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The Biggest Wedding

Stressors The Holy Wedding Date

by Nida Ameen

“Argh!!! It’s a right turn, clap and THEN a left spin not the other way round!” “She is missing all the beats! What am I supposed to do? I don’t have any more dancers…” “It’s MY wedding! Why are THEY choosing the colours for the dress!” These are some of the typical exclamations you will hear a bride-to-be utter in the run up to her wedding. Even until the late 1980s, weddings were rather an innocent affair but with increasing commercialisation, weddings have become an entrepreneur’s dream and a bride’s nightmare. Gone are the days when the bride could just relish the benefits of the haldi and the ubtan while the family did all the preparation. If you are about to get married now, you’ll find that you’ll be orchestrating the entire event, from the caterer’s menu to the dress code for the mehndi. With volatile city conditions possibly ruining your huge celebration of nearly 300 strangers to the soaring prices of the bridal dress you always dreamt of — planning a wedding can drive the best of us coo-coo crazy and can turn many a docile damsel into a bridezilla. Here are some of the biggest wedding planning stressors that a bride-to-be can face.

So there was this time when my neighbour’s son was getting married and out of nowhere, Karachi got a storm alert! The bride’s place was flooded, the wedding was called off at the last minute and the bride came to her new home after a modest nikah ceremony. Imagine the stress the woman must have gone through. While a storm alert for Karachi is an unusual event, remember that the slightest hint of a drizzle will bring this country to a grinding halt. Those with a bit of foresight avoid scheduling any outdoor event in the rainy season. In a country as volatile as ours, political instability and rioting rather than nature’s whims have ruined many a wedding in the past. Sana, who got married on Our Advice: As much as we 27th December 2007, the day of Benazir’s assassination says, “I was stuck at the wish we could give you an advice on how to escape a strike or stop it parlour for hours and took ages to get to the venue. More than half of our guests from taking place, we rea lly can’t. Avoid dates tha are politically significantly could not make it and all the food went to waste. My husband always jokes that t such as Benazir Bhutto’s death anniversary, 12th May in Karachi and the dat there was basically no return on investment.” es of prominent attacks such as the Lal Masjid one Also, Friday is often the Recurring riots and strike calls can also leave the wedding preparations incom. riskiest day so refrain from having the main event on a Frid ay if possible. Always pla plete. Tooba*, who is getting married in early April, says: “Unpredictable holidays n ahead of time and do not leave stuff for the last minute. Give yourse give everyone — the tailor, the furniture wala — a reason to slack off. With the way lf at least six months bef ore the wedding date. If groom’s parents are in a things are going, I fear that I won’t even have a bed on my wedding night!” the hurry, try and explain to them the reasons why it necessary to have time on Family politics play a major role in fixing the wedding date. It often takes more is your hand.. than five to six meetings before the two sides can agree on one: perhaps the chachi in the US can’t make it or there’s a clash with another family wedding. And then the hall managers will also give you a fright because your dream venue was also someone else’s dream and they were quicker to book the place.

I was stuck at the parlour for hours and took ages to get to the venue. More than half of our guests could not make it and all the food went to waste

Money Matters No matter what you do, you can’t avoid disagreements over the budget for the wedding. Usually it is the bride’s side which will be paying the bulk for the whole wedding fiesta and an extensive list of items that they will be gifting to their daughter out of apni khushi. On top of this, the groom’s side somehow never stops adding guests to the list because everyone is a q qareebi rishtedaar. Then there is the budget for the food which is going to be the only highlight for your guests at the event: it has to be delicious, in large and forward your concerns quantities and different from the items commonly served at wedto bust stress is to put Our Advice: The best way very clear as to how much you can or are willing ding ceremonies to ensure that your guests are not bored. With the set. Be port. financial limits at the out fidence and seek his sup per head charge being no less than Rs 800 for any quality caterer, Take the groom into con ng. ddi we aws, in-l on the nd her m spe fro to t por sup of your family is bound to exceed that limit on the budget. receive immense levels fight. It’s his Tooba, who was lucky to Another exasperating rasm is the groom’s salami: despite spendas triggers that spark a act ally usu s get bud “Wedding two of you ts, the ges sug and ing a huge amount on all the functions and the gifts, the bride’s parr concerns to his family, lity to communicate you forward sibi put pon to e res itat hes ’t don ents gift a wad of cash to the groom at the time of the nikah. “If you ritise your expenses and Prio m.” tea a nces are be fina uld sho that the are a middle-class family then a thousand rupees in salami is totally a collaborative event so of having the mehndi as a ide the ed. den out of the question — it’s like committing a crime,” says Mahrukh. r of the families feels bur equally shared and neithe



