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MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Style 101

Amal Qadri on the chicest trends to rock this summer

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Mehr Saad and Eman Zaeem on the bond they share


Anatomy Maryum Salman decodes her style

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Ideas Pret showcase their latest collection

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The Cut A round-up of the best dressed of the week


Style Anatomy Maryum Salman decodes her style


Shoot Ideas Pret showcase their latest collection


Table Talk We chat with the team behind Dock 27


Top Drawer Throw shade this summer with our selection of trendy sunnies


Mehek Loves… Mehek Saeed plays a round of our rapid fire


It Runs In The Family Mehr Saad and Eman Zaeem talk about their bond


Style 101 Amal Qadri on the chicest trends to rock this summer


TEdit x Tuhura Athletics Decoding Tuhura Athletics’ latest collection


TEdit Reports A round-up of what’s happening locally and around the globe





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MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Cybil, Nooray and Shermeen


Seemi Ali

Rani Emaan designer studio launches in Islamabad

Raheela and Rezz Aly Shah

Tania and Mehreen

Faizaan and Maham

Zoya and Ammara MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Emaan and Noor

Javeria and Shahbano


Dr Imram Uppal and Shameem Uppal

Khadija and Hareem

Areej and Sana

Shaz and Sheharbano

Sobia and Sameera

Nida and Aamir Akhtar

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Fartashia Asim

Asad, Sarah, Mukarum, Fizan and Maryam


Avengers End Game screening takes place at Cinepax, Packages Mall, Lahore

Ali Kureshi Bushra and Sidra

Zoya Nasir

Nayyab MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Shah and Hadiyya

Maryam Arsalan


Yasmeen Sobia



MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Mehruwsh and Sobia

Cybil Chaudhry and Naba

Momna Malick


The Body ShopÂŽ Pakistan exclusively launches their new range of fragrances at PackagesMall, Lahore

Axa Qazi

Hannah Butt

Emmad Irfani and Mira Sethi

Mysha Butt

Zainab MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Nayyab Kanwal Ilyas

Zainab Cheema


Zainab Reza


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Sadia Tariq and Hira Khan Rubia Moghees

Sabina Ali

COUTURE COLLECTION Carmin launches its flagship store in DHA Lahore

Zainab Reza

Shireen Rehman Zoya Kamran

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Amna Khan

Gonal Saeed

Aneeza Ahmad

Amna Babar

Fartashia Asim

Iqra Mehmood Heena Chaudhary

Annie Chaudhry

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Nayab, Noor and Shanzay


Jinnah and Reffat Naz

Adnan Ansari of Riwayat London hosts Lifestyle London in London

Hajra and Fahaad Hussayn

Sadaf Kanwal and Aamir Mazhar

Mashaal and Rubina Azmat

Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Laiba Zaid

Seher Khosa

Fouzia Aman

Omer Shahzad

Sania Sameer Baig

Saim Ali Sana Rashid


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Walid Siddiqui

Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza

Tehmina Khaled and Rahat Fatheh Ali Khan

Anisa Farooqui


DK events and Global bazaar organises Qawali night featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Karachi

Dino Ali Faizan Ul Haq

Junaid Khan

Rabab Masood MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Daneese Ali Aimal Aden Rehan


Noreen Neelam launches her Eid collection in Lahore.

Arfah Khawaja

Hira Shahraiz Sheeba and Sumaira

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Alina Jawad

Amna Monnoo

Anush Ammar

Alina Faizan

Hira Wali Ahmed


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Rubia Moghees Hoor Abdullah

Sara Sohail

Dr Ushna Habib

GRAND IFTAR Sapphire hosts a grand Iftar in Lahore

Adeel Ch

Amber Liaqat Alina Shahid

Ayesha, Rafia Kulsoom, Mahvish and Mariam

Areej Fatima

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019






Zainab Reza

Zainab Zarminay Haq

Zainab Malik

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


With Sapphire



Anush Ammar Anush is bang on trend in this bright outfit. She teams her look with white heels and a contrasting Chanel bag. With big curls and rosy make-up Anush steps out in style!

