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Planet Ever wished for a friend with whom you could share everything... someone who only shows you affection and is always around to amuse you? There is such a friend you can cherish and in return. All it needs from you is a lot of care and love. A pet can be your best companion, and you can always select the type of companion you’d like to have. It could be one that enjoys taking long walks with you, one that you can cuddle and carry around, one that hops around in your garden while you try to chase it or the one that will imitate your voice and talk to you. What’s better is that you can even give it a name of your choice. But before you decide which pet you’d like to keep, make sure you have your parents backing you up because pets are not like toys, they need to be fed, gro oomed d and looked after. We have gathered som me fact groomed some facts that will help you choos ose you our new best friend and decide if that part rticula pet is perfect for you: choose your particular


Cats make an adorable fluffy pet but can also be very demanding. They get bored easily and need lots of care and attention along with enough space to exercise, climb and play indoors. Did you know that cats can sleep up to two-thirds of the day? And need a warm, comfortable, dry, clean and quiet place to rest undisturbed. This means that if you are the really hyper sorts then cats might not be the ideal pet for you. A good way to bond with your cat is by grooming it. A cat is suitable for an apartment as well as a big house. If you adopt a cat or find a friend who has kittens, you can get one for free. Otherwise, the cost of buying one can vary. Prices go up to Rs50,000 depending on the pedigree and breed. The monthly bill varies on whether you feed them tinned food (Rs3,000) or home-cooked food (Rs2,000). But be careful, foods such as onions are poisonous to cats. Cats need four initial vaccinations (Rs3,000) to ensure protection from rabies and other viruses.

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Fun fact: Cats have an excellent sense of smell, superior to that of humans.


Dogs are lovable, loyal and make the best cuddling partners. Dogs are also very playful and need to be taken for long walks or exercised every day and can be your new frisbee buddies. They are also curious creatures so you have to be very careful as accidents can occur. A great way to bond with your dog is by bathing it or brushing it, that will also maintain its good health as brushing increases your chances of discovering fleas, ticks, or lumps that could endanger your pet’s health. If you plan on buying a big dog, make sure you have enough space in your house or a kennel outside. Small dogs are usually meant to be kept indoors and if it is a really furry creature, then you might want an air-conditioned room for it. Remember, never leave your dog unattended on a chain, it could strangle the dog. Depending on the pedigree and breed, a dog can cost between Rs20,000 to Rs150,000. Feeding them can cost you Rs4,000 on average a month and above, depending on how big your pet is. Dogs need four vaccinations (Rs3,000) but have to be vaccinated regularly.

Fun fact: Dogs know when it’s time to go for a walk, to play, to eat and to go to bed. They can replace your alarm clock.



Hi light



You cannot cuddle or carry around a bird but they can still be a fun pet. You can always get a bird that talks to you and even better, one that imitates! Before you buy a bird you need to get a cage that is big enough. Make sure the cage bars are not spaced so far apart that your bird can get his head caught or squeeze through and escape. The cage should also include an interesting assortment of toys as they provide exercise, mental stimulation and help relieve boredom. Showers are extremely important for birds and you can use a spray shower to bathe them which is also a lot of fun. Most companion birds cannot thrive on a seed-only diet and enjoy cooked foods, which consist mainly of grains, legumes and dehydrated vegetables.

Some fish are not very sociable and will fight, whilst others prefer to live in shoals of their own kind and should not be kept in isolation. When buying your first fish be sure to ask the store team what they would recommend for a new aquarium. Feed small portions of fish food twice a day, and your fish may come to associate you with food, darting out to greet you when you walk by. With time you will get to know each fish individually, and may even be able to spot illness in time to treat it. Keeping a fish is no easy task though — a goldfish in a glass bowl requires as much caring as a dog. Beware though, if you tap on the glass of the fishbowl, you will scare your fish and it will hide from you each time you walk by. A tiny fish can cost from Rs200 to Rs100,000 and the food bill can be Rs1,500 a month. Fun fact: Most fish cannot swim backwards.

A monthly food bill starts at Rs1,500. Birds have the greatest price range and can cost between Rs50 and Rs200,000 depending on their skills. Birds require a lot of vaccines but they are usually not expensive. Fun fact: The chicken is the most common species of bird found in the world.


xpen ensive pets to maintain. Although soft, cute and cuddly, rabbits are very expensive ith another th rabbit bbit companThey require large spaces and are happiest when kkeptt with ion. Whether kept indoors or outdoors, rabbits need a spacious living area which allows them to stand on their hind legs without their ears touching the roof. This allows them to turn around easily, to lie fully stretched out, to run and to take several hops in a row. This area also needs places to hide, platforms to jump up on and items to explore, such as boxes and plant pots. You can play hide and seek with them and hop around with them and also groom them to bond with them. A rabbit will usually cost less than Rs2,000 and if you leave it in the garden it will feed for free. Rabbits only require a vaccination against rabies costing Rs450. Fun fact: A pet rabbit’s teeth never stop growing!

