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MARCH 22-28 2020

It Runs In

The Family Abdur Rehman and Sana Rehman share their bond



A round-up of the best dressed of the week

One Piece Three Ways y Three style-savvy ladies work with Noho earrings

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Shoot Zellbury showcase their latest collection


The Cut A round-up of the best dressed of the week


It Runs In The Family Abdur Rehman and Sana Rehman share their bond

One Piece Three Ways Three style-savvy ladies work with Noho earrings






Editor: Ibriz Sheikh

Fashion Editor: Amber Liaqat

Subeditor: Sara Mumtaz For feedback and submissions: edit@tribune.com.pk

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MARCH 22-28 2020


Nida, Sheerin, Meha, Momal Sheikh and Samia

Dr Nadeem Noor

MAMA’S WHO BRUNCH Enfa hosts a mama’s brunch at the Patio in Karachi

Saman Saeed

Anum Jaffri


Yusha Haider

Ayesha Hassan

Reem and Ayleen

Arfa Shah

Aairah MARCH 22-28 2020


Shoaib Durrani, Mariam Karimi, Reja Asad and Madeeha Basaria

Aseer Somjee

Farrah Zaur Mishayl Nayeak Shayan and Enaya

Rida M Syed MARCH 22-28 2020


Dr Farzeen and Maisoon Zamir

Samia Ahsan with daughter

Maira Carim


Maira Carim hosts a meet and greet at Cosa Nostra, Lahore

Chanda Wasim Khan

Hadiyya Aazer

Maleeha Akram

Maryam Khalid

MARCH 22-28 2020


Shehrbano Usman Aziz

Zarminay Haq

Nosheen Shafi Murrad Rahim


MARCH 22-28 2020

Shireen Rehman

Rima Farid

Rubia Moghees

AB and Fahad Lakhani

Madeeha Basaria and Yusra Askar

Zainab Chottani

LAWN CHIKANKARI 2020 Zainab Chottani launches her spring/summer collection at Cote Rotie, Karachi

Alizay Pasha

Anusha Bawany

Ayesha Fahad

Umair Mirza

MARCH 22-28 2020


Faiza Lakhani

Farah Vayani

Hira Mani

Sumbul Tabani 15

MARCH 22-28 2020

Fatima Hasan

Fatima Zara Mallick

Maliha Rehman

Marium Karimi


Saneela Swaleh

Saman Hayat Soomro

Salima Feerasta

Unforgettable looks of the week!



Laraib Zahra Laraib looks effortlessly chic dressed in a white button down paired with skinny jeans and a black blazer. She adds a pop of colour to her monochrome look by opting for red pumps. Tres chic!

Maha Hashmi Sheikh Maha is bang on trend in an oversized shirt paired with mom jeans. She pairs her look with strappy heels and a Hermes bag. She finishes her look with trendy sunnies and loose curls.

MARCH 22-28 2020


Sana Ashraf Sana keeps it fresh and fun as she styles her white pants and blouse with a powder blue blazer. She teams her look with a bouncy blowdry and oversized sunnies.


MARCH 22-28 2020

Shadana Khan Shadana is a sight for sore eyes in an all-white look. She keeps it classy as she styles her look with signature Dior sunnies and a Hermes bag.

Sumona Zahid Sumona lets her inner girly girl shine dressed in a pastel pink blouse and white pants. She pairs her look with a mini bag and trendy hair accessories.



Abdur Rehman and Sana Rehman

Abdur Rehman is a banker by profession and is married to Sana Rehman who is a teacher. Together they have two sons and we chat with the duo to get to know them better!

How and where did you both first meet? AR: We met at Coffee Tea & Company through a very close friend Ayesha. I always wanted to get married to a person who I met personally rather than going to random houses on the instructions of matchmaking verbose uncles and aunties. So, it was my fifth attempt at meeting different girls at different restaurants through different friends. This time, I just liked her in the first meeting. Sana: We met at CTC. My mom told me that her best friend has recommended a guy and that I have to meet him initially to see if I would like to go ahead with the proposal and involve our vivacious families. What did you like/ dislike about each other in your first meeting? AR: First of all, she was good looking and talked sense, which was quite a lethal combination. So, basically I was ready to move forward with the whole thing in the first 15 minutes of the meeting. Sana: The thing I liked about him was his easy going attitude. Well, it was difficult to like or dislike someone in the first meeting but seemingly he was quite progressive in his thoughts. How long did it take to decide that he/she was the one you wanted to marry? AR: I am very good with dates. We met on 23rd July, 2010 MARCH 22-28 2020