The Wedding Gharara The pressure to look one’s absolute best in a designer bridal gharara is insane. Comments such as “You have to look exquisite on the most special day of your life” and “All eyes are going to be on you” can easily trigger the bridal blues. The sky-rocketing prices of branded bridal outfits only makes the situation worse. Mahrukh*, who has six months to her wedding, still hasn’t found the bridal gharara which will not only satisfy her but also impress her audience. “Everyone starts asking which designer you will turn to? Then you’re on a budget that is probably never going to meet the designer’s cost, so you are left in a tight spot where you want something unbelievably gorgeous by a famous designer at a price you can afford.” What makes all this worse is that you, the bride, may not even know who is going to incur the cost of the bridal dress at the beginning. Families tend to develop rifts and fights over who is going to be choosing the outfit and who will pay for it. The more sensible mothers-in-law will hand over the money they planned to spend on the gharara to the bride so she can choose her own outfit. But there may be times when you realise that the wedding dress her son’s bride will wear has been a lifelong dream of your mother-inlaw’s … and that’s when the stress monsters start creeping in. You want to choose your own bridal dress but you also don’t want your mother-in-law get back at you later in life. And of course you and your in laws must also get ready to shell out 25 grand for powder on your face. There is no dearth of make-up artists out there — and each one is more expensive than the other — but the question is, who can handle your skin tone the best? While some artists have a reputation for doing exquisite make-up on fair-complexioned brides they are not as skillful with dusky beauties. “Picking a salon for bridal make-up is a serious gamble. I am a month away from my big day and I still haven’t finalised it because I simply can’t figure out whose make-up will look best on my skin tone,” says Sidra.

ney you elf the time and mo

all, save yours Our Advice: First of r’s studio. Make the extra effort and take

signe surwould waste at a de markets — you’ll be to the embroidery trip ed drooling ed re we u yo t that much-ne tha ss l dre less the same brida labels, research prised by how much all about designer are u yo if r, ve we for tackling the As n. over costs you. Ho ny dresses as you ca ma as t ou your try d an thoroughly at you expect from s, be clear about wh law iny, all the Fin m it. fro ng re ari pressu ing to be we all it’s you who is go dding we ur yo on er ast bridal dress — after ke-up dis oid looking like a ma ls by getthe best way to av ehand. Get a few tria for be s rite ou fav ur yo t ou n. try tio to ec is sel y da ke your final done and then ma ting party make up

Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega…

Gone are the days when chachis and mamis would sit around in a circle and play antakshri while the girls did a freestyle dance on the dhol ki thaap. Now, the mehndi is not just an intimate night of fun with your close family but a stage show where entertainment should be at its best. Brides somehow expect their friends to be professional dancers and with the pressure of having the best dance routines compared to any other friend’s, dance practices begin over two months prior to the main event. The perfection of every dance move, the coordination, props and an unusual bridal entrance can create a great deal of stress and anxiety and not being able to reach the level of perfection you envisaged can be upsetting. In putting up this impressive show, you are basically relying on others which means you will have to plan according to other people’s preferences. With conditions in some cities being extremely volatile and your friends working or going to college, it becomes difficult to gather them at one place at the same time. Sana, who got married last month, said, “It was torturous getting my friends to coordinate over dance practices let alone dance properly. I was running a fever on my mehndi and was literally in tears when the groom’s side performed better than mine.” *Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Our Advice: No matter how hard you try someone or other will miss a beat or a ste p and it will never be per fect. The fun is in realising that mistak es make it more hilariou s and enjoyable so there is no point stre ssing about it. Instead of doing a medley of thirty songs over a period of two months, pick around fifteen and finish them off in a week and a half. Nobody needs to flaunt their profession al dancing skills. Let you r friends go a bit freestyle and goof up, it will only add a dash of humour and will make it memorable.