Rubia Moghees Rubia looks elegantly chic in a pretty floral outfit. She opts for a bright pink pout and traditional clutch and finishes her look with PVC heels - TEdit loves!

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Zarminay Haq Zarminay is an absolute stunner in this vibrant outfit. She pairs her look with a simple blow-dry and a handbag which goes perfectly with her look. Simple and stylish!


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Mishal Asad Mishal is the epitome of grace and style in a cool blue outfit. She accessorises her garb with pretty earrings and a matching handbag. She finishes her look with a blow-dry and white heels and looks a solid 10/10.

Areesha Chaudhry Areesha welcomes summer in subtle hues and minimal make-up. With a simple blow-dry and nude heels, Areesha looks elegant - the perfect look for a summer day out.

A true Lahori at heart, Maryum Salman a fulltime mum and a part-time blogger (who currently resides in Sydney) breaks down her style for us. Read on as she talks about how her body has changed over the last five years, to one fashion trend she loathes the most and so much more! Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage




MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


How would you describe your body type? Slim built. Has your body type changed over the last five years? I have always been slim except the time I was pregnant with Bano. I gained 35kgs and it was a task to come back to my original shape. I worked out regularly and ate healthy and I was back to the pre pregnancy weight. How has your styled changed over the years? Less is more was my motto back in the day, and still is. More than change, I’d say it has evolved with time, age and travelling. Now that I am living abroad my wardrobe has a collection of dresses, skirts and maxis. Something I didn’t get to wear a lot living back home. Also I hardly accessorised before but now I have started to experiment with that more. In your opinion, what is your most troublesome area? Hehe, my tummy. The perfect abs have always been a dream! I usually have a flat tummy but whenever I am not watching what I eat, it goes straight there. How do you dress your body according to your body type? Luckily I’d say I don’t have a lot of trouble with that. It’s more about dressing up according to my mood. I love high waisted jeans, those accentuate the waist. And the skirts highlight the legs that I have worked out for. I pair those, depending on how toned the abdomen is, with either a crop top or a loosely tucked in collared shirt. In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a person can make while dressing? Over accessorising. If you are wearing a huge neckpiece then wear smaller earrings and have less going on elsewhere. It’s such an overkill. Also, I think fashion is all about you, hence being true to yourself is very important than blindly following someone’s style or the latest trend. Which silhouettes suit your body the most? Skinny jeans and loose kurtas! Bootleg and tapered pants, both actually. I have the advantage of long legs hence varying looks work for me, without me looking like a sack. What is the one piece of clothing that you shy away from wearing and why? I have broad shoulders so I avoid wearing anything with puffed up shoulders or cap-sleeves.


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Flats or heels? Heels- I love how a good pair of heels can almost lift your entire look. One fashion trend you despise? Head to toe dressed in a designer logo (literally the logo). Your signature accessory? A good pair of sunnies. Describe your style in one word? Elegant.


Table Talk with


Friends and business partners Afsheen Khan and Ayesha Khan put their skills together to establish an exceptional eatery in Lahore, Dock 27. Having studied interior designing, Ayesha designed the striking rustic dock themed interior while Afsheen, a certified global chef with 15 years of experience, designed the cuisine. We catch up with the latter to know more about the duo’s inspiration, vision, struggles as well as strategies behind sustaining a restaurant

Is Lahore experiencing a food revolution? Absolutely – Lahore has always been about good food and foodies! But since the past few years, the dynamics of fine dining have changed drastically. Every new eatery has something special to offer. Cobb salad, broccoli soup, imported steaks, sushi or risotto for that matter were not common in fine dining cuisines but now diners know exactly where to go to find their favourite food. What sets Dock27 apart from competitors? Positioning is very vital and requires a lot of clarity from within to take a start. We approached our audience using diverse connectivity forums instead of opting for going strategies. We claim that Dock 27 is a people’s fiesta and it’s actually turning MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


and I completed my culinary courses from Far East (KL and BKG). My last venture was in KL where I was running my own dessert bar called Dolce Madness and I was simultaneously managing a Jamaican Bistro in Dubai. When my friend and partner Ayesha shared her idea of setting up Dock 27; a fine dining eatery where I can run the project the way I deem fitting, I was all for it. Ayesha being associated with various businesses knew the local commerce and had an understanding of the growing food industry whereas my passion was simply to bring good recipes back home.