With all the above choices and various breeds and species of each, you have a great variety to choose from. Talk to your parents, take into account the size of your house and the space that your pet demands and then visit your vet and pet shop or make a trip to the closest shelter to buy or adopt your new best friend.

Adopting vs Buying Torn between adopting a homeless puppy from a shelter and buying a specific breed from the pet store? While making your decision, do consider the fact that thousands of homeless pets are killed every year because of neglect or lack of shelter and you could perhaps prevent this by adopting. Pets in shelters are left there by their previous families because of a number of reasons and yearn for a loving family, attention and a comfortable home. Adopting pets is also much cheaper compared to buying them, and shelters have many breeds and species and a larger number of pets from which you can select your favourite one. *Prices vary according to market rates, pedigree, size and location

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Finger frog puppet

Frogs are cute little creatures! They go “ribbit” through the day and night and are an incredibly beautiful part of the environment. If you use your imagination just a little bit, you can spend a few minutes and bring a paper frog to life as your own little finger puppet! Curious?

Supplies needed: • Two A4 sheets of green colour • One small piece of red paper • Glue stick • Scissor • Paper cutter • Black marker

Instructions: • Fold a paper in three equal parts horizontally, as shown in figure 1. • Next, fold the paper in half. Then fold the ends in half in the opposite directions, so the paper fold is in four equal sections as shown in figure 2(a) and 2(b). • Now glue the opened flap. • Use a square piece of paper of 2x2 inches and fold it in half as shown in figure 3. Use a pencil to draw a semi-circle. • Cut the semi-circle and unfold the paper as shown in figure 4. • Then cut the folded crease and fold it in half as shown in figure 5(a) and 5(b). • Take a red paper to cut out the “tongue” of the frog. • Use paper cutter to cut the centre for inserting the tongue of the frog as shown in figure 6. • Use the marker to make the frog’s eye ball. Now glue it on the top fold to make the frog’s face as shown in figure 7(a) and 7(b). • Now slip your thumb and fingers into the two ends of the folded paper to play with your puppet.










Ribbit galore!!! How will your frog sound? What will you name him/her? Remember, the more you use your imagination, the more fun and alive your puppet will be!


World wide weird


Get your weekly dose of the unusual and funny from across the globe!

See Like Superman A new range of contact lenses gives wearers telescopic vision like comic book hero Superman. Researchers Tremblay and Ford from San Diego and Switzerland fit traditional contact lens with a magnifying ring which, when worn with a pair of Samsung 3D glasses, can magnify scenes by 2.8 times. Tremblay and Ford wanted to design a system that could help restore sight to people suffering from age-related blindness and hence came up with the lens-glasses combination. They chose to modify the 3D glasses because they already have light blocking technology. The glasses create the 3D effect by blocking light to the left or right lens at different times. Small aluminium mirrors are fitted into the magnifying ring. These mirrors bounce the light from objects in front of the wearer approximately four times within this ring before sending the image to the retina. By the time this image hits the retina it appears magnified by almost three times. When the lenses are being worn in ‘ordinary mode’ this magnified image is blocked by polarising filters fitted to a pair of modified Samsung 3D glasses. To switch to ‘telescopic mode’, the wearer can change these filters so that the only light that hits their retina is the light created by the magnified process. The lenses have tiny channels along the surface that let in oxygen and make the lenses ‘breathable’. This means they can be worn for long periods of time. DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Lip balm or superglue?

A New Zealand woman was left speechless by making a simple mistake while sifting through her medicine cabinet. The confused woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, woke up in the middle of the night wanting to relieve her cold sores with cream — but ended up fastening her lips together after using superglue by mistake. She was fumbling in the dark for a balm to apply to a cold sore. The super glue and cream were kept in the same tray in her cupboard, but she couldn’t get a whiff of the ointment, because her sense of smell was muddled by a cold. The next thing she knew, she was in bed and her lips were sealed tightly. Things didn’t get any easier once she called the police. “I couldn’t speak on the phone, so I couldn’t tell them where I lived,” she said. “Ambulance received a call but, due to the muffled speech, they were unsure whether it was a medical event or whether someone had been gagged,” said senior sergeant Steve Aitken. The woman was free to talk again after the glue was removed at hospital using paraffin oil… and is unlikely to keep superglue next to cold sore cream again. HUFFINGTONPOST.CO.UK

Puss in the boot We have previously come across stories of curious cats getting stuck in strange places but never before has a cat gotten stuck in a car boot. Chipz, the cat, squeezed inside the car and became lodged inside the bodywork. Owner Rachel Tritschler raised the alarm after hearing her seven-year-old pet meow for help during the night. The fire service had to be called and the crew had to cut a panel out of the car to free the cat — causing £1,000 (Rs151,362.89) in damage. But Chipz was finally released from the car boot and is making a good recovery. METRO.CO.UK

Eager beaver The culprit behind a 20-hour internet and mobile phone outage that affected almost 2,000 people has finally been identified — as a beaver. More known for building dams, this particular rodent took it upon itself to chew through a fiber line last week; knocking out services in northern New Mexico in the US. CenturyLink spokesman David Gonzales said the beaver’s internet activities were discovered by contractors working to repair the blackout. While 1,800 people in Taos County saw their wireless internet knocked out by the beaver, it is not known how many mobile phone users were affected. METRO.CO.UK1

