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HipPOP’s Ice Cream truck is dedicated to create and provide innovative Popsicle fl vors to the Miami foodie audience. Offering more than 100 delicious fl vors and imported toppings, HipPOP’s truck is a crowd pleaser

• One line of products • Short staff • Natural ingredients can rotten • No permanent location • Only once a month • No advertising campaigns

GOAL The goal for this campaign is to create awareness in the Miami area, especially Wyndwood and Art Walk events. Making HipPOP’s truck the fi st option for those who need a sweet treat on hot Miami days. Furthermore, to merge social media in order to keep treat-seeking customers aware when HipPOP’s Truck is around their area

• Quick • Easy • Personalized Product • To-Go • Nutritious and Healthy • Mobile • Kosher • Private Events

ABOUT FOOD TRUCKS In 2011, the mobile food industry in the United States was estimated to be at $630 million according to the National Restaurant Assn. Studies made by the National Restaurant Assn., show that people are turning to food tucks for the easy accessible service. Food trucks have also stepped up to the occasion and made quick easy-to-grab gourmet food, without the inconveniences that come from sitting at a restaurant during lunch break.

MARKETING OBJECTIVES • To increase awareness of HipPop food trucks in four months • To increase Facebook “Likes” by 30% in four months • To increase traffic to the truck by 40% in five months

TARGET PERSONA David is a 26 year old young artist from Miami, FL. He works in a bank, but loves painting as a hobby. His free time he loves to spend visiting different museums and art galleries. He has marked down on his calendar “Art Walk” every second Saturday of the month. He likes to go with friends and go in to the different art galleries. David never leaves before eating at the food trucks


THREATS • Sweet trucks creating cold pops • Cold weather • People perceive food trucks as unhealthy, greasy food • Competition - Churro Mania, Yummy, Marlie’s Delights • Travel to beaches during summer season • Buy another truck • Co-work with artists to create limited edition flavors • Introduce new product line (Ice Cream Sandwiches on a stick) • Sell cake-pops for winter


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Latin 30% American 22% Pastries 16% Middle Eastern 12% Asian 11% Cold treats 9%


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THE POP MEETS ART Become the biggest ARTIST In Artwalk Download the app to find us #THEPOPMEETSART

Become the biggest ARTIST In Artwalk Download the app to find us #THEPOPMEETSART Introduce HipPop as a creative and fun ice cream truck during Art walk events. Use a play on words with POP meaning both POPsicle and POP Art

BILLBOARD Strategically place billboards and outdoor ads close to the HipPops location. It is also important to place the ads on highway exits to Wynwood and Art Walk and bus stops that provide a bus directly to the area




ART GALLERY Since the target market are artistic individuals who enjoy going to art galleries and museums, what better way to find them than in their own habitat. HipPop will have a Guerilla campaign where the ads will be displayed as famous paintings making everyone stop, take a look, laugh, get an ice-cream craving, and of course go to the HipPop truck



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HipPop Ice Cream Truck Campaign - Student

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