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FEBRUARY 10-16 2019

Toss Up

Sadaf Kanwal answers our quirkiest questions

Style 101

Rubab Ali plays dress up with Layla Chatoor’s latest collection

One on


We go behind the scenes with Numra Waqas

unveils bridal looks for the upcoming season

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Shoot Asma T Salon unveil bridal looks for the upcoming season


18 The Cut A round-up of the best dressed of the week


One On One We go behind the scenes with Numra Waqas


Style 101 Rubab Ali plays dress up with Layla Chatoor’s latest collection


Toss Up Sadaf Kanwal answers our quirkiest questions


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FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


Ali Kazmi and Meera

Angie and Ken Marshall

Feri Rawanian and Fareshteh Aslam

BEAUTY BEYOND LOOKS Beyond Beautiful hosts its Gala Awards Night at Marriott Hotel, Karachi

Azeemah Nakhoda

Dr Nakhoda


Asim Raza

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


Feriha Altaf

Erum Faizan ul Haq

Kami Sidd

Komal Malik

Nabila Manal Muffin

Maliha Rehman

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


Sabina Furqan

Sonya Khan

Safinaz Muneer

Shehzad Roy

Salima Feerasta

Shaniera Akram


Sheheryar Munawar

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


Zainab Salman

Anusheh Shahid

Farah Vayani



Zainab Salman showcases her bridal collection at Newbury Café, Karachi

Faiza Lakhani

Manahyl Shafi

Salima Feerasta Moiz Ahmed

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


Rabbiya, Anica, Manahyl and Nimra



Nestle hosts a bloggers meet to launch Cerelac’s new flavour in Karachi

Mariam Moeed

Natasha Anica

Sanam Jung FEBRUARY 10-16 2019



There’s no one right way to do Valentine’s Day, and different agendas call for different outfits. Let’s face it, nobody wants to end up at a fancy, romantic restaurant under dressed. Whether you’re staying in for a cosy night with your partner or catching a movie with your girlfriends, these shots will guarantee you have the most fashionable day.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping the ultimate date night (or day) outfit. While classic reds and pinks are a quintessential choice, rich maroons in sensuous textures, and black and white ensembles paired with a bold red lip still give nod to the holiday. No matter what your V-Day plans are, ensure that you’ll be celebrating in style wearing Kayseria.

Credits: Muses : Areej Fatima Saeed, Maha Sheikh and Faiza Sheikh Make-up and Styling : Nazish Zahur at AminaZ Salon Photography : Shahzad Coordination : Javaria Yasir (Kayseria SME) Location : MariBelle Café

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


unveils bridal looks for the upcoming season Outfit: @sairashakira | Jewellery: @hamnaamirjewelry | Photography: @deeveesofficial

Outfit: @aisha_imran_official | Jewellery: @hamnaamirjewelry | Photography: @deeveesofficial

Outfit: @aisha_imran_official | Jewellery: @hamnaamirjewelry | Photography: @deeveesofficial

Outfit: @aisha_imran_official | Jewellery: @hamnaamirjewelry | Photography: @shahnawaz_studio

Outfit: @sairashakira | Jewellery: @hamnaamirjewelry | Photography: @deeveesofficial

Unforgettable looks of the week!



Zainab Salman Zainab cuts a clean figure in this muted look. She adds colour to her understated look with Aquazzura heels and finishes her look with a delicate golden brooch and Chanel bag. Bonus points for keeping it simple and chic!

Mehwish Hayat Mehwish looks hot to trot in matching separates. She pairs her outfit with little bling, a black Gucci belt and opts for smokey eyes and centre-parted hair. Tres chic!

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


Mehryn Tiwana Mehryn is a solid 10/10 in this look! She pairs her pink polka dot blouse with white pants and a statement belt. With hair and make-up kept simple, Mehryn looks effortlessly chic!


FEBRUARY 10-16 2019

Mavira Tahir Mavira exudes effortless glam with this look! She teams her Gucci sweater with flared jeans and a cardigan thrown over. With big sunnies and hair let down, Mavira is ready to face the day in style!

Nazia Nazir Nazia hits all the right style notes in this checkered suit. She pairs her power suit with studded sunnies and a Dior saddle bag. With slicked back hair and a no-makeup look, Nazia makes an understated statement!