out to be one. Every diner who has a taste for eclectic food loves Dock 27. What inspired the interesting interior of the restaurant? My partner and I had an interesting association with the sea shores. During my 15 years of experience, I worked a lot on grill at many islands in Fareast such as Santosa, Bali, Phuket and Langkawi whereas my partner spent a lot of her time at sea ports all around the world. We opted


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

to cease all our beautiful retentions in a nautical hub where people come to enjoy the rhythm of creativity. Our theme is based on a vessel that chose to drop its anchor at a rustic metal and timber made dock. To further strengthen the mood, we have a theme of 60 original paintings, ship related mountings and burned oak furniture with loads of chains complimented with hanging lights, candles, flowers and fire places. Ayesha studied interior designing and I am glad she opted in setting up Dock 27. What made you venture into the food business? I am a professional chef

What are the greatest challenges a restaurateur faces in Lahore? In my opinion, social media is a big challenge because people are fond of sharing their opinions and they have every right to do so. But when they rule out an entire eatery based on one personal bad experience, I find it a bit unfair. Retaining cooking staff is also a huge task because as soon as they learn a certain number of recipes, either they look for alternate jobs for a quick hike in income our competitors start offering them better salaries. Lastly, setting up the right meals for local palates to accept is a big challenge especially when you don’t want to alter the authentic recipes. One thing on Dock27’s menu everyone must try? I cannot pick-up on any particular

dish being the creator behind the entire cuisine because for me every delight on the menu is a must try! But I know for a fact that our Hawkers Point (A steak bites beef entrĂŠe), tampa chicken and salmon of the Pacific (grilled fish) are the most hot-selling entrees as of now.

One aspect of the restaurant you find rewarding? In past two months, we have collected nearly 2500 reviews of our diners from social media and comments cards and all of them have rated our ambience and service as outclass. This is a big achievement because there are so many fantastic eateries all around and yet we are being rated on top is very rewarding.

How do you keep your work force motivated? I personally spend a lot of time in the kitchen and outside in the dining areas meeting guests and obtaining their views. Our Creative Director Madih is always around and he has trained our staff in a completely different format using loads of new ideas as well as theory. I think positive interaction and ability to listen to your team creates a difference.

What is your favourite and least favourite culinary trend? I love the way culinary has become an art and those who know this art are gaining respect and recognition which is great. My least favourite culinary trend is to change the taste of a dish only to satisfy local palates but I know that it’s very important to do so. I do it myself but I try to keep it minimal though I would like to keep the authenticity of each cuisine.

What trends do you forecast in the food and beverages industry? I think more eateries will open up in Lahore in the coming years. There is a lot of potential in the market because we do not have many means of entertainment. Having said that, I foresee (and also expect) a lot of improvement coming up in food quality and its presentation to take a start.

What is your vision for Dock 27? I would like to see Dock 27 as a people’s fiesta. The prime motive of setting-up Dock 27 is to bring people together and serve them eclectic yet tasty food in a super classy environment. If people keep on coming and they associate themselves with us as our worthy patrons, I think our vision is complete.

