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JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

The bad guys are out there but here’s how to beef up your machine for the battle

JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013


Please don’t stop the music Nine singers release India’s first transgenderedartist album



Old Spice There are many a Nimco-maker in Karachi, but there is only one original store

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Pulp Fiction Eco-friendly homemade paper gets a not-so-friendly welcome

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Bulletproof Things are getting worse. Here’s how to suit up


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Mountain Dew holds the premiere for Fast and Furious 6 in Lahore

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Nazish and Maira JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

Risham and Ayesha

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Marium, Sana, Aasha and Saba

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PEOPLE & PARTIES The Asian Institute of Fashion Design holds a 2-day fashion collection display in Karachi

Tooba Aziz Ahmed

Neha Asim and Nida Khurram

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Muzna Shaukat JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013


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Mr and Mrs Mir

PSO launches its smart cards in Karachi

Nida Khurram and Saad

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Ahmed Butt and Ayesha Omer


Yasmeen Haider and Nazneen Tariq

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Fauzia Goal Sadia Sidiqui

Asimyar Tiwana presents the latest Rani Emaan collection in Washington DC

Deeba and Farzeen

Rabia and Salma

Cybill and Sabina


Pria JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

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Hadiqa and Fara

JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013



hen Amitava Sarkar sings Ekla Cholo Re, Rabindranath Tagore’s famous call to conscience, you can’t tell he is neither male nor female. This is exactly the point he and eight other singers want to make with their album, Songs of Caravan, the first to be produced in India by people of the third gender. Music is beyond these limits. Sarkar’s choice of Ekla Cholo Re is terribly apt for it contains the line: “Jodi tor dak shune keu na aashe”. If no one will accompany you, walk alone. Getting the album out was a long walk alone for the man behind it. Anubhav Gupta, 30, who heads the NGO Jeevan Trust, wrote over 500 organisations asking for support. But he was repeatedly unceremoniously turned down. “They are much more than street performers,” says Gupta, referring to hijras. “The world should realise that.” But the raw truth is that general perception of the singing talent of transgendered people is limited to what is heard at special occasions. Even Bollywood has done little to promote them. This is ironic as the glitter and glow of Diwwali in the north Indian plain was never complete without a visit from a group of people from the third gender. When they arrived at your doorstep seeking alms, the elderly of the house were usually generous as their songs were said to usher in good fortune. Given their status, however, it is strange then that they have had to move mountains to release the album which arrived last month. Key to the breakthrough was the Netherlands-based PlanetRomeo Foundation, which also works for the rights of LGBT communities. Once it gave Gupta the go-ahead he began looking for talented hijra singers across the country. The search involved spending many days writing to organisations that work with the transgender community. But in the end, he emerged with a broad sweep of talented voices from Maharashtra to Manipur and Andhra Pradesh to Rajasthan. “Most transgender people lead uprooted lives with their groups or tolis away from their families,” explains Gupta. “Their struggles do not end at that — they fight a constant battle be accepted for who they are by their own inner selves, and society at large.” Indeed the very title of the album, Songs of the Caravan, is a reflection of those journeys, musings, dreams, desires, joys and sorrows. “Many participants felt they found their voice through this album, and realised they could sing," he adds. After the painstaking process of selecting the final nine singers on the basis of their voice, commitment and passion for music, it was decided that the artists would record and mix tracks in their hometown and the final work, including digitisation, would be done in Delhi. The 13 songs are rendered in nine different languages in genres such as folk, traditional, devotional and pop. An added bonus is tracks of their self-composed poetry, evidence of the freedom they were given in the project. "They have sung what they believe would

JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

best suit their voice,” Gupta told The Express Tribune. The album has five self-written songs, two prayers, one English number, two folk songs and two songs by Rabindranath Tagore. Five of the nine singers are formally trained. Ankur Patil is pursuing his Visharad, a high degree in music. Amitava Sarkar is a student of the legendary Rabindra Sangeet, Suchitra Mitra. But Rani, Kalyani, Hansa and Kalki Subramanium are among those not formally trained. Kalki runs an organisation called Sahodari Foundation in support of the transgender community. It was not as if they hadn’t tried. Akkai Padmashali was keen to learn Carnatic classical music but her teacher told her to discontinue her classes because of her identity. "She said that my classmates were uncomfortable with me around,” says Akkai. And while the young singer was shattered, she turned to the one learning tool that was easily available and non-judgmental: television. “I was an avid watcher of all the classical music programmes on Doordarshan and would do my riyaaz alongside and later — especially when there was no one at home,” she says. And thus, despite a lack of tutoring, the 29-year-old was confident enough to agree to be part of Songs of the Caravan. She chose to sing Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma dedicated to the goddess of wealth Lakshmi. The Kannada prayer was written by Purandar Dasa many centuries and was first sung by Akkai’s idol MS Subbulakshmi. She explains the choice: “Born male, I have always wanted to become a woman. Though I do not believe in gods, Lakshmi was the first 'woman' I ever saw. Her facial expressions and the way she is dressed made me feel good. This song is an ode to her.” Indeed, may the album bring them all good fortune and wealth.

Nine singers release India’s first transgenderedartist album BY RAKSHA KUMAR

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COVER STORY Armour overlaps at all doors to prevent bullet penetration

All opaque surfaces are protected by bullet-resistant ballistic steel

Things are getting worse. Here’s how to suit up TEXT & PHOTOS BY AMEER HAMZA

24 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

56mm-thick bullet resistant glass A hidden ram bumper is installed. It is used as a battering ram

The tyres are equipped with Run-flats, keeping the vehicle mobile even when the standard tires are punctured

Zain is realist enough to know he is at risk of being kidnapped. He is a young businessman at the helm of an empire in the making. But with the acquisition of his bullet-resistant ‘monster truck’, he knows he is a harder target to get at. Heck, for the purposes of this article we’ve even had to even insert distance between him and his real name in this paragraph. His rich friends would be well advised to pimp their rides too. “They have become paranoid,” he admits, referring to the extreme and real risk of becoming a target on the streets of Karachi.