and we got engaged on 10th August, 2010. So the whole scenario of meeting both the families, the auspicious process of “saying yes”, preparation circus and finally sitting on the adorned sofa exchanging engagement rings, took a total of only 17 days. Sana: I just left everything to my mom after the first meeting. So, she like a doting mom managed everything. How do you demonstrate your love in different ways? AR: I compliment her a lot for the way she looks and carries herself. I always celebrate her birthday, our anniversary and different occasions, just to add more enthusiasm and love in our lives. Sana: My love for him is in a more poise way, always standing with him through thick and thin. And, the most important thing, I make different and new desserts for him as he is a big foodie and has a colossal sweet tooth. What frustrates you most about your partner? AR: I think there is nothing about her that frustrates me, but I want her to be a little crazy like me while partying. And I know she would have the vice versa answer. Sana: He gets overexcited almost every time. At times, I wonder what the whole excitement is about. Who makes up first if you have a fight or argument? AR: It depends on the situation, if we have to go somewhere like a dinner with friends or some other outing, then I am the one who calls a truce, otherwise I don’t enjoy my outing. Sana: Definitely, it’s me, but with the passage of time, he also makes a trivial effort. One thing you love about each other? AR: The thing I love about her is her good looks and positive mentality, so basically beauty with brains. Sana: I love his progressive and liberated attitude towards different aspects of life. What is something you would want to change about your partner? AR: I just want her to be more excited than me over the weekends to celebrate, which is quite impossible, because I certainly cross the limits of enthusiasm. Sana: I want him to be more health conscious and follow the latest trends. He is as far apart from trends as cheese and chalk. What is something you two have in common? AR: The only thing we have in common is that we are both Sagittarians, otherwise we are very different and that brings more thrills to our lives. Sana: We both are big-time foodies but the only difference


MARCH 22-28 2020

is that I control my cravings extensively, but he just gives in enormously. Who keeps the room the tidiest? AR: Now this is a very sensitive question, I don’t quite create mess in the room, but I need my one sofa where I can place heaps and heaps of clothes. This was not acceptable by her initially but now she has compliantly given in. Sana: Definitely me otherwise nothing will be kept in closets and will be lying scattered all over the room. What’s your best memory together so far? AR: Our trip to Edinburgh, it’s a beautiful and ancient city. We just walked around small alleys, ate street food and enjoyed the culture. The city was magical and we had a great time. Sana: The birth of both our sons was the most memorable moment for both of us. Your greatest strength as a couple? AR: Our respect and love for each other. Sana: Our children (two sons) who are very naughty and full of vitality and vigour. Describe your relationship in three words? AR: Best friends always. Sana: Strong, timeless and vivacious.


One Piece, Three Ways WITH NOHO While trends fade, style remains eternal and one piece can be put together in many different ways. In this feature we have three fashionistas showing us how to put together an item from a designer’s collection, according to their own individual style and taste!


he ‘Revolve’ earrings by Noho make for a statement piece of jewellery. It is a versatile piece that can be worn in various ways to create different looks. These earrings can be worn casually with a tee and jeans or with a dress or jumpsuit to spruce it up for a more formal look. Create an edgy vibe with these Noho earrings and make an everlasting statement!

MARCH 22-28 2020


Aminah Mirza Co-founder Peach I personally like pairing classic and elegant clothes with statement accessories and that’s exactly what I’ve done here. Nothing more classic than a crisp white top. I feel the earrings bring the perfect oomph factor to my attire and create the perfect day time look.


MARCH 22-28 2020

Anushe Khalid Intern at L’Oreal Monochrome outfits are my absolute goto’s. Be it a day in or a night out. Whenever I want to jazz up a look, I always tend to reach out for a fun pair of earrings that highlight my quirky personality and style. I feel that these bad boys are exactly what I needed to complete my look.

MARCH 22-28 2020


Natasia K Paul Creative Director at Natasia Paul Earrings have always been my favourite accessory. For this look, I paired my jute dress with white jeans, black shoes and a black straw bag. Since I wanted to keep the look minimal and resorty, these transparent Noho earrings do complete justice and make my look perfect for a brunch or even a holiday outing. Ps. I’m in love with this Noho necklace I used as a belt over my dress!


MARCH 22-28 2020

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