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019











Beat the heat in style with our selection of trendy sunglasses






MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019



Contributing Editor at Grazia Pakistan Mehek Saeed, who is also a freelance stylist and fashion journalist talks to us about all the things she loves. Read below to find out her favourite models, style icons and so much more! All-time favourite show? Friends is an all-time favourite but right now, obsessing over Game of Thrones episodes and theories is all I’m doing. One thing you can’t live without? It’s clichéd but I really can’t deal without my family and friends. Favourite shopping destination? I love shopping at any place I can find a good deal. I love the high street and fun finds at small hawkers but lately I feel the need to shop at more sustainable/ ethical fashion brands and make investments into fashion. Favourite perfume? Diptyque Olene because it smells like my favourite flower motia. Favourite getaway destination? Any place with a beach; my last three

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


holidays were Koh Samui, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Favourite make-up artist to work with? Give me Fatima Nasir, any day. Favourite fashion designer? There are so many! Some of the local ones are Hussain Rehar, Sania Studio, Kam Rokni and Misha Kamiar La Lakhani. Internationally e is even harder but some of them are - Loewe, Jo Johanna Oritz, Dice Kayek an Amrita Thakur. and F Favourite model? E Eman Suleman and Kaia G Gerber. H Heels or flats? Both. Favourite cuisine? Pakistani and Thai. Biggest pet peeve? People who chew loudly! What do you spend most of your money on? Styling goodies. Favourite hobby? Reading, does Netflix count? One designer you wish to work with?


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

This isn’t a designer but I would give anything to work on the set of GOT. Even as a helper to the assistant stylist’s helper. First thing you notice in the opposite gender? Humour. Your trademark accessory? My M ring from Zohra Rahman and my Celine M pendant. There’s a lot of M going on. Style icon? Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo and Sonam Kapoor. Two essential summer accessories? k. Sunglasses and sunblock. One thing you can’t leave the house without? My water bottle – in my efforts to be healthy. Manicure or facial? Both!




Sisters-in-law and cofounders of Omorose, Mehr Saad and Eman Zaeem talk about the strong bond they share. From their first memory of each other to their mutual love for designing, these girls share it all!






What is your first memory of each other? Mehr: Eman and I immediately bonded the first time we met. She was fun and easy to talk to. We instantly devolved a good understanding. It didn’t seem like we were meeting for the first time. Eman: I met Mehr just a few weeks before she and my brother got engaged. It’s a really sweet memory, we chatted and hung out. She felt like family from day one. What is the craziest thing you’ve done together? Mehr: I think starting a business is the craziest thing we’ve done together. Eman: I don’t know if we’ve done something crazy together but we sure have accompanied each other MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


through some really good adventures. I admire the time when Mehr and I cycled our way through Sausalito and the Golden Gate Bridge together. If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life; from each other’s closet, what would it be? Mehr: Oh it’s hard to pick one but if I had to choose I would take this one particular long coat she has, it’s amazing. Eman: I would totally hog one of Mehr’s brown leather jackets! A girl can’t have enough leather jackets. I would have said heels, but we don’t have the same shoe size. If you could swap places with each other, what’s the first thing you would do? Mehr: Since I’ve known her, Eman’s been bitten by the travel bug and so she travels a lot. I would gladly swap places with her! Eman: I would totally steal one of her pretty coffee mugs, sit on the roof and let the breeze of San Fran all in! What is the one thing you love about each other? Mehr: Her honesty and sense of style. Eman: Be it work or anything else, I can count on her for an honest opinion anytime. If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up? Mehr: We’re both at an age where you don’t generally fight. If there is a disagreement, we listen to each other’s point of view and then talk it out. Eman: We are too old to fight, but in case of an argument, whoever is at fault apologises and clears things out. What is that one talent your sister-in-law has, that you wish you did too? Mehr: Eman is a really talented painter. Eman: Mehr is great at organising travel plans! This human finds hidden gems when we travel. She also cooks really well. Describe each other in three words: Mehr: Caring, strong, fun. Eman: Hard working, caring and creative. Are your personalities similar? Mehr: We’re different and as cofounders, we double-down on these differences we bring to the table and convert them into our strengths.


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Eman: No we are very different people but we gel well as a team. I am grateful for my sister in law because… Mehr: She is a source of strength. We really enjoy each other’s company outside of work and hang out a lot. One can never get bored around her because she’s a joy to be around. Eman: We both decided to take up a journey that was completely new for me, but she on the other hand, had a lot experience in designing. I learned a lot from her but the best part is that she believed in me from the beginning.


