls, and could only be appeased if the townfolk would leave a young girl in front of its cave once a month. The King certainly wanted to put a stop to the dragon, but his bravest knights fell to its fiery breath. In the versions involving the sacrifice of young girls, every girl in the city was eventually sacrificed except one, the King's daughter Wanda. In desperation, the King promised his beautiful daughter's hand in marriage to anybody who could defeat the dragon. Great warriors from near and far fought for the prize and failed. One day, a poor cobbler's apprentice named Skuba Dratewka accepted the challenge. He stuffed a lamb with sulphur and set it outside the dragon's cave. The dragon ate it and soon became incredibly thirsty. He turned to the Vistula River for relief and he drank and drank. But no amount of water could quell his aching stomach, and after swelling up from drinking half of the Vistula river, he exploded. Dratewka married the King's daughter as promised and they lived happily ever after. In 1970 a metal sculpture of the Wawel Dragon designed by Bronisław Chromy was placed in front of the dragon's den. It is stylised, with six legs, and, to the amusement of children, it noisily breathes fire every few minutes, thanks to a natural gas nozzle installed in the sculpture's mouth. The dragon's cave under the castle is now a popular tourist stop. Currently the dragon breathes fire every five minutes, or when an SMS with the text "SMOK" is sent to the number 7168. The street leading along the banks of the river leading towards the castle is ulica smocza, which translates as "Dragon Street".

Secondary School Ionesti, Valcea. Romania

IELE In our region, situated in a hilly region south from the Southern Carpathians, legends claim that the IELE appear in the abandoned (forsaken) cemeteries. It is said that when a church was built, seven wax “Dolls” were shaped and buriet at the foundation of the church. These “dolls” have became IELE and, because the church and the cemetery had been abandoned and forgotten, became angry. Thus they are said to go out during the night, at moonrise, singing and punishing. The punishment they apply is transfigure the person who hears them or deafen them. Even today there are people who claim that they heard IELE singing at night.

Scoala Lucian Blaga, Satu Mare, Romania

The story of the dragon One a sunny day Andrei and Florin went to visit their grandmother, Ana. - Good afternoon granny! How are you? - Hello! I am fine, thank you. How are you kids? - We are fine too, thank you. We came to visit you! - I’m very glad you came to visit me my dear grandkids! Come with me on the porch, I’m going to tell you a very interesting story, “The story of the dragon”. Once upon a time two lovely, obedient, lively and very hard working little boys went into a cave which they had to cross because is was on their way home. The tribal family of the boys was living on the other side of this cave. In the cave there were a lot of stalactite and stalagmites, and was very dark and cold. At one moment, while crossing the cave the kids heard a scary voice. - Andrei, what is this sound? asked Florin - I don’t know, but seems to be a quiet voice, more like a sigh, answered Andrei… - We got lost in the cave... everything is so wild here! said Florin - Come, let’s go and see where that sigh is coming from! said Andrei.. - Ok, let’s go. The boys went in the direction from which the sigh was coming from and met a dragon. - Hello, little boys, said the dragon. What are you doing here and where are you going? - Hello, I am Florin and this is my brother Andrei. We got lost in the cave and we don’t know the way out of it. We want to get home to purr tribe. Are you a dragon? asked Florin. - Yes, I am a dragon, not a good one and my name is Conix. - Glad to meet you, mister Conix, answered the two kids.

- Glad to meet you too kids said the dragon. - Why are you sighing? asked Florin. - I didn’t drink any water and didn’t eat any food today! Can you help me? asked the dragon. -Yes, of course, answered the boys. You help us to find our way out of the cave and once we are outside we will search for food and water for you, mister Conix. The boys started to follow the dragon, which was showing them the way back home when suddenly they met a bear in the dark cave. - Why are doing on my territory? asked angrily the bear. - Sorry, but we would like to go outside the cave, said the dragon. - Yes, ok. You can go outside the cave, answered the bear. - Thank you, said Andrei and Florin. - You are welcome, said the bear. The dragon and the kids, continues their way and in about 2 hours they finally got out of the cave. Outside, because the dragon was very tired he sat under a tree and the two boys started to look for food and water for the dragon, as they promised to him. They saw a banana plantation with small, yellow banana trees. The banana tree's height was approximately 1, 80 cm. The boys found a simple method to reach for bananas. The method is: Andrei lifts Florin in his arms and Florin grabs a bunch of bananas. This is a very efficient method. Then the boys started to search for water. They found a river and one of the boys made a pot from leaves and put water inside. After that, they went with the bananas and the water back to the dragon that was waiting for them. - Hello, mister Conix! said the two boys. We brought you bananas and water! - Oh...thank you very much, kids! said the dragon - You are very welcome, answered the boys. Now, said the dragon, go back to your parents because they must be very worried for you kids. -Ok, said the boys. Bye, bye! -Bye kids! said the dragon. That was the story of the dragon. Outside was dark when the grandmother of Andrei and Florin finished telling them the story of the dragon. They went inside the house. - Well? Did you like the story? asked the grandmother, Ana. - Yes, we did granny. We liked it very much! answered Andrei and Florin. Then, the grandmother Ana served tea and food for the two kids and they went to sleep very happy and cheerful.