Books and Movies

by Zehra Husain

Peter Pan and Neverland Faith, trust and pixie dust are the three things the world is made of. Not according to me of course, but Peter Pan — the boy who never grew up. Peter Pan and his gang, the Lost Boys, as you may know, are out on an adventure. They’ve met Native Americans, fairies, mermaids and pirates on a tiny island called Neverland. But where is Neverland? And more importantly, how do we find it? For that, children, you all must watch Finding Neverland. A movie not quite about Peter Pan but how Peter, the Lost Boys and the island came into being. The film is based on the life of J M Barrie, the playwright who gave words and form to your favourite child hero,

Peter Pan. Barrie’s character, played ever so brilliantly by Johnny Depp forces you to take a joy ride into your mind’s colourful imagination. There may be a Peter in the boy who sat next to you that one time in a park, and a Wendy in his mother. The movie also gives answers to some very fundamental questions. For instance, have you ever wondered how fairies were born? Well here here’ss the answer: “When the first babyy laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about. And that was as the beginning of fairies”. Read the book and watch the movie, or do it the other way round,, either way a palmful of pixie dust will transport ransport you to Neverland where a never ever ending adventure awaits you.

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Did you know?


s n i g i r O d r o W Origin of the term “Lukewarm” You’ve probably wondered why we have the word ‘lukewarm’ for describing something that is only slightly warm. Why not ‘stevewarm’ or ‘beckywarm’? Well if you didn’t before, hopefully you’re wondering now. It turns out, while today using ‘luke’ to mean ‘warm’ has gone out of fashion, possibly due to the popularity of the name ‘Luke’, at one time that’s what the word meant. This came from the fact that ‘luke’ derived from ‘lew’ or ‘lewk’ or ‘leuk’, in Middle English, which meant ‘tepid’ (slightly warm). This in turn came from the Old English adverb ‘hieowe’, which means ‘warm or sunny‘. Finally, ‘hieowe’ came from the Proto-Germanic hiewaz, meaning ‘warm’. The word ‘lukewarm’ popped up around the 14th century as meaning ‘slightly warm’. Within two centuries, it also began having a figurative meaning, that of ‘lacking in enthusiasm’. It isn’t clear where the name ‘Luke’ came from, but it was around long before the English word, ‘luke’, and even before English. ‘Luke’ received a huge boost in popularity thanks to the publishing of The Gospel of Luke, written around 70-90 AD.

How to Say ‘May’ in many different languages Afrikaans Basque Breton Catalan Cornish Croatian Fijian Finnish Frisian Galician Irish Italian Ligurian Maltese Niuean Quechua Sesotho Sorbian Turkish Venda

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Mayu maiatz miz Mae maig Mys Me svibanj Mee toukokuu moi maio Bealtaine maggio mazzu Mejju Me Aymuray Motsheanong róžownik mayis Shundunthule

Cool facts Smarter people tend to make sarcastic comments quicker than people who aren’t as smart. It often rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune. According to National Geographic, redheads might become extinct by the year 2060. Sloppy handwriting skills of doctors are responsible for over 7,000 deaths each year. Smarter people tend to be more open-minded and accepting of others. Having no friends has the same effect on life expectancy as smoking 15 cigarettes every day. Daydreaming is linked to the ability to solve difficult problems. The more you daydream the better you are at dealing with complex situations. Music with a strong beat can stimulate brain waves which improve concentration, even after you’ve stopped listening. Intelligent people are more likely to have a harder time falling asleep because of increased brain stimulation.



Fun & games


How carefully did you read this week’s issue of HiFive? If you think you are upto the task, try to solve our special crossword. The answers are all over HiFive! Put on your thinking caps, it is time to put the old noggin to work!

Across 3. Pets require alot of care and ----------4. Did you know -------- — sleep upto two-thirds of the day? 6. Smarter people tend to make ---------- — comments quicker than people who aren’t as smart 10. Some birds can talk and ----------11. According to National Geographic, --------- — might become extinct by the year 2060 14. Rabbits are happiest when kept with a -------------16. Some human foods such as ------- — are poisonous to cats 18. You can adopt a pet from a -----------19. Sloppy --------- — skills of doctors are responsible for over 7000 deaths each year

Down 1. Cats have an excellent sense of --------2. Pets need to be fed, -------- — and looked after. 3. Before you buy a bird you need to get a cage ---------- — — sized for your bird’s size 5. You should have an ----------- — of toys in your bird’s cage 7. Daydreaming is linked to the ability to solve --------- — problems 8. A ----------- — in a glassbowl requires as much caring as a dog 9. Music with a strong beat can stimulate brain waves which improve -----------12. Fleas, ticks, or lumps could ---------- — your pet’s health 13. It often rains ---------- — on Uranus and Neptune 15. Smarter people tend to be more -------- — of others 17. You take your pet to the ------- — when he is ill



Find your way through the maze


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