25 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

“Their stress levels are going through the roof. They hide their cell phones when in the car; they don’t go out at night.” As for Zain in his ballistics-defying Vigo? “If a guy comes up, he’ll need a specific type of gun. I flip him the finger and say: Give me your best shot.” That is the confidence a bullet-resistant vehicle can give you. Zain sums it up: “I am in my own little green zone.” Given the Zains of Pakistan, companies catering to vehicle armouring needs have gained traction. Thirty-five kilometres east of Karachi’s city centre, workers in a non-descript red warehouse are carefully stripping a Toyota Land Cruiser. The interior trim, wiring, carpet, seats, air bags and dashboard are all taken out until only the skeletal frame remains. Behind it, other workers are welding plates of steel to another Land Cruiser. “As you can see, we have three lines working simultaneously,” says Faisal Saleem. “We work on the Toyota Corolla, Land Cruiser, Hilux Vigo, Tundra, Fortuner and Camry.” Saleem is the manager of operations of Streit Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. With plants and offices in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, India, Mexico and Pakistan, Streit provides armouring facilities across the globe. While terrorism and insecurity has put a damper on business in Pakistan, the increased violence has become a boon for the security sector, including the armoured car industry. “There has been a surge in demand recently and we are currently armouring at least 10 to 12 cars per month,” says Shahzad Salim Godil, director of Streit Pakistan. Previously, anyone in the market for an armoured personal car had to either import one or send their car to Dubai to be armoured. The cost of both these options is ridiculously high. Sigma Motors Ltd Pakistan, the official supplier of Land Rover 4x4s in Pakistan, currently offers two types of ready-made armoured cars — the Range Rover Armoured for around Rs65 million and the Discovery 4 Armoured for around Rs40 million (prices as of June 5). Both vehicles provide B6 levels of ballistic protection and come with a full Land Rover warranty. Compare that to local armouring companies that will retrofit your car starting from Rs2.5 million. Armour Infinity Pvt Ltd in Islamabad offers customers all three choices: importing armoured cars for them, armouring their cars by sending them to Dubai or getting it done in Islamabad.

26 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

Need to armour your car? Here are the places to go:

Streit Pakistan Private Limited, Karachi Tel: +9221 341 54160-61 Omar Jibran Engineering Industries, Karachi Tel: +9221 347 23573 Sarawan Safety & Security (Pvt) Limited, Karachi/Islamabad Tel: +9221 343 82862-3 +9251 111 777768

Pak Armouring (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi/ Islamabad Tel: +9221 350 1215-6,19 & 20 +9251 250 2363-4 Sigma Motors Ltd Khi/Lhr/Isb Tel: +9221 345 82751 +9242 366 26651, +9242 366 83440-2 +9251 227 8570 Armour Infinity Pvt Ltd, Islamabad Tel: +92 333 521 5769

Journalist Ali retrofitted his car after a number of threats to his life. “It cost me around Rs5 million to armour my car locally,” he says “It was quite expensive but it’s a small price to pay for protection.” Ali is a satisfied with his vehicle and goes to great lengths to prove his point. “I am an avid gun collector and I have, on occasion, fired a few rounds at my armoured car to show its capabilities to friends.” If you are in the market for one, there are certain things you need to know about armoured cars to assist you in making a wise purchase. Firstly, it’s important to understand that an armoured car is bullet-resistant and not bulletproof. Secondly, the cars are not meant to withstand sustained fire. This means that if your armoured car does come under fire, your first concern should be to get out of the range of your attackers as soon as possible. While armoured cars offer extensive protection against certain handguns and rifles, they cannot provide total protection from all types of small arms fire. There are several internationally recognised standards of bullet-resistance. The most commonly used rating system used in Pakistan is the EN 1063 or CEN 1063. It is used to form a ballistic classification system by which armoured vehicles and structures are tested and rated. The protective strength of an armoured car is rated on the type of munitions or threat level it is capable of withstanding (see table). There are seven main standard threat levels: BR1 to BR7, each corresponding to a different type of small arms fire. To be given a particular rating, the armour must stop the bullet for a specified number of strikes, with multiple strikes placed within 120mm of each other. The glazing should also be shatterproof and not crack after each strike.

Retrofitting a passenger car “Before we do anything to the car, we require a non-objection certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Interior,” says Omar Khan, the director of the armouring division of Omar Jibran Engineering Industries Ltd. OJ started manufacturing car bumpers, instrument panels, radiator grilles in 1990. Over the past 25 years, it has become a supplier for local car assemblers and has also diversified into the armouring business. “We can guide our customers about the proper procedure and requirements of getting

27 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

an NOC but they have to get it themselves,” he adds. After the NOC has been received and verified by the armouring company, a preliminary consultation process take place. The car is checked, the level of protection needed by the client is estimated and a quotation is provided. “The first step is to check the model of the car and how long it’s been used. It cannot be more than five years,” says Khan. “The protection level depends on the engine. If the customer brings in a 1.6-litre sedan, like the Toyota Corolla, we recommend B5 level of armouring.” Anything less than that and they recommend B4 armouring. If the car has a 2.4-litre engine and above they recommend B6. The cost of armouring a personal car varies from company to company. “Armouring a car through Streit will cost you between Rs3 million and Rs4.5 million,” says Godil. Conversely, Omar Jibran Engineering will armour a B5 Sedan for Rs2.5 million (subject to GST) and a B6 SUV for Rs3.2 million. “The most expensive parts are the raw ballistic steel sheet,” says Godil. “These sheets are imported from the west and are laser cut in our factory in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. They are cut into the exact sizes required for the armouring of each car.”

The process The armouring process itself is no easy task. It involves ripping up a vehicle, down to the undercarriage, and rebuilding it after armouring it with steel plates. Similarly, ballistic metal is added to the floor of the car to protect from grenades thrown under it. Then the doors and all other cavities (such as the pillars) are cut open so ballistic metal can be inserted into them. “Some armouring companies opt to use multiple pieces of the ballistic sheets stitched together to create patchwork armour since it is cheaper,” says Godil. “This is dangerous as the sheets have to be welded together and any gap would make the armouring process redundant.” If the doors get too heavy, heavy duty hinges are added. The firewall (everything surrounding the engine) and rear bulkhead (the partition between the cab and the

Euronorm Standard for Security Glazing for Glass and Metal



0.22 Lead Round

10 metres

170 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆



9mm Luger

5 metres

640 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆



0.357 Magnum

5 metres

940 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆



0.44 Magnum

5 metres

1510 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆



0.233 Remington

10 metres

1800 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆



0.308 Winchester

10 metres

3270 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆



0.308 Winchester

10 metres

3290 Joules

3 shots on a 120mm ∆

To be given a particular rating, the glazing must stop the bullet for the specified number of strikes, with multiple strikes placed within 120mm of each other.