With Numra Waqas Numra Waqas always felt beauty was her calling. After having worked at a bank for a few years, Numra decided to pursue her passion. Recently having launched Numra Make-up Studio and salon, her own business venture, Numra takes pride in helping her employees grow in their field as well as providing a very relaxing experience to her clients How did you get into hair and make-up? My sisters always joke that I was bound to get involved in the beauty business because even at the age of three, I used to spend hours in front of the mirror checking myself out from every angle. Call it vanity or the desire to look your best, I like to think that it was always meant to be, and so after working at a bank for more than two years, I decided to venture into this field. My monotonous 9 to 5 (which was never 5 by the way) gave me the realisation that if I put the same amount of time and effort into something I enjoy, I would be more satisfied and reap bigger rewards. This led me to explore my interests and one make-up course later there was no looking back. What do you enjoy doing more, hair or make-up? Creating an edgy look is something that really gets me going! And a ‘look’ can never be perfect without make-up and hair complementing each other. So I enjoy putting together a look that not only satisfies the client but is also a combination of amazing make-up and fantabulous hair! What has been the benchmark of your success? That’s a hard question and difficult to give a definitive answer to. But if I had to, I’d have to say for me it has been twofold. Firstly, I have been able to foster life-long relationships with clients and employees, so that they always put their trust in FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


me, and they know that no matter what the circumstances may be, I will be doing my best to be there for them. Secondly, I pride myself on the ability to deal with change. As in life and business, things are always changing, and the quicker you adapt and embrace the change, the more successful you will be.

a number of these things already which gives me great satisfaction whether it’s making a bride’s special day, giving clients their first ever hair colour, helping a housewife student up her make-up game, or training other students who have gone on to successfully start their own make-up ventures.

On a spa day with all your girls, what services do you prefer and in which order? I would start off with our OPI PRO combination manicure and pedicure, followed by the Guinot Hydra Dermi facial, which goes a long way to achieve glowing skin. After that I would go for a full body massage. Then on to hair and make-up, I’ll start with a Kerastase Caviar Ritual to add volume and shine to my hair. I would have my senior artist give me a dewy day look, finishing off with our infamous voluminous blow dry that lasts for days!

What make-up trends you think should be left behind stepping into 2019? Baking.

What make-up trends do you see rising this season? Powerful berry lips with retro waves, glowing skin with fluttering lashes, and punk-inspired eye make-up with funky braids. Which products on your shelf do you use the most? Inglot gel liner no.77, the Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation and the Laura Mercier loose translucent powder are my staples. What is your favourite fragrance? It keeps changing but nowadays I love Bloom by Gucci for evenings and Eau des Merveilles Bleue by Hermes for the day. How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it? It’s soft, fresh, young, sophisticated and chic. Basically if you have seen me, you’ve seen my work as well! How did you first come to the realisation that beauty was your calling? Around the time when I was considering leaving my job and doing something on my own, I was also maturing as a person and discovering my personal style quotient, which of course included improving my make-up skills. The more I learned about the make-up and hair industry, the more my interest grew with the realisation that I could really excel at it, while helping people, and making a living. I feel I have achieved


FEBRUARY 10-16 2019

What advice do you have for aspiring make-up artists who are just starting out? Practice as much as you can. You should know the trade really well before deciding to charge people for your services. My advice for aspiring make-up artists would be to really master the skill before going commercial and letting clients rely on you for their special day. It’s a huge responsibility and one really needs to be confident about their craft as you can easily crash and burn if you jump the gun too early. What are some make-up hacks that you love? My favourite one would still have to be tight lining, which is to line the upper water line of your eyes to make your lashes appear fuller without eating away your lids. Also, applying white eye pencil to the lower water line to create a sense of a wider eye is the best thing you can do. Which beauty trends do you think are ready to make a comeback? Kohl rimmed eyes. Where does the inspiration for the interior of Numra Salon come from? The salon interior is essentially a combination of my husband’s and my mutual love for contemporary interior design. Whenever we travel we always feel drawn to spaces with clean lines and bold colours but we are also inspired by quirky design aesthetics. For example, the 30ft x 10ft signature wall in the salon was inspired by my husband’s friend’s contemporary Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. On the whole, the idea was to create something modern that also exudes a warm, welcoming feel while maintaining a balance between luxury and practicality. We kept sharing the images that we liked with each other for a while. It took a period of almost three months to finalise the design.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we have some last minute gift ideas to make your loved one smile!