en vogue

Funk It Up! With its new party wear collection dedicated to the hip and happening young crowd, the label Gul offers a range of wacky palazzos, colourful tops and offbeat jumpsuits to add a little bit of funk to your wardrobe. Coordination: Umer Mushtaq Hair and Make-Up: Hussain Raza Label: Gul Photography and Styling: Azeem Sani Models: Giti Era, Sonya and Saadia Khan






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Can the BB cream become your new BFF? BB cream is more than just a fashion fad but not a miracle worker

Call it a beauty balm or a blemish balm, the BB cream is the hottest new sensation in town. BB creams peddle tall claims: “evens tone, hydrates, renews, protects and brightens” boasts one brand. Wow, seems like this miracle cream can deliver flawless skin. The basic formula for the BB cream has existed for over half a century now. It originated in Germany during the 1960s, where it was extensively used by dermatologists to camouflage skin after laser surgery and other facial treatments. It was only in the 1980s that Asian actresses realised its benefits as a beauty product and began applying it for a natural coverage, both on and off screen. Soon the BB cream became a rage in Hollywood. Simply put, a BB cream is a tinted moisturiser with benefits such as UV protection and blemish reduction. Combining both skincare and cosmetic coverage, it promises to give a brighter complexion by preventing pimples and covering existing marks. A BB cream is a magical make-up wonder that claims to make your skin problems go away in a flash. But are BB creams really a brilliant discovery or just another fashion fad? Redah Misbah, beauty expert at Depilex Pakistan, says, “Women are looking for shortcuts to all their skincare problems. A BB cream is not a magic wand that will give us perfect glowing skin but it does have some crucial benefits.” According to her, the BB cream became popular because of its skin-whitening quality. She believes that a BB cream does a great job as a soothing moisturiser and sun block along with providing sufficient coverage of your blemishes. On the other hand, emerging make-up artist Anam Falak is not an active advocate of BB creams. She believes, “Any product that will help recover skin discolouration and blemishes would not be available over the counter because you would require a medical prescription for it. So suggesting that BB creams entail such benefits is only a marketing strategy to get people to buy the

A BB cream does a great job as a soothing moisturiser and sun block along with providing sufficient coverage of your blemishes product.” According to Falak, a BB cream is just as good as any other tinted moisturiser in the market. It is best to consider a BB cream as a form of a base primer, after applying which, you still require a dose of foundation and concealer to get flawless skin. Most users suggest that if you have significant spots on your face and your skin is acne prone, you can’t just rely on the BB cream to do the trick. In this case, the BB cream functions as a good tinted moisturiser that sets the base for

BB cream Bestsellers: • MAC Prep + Prime BB Balm SPF 35 • Estée Lauder Daywear B.B. AntiOxidant Beauty Benefit Crème • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Blemish Balm Cream • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

a round of coverage products. Verdict: BB creams will not cover your imperfections, they will not put a stop to your pimples and they will definitely not give you flawless, beautiful skin. However, if you are on-the-go and do not have time to go through a proper beauty routine in the morning, BB cream can be a handy addition on your dressing table to give you moisturised skin with light, natural coverage.