28 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

load space) is also armour-plated. The stock bumpers, designed to crumple and absorb energy during major impact, can be reinforced with front rams and additional radiator protection. Door frame overlaps are added to prevent bullets entering from the gap between the doors. The goal of armouring is also to make the car appear to be unmodified, inside and out. Apart from the ballistic metal, all glass surfaces are replaced with bullet-resistant glass. The glass is made up of several layers and looks just like an ordinary pane. When a bullet is fired at it, it will only pierce the outside layer of the glass. The layered polycarbonate-glass material will absorb the bullet’s energy and stop it before it exits the final layer. Next, the tires are replaced with Run-flat tires. These tires are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds for limited distances. Even the lightest armouring adds weight to the car, however. “The armouring process adds about 1,800 kilogrammes to a Land Cruiser and mileage is affected by as much as 30%,” says Godil. Most modern engines in large 4x4 vehicles have enough power to sufficiently cope with the extra weight. To maintain drivability, though, the suspension is reinforced to compensate for the additional weight. In some cases, the braking system is also changed. The entire process takes anywhere between three to six weeks and both companies provide service plans and local warranties. “We provide a two-year warranty or 20,000km, whichever comes first,” says Godil. It is possible to sell an armoured car but since the vehicle is taken apart for the armouring process, the value is greatly affected. If you decide to remove the armouring before selling it, the car would be in pretty bad shape. And if your armoured vehicle has been fired at, customers are advised to bring it back into the warehouse for a check. How do customers feel? One senior police officer who recently acquired an armoured Vigo says he feels safer but it has been an ugly necessity. And as for Zain, he’s blunt: “It has made a huge difference in my life and I can’t imagine not having it now.” A


Old Spice There are many a Nimco-maker in Karachi, but there is only one original store BY ZEHRA HUSAIN

The sinfully caloric crunch of Nimco owes its addictive allure to dough ground with red chili, salt and turmeric. Off-set a mouthful of it with a sip of


scalding hot, milky sweet chai for the ultimate afternoon teatime experience. Today any bakery worth its salt will offer nimco, but these are all imitations of the real deal. The original nimco-makers are located off Bohri Bazaar’s Albert Street with a storefront that snobbishly declares that they have no branches in Karachi. This store opened in the 1950s after Haji Muhammad Jan migrated from New Delhi to Pakistan in 1948. Knowing that his wife’s recipe of Arwi kay pattay would become an instant hit, he opened Saltish Snacks stocked with savouries out of his wife’s cookbook. The Arwi or Colocassia leaves (also known as a form of Taro) are stacked, rolled into spirals with a spiced chickpea paste, steamed and then fried to make patra or Arwi pattay ke roll, the famous Gujarati Farsan. For nimco, though, once the chili- and turmeric-infused dough has gone through the relentless shredder, the snack is deep fried with Arwi leaves, peas JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

and peanuts. The store was rechristened Nimco Corner, however, as “the name [Saltish Snacks] didn’t roll off the tongue,” recalls his grandson Siraj Jan, who now runs the iconic venture. He is quick to stress that they are Nimco with a ‘c’ as the ‘impersonators’ use a ‘k’. Today you will find a long line of loyalists picking and choosing dal mot, mixed nimco, khewra, namak paray, all firmly packed in the signature yellow bags, sporting the symbol of a long-necked porcelain teapot beside their brand name in fiery red. According to Siraj, they entertain approximately 1,000 customers a day. “Our Parsi customers shop early in the morning, before the area gets too crowded,” explains

Siraj. “In the afternoon, we see a lot of Bohra tradesmen coming over for a bite.” In addition to nimco, you won’t be able to resist their samosas, pakoras and jalebis which are sold round-the-clock. At many other stores you can buy them piping hot straight out of the pitch black wok. After the initial hard caramelised crack, the jalebis do a little dance on your tongue and the sugary syrup floods out of the coil onto the edges of your palette. Here at Bohri Bazaar, though, as with the rest of the items, Nimco’s jalebis are prepared in the kitchen, which is a floor above the shop. Behind the shelves that house their 35 products, is a little room with a busy lifter. It tirelessly sends down Nimco packets and fresh jalebis, samosas and pakoras so no customer is turned away. There have been advantages and drawbacks to

keeping one store and not branching out. Prestige is retained and overheads are kept on a tight leash. “My grandfather used to tell us that we haven’t opened this shop to mint money but to serve people,” says Siraj. He had wanted to expand but the family was adamant. Nimco’s exclusivity is embedded in its antiquity. What Nimco with a ‘k’ and other replicas sell as ‘Slims’, the spicy chips that send jitters down your spine, on Albert Street are simply called ‘Finger Fries’, just as they were originally invented. Nimco’s prestige is also reflected in its salesmen. Behind the L-shaped glass counter, with at least seven other hands — both young and old — stands Mohammad Rafiq who has been working there since 1971. “They treat us like their family, which is why I’ve been here for so long,” he explains simply. When asked about how things have changed, he lightly pats a packet. “Kachori paapar is our latest entrant,” he says with a smile. And so, even though ‘genericide’ has eaten into many a brand name, and indeed Nimco’s as well with it being sold across Karachi, Haji Muhammad Jan’s business, which is almost as old as Pakistan itself, should be proud of its contribution to our teatime delights by becoming a household name. T JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013


N O I T C I F P L PU e and ndmad hen I a h is r pape st w g if the for me at lea at takes in it c x e h s can be lowers. It wa untry t n would r o e c p a a p is f pen to l. That y, pink Pakista Putting ed with daint ift from Nepa process that rests. o g s embos a diary as a rmaking — a reserving its f d e p e p ke of receiv greener pa r the sa o in f e e r id r lo p p d to ex do goo ade handm m l, a p e ro In N made f paper is s of the Lokta e the fibr ), a shrub e n h (Dap , and other s specie bres fi natural

of The production produ i handmade paper is all the rage handm in South Asian countries such as India and Nepal. It is exquisite, different for its unique strength and durability and most importantly, it’s eco-friendly. The paper is made from natural fibre and does not require the sacrifice of trees or the use of chemicals. In Nepal, handmade paper is made from the fibres of the Lokta (Daphne), a shrub species, and other natural fibres. For the Lokta paper, the fibrous inner bark of the high-elevation, forest shrub, also found in Pakistan’s northern areas, is used. The plant is