Style 101

With Amal Qadri

Ace celebrity stylist Amal Qadri gives us a lesson on the chicest trend to rock this summer


A trend you’re ready to see die? Biker shorts made a comeback in 2017 and then came the dad sneakers with chunky rubber soles. Definitely feel like they have overstayed their welcome.



Which runway trends will you sport this summer? I like fashion and function both to balance when I’m working as I like to be fuss-free, so jumpsuits with pockets, shirt dresses and summer military jackets is what I’m going to sport.

When in doubt where do you look for style inspiration? I always look up to Leandra Medine, Yasmin Sewell, Victoria Beckham and Giovanna Engelbert. A summer essential you won’t leave the house without? Sunglasses, they give me instant glam.



Which five must have items does one need in their closet at all times? 1- A white or black basic top (t-shirt/shirt). 2- A pair of dark washed jeans. 3- A summer or winter blazer (depending on the weather). 4- Statement piece of jewellery. 5- A pair of comfortable pumps or ballet flats.

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019




What is your signature look this season? Hippy chic! Summer dresses and flare pants is all I’m going to opt for.

What is the easiest way to revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Layering an outfit is very important to me and so I love to revamp it with a variation of basic key pieces in my wardrobe and accessories as well. Accessories always play a major role for me.

What item on your wish list is worth the splurge? For me it’s Stella McCartney’s limited collection ‘star collection’ Falabella tote bag. We should definitely splurge on that one item that speaks to us and you know you’ll be carrying it throughout the season.


What was your favourite designer showcase for SS’19? There were quite a few that I loved. Gabriela Hearst, Oscar de la Renta, Etro and Marni SS’19.


Which items from your SS’19 wardrobe will you keep for fall? Definitely my dresses and midi skirts.


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019



Leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging but finding comfortable yet chic activewear shouldn’t be. So we got our hands on a few peppy pieces from the recent athleisure collection by Nomi Ansari X Tuhura and had three lovely ladies dress them up according to their own unique style

Arham Farid — Yogini

Arham opts for an all-black look with a breathable crop top constructed to hug in all the right places keeping the movements as comfortable as possible. She pairs it with matching tights with mesh detailing around the calves. Designed with technical features like a hidden key pocket, anti-microbial fabric and flat-locked seams, these tights are definitely our favourite.

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Kushbakht Butt — Fitness Trainer

Khushbakht adds a pop of colour to classic black activewear as she pairs her moisture-wicking black tank with grey fade-resistant, metallic ombre tights. The top features a chic lasercut net panel on the back adding pizzazz to the look. She couples her outfit with a soft mesh net hoodie to keep the air flowing during the toughest workouts.

Mahgul Kabir — Yogini

Mahgul pairs her navy high-waist pants with a matching jacket featuring thumbholes to keep the jacket in place during highintensity training. She wears a pink bodysuit underneath. The set features dri-fit material along with a soft cotton blend fabric, offering maximum comfort to stretch and twist while practising Yoga. 63

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Hania Aamir, Asim Azhar open up about mental health Hania Aamir took to instagram to open up about mental health and alleged beau Asim Azhar joined in. Sharing a picture of herself in a pink outfit with a subtle smile on her face, Hania wrote “Mental health issues are real. As real as any other ailment that needs medication.” She encouraged people to do their research and offer help if a friend suffering from chronic depression reaches out. Her thoughts were supported by Asim Azhar as he commented The sooner we realise the position that we’ve been blessed with by God, the amount of people we can inspire and motivate, the better affect we’ll have on our society.”

Shahida Mini turns producer to help revive Pakistani film industry Local singer Shahida Mini has announced she will be launching a production house in Lahore for the revival of the film industry. The Pride of Performance winner revealed it will be titled SM Productions and besides films, TV dramas will also be made. Work on both fields will begin this year. “Our film industry is undergoing a challenging time and we need films that are at par with international level. I am aiming to build a well-equipped production house and we will be working on films and dramas” she said.