Základná škola s materskou školou, Bratislava, Slovakia

The legend about the Bratislava’s dragon In ancient times was at the Bratislava Castle the prince. In a country was the dragon with three heads too. He was very dangerous for his surroundings. Nobody was find, who would be want to fight him, even the prince declared that his daughter can be married to man, who will fight with the bad dragon. Each year was chosen the young girl, who had to go to the dragon. The knight came .... His name was George. The girl was released... There on the Primate´s Palace in Bratislava stands a fountain with George Knight, who overcame a dragon. The dragon mouth sprayes water instead of fire. his honor the city was named Jur near Bratislava

Osnovna ĹĄola Litija, Litija, Slovenia

The Legend of the seven headed dragon Once upon a time lived a very strong young man, who went all over the world to earn his own living and to find happiness. He arrived to a place, where people lived in fear of the seven headed dragon, which by then killed a lot of people. The king of that country announced, that whoever defeats the dragon, gets his daughter to become his wife and his crown. he young man volunteers and sets out to fight the dragon. With him he takes a mighty sword and sets towards the lake where the wicked beast dwelled. A lord, who wants the crown for himself, finds out about the young man’s intention. As he is terrified of the dragon, he secretly follows the young man, and hopes that he will do the job instead off him. As soon as the young man comes close to the dragon, the dragon attacks him, but the fearless young man immediately cuts it`s seven heads, cuts and takes his seven tongues. He leaves the rest of the heads by the lake. Tired from the battle the young man goes into the forest and falls asleep. Meanwhile the lord collects the seven heads and hurries back to the castle. King is very pleased by the news that the dragon is dead. As promised he organizes a majestic banquet, and announces the wedding between the lord and his daughter. Soon after that, the young man comes into the castle and tells, that he killed the dragon. At first the king gets very upset, but when the young man shows him the seven tongues, he realizes, that the young man is telling the truth. The deceitful lord at once is thrown into the darkest dungeon, while the young man marries the king`s daughter and gets the crown.



CEIP de Ponts, Ponts, Hiszpania

The legend of Saint George Once upon a time the people in a peaceful village worked the land and lived happily. One day a big green animal, that flied and walked, arrived. It was a dragon. It began to eat everything: farmer’s animals, grandparents’ vegetable gardens, and destroyed houses and fields. The farmers were very angry and went to speak to the king. They decided to give an animal to the dragon every day: sheeps, cows, pigs, horses, ducks… When the animals ran out, there was a draw: the king took a piece of paper and it was the turn of the carpenter’s son; another day was a farmer and one thay… the king read another piece of paper and the name of the princess was on it. The king was very sad, but he accepted the situation. Everybody said goodbye to the princess when she walked to the dragon. Suddenly, when the dragon opened its mouth to eat the young girl, Saint George appeared on a beautiful white horse. He wanted to safe people from dragons and harm. He killed the dragon with his spear. The blood of the dragon turned into roses an Saint George gave one of them to the princess, who led the man to the village. All the people were grateful to Saint George and they lived happy and peaceful ever after.


The dragon and the daughter of the king Once upon a time, a daughter of a king had been living on the top of Toros Mountains. Going around there wasn’t safe because of the dense forests on the mountains and the dragon, lived in these forests. The king often warned his daughter about not going around the forest alone. But one day, the girl walked around there. After a while, she sat on a rock to watch Gülek Strait. While she was sittting, a huge noise was heard. The dragon was climbing the rock. She was shocked. She didn’t know what she would do. She didn’t have any chance to escape. Then, she started to pray to God and said “Please My God, make me a stone in stead of being eaten by the dragon. The God heard the girl’s entreaty and made the girl and dragon stone.


The dragon on the hillside There is a stone on the hillside of the way to Çaygören and Küpecik villages in Sivas (a city in Turkey). This stone seems like a dragon coming down the hill. A legand is told about this dragon around the region: Once upon a time, while a couple from that village were ploughing the field with a pair of oxes, they saw a dragon coming down the hill to them. They were scared of it. Just then, the man said: ”Oh my God! Please, help us! If you save us, I will sacrifice one of my oxes to you. ”After these words, God turned the dragon into a stone. The couple went back to their home and the next day, they returned to the field with two oxes again. While they were working on the field, they heard a big noise. It was the dragon. It revived and began to come towards them. The woman said to her husband in an angry way: ”You said that you would sacrifice one ox but you didn’t. Now, I am sacrificing one of the oxes and I will distribute it to the villagers. ”The woman did what she said and the dragon turned into a stone again. According to rumor, once upon a time, water was draining from one of the dragon’s nostrils and from the other one, pus was draining. It is told that the pus was draining because the man didn’t keep his promise. Today, nobody sees the pus from the nose, but a few years before, water could be seen. Recently, the dragon’s head is damaged and the water can’t flowing. However, a small fountain from this source is still flowing near the hillside.

Vali Rahmi Bey Đlköğretim Okulu, Izmir, Turkey

Dragon of Mount Albat On the hillside of mount Albat, there was a fountain. A Dragon came to the fountain and it didn’t let people drink water from the fountain. People were thirsty. They didn’t have any water to drink. People were so desperate that the governer of the town came with a sword to kill the dragon. Two sides of the sword were sharp. He hold the sword in width with his two hands. Dragon blowed fire from its nose and swallowed the man. The sharp sword in his hand cut the dragon from its mouth to its tail. The dragon was cut in width , it was broken in to two pieces and died. The man came back to his mansion. He filled the pool in the garden with milk. He washed himself in the pool. At first, the milk became like cheese from the dragon’s poison on his body. He washed himself again and again and he was cleaned from the poison.

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