32 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

harvested without damaging witho the main mai roots so it regenerates naturally every two to three years. The catchphrase ‘Handmade in Nepal’ therefore speaks of humanitarianism, social responsibility, social ethics and resource sustainability. The state has turned this centuries-old craft into a national art, by reviving the indigenous skill that now supports thousands of poor families. The international demand for this quality paper has soared since, making it a sustainable industry in Nepal. Unlike in Nepal, only the environment-conscious people in Pakistan know about the boons of handmade paper. The industry here continues

Eco-friendly homemade paper is only taken seriously as weddingg ware ware BY SADAF PERVEZ

st oxes co ts b g in d aske Wed 0 and b Rs1,50 ,500 too 1 cost Rs

to make paper pap from the th pulp of wood, persistently ignoring the fundamental economic problem of scarce resources. And despite its market potential, handmade paper has failed to garner support for the green process in the country. However, for all the eco-conscious consumers in Pakistan, there is now a ray of hope — handmade paper has made its eco-friendly debut in Lahore with Paper Zone. The company has been supporting eco-friendly paper for 15 years and has established its production unit in Gujranwala with the aim of empowering low-income and disadvantaged communities in the process. “My workforce is very passionate. They put their hearts and souls into making the paper and this shows

through our product quality,” says the owner of Paper Zone, Mumtaz Ahmad Baig. By introducing new technology and reviving the indigenous skill, the company hopes to boost the self-esteem of the workers which is successfully reflected in their attractive gift boxes, baskets, notebooks, home decor crafts and other paper-based items. The process of handmade papermakal and agriculture ing involves industrial ste being g turned into waste

free. I began by learning how to crush cotton recyclables to make the cottonbased paper,” says Naeem Butt, who has been working for Paper Zone for the past 13 years. First the rags or cloth fibre are compressed and converted into fine pulp using a blending machine. Dyes aterials such as straw, and textured materials hemp, silk and jute

s ble item la c y c e r ny Other old gun eat e r a d e h us e and w husk, ic r , s g ba dy ice pad straw, r sh, silk waste u in hemp b and onion sk n r and co

exquisit sheets of exquisite paper Paper P paper. Zone produces a large collection of homemade paper in cotton, jute, silk and plant recycled forms. They purchase cotton recyclables (tailor cutting) from scavengers, around 500kg to make 10,000 sheets of paper, and sugarcane waste directly from juice shops. Other recyclable items used are old gunny bags, rice and wheat straw, rice paddy husk, hemp bush, silk waste and corn and onion skin. Basically anything that has fibre. “I’m honoured to be part of this eco-friendly way of producing paper that is tree

re cloth fib First the ressed and lp is comp d into fine pu ured t e t x r e conve s and t o e y d n e t dded and th ls are a per ia r e t a m a e the p produc

fibre the added to produce are then diff different kinds of paper. Interestingly enough, biodegradable paper can also be made using kitchen waste. To explain the process, several individuals have come forward to post useful online tutorials in a bid to support globally growing environmental responsibility. In Pakistan, however, homemade paper is appreciated more for its aesthetic value and less for its eco-friendliness. Previously when Paper Zone was promoting its stationery and handicrafts for their ethical value, very few showed support.

s aselor h i rc pu s (ta ers, e on ble g e r Z ycla aven mak r, e p c c Pa n re om s kg to pape te o s r f t 0 f t co ing) d 50 ets o e wa ops n n e tt cu arou 0 sh arca ce sh 0 g u jui ,0 10 nd s from a tly ec i dr

They then turned to aesthetics instead to promote their products, creating a niche market for themselves. But since homemade paper is expensive to produce as opposed to the conventional method, it hasn’tt been able self in the papermakto root itself ing industry.

Incapable prod of producing paper on a large scale, the eco-friendly technique requires one sheet to be produced at a time, making the process time consuming, labour intensive and consequently more expensive. It is therefore unlikely that the fledgling industry will take off any time soon.


Fast & Furious 6 sends your head spinning with its reality-defying action sequences BY DILAIRA MONDEGARIAN

Tighten your seatbelts as Fast & Furious 6 prepares to crush any semblance of reality, this time with a giant tank. To raise the bar in the sixth instalment, the speedsters pull all the stops by embarking on a chase that screeches to a halt on the runway with a large aircraft, the Antonov AN-225, being blown to bits. Written by Chris Morgan, Fast 6 shows the gang flexing their car muscles for a completely different reason. The theme of love and family reigns supreme as the speed-demons are persuaded by the buff Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to come out of retirement. Their mission is to help capture the master criminal Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and to rescue Dom’s ex-girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) who was presumed dead in an earlier film. Owen and his team (including Letty) are trying to create a Nightshade device which can disable power in an entire region, which they intend to sell to the highest bidder. What are they promised in return for this alliance? Full pardons. Although director Justin Lin challenges himself by trying to make the stunts as realistic as possible, they never cease to insult your intelligence. Dom’s (Vin Diesel) hair-raising leap off the roof of a moving car to rescue Letty during the attack of the tank is one of the many examples of madness that surface from time to time in the movie. However, to maintain sanity, some believable action sequences have also been spaced out strategically, especially the hand-to-hand combat between Letty

and Riley (Gina Carano), Hobb’s sidekick, in the London Underground. Along with the anticipated appearance of tanned beauties, who don’t disappoint with their well-toned bodies in tiny Daisy Dukes and bodycon dresses, one anxiously waits for the throbbing sound of the engine and fumes from the nitro injection to set the heart beating in synch with the speeding cars. The customdesigned sports cars have a new target to chase this time, intimidating, not because of their size but armour-plated front ends, that can throw any vehicle off the track with a single knock. The formidable tank also makes a bold entrance during one of the car chases and crushes every car that dares to challenge the beast. Alongside the boneheaded entertainment and head-spinning car chases, the movie also guarantees moments of uncontrolled laughter with Tyrese Gibson joining forces with Paul Walker to steal the show with his supreme comic delivery. Also, if you’re a fan of Rita Ora then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by her cameo appearance as the head girl of a London racing crew. Before the movie concludes, it also establishes a clear link with Tokyo Drift by revealing the true face behind Han’s (Sung Kang) death — it’s Ian Shaw (Jason Statham). Reality check! Fast and Furious 6 is still a notch above its predecessors and its sequel’s future seems bright with the promising teaser in the end credits. A

Extreme schemes The Italian Job The original 1969 movie is the one to watch. It stars Michael Caine, who upon being released from jail gathers a team of bandits to rob a van full of gold. The movie involves one of the best car chases with Mini Coopers.