Zainab Abbas, the first female presenter to host ICC 2019 Zainab Abbas becomes the first female Pakistani presenter to officially host ICC World Cup 2019. Abbas made the announcement via Twitter sharing a picture of herself as the official host, expressing how honoured and humbled she is to be hosting the Cricket World Cup for the ICC! “Super excited to be your presenter for a special digital show during the WC, bringing to you the biggest celebration in sport!” she wrote.

MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019


Keanu Reeves could play the next Wolverine Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who has been playing Wolverine for 17 years, made it very clear that he is not returning as Wolverine to the X-Men universe. Although Marvel Studios hasn’t revealed any plans for Wolverine yet, Keanu Reeves seems to be up to play the popular X-Men character. In a recent interview with Buzzfeed the actor expressed his interest in playing Wolverine sending fans into frenzy. Fanart of Reeves as the X-Men character has already started surfacing on social mediums.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets attacked by an unidentified assailant Terminator star Arnold Schwarzengger was attacked by a mischievous attendee at the annual Arnold Classic Africa event. The unidentified assailant ran toward Schwarzenegger and threw himself feet-first at the Terminator star while the 71-year old jolt forward but stood on his feet. The attacker was quickly subdued by a security guard. Schwarzenegger urged his followers to ignore his assailant and instead “put this spotlight” on the athletes as the annual event is bringing together 24,000 athletes for three days of competition.


MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019

Deepika Padukone reveals why she doesn’t take Ranveer Singh to Cannes Deepika Padukone made it quite evident that she is open to experimenting when it comes to fashion as she was seen sashaying down the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival in bold eccentric outfits. Many wondered why Padukone didn’t take her husband Ranveer Singh along for Cannes this year. Upon being asked, hinting to Singh’s quirky sense of style, the Padmaavat star said he would be a better fit at the costume-based theme of Met Gala. Amusing her fans DP went on to say that she intends to top hubby Ranveer’s style at Cannes, while Singh left several comments on Padukone’s pictures on Instagram praising each one of her looks for the prestigious film festival.


Luxus Hunza, Lake Resort Travellers and tourists are in for a treat as Hunza gets its very own 5 star resort. Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort is in Gilgit Baltistan next to Attabad Lake. Surrounded by majestic mountains Luxus Hunza will open its doors for public in early 2020 and will have over 70 huts. The 5 star luxury resort features villas and suites, as well as twin rooms with a breathtaking view with 16 feet wide windows facing the shimmering blue waters of the lake. For more information log on to

Dazzle by Sara Pink Lotus Khussas have never gone out of style because of the timeless elegance and charm the footwear yields. Dazzle by Sara epitomises such elegance with each impeccable piece that she designs. The collection entails footwear in pastels and solids in basic and custom pieces with Pink Lotus being our favourite. Hand crafted with crystals, cut daana and silk thread work teemed in patterned sequins, complemented with pearls and floral spangle design this pretty pair is perfect for your summer soirĂŠes and Eid gatherings.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cakes This Eid treat your loved ones to delicious ice cream cakes by Baskin Robbins. These scrumptious cakes contain pure milk fat, infused with custom flavours with less sponge and more ice-cream. From Oreo cookie to fudge brownie and candy cake, the huge collection of 31 flavours is sure to leave you spoilt for choices!

Signature Skincare Radiance Serum by Signature Skincare is an antioxidant Serum high in Vitamin C and depigmentation agents which help remove blemishes, marks and uneven skin tone and to give you radiant and healthy skin all summer long! For details and queries visit Instagram. com/signature_skincare

Doodleinc This season, let your clothes do the talking with Doodleinc! Unzila, a Karachi based doodle artist, ventured into custom hand painted apparel along with doodle walls and daily usage accessories such as cigarette cases and mugs and has been creating quirky custom pieces for quite some time now. Express your unique personality through extraordinary hand painted bags, shoes and so much more. To shop and view, visit Instagram. com/doodleincofficial MAY 26-JUNE 1 2019