Confused as to what brand you should buy? Beauty expert, Redah Misbah, suggests Estee Lauder, Smashbox and The Body Shop. However, the trick to buying a best BB cream is to find one that is lightly tinted and not too thick or pasty in texture. The bottom line is layer your skin with BB cream if you are a beauty fanatic but if you already suffer from sensitive skin issues, don’t take the risk! —NIDA AMEEN

domestic goddess 7


A delectable recipe of soft and tender chicken coated in deliciously crispy, crunchy breadcrumbs. The trick is to get the chicken cooked well enough from inside while not burning the crust. This dish can be served with garlic mashed potatoes, stir-fried vegetables or buttered spinach.

Method For spinach as a side: • Take a bunch of spinach and separate the leaves from the stem • Add the leaves directly to a pan and cook on medium heat till they reduce in size, stirring constantly. • Add two tablespoons of butter and mix well. • Cook till the leaves are tender and cooked. Add salt and black pepper for seasoning. For chicken: • Season the chicken breast pieces with salt and black pepper. • Mix breadcrumbs, grated parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese. Add salt and pepper to the mixture for taste. • Dip each of the seasoned breast pieces in beaten egg first and then in the breadcrumb mixture. • Ensure that the chicken is coated evenly and the layer of breadcrumbs around it is about a quarter inch thick. • Heat oil in a non-stick flat pan on medium heat. • Now carefully place the chicken breasts in the pan for frying. If the crust is burning too quickly, lower the heat. • Give around 4-5 minutes on one side. Flip the chicken carefully and cook until the crust is golden brown. • For serving, place a spoon or two of spinach first and then place the chicken piece on top of it. • You can also add garlic mashed potatoes and stir-fried vegetables on the side. Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Serves 6 people


Parmesan-Parsley Crumbed Chicken Madiha Hamid is a digital media professional. She loves the food traditions unique to families. She is running a food blog for Pakistani and regional cuisines called


Boneless chicken Breadcrumbs 3 breasts (flattened cups (optional: mix with hammer or the with 1 cup of plain corn flakes) back of a pan) 2

Finely chopped flat parsley 1 bunch

Grated parmesan cheese ½ cup (optional: add grated cheddar cheese)

Beaten egg 1

Oil for frying 2 tbsp

Salt and pepper for seasoning

hottie of the week 8


Status Born

Single (call dibs!) Karachi, Pakistan


June 30, 1978



Who is he?

Adeel Hussain

Made with all the right ingredients that quintessential hunks are made of, Adeel Husain has marked his presence in the Pakistani drama industry with stellar performances in Daam, Mata-e-Jaan and Mora Piya. There may be more to him than a chiselled face and a sturdy bod but we can’t tear our eyes off these two to focus on his other talents. Having worked with the A-listers of the industry, Adeel’s selective approach to choosing dramas makes him stand out from the rest.





Why we love him Dress him up in formal shirts and sleek suits as seen in Daam or dress him down in tattered jeans and boy-next-door outfits in Mata-e-Jaan, there’s no stopping the charm oozing from every bit of him. This Antonio Banderas look-alike reeks of testosterone overload. When we saw his acting in the Mehreen Jabbar-directed Daam we went weak in the knees watching this affluent guy picking out an ordinary girl to fall in love with. Although his sexy cropped curls and lean, toned bod, could easily land him a modelling job, Adeel chose to act — not because he wanted to garner fame and money, but because he wanted to do everything he could in the service of telling a story. He’s the reason we’re tuning into Silvatein and Jiya Na Jaye every week.

What you didn’t know about him Our hearts melted over his tousled hair and sculpted body when we saw him on screen, but Adeel says he would have been a concept artist and designer if he wasn’t an actor. The boy has a taste for sketching that only increases his appeal as multi-faceted man candy. A guy drawing on an easel can take us on romantic flights of fantasy. He loves cats and has two of them — we’re sure he knows how to make them purr! His ideal woman: Only a beautiful soul can win this man with charming spirit that starts with those intense eyes and goes all the way down to his toes. Traits that can win his heart are honesty, trust, bravery charm. How endearing! “I don’t think of somebody doing things for me. I think about how spending time with a person feels like.”

Total Package


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The Express Tribune hi five - April 14  

The Express Tribune hi five for April 14th 2013