Gone in 60 seconds The 2000 action film stars Nicolas Cage as a former car thief, forced to return to his trade to steal fifty specified cars for his crime boss Christopher Eccleston. In exchange, Christopher promises to spare his brother who had taken the contract but failed to fulfill it.

Drive The 2011 crime movie stars Ryan Gosling who plays the role of a stuntman/mechanic who also has a secret job as a getaway driver for robberies. Despite isolating himself from everyone, he becomes emotionally attached to his neighbour, Carey Mulligan, and agrees to help her ex-con husband rob a pawn shop to pay off his debt.

Three Superman fans, from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, assess the rebirth of the first superhero



Costner influential characters Costne er and and Crowe we are th the e most m in nflu fluent ential ial ch chara ara accte te ers r in the e mo movie vie ou outt-

A man who descended from the heavens to save humanity. A man of immaculate birth, haunted by a father of otherworldly origins, e conflicted by his task, no destiny, to protect the entire human race, even if it means dying for their sins. Sound familiar?

principal Superman, interest, side of side of the the pri princi ncipal pal tr trio io of Sup Superm erman, an, Zo Zod, d, and th the e ssuper uperr love upe love o in ov inter t est ter st, st,

The religious undertones in the new Superman movie Man of Steel are

important female movie. mother i the mo is most stt imp import ortant ort ant fe femal male mal e char ccharacter haract acter er in the he m movie mo vie.. As vie As the the mot other her o he of a

almost impossible to ignore. Superman, whether in comic book form,

child serves constant reminder chil chi ld who ld w ha hass lost lostt tw two o fath ffathers, ath thers ers, sshe ers he ser se ves as a con o sta ant rem remind in er off why ind w

animation or live action, has always been a superhero whose ethical code de

good must conquer why, quote Jor-El, Superman always goo oo od m ust co conqu nquer nqu err evil, eviil, and nd wh hyy,, to o quo qu te Jor Jo -E , S -El u rman upe rma man must mus ustt al a wayss wa way

set him apart from your average earth-born hero. Most significantly, he

limits”. ccontinue con tinue tin ue to “te “test st his lilimit mits” mit s”. s”

never killed and went to great lengths to protect non-combatants. The

humanising Zod’s desire Krypton back general By hum humani ani nisin sing sin g Zod’ Z od’ss desi od od’ d esi esire sire e to o bri bring ng g Krypto K Kry rypto pton nb ack ck to lillife, fe fe, e th tthe he eg eneral ral is

iconic Superman who forgave every terrestrial foe over whom he felt he e

motivations human ‘appreciate’ shown sho wn n to have have moti hav m otivat oti vation vat io ion onss that t a a hum h uman an n bei being ng can n ‘a ‘‘appr ppreci ecia ate’ for or its it

had an unfair advantage is not clearly shown in this movie, but perhaps

ends, brutal end ds, if nott th the eb brut r al mea rut means. s At At th the e ssame ame me time, m Zod’s remorse e for so some e

that is because General Zod and his supporters are fellow Kryptonians,

of his ac actions early the mo movie show megalomaniac actio tions tio ons ear ly in th v sh vie ow him m to be e lesss of a megalom ma ani niac

and thus his equals.

Terrence Stamp’s version Superman off a battleas wit with h Terr T e enc err ence en eS ta tam a p’s ve ersi rs on in Sup Superm erm ma an n III,I, and more o

However, the Zack Snyder movie does establish Superman’s ‘chosen’ orii-

hardened Kryptonian victory Kryptonian off har harden dened ed Kry rypto p onian pto nia an ssoldier o ierr to wh old whom om vic victor tory and Kry ryptonian life are o

gins in multiple scenes, the focus being on internal conflict over identity y

supreme sup prrem e eme e impo iimportance. m rta mpo rtance nce e.

and the eternal existential question, ‘Why am I here?’ In fact in what is

Cavill’s Superman, character well conveys Ass fo A forr Ca vilill’s vi l s Su Super perrman ma , the the e charac acter iis we ac elll played yed ed and conv n eys an n

possibly the best scene, the man born Kal-El, the son of Lara and Jor-El,

emotional fragility previous movies. Thiss emo mottio tional ional fr fragi agi g lit gilit lityy tthat hat wa hat wass some ssomewhat omewha ome what llacking wh acking ack in ing ng in pr e iouss mo evi m v s. Thi vie Th

chooses to instead identify with an identity in which he is Clark, son

especially apparent during constant is esp especi ec all eci allyy a pp ren ppa r td uriing his hi co nsttant ntt qu quest estt fo forr an an iidentity. de titty. One den ne e

of Martha and Jonathan Kent. By choosing this ‘terrestrial’ identity, he

off-point though, that Man, Superman off-po off -poiint -po nt n th tho ough, was wa as tth as hat at muc much h like like th the e firs ffirst irstt IIron ron on Ma M n, Sup Superm e an n giv gives i

hopes to be accepted by the imperfect people his father has chosen for

up his se secret soon, although journalist ph secre crett iden iidentity dentit tit ityy ffar ar too o so oon, on n al a though th tho ugh it is only ly to one jjourn alilistt iin

him to live among and protect. This scene portrays the inner conflict of a

private during whole press conference full pri privat pr vatte iinstead nstead ns nst e of du ead urin ri g a w wh hole l pr p ess co onferen nfe fe eren rence c ful ce ullll of of tthem hem al hem ala a Tony Tony

man who is slowly beginning to understand how to cope with the weight ht

Stark. Stark. k

of the world on his shoulders.

justice most-beloved extraterrestrial (sorry Cavill does jus justi tice to earth’s h’ mostt be beloved de xtraterre xtrate rrestr striiall (s sorry ET))

The identity conflict also plays out in the best non-CGI battle in the entire re

without Reeve’s with hout besmirching Christopherr Reev R e e’s iconic performances. Clark a

movie: the battle between Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner over the title le

comes across believable different Kent come es acro a cross ss as a beli ieva evable ble yo young u man who is dif differ ferent ent in a way

of “Best Father-figure for a Man-god”.

outcast different, thatt only only he can know, and is an out outcas c t for for bei being ng dif differ fe ent, recalling g the

JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

Loiss Lane Lane. Although scenes, since technically dead Loi Lo L ane.. Alth A lthoug oug gh they they sh share are no sc scene e s, sin nce one on ne is te ne techn chn chnica hn nic ica cally de d ad introduced, efforts by the ti time me the th he e other otther er is in int ntro troduc troduc tr du uced uced e the ed, the effo e fforts ffo rtt of bo rts both t men th me to me o help h lp p th the gifted potential saviour g gif gifte ifted ed ch child hild ld re ld rrealise reali ealise alise his po ali poten tentia ten tial al as as tthe he sav avvio our of a race are among the acting highlights movie. act ting i hi highl ghligh ights of the t mo ovie v . Diane Martha Kent. Superman’s adopted Then there iss D Dian iane ian e Lane Lane e as Ma M arth r aK rt ent.. S upe p rma rman’s n’s ad adopt opt pted e mot ed mother her

into chase? into a high high spe speed ed car chase ch hase? However, attempt How o eve ver, r, Nol Nolan an and n Snyder’s S yde Sn y r’s attem at t pt theme them the me m e of xen xxenophobia xe ophobi oph o a most evident en in ent n co ccomics m s such mic

to balance action development does b anc bal ance act ction wit with h plot p devel e opm op ent n do oes es nott entirely succeed, established en ely su succe cceed, with many establi ishe s d Superman themes around. because film the emes shuffled shufffled le aroun ou d. Thiss iis partially becaus u e the th fil ilm m iiss

theme as X-Men, which heavily relied on the same them heme

meant to set Avengers-esque Comics heroes s up an Av A engers-es esque qu sequel ffeaturing eaturi eat uring ng DC CC Com mics heroe he h roe es

original prequel. Superman, becomes in the th origi ginal movie trilogy and d the p re uel req el.. A Ass Supe S uperman,, he bec become om s ome

Batman, Wonder Woman, Lantern, Aquaman, such suc su ha ass B Batm attman, atm an n, Wonde Wo W nderr W nde oma om an, n, Gre Green en n Lan Lant tern,, Fla tern, ter Flash, sh, h Aq Aquam uam man, an and and

god-like initially questions powers, point quoting ag od-lik od like e figu ffigure igu ig gure who w in initi iti tiall allyy ques all q uessttio tiions his po ower wers, s, at on one ep po ointt qu quoti o ng oti

of cou course, off Kry Krypton. To est establish the fact thiss m movie ou o urse rse, tthe he las llast astt sson on o Krypto pto on. n T stabl ablish sh th act tthat a thi movi ov e iiss

father saying would reject him his fa fathe therr as th as ssayi aying ayi ng the he wo world rld wo w uld re eject jec ect h im m ou out off fe ffear ear if the theyy ffound ound oun d

same universe Batman, reference in the th sa ssam me uni univer ve erse as Bat Batman Ba man, an, ther tthere here e is is at a lleast eastt one eas one ref refere erence nce to Wa Wayne y yne

really was. However, another exchange older out ut wh who o he he rea eally eal lyy was w a . Howe wever ver,, anot a o her excha ex xc nge g wi with th the t e ol o de Ke der Kent

Enterprises En E Ent nterp erpris er ris ri ises is e lat late in the movie. movie.

justt have to led to th the e ‘bir ‘‘birth’ birth th’ off a her hero, o, wit with h Jona JJonathan onatha than n tell ttelling elling ing hi hiss son, son, “Y “You ou jus ju

failing movie truly persuade viewer One faili iling ili ng in the mo m ovie is it itss inab iinability nab bili ility ty to tru tr ly per rsua s ade de the the vi viewe ewer to to

decide Clark. dec ide wh what at kin kind d of of man man you wa want nt to gro grow w up p to to be be C lar la ark. Who Whoeverr that t at

sympathise protagonist during action Batman sym sympat pathis hise e with with th the e prot p otago agonis nist d uring ur ng g act a ion on se ssequences. eque quence que nces. nce s Bat Batma man and

change world.” And world does. man is is,, he’s he’s go going ing to ch cha ang nge e the the wor world. ld.”” A n cha nd change nge th the e worl w orld d he he d o . oes

ordinary with personal (alcoholic Iron Man Iron Man are or ordin dinary ary hu human man beingss w i de ith deep ep per pe erson sonal so a fl al flaws w (al lcoh holi olic li

Ironically, byy stoppi stopping changing Ironic nicalllly, b pping n Zod fr from om cha changi nging g it. it

hermit, extraordinary challenges, and d he ermi mit, t res rrespectively) pectiv ti ely tiv ely) who ho rise to extraor o din nary ar cchal llenges, ev even en

young Superman. perforFull ccredit redit red i to the ch child ild actors playing a you ung ng Sup Superm Su er an. Th erm Their eir pe perfo forr-

superhuman ones, while Superman chivalrous, Herculean sup superh erhuma uman no ne , whil nes w hile e Supe S uperma rm n is is a ch chiva iva valro lrous, lro us,, He Hercu rculea rcu l n figu lea ffigure igu g re e who w

mances especially scenes with Costner, man ances ces as th the e yyounger ounge oun ger Clark rk Ke Kent, nt, espec es spec pecial ia lyy dur during ing scene es w it Costne ith er,

meets and defeats his eq equals. absence humanising Achilmee ts a nd de efea feats ts hi e ua s. The ual he e absen ab bsen ence of a cert ccertain ertai ert rtain h hu uman manisi is ng isi g Ach Ac A ch hilil-

effortlessly screen. genuinely see seemed eemed to effor ef ortle tlessl sslyy flow flow fr from o the e sc scree reen. n. The They ccreated rea ated e a gen ge uinely uin ely

Heel influenced ass well well. Anyone remember les He eel in i the mo movie ma mayy h have avve ave ve in nflu fluenc enc nced ed this this a w ell.. A ell nyo one rememb re rem ememb mbe mb ber er

touching father-son touchi tou ch ng fat father er-so -son n bond. b

glowing from comics? the gr green e gl g owing ng rocks roccks ks fro rom m tthe he com mics cs? cs

superhero often means other The e movie’s movie mo vie’s ’s reliance relian rel iance ce on sup perh erhero ero action ofte ten m ean ans tthat hat h at th tthe e ot o th her

lacked humour that At the he sa same me tim time, e the mo movie la movie acke c d the ck the e hum umour ourr th at is typ ttypical typica ypica ca al o off su ssuperupe upe er-

supporting actors, notably Laurence Fishburne, under-utilised. sup up ppor portin ting tin g acto a ctors cto rs, mo most s not st o abl ablyy L aurenc aur enc nce e Fish F isshbur ish urne n are ne, e unde u nder-u nde r util r-u tilise ise ed.

perhaps because characters are not associated hero her o flic fflicks, liccks ks, pe perha rhaps rha p bec ps be au aus use e most most os of tthe charact cters er ar re n ot associ a ssociate a d at