FEBRUARY 10-16 2019



Style101 with

This three piece suit will make everyone green with envy. The delicate embroidered kameez paired with a floral printed dupatta adds the perfect amount of feminity to the whole ensemble. Teamed with strappy heels and dangling earrings Rubab is all set for the upcoming season.

This multi-coloured, digital print shirt is a statement piece that can be passed down generation after generation. It can be worn during the day or the night, if styled well. Teamed with loose curls and pearl earrings Rubab lets this beautiful ensemble with gotta and intricate detailing on the border do the talking!

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


This sari is an ode to old world charm. m. The chunri fabric teamed with the velvett choli gives the ensemble a traditional yet modern ories adds feel and paired with minimal accessories to the femininity of the whole look. We love ings the how the beaded belt detailing brings whole look together.

This two piece monochrome set is definitely stealing the show and mal is the perfect look for any formal eves occasion. With statement sleeves and embroidered pants this r. ensemble is a real head turner. ving The embellished belt is also giving us major kimono vibes.


FEBRUARY 10-16 2019

Bold colours and longer silhouettes are making a comeback this season and Layla Chatoor shows us how! The intricate gotta work with a bold contrasting border perfectly juxtapose a modern yet regal feel. The play of the banarsi dupatta with the intricately hand worked bodice is a sight for sore eyes. Rubab pairs this ensemble with gold strappy sandals and she’s ready for any wedding festivity.


FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


How d did you become a model? Well it’s i all fate. I’ve always wanted to become a model, and I was very sure that I’ll make it one day so here I am, Alhamdulillah doing so well. If you weren’t a model, what would you be? I don’t see myself doing anything else. Modelling is something I wanted to do ever since I was young and I honestly love my job. If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive who would it be? Marilyn Monroe! I’ve always been a fan, she was the diva of her time. I’m really keen to know the stories of that era where everything was not that easy as it is now. Describe yourself in three words? Minimalist, passionate and confident. Any hidden talent/talents? I’m a great cook, although I don’t get time to cook that frequently but I think I get this from my mother; since she’s a great cook herself. Biggest pet peeve? There are two actually, overuse of the word ‘like’ and when people around me chew gum loudly. What would be your trademark accessory? It would be my sunglasses; I don’t step out without them.


FEBRUARY 10-16 2019

What are the three fashion trends you love at the moment? 1. Short hair, it’s easy to tame, you can get ready within five minutes and look effortlessly chic. 2. T-shirt, you can wear it at any event and feel comfortable. 3. Pant suit, this is something that portrays power along with style. Top three favourite models? Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid and Mehreen Syed. Three things you can never leave your house without? My phone, I’m a phone addict; I need my phone all the time. Wallet of course and my sunglasses, I can’t leave my home without glasses - it’s something I always carry even when I’m in a rush. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which one would it be? FRIENDS! I’m someone who likes to be surrounded by my friends, and I can totally relate to Monica’s character. The way she wants to be in control of everything, how she needs things to be in proper order, that’s me! First celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Biryani! Biryani over anything. I really don’t mind having it every day.

Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself? I think I’d rather have my future be unknown. I mean if I know everything about what’s going to happen then there will be nothing to be excited or anxious about. Life will become dull and in my opinion these are the feelings that actually make you feel alive so I’d rather look into someone else’s future. One super power you wish to possess? Immortality! So I could live forever and be the oldest person on earth. Just imagine people would come to me for guidance and wisdom and since I love helping people with whatever knowledge I have I would happily do it. Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? Love is a beautiful feeling that money cannot

compensate for, so yeah true love! What was the last lie you told? ‘I’m on my way’ haha, when in reality I hadn’t even started getting ready. When was the last time you were really scared and why? I am someone who gets scared of any and every sound, so the last time I was scared was probably 5-10 minutes ago. One bad habit you want to quit but are unable to? Nail biting! Whenever I’m stressed I start to bite my nails unconsciously and I really want to break this habit. What’s the best and worst thing about your job? I’m totally aware of my work since the very first day and I love my job. There’s nothing to hate about my job, it’s my passion and I really enjoy doing it.

FEBRUARY 10-16 2019


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Tribune Sunday Magazine - 10 FEB 2019  

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