Fishburne, has onlyy o one which hiss Fi hbu Fis hburne e, iin n ffact, actt, h ass onl a on ne rea reall sscene cen ne in in the the he mov movie, ie, e w wh ich in hi h

probably with comi with ccomic omicc reli omi rrelief. elief. eli ef. Th This iss will will p ro abl rob ablyy be b ccorrected orrect ected ed onc once e Lex L Luthor an and

defence well deffence defenc e was was a very ver eryy w elll done. d ne. do ne

introduced movies, although Jimmyy Ols Jimmy Olson on are iin int troduced troduc d in n fut ffuture uture ure mo m vie vi ies, alt though gh h sup ssuper-villains er vil ervillains

Christopher Meloni’s one-line ‘welcome earth, our But it was C hr stophe hri phe ph h r Melo M loni’ ni s oneo ne e-lin li e ‘wel elccome to el o eart e arth, h, you y ar are eo ur

Darkseid could that hypothesis Dar Darkse eid and Doomsday day co ould u d fo fforce rce th tha at hyp at poth ot esis to ffail. ai . ail

friend’ will among performances friiend end’’ spee sspeech peech c that w illll sstand d ou out amon mong g the the per p forman for m cess by ch man ccharacters ara ra acte c rs

Overall the movie definitely worth watching and would be Ove veral alll th tthough, hough, gh h th he mov m ovi ovie v e iiss defi d efinit f ni ely fi ely wo w orth rt w wa atch t ing an dw oul uld db e

who not, not future, partt off S Superman’s immedih ar are en ot, or wi willlll n ot in fu futur tu e, become a par p uperma rman’s n’s im immed medii-

spent, even did expectations attached money well spen money pent,, ev pe eve ven iiff iitt d id no not live live up p to o the th expectat tation ionss atta a ttache che hed h

ate family. know where going. e famil fa mily. y. Com Comic icc boo bookk fans bo fans ns kn now whe w re e thi thiss iiss g oin ng.

superhero movie. Nolan must payy ffor with a No with Nolan l n su super perhero o movi m o e.. Tha Thatt is tthe he ‘p ‘‘price’ ‘pr p price’ ice ce e’ N Nola olan nm ust pa p orr

All all,l, the pr production appreciable. Most A in n al a producti cti tion on val values ue es of o the ffilm ilm we were re app a pp pprec p ecciab ble. le. Mo Mos M st of Sust S

epic Knight series. making making ng g th the ee picc Da Dark r Kni rk K night ht se eries. rie es.

perman’s powers require effects be made believable, perrma pe man’s man ’ss pow p o ers re requi quire e eff effect ectss tto ob em ad be ade believab ab ble, le so o th there ere re ca can nb be e no cri critique relative CGI-free sequences. itique i on the relat l tiive ive la llack ack ck of o CGI C -free action -fr n se eque qu quence uence nces. s. Who Wh wa wants to see a guy who can fly and shoott ‘‘l‘laser off his eyes getting laser bea laser beams’ ms’ s ou outt o his eye ey es gett g ettting in

After years almost film, Superman Af Aft err mor more e than than 70 ye ears arss in i print print an and d almo a lmost st 40 on fil ilm, m,, Superm Sup upe erm man an has finally figured wear his trousers underpants. ffinall fin inall a y ffigu ig red ou igu outt how how to t wea ar h is tro tr rouse users rs ove overr his und nderp nd erpant erp an nts. that good And th hat can an on only ly be a g ood d thing tthing. ing. T

39 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

The Steel Knight also rises BY UZAIR AMIR IN LAHORE Every superhero has a foundation, a myth, that one ideal or principle that

A rough guide to the man in the red underpants BY AMEER HAMZA IN KARACHI There has always been an inherent problem with the

defines who they are, and more importantly the reasons for that particular

Superman franchise; Supes is a veritable Swiss-army knife

belief. Christopher Nolan explored that in depth when he started work on

of super powers and it’s hard to relate to him. In contrast,

Batman Begins, the first movie from the very successful Batman trilogy. The same approach was taken for Man of Steel, a reboot of the Superman film series. However, sadly this task was entrusted to Zack Snyder, who only managed to deliver a noisy, excessively action-packed, and mindnumbing movie experience. The world is not what it once was, all of existence is on red alert and the Clark Kent of the movies is not the Clark Kent you remember from the

however, take the terribly ‘human’ example of Batman, who can win every fight, solve every problem, and is generally awesome all while carrying the burden of his limitations. In Batman’s case, you don’t need contaminated rocks from a dead planet in another galaxy to hurt him; you just need a gun to bring him down. He’s a superhero but he’s someone we can relate to.

comics. This pretty much sums up the whole movie. Russell Crowe does a

In the case of Superman, however, the Kryptonian from

horrible job of portraying Jor-El and Lois Lane and Clark Kent — one of the

Kansas can do everything – he’s faster than a speeding

most iconic couples in the comic world — are hardly given any attention.

bullet. But all of this makes him superhuman. It’s hard to

It seems that the only thing the movie got right was that Superman man-

feel as if you can relate to him because he doesn’t have to

aged to wear his underwear on the inside for once.

struggle. So, how do you ‘humanise’ a superhero? You give

We’re told about the history of Krypton, one that took too long to tell, and

him an alter ego. In this case it’s Clark Kent, the mild-man-

its over-reaching inhabitants who brought about their own destruction. We

nered reporter for the Daily Planet who fights an unending

see the conflict between General Zod and Jor-El. Then we are hit with that

battle for truth, justice and the American way. Superman’s

magic moment, the one when it all began, when the messianic future-titan baby to be known as Clark Kent is dispatched to Earth.

civilian identity as Clark Kent put extra limits on him. In the latest cinematic adaptation of the Superman comics,

The film is an overdose of repetitive mind-numbing action, all thrown to-

Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, however, this equa-

gether haphazardly in the 143 minutes that can only be described as more

tion is dropped altogether. Superman/Kal-El spends most

special effects than perhaps all the previous Marvel movies put together.

of his time as a drifter, searching for his true purpose in life

And the worst part is that it is hopelessly and transparently dark and hu-

and as a result emerges as little more than a wallflower.

morless. Batman was able to pull off being dark because well, he’s Batman.

The film begins with a detailed history of planet Krypton

He represents the darkness and lives in the shadows. Superman on the other hand gets his powers from the sun and represents all that is good in this world, ironically in a package that is anything but

and how its inhabitants brought about their own destruction. Twenty thousand years earlier, the Kryptonians had begun exploring the Milky Way Galaxy but they soon

earthly. But the makers of Man of Steel tried to play to the trend of making

abandoned it in favour of genetic cultivation. In essence,

movie heroes darker than they actually are. Unfortunately for them, a hero

they stopped looking for planets to house their expand-

that has come to represent ‘the light’ can be anything but dark and gloomy.

ing race and opted for a one-child policy. They carelessly

In order to further the character in such a light they even pitted the United

mined their planet’s core and destroyed it. Superdad and

States army against Superman. There’s no Lex Luthor, no Kryptonite, no

Supermom (Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van) jettison Superman

glasses, no mild-mannered reporter, very little Daily Planet, and even less

(Kal-El) off the planet to protect him from the immanent

Metropolis. Henry Cavill, who spends most of his time posing rather than

destruction. They send an important Kryptonian artefact

acting, is alternately presented as an alien messiah, a superweapon and an American flag flapping in the wind. As a result, Man of Steel sometimes feels like artsy advertising, which explains why the movie fails to inspire any human emotion. Through it all, director Snyder has made a series of odd choices that weigh down the entire movie. One is his insistence on making this a science fiction film, rather than a superhero film with science fiction elements. What could have been a powerful, beautifully crafted story sometimes

with him as a result of which, the villain, General Zod, vows to hunt him down. Supes lands on Earth, is adopted by the Kents and develops powers on Earth because of our weak gravity and awesome sun. Instead of going to work immediately, Kent waits 33 years before donning the suit. He does save a few people here and there but only if they are on the same route as his daily commute. When Kal-El does go to work,

feels like an odd mix of Star Trek and The Avengers. Add to that the story’s

he is embroiled in a battle with General Zod. The fight

focus on spaceships and technology over character building and the result

scenes are glorious but extremely destructive. Man of Steel

is a movie that never really feels like a true Superman movie. There are

is a great exhibition of Superman’s sheer power but it fails

some glimpses of what the movie could have been but it really never

to bring depth to his character. He maybe the new Super-

comes close to capturing the heart and idealism that Superman stands for.

40 JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

man but he is not our Superman. T


JUNE 30-JULY 6 2013

Soon after birth 6 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks 14 weeks

Where to inject: Dr Tabish Hazir at Children’s Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, says it is important that all vaccines be injected by well-trained vaccinators. A slight mistake can cause serious complications such as haemorrhage, infections, damaged nerves etc. The BCG, a vaccine to prevent childhood tuberculosis, for example, needs to be injected with extra care. It should be injected strictly intradermally in the arm. It should form a permanent scar after eight to 12 weeks. All others vaccines, expect OPV for polio which is administrated orally, are injected intramuscularly in the anterolateral aspect of the thigh. The side effects of these vaccines are minor, such as fever and swelling at the site of the injection, and are reported in few cases. T

BCG Childhood TB OPV0 Poliomyelitis or polio OPV1 Poliomyelitis of polio Penta1 The Pentavalent vaccine wards off Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Heps B, Hib pneumonia & meningitis



The Rotavirus vaccine is administered orally at ages two and four months

Strongly recommended vaccines: Rotavirus: Rotavirus enters through the mouth and leads to the diarrhea bouts in infants aged up to six months. The vaccine is administered orally at ages two and four months. Cost: Rs4,000 Chicken pox: The Varicella vaccine protects against chicken pox that results in rash, tiredness, headache, fever. Severe attack could lead to infected blisters, bleeding disorders, swelling of the brain or pneumonia. The first dose is given between 12 and 15 months; second dose is administered at four to six years of age. A second option is to administer the two doses three months apart to children between the ages six and 13 years. If older than 13 years, the child is given the two doses a month apart. Cost: Rs1,800

Poliomyelitis or polio

Penta2 Pentavalent vaccine Pneumo2 Pnumococcal conjugate vaccine OPV3 Poliomyelitis or polio Penta3 Pentavalent vaccine Pneumo3 Pnumococcal conjugate vaccine

12 months

Where to get them: Free at EPI centres across the country, public hospitals and dispensaries and at private hospitals and clinics.

18 months


Pertussis Hepatitis B Hib pneumonia and meningitis Pneumonia and meningitis

Pneumo1 The Pnumococcal conjugate vaccine against pneumonia & meningitis

4 years

There is a bewildering array of vaccines out there. Some are absolutely essential for your child. We ask the experts about the best way to space them

11 years


Yearly (Sept)


Mandatory shots: BCG for childhood TB OPV for Poliomyelitis Diphtheria Tetanus

HepA The Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for children 12 to 23 months old, followed by a second dose six to 18 months later Varicella1 The Varicella vaccine protects against chicken pox MMR The Measles, Mumps and Rubella (German Measles) vaccine is given in two doses: at age 12-15 months and 4-6 years. HepA2 The Hepatitis A vaccine’s second dose Varicella2 The chicken pox vaccine’s second dose MMR2 The second dose for Measles, mumps MCV4 For Meningococcal disease. The vaccine or MPSV4 is given at ages 11 or 12 years, with a booster given at age 16 for kids 13 to 18 years old who haven’t been previously vaccinated Influenza The air-borne disease is spread through a virus that can cause fever, muscle pain, sore throat, cough and extreme fatigue. In severe cases, pneumonia can also occur

Hepatitis A: Spread through contaminated food and water or direct contact, the virus leads to fever, stomach pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting, jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes) and dark urine. If complications occur, you could be dealing with liver failure, joint pain, kidney, pancreatic, and blood disorders. Cost: Rs1,350 Measles, Mumps and Rubella (German Measles): Characterised by rashes, swollen salivary glands and pregnancy miscarriages and foetal congenital defects. The MMR vaccine that is given in two doses: at age 12 to 15 months and 4 to 6 years. Cost: Rs587 Meningococcal disease: Bacteria that can lead to meningitis or blood infection. The vaccine is given at 11 or 12 years, with a booster at age 16 for kids 13 to 18 years old who haven’t been previously vaccinated. Cost: Rs800 Influenza: The flu vaccine is developed each year after the WHO studies the five or six epidemic influenza strains around June and July, says paediatrician Dr Sohail Thobani with South City Hospital. The vaccine hits the markets in September each year. Cost: Rs560 (All prices subject to change and always consult your doctor or paediatrician before making any medical decisions for your child)

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The Express Tribune Magazine for June